7 Reasons You Need Ziplock Bag On Car Mirror and RV Mirror – Keep the Glass Minty

Ziplock Bag On Car Mirror and RV Mirror
This is what Ice can do to your Car and RV mirrors

For those who are stuck with parking en Plein air, here is a clever trick to protect your mirrors from the ice. You can put a Ziplock bag on car mirror and RV mirror like a cover and you will be all set.

Ice is one of the winter hazards both on cars, RVs, and roads. It is always best to park your vehicle in the garage or covered carport to prevent frost from settling on windshields and rear-view mirrors.

But other than the winters and the ice and snow, there is much more to Ziplock bag on car mirror. Have you ever heard about the advertisement?

The Advertisement

The legitimacy of why put ziplock bag on car mirror was much spoken of since the year 2020. This was after an online advertisement boomed a picture of a Ziplock bag over a car mirror.

I came across this ad several times that read, “Always put a plastic bag on your car mirror when travelling alone”.

First, it sounded more of an idiotic appeal to me honestly. But I was still curious to know.

It was hard figuring out why would anyone put a bag on a car or RV mirror and more importantly why only when travelling alone. Why can’t I put the ziplock bag when I am having a company in my vehicle!

Well, the ad was not a non-sense put-up. In fact, it promoted a handy trick for drivers in the midwest. So we will answer two questions – Does a Ziplock bag on car mirror really work? And – Why put bags over car mirrors when travel alone?

Why would you put a Plastic Bag over your Car or RV Mirror?

The plastic bags are an excellent pocket-friendly alternative to the expensive Rain defrosters on the market. They will keep most of the ice and snow from sticking onto the glass making those chilled mornings less frustrating.

But the ziplock bag on car mirror is not just for snowy countries. This hack also sounds useful for all drivers across the world as it keeps your side view mirror free from bird dropping and scratches and scuffs.

So What’s the Trick?

The trick is pretty simple and you do not need to be an engineer to do it.

You just take a plastic zip lock bag fitting the size of your mirror, get along some rubber band and cinch it down on the other end.

Ziplock Bag on Car Mirror

The ziplock bag on car mirror should have a firm fit over the rim. Ensure that it is not loose or the RV mirrors will be useless. The plastic will not allow you the vision and if parked snow and water will find their way inside.

Ziplocks are not Just for Snow and Ice!

Ziplock bag on car mirror is a great idea and not just for snow or freezing winters. It has got other pretty meaningful applications.

Firstly, the ziplock protruding out from the mirrors and its makeup makes your car more visible to other drivers which helps you avoid accidents.

Secondly, it keeps you safe from the cops. And we are not bluffing here. A lot many RVers have reported that putting Ziplock gives the cops an idea about how protective and careful the driver is. And they then, do not chase.

On the same note, it will also save you from robbery as thieves are less likely to target it. When you put a bag on your mirror it makes it almost impossible for someone to enter through the window without making enough noise to wake up any potentially sleeping passengers.

(Do not laugh at us for the above point. We are just quoting someone who woke up to the noise of a ziplock bag when a thief was trying to take away his wallet while he was asleep in his 4-wheeler.)

Thirdly- the flying debris. This easy car hack will save your mirrors from the flying debris that accumulates on the rear-view mirrors and hampers your vision. Placing ziplock bag on car mirror makes the surface slippery preventing the debris clinging to it.

Ziplock Bag on Car Mirror

Up next are the benefits while driving at night. The bag on car mirror reduces the glare coming from headlights of vehicles behind, giving you a clearer vision when driving.

And this anti glare ziplock bag on car mirror hack is very useful when you are sleeping. It obstructs the incoming light flashing on your face or anywhere else on RV surfaces. No light means better and peaceful sleep.

Why put bags over car mirrors when travel ALONE?

What is with ziplock bags and travelling alone? At first, we though it to be a rediculous thought – but it has some home science behind it.

When you have company and any obstruction comes over side mirror, be it snow, or debris, or bird poop, the passenger next to you can clean it and you don’t have to stop the car mid way.

But when alone and imagine on a highway, you will need to stop your RV or car, clean it yourself and then start again. And how many of these pit stops you can afford especially in winter when your RV side mirror is going to frost in just meters of travel.

So the science behind the question “Why put ziplock bag on car mirror when travel alone?” is to prevent unnecessary stops and have a convenient journey.

Customized Ziplock Bags for Car & RV Mirrors

Taking advantage of the new trend several companies have come up with customized bags for your mirrors. 

We found the best one at  https://mirrormatemitts.net/. However there are many clickbaits out there recommending other good ziplock bags. You can check out them too.

This company (mirrormatemitts) provides year-round protection for your car side-view mirrors. It keeps the mirror clean from snow, ice, frost, and freezing rain. Along with this, the damage during springs and summers like scrapes, scratches, scuffs, mud, dirt, road debris, and bird droppings would also be covered.

Some features of this car cover are:

  • Hassle-Free – Slip-on and off over the side mirror in seconds, with no fussy drawstrings and cords that freeze. 
  • Easy to install: It has an elastic collar snug around the side mirror and ensures a perfect fit.
  • It is lightweight, durable, nylon make, water repellent and can be used for SUVs and trucks.

Should you ALWAYS Place a Ziplock Bag on Car Mirror?

Well, we do not remove our ziplock bags ever. They are pretty convenient and keeps the mirrors safe and also enhance your visibility on roads.

We would recommend you to keep the bags always on the glass if you don’t find yourself a parking space with a shed. If you have a parking space with a roof above then you can use these bags only when on road.

Do Not Want Ziplock Bag Cover on Car Mirrors?

If you are supporting the green revolution and working ahead to reduce carbon footprints then a ziplock bag cover on car mirrors will go against your resolution.

We have got you covered there too -. You can either select a costlier option or try the natural hack.

Always park your RV facing the east. Just let mother nature do her job. Since the sun rises in the east it will naturally melt the frost accumulated on several parts of the car including the mirror.

However this will not work when there is no sun around. This is where you will have to spend some dollars. Go for the heated mirrors. These will prevent all kind of frostbites. But they come at a heavy price. So you have to consider which is more affordable to you – a ziplock back on car mirror or heated mirrors.  

What do you Put on Car Mirrors to Keep them Clear?

Well you do not put anything on the mirrors, but you can use other cleaning hacks to keep their clear. We personally spray them with car shampoo and it works like magic. Even the water spots and stains get clear.

Ziplock Bag on Car Mirror

If you come across other gel or any other material to keep the mirrors clear and clean, do comment in the section below.

On the contrary to these expensive gels and creams, a ziplock bag will also keep the mirror pretty clear.

They are secured with rubber bands or clothespins on the both the ends and offer a lot more than just preventing frost bites.

So if you can work out with money saving life hacks then simply open up a few same-size ziplock bags and slip them over your rear-view and side mirrors. The plastic will keep most of the ice and snow and all other foreign material from sticking onto the mirror making the frigid mornings, easy peasy.