Finding a good 50 Amp to 110 Adapter for Your RV – 7 Best Adapter Reviews

RV 50 amp to 110 adapter

When you’re outfitting your travel trailer for adventures ahead, don’t skimp on heavy-duty electrical connectors. Access to electric power allows RVers to enjoy all the comforts as they build their home on wheels.

But while being hooked up to a power shore at a campground, we often overlook the basics of connecting your RV to a power supply- the RV Power cord. 

This is a cord that helps an RVer connect their rig to a power source at a campsite. The wire will plug into the pedestal and help you juice up your motorhome.

Available in 15-amp, 30-amp, and, 50-amp adapter versions, in lengths of around 25 or 50 feet, these help you charge the batteries of your rig too. 

Can you run a 50-amp RV Adapter on 110V?

RV 50 amp to 110 adapter

Before we get to where you can find these adapters, there’s one word of caution you need to know.

An ordinary cord is made up of small gauge wires and these will damage your RV’s electrical system. What you want to use in such a situation is an extension cord. These are made with heavier 10-gauge or 6-gauge wires for 30- or 50-amp extension cords.

You can now match the 50-amp RV plug adapter to 110 V with these cords.

How to plug your 50 amp to 110 adapter cord?

In a power cord of 50-amp plug adapter, TWO 120-volt hot wires, a neutral, and a ground wire fit into 4 prongs. This cord supplies 50-amp feed bringing a total of 12,000 watts into your RV with each hot wire supplying 6,000 watts. 

It is possible; however, this might be a little tricky as 50-amp plugs are wired for 240 volts and there are restrictions on where you can’t plug it in. A wrong outlet and you fry the electrical system in your RV.

The best way to connect a 50-amp RV into a 110 circuit is to buy an adapter. We’ve found two highly rated RV power cords with a 50 amp plug adapter.

RVGUARD Welder Adapter Cord

RVGUARD is a very trusted brand, especially for RV electrical accessories and parts. They are in this business for almost 3 decades.

Their famous green welder adaptor cord is one of the best 50 A male to 50A female adapters. Note – Male – NEMA 14-50P and female – NEMA 6-50R

The 12-inch long wire adapter is 100%, pure copper. The outer PV coating and the inner flame retardent coating prevent it from frying and tearing and has an STW Jacket.

Check out the price here and more specifications here.

Valterra®- Dogbone Power Adapter

 Valterra is an even older brand than RVGUARD. Their adapters work great especially the Dogbone one is quite famous.

It is 12 inches long and comes in black color with a handle grip plug type. It is 50 A inlet and outlet cord (50A Straight Male x 50A Locking Female).

Valterra Adapter Power Cord

Although a little expensive in comparison to the earlier 50 Amp to 110 Adapter, this one is a more reliable and trusted cord. It is made from all 1st-grade materials and ensures safety as well as durability and higher functionality.

Find more about Valterra Power Adapter here.

Where To Find 50-amp RV Plug to 110 Adapter

There are many options for you to find including the electrical stores in your vicinity, but we would recommend the Home Depot online portal.

There are many good options for 50 amp to 110 adapters at home depot and their customer service is noteworthy too. They will replace quickly and without any hassle if there is any issue with the cord.

Try the Parkworld brand cord featured at home depot. The cord is made from polycarbonate tough and fire-resistant material with brass terminals.

Parkworld 50 amp 125 volt

This Home Depot 50 Amp plug is specifically built for RVs and also has a handle for safe plugging in and plugging out. And keep in mind that this chord is male (Nema 14-50P) only. You will have to get a female cord additionally.

It is great for replacing you male 50 Amp to 110 female adapter. Has 10 to 6 gauge cable and some stores even carry a warranty under some conditions. Check for guarantee here.

Can you use a 220-Volt Welder to Charge an RV?

Technically, you can but the required wiring is probably beyond the scope of the RV system. Outlets configured to deliver 220v may fire your RV as the tin can requires 120 volts to run. 

1) You can use the Dryer Adapter. This Home Depot 220- 110 adapter has a NEMA 10-30P, 3-prong, dryer plug connecting to a 4-prong, NEMA 14-30R dryer outlet.

It also comes with a grounding cable, allowing you to ground your dryer for safety, and it features a 5-year limited warranty.

2) Alternatively, you can use this 220 to 110 adapter at home depot. It is Nema 10-50P 50 Amp 3 – Prong Male to Nema 10-30R 3-Prong Female.

Terminal and plugs are nickel plated from the outside to enhance a steady current flow and to prevent oxidization (rusting). Like the above-linked cord, even this one has a 5-year limited warranty.

Get more information about this 50 amp to 110 adapter here.

3) You could also look for 220-to-50-amp RV Adapter on eBay and Walmart.

30 Am Plug

It is very common to arrive at an RV parking area to find out a 30-Amp plug. What now? Can you still hook up the 50 Amp RV to a 30Amp Plug?

Yes, this time you could use the 50amp converter- a simple dogbone adapter. Our personal favorite is the Kohree 30 Amp to 50 Amp RV Plug Adapter.

The Kohree RV adapter is an 18” power cord with 30A Male to 50A Female. The wire is quite flexible and can be bent 180 degrees (like all other adapters). The good part about this is that it has two ergonomic handles at both ends for safe plugging in and plugging out.

Check about Kohree RV Adapter here.

120-volt Adapter to 50-amp RV 

If you are looking for a 120-volt adapter then RVGUARD 50 Amp Male to 30 Amp Female Cord is a great choice for an RVer. It is also one of the best sellers on Amazon.

However, if you’d like to see something on the expensive side- then this RV charger from ONETAK could be perfect.

How Much does it cost to Install a 50-Amp RV Outlet?

RV Power Outlet Box

Installing a 50-amp RV outlet demands more of electrical work than the outlet itself and would cost some where between $ 1,500 to 3,000. You’ll likely need two 50-Amp breakers, heavy gauge conductor wire to run from panel to the outlet, a 50 amp box and a receptacle.

Here’s a breakdown of the costing for you

  • $4-$6/foot for the wire 
  • $70 for the outlet/service box to plug in to
  • $100-$200 for breaker at service 
  • $100 – $300 for trenching to lay the conduit
  • $150/hour for the electrician for ½ to a full day’s work

Before you charge your rig – Read this

Once done with the journey, charging your camper comes down to the adapter. With our article above you might have by now seen a bigger picture of what kind of 50amp RV adapter is needed to hook up to an outlet.

Understanding that a 50-amp RV can run off both 110V and 220V sockets is certainly important for RV owners to know.