Best 12V RV TV Models and Reviews

Being on the move means that you may not have access to your favorite movies and TV shows. However, just because you want to travel or lead an adventurous life, it does not mean that you cannot watch TV once in a while.

Of course, it can be difficult to do so, since there might be instances where a lack of electricity, particularly in remote areas could pose a difficulty in watching television.

Nevertheless, a 12-volt TV is ideal if you are always traveling. Such televisions are specially built for mobile vehicles and will let you keep up with the movies you love to watch. With a TV onboard your RV, you never have to decide between going on the road and catching your favorite shows again.

Here are the best 12V TV for RVs you may want to consider:

Best 12V TV for RV

1. Supersonic 22-Inch LED 1080p 22-Inch HDTV For RVs

SuperSonic SC-2212 LED Widescreen HDTV & Monitor 22', Built-in DVD Player with HDMI, USB, SD & AC/DC Input: DVD/CD/CDR High Resolution and Digital Noise Reduction


The Supersonic 22-Inch LED HDTV For RVs is a wall-mounted model with a 1080 HD picture quality. This 12v TV offers a digital noise reduction system.

This 12-volt TV for RVs has AC, HDMI, and US ports allowing users to plug in their Firestick or similar peripheral devices to stream content from various platforms such as Hulu, Netflix, HBO, etc. It has HDMI, VGA, RF, USB, Audio, and CVBS ports. It can be connected to a game console or converted into a PC monitor.


The picture and sound quality of Supersonic’s 22-inch LED TV are satisfactory. It’s offered at a very reasonable price so one can’t expect top-of-the line viewing with it.

However, it has enough features to keep up with the usual things that you want to do with your TV such as stream movies, use it as a desktop monitor, or connect it to your favorite gaming console.

We also noticed that it had a really good antenna which is useful for trips to places without a Wi-Fi signal.


The viewing angle for this TV is narrow. Unless you are sitting right in front of it, you will not be able to appreciate the images on the screen.

You can use it as a computer monitor, but it isn’t advisable. When we connected it as a display for our computer the images were too bright and the colors were washed out. It hurt our eyes so we don’t recommend it.

Lastly, the sound quality tends to suffer when we turned the volume all the way up.


The Supersonic 22-Inch LED 1080p 22-Inch HDTV For RV is a satisfactory TV for its price. It’s a budget TV that covers the basics with standard sound and picture, the usual ports TVs usually come with, and you can hook it up to your gaming console and computer.

The viewing angle is narrow, but if you’re planning to use it now and then, this is a good enough buy for this price point.

If you’re looking for a TV that does the job and are not picky about image or sound quality, this is a good TV to consider. However, for the same price point, we encourage you to look into the LG 24-Inch LED HD TV which we review further down this list. It has similar features but has overall better image quality and sound.

Supersonic’s 22-inch TV for RVs is an average TV at a competitive price. We give it a 6 out of 10.

2. AXESS 22-Inch TV DVD Combination for RVs

AXESS TVD1801-22 22-Inch 1080p LED HDTV, Features 12V Car Cord Technology, VGA/HDMI/SD/USB Inputs, Built-In DVD Player, Full Function Remote


If you like DVD movies, then the Axess 22-Inch TV DVD Combination may be a good choice for you since it comes with a built-in DVD player. The loading dock for DVDs is discreetly tucked away behind the screen on the right-hand side.

It offers a 1080 HD display with decent picture quality. It offers USB and HDMI connectivity and can be plugged into an outlet or charged with the lighter plug it comes with.

Unlike the first Supersonic TV we reviewed, you need to decide before buying if your TV will be mounted on a wall or be placed tabletop since their wall-mounted TV and their tabletop TV are two different models. If you decide to get the wall-mounted TV, the mount is not included.


The key advantage of the Axess’ 22-inch TV is that it has a DVD player installed. The DVD player is easy enough to use with speakers that are loud enough while watching cable or streaming. It offers a decent picture quality that should be good enough for most people.

Additionally, It has basic ports like HDMI, USB, coaxial cable, and VGA. You can also plug it into an outlet or charge it with its car cord adapter.

Considering all these features, we think that the AXESS 22-Inch TV DVD Combination is adequately priced.


Our main concern with the Axess 22-Inch TV DVD Combination is the volume which noticeably dropped when we played a DVD movie with it. Even when we turned the volume all the way up the sound was still not loud enough especially with the RV motor running.

The image of this TV is standard. If you are a picture quality connoisseur, you should probably move on. You will quickly notice that the blacks are not true blacks and it is quite hard to make out the picture when watching darkly lit scenes.


AXESS 22-Inch TV DVD Combination is a basic RV television with decent image and subpar sound. If you will be using it for binge-watching it is probably not for you.

The quality of the DVD player is also low. It does not seem sturdy and there were some DVD file formats which we couldn’t get it to play.

This 12v TV DVD combo for RV would be a good purchase for basic use. If you are looking to play DVDs and movies with newer formats and will be using your TV heavily, you should look for another brand and/or model. We give this RV TV a 5 out of 10.

3. SuperSonic 19” 12v LED TV With Built-In DVD

SuperSonic SC-1912 LED Widescreen HDTV 19', Built-in DVD Player with HDMI, USB & AC/DC Input: DVD/CD/CDR High Resolution and Digital Noise Reduction


The SuperSonic 19” 12v LED TV with Built-in DVD features a 1080 HD display that comes with noise reduction technology. You can plug it into an outlet or use cord technology to plug it into your RV’s lighter plug. Unlike the first Supersonic TV that we reviewed in this article, this model is smaller at 19 inches but comes with a built-in DVD player.

If you plan on watching movies from the DVD player, then you’ll be glad to know that this Supersonic TV is DVD+/-, CDR, CD, DVD, CDRW, DVD+/-RW, SVCD, and VCD-compatible.

This is a tabletop TV with HDMI, AC, USB ports, and a card reader. It can be converted to work as a PC monitor and is compatible with video game consoles. You can also stream content to this TV using an Amazon Firestick and compatible android TV boxes.


The picture and sound quality of Supersonic’s 19-inch 12-volt LED TV are good enough for everyday TV viewing. The sound quality is better than other similar products. The fact that it is compatible with different file formats and media is a big plus for us as it allows us to watch content from several sources.

For a few dollars more than the 22-inch Supersonic TV we reviewed earlier, you can get a TV with a DVD player as long as you don’t mind that it is marginally smaller than the standard 22 inches.


One of the things we noticed right away with this TV is the limited viewing angle. You need to be sitting right in front of it to enjoy your show. We also found the TV stand hard to attach. Getting the table mount on entails lining up tiny screws and holes which took us a while to set up.

The biggest concern we faced with this TV is the lack of after-sales service. None of the product literature listed a number for customer service.


If you don’t mind its slightly smaller size and have no plans of watching TV with other people, the SuperSonic 19” 12v LED TV With Built-In DVD is a solid 12-volt TV DVD combo for RV.

For a few dollars more than the Supersonic 22-Inch LED TV we reviewed earlier, you get a built-in DVD player with your purchase. However, the biggest concern that we have is the lack of a clear after-sales support service.

If they had a clearly established customer support system in place, we would have given this an 8. Without it, we rate it a 6 out of 10.

4. Jensen JTV19DC HD Ready 19 Inch 12V DC RV LED TV

Jensen JTV19DC HD Ready 19 Inch 12V DC RV LED TV with Integrated HDTV (ATSC) Tuner, HD Ready (1080p, 720p, 480p), 1366 x 768 Full HD, Dual Function Wireless Remote Control, Black


The Jensen JTV19DC 19 Inch HDTV (ATSC) Tuner TV is a wall-mounted high-performance television model from Jensen with a 16:9 LCD panel.

The model boasts of having 16.7 million shades of color, an integrated HDTV (ATSC) tuner, and is equipped with the JCOM function with an HDMI-compatible DVD player. This model’s key features include a 1080 display and VGA, USB, and HDMI connectivity.

An important characteristic of the Jensen JTV19DC 19 Inch HDTV (ATSC) Tuner TV includes a reinforced cabinet structure, mounting points, convenient front controls, a study metal cabinet, and conformal coated circuit boards.

These features make it more resilient to shocks and vibrations which are common when traveling in an RV.


One of the main advantages of the Jensen JTV19DC 19 Inch HDTV (ATSC) Tuner TV is the fact that it has a robust and more aesthetically modern look than traditional RV television models.

The display of this model is unique among the RV TV models as it also includes a market-first industrial-grade metal cabinet specially created for absorbing vibrations. Moreover, with a sleek look, a native 12v operation, front integrated speakers, and easy front controls, this Jensen TV model helps anyone easily understand and operate an RV TV.


Although the Jensen JTV19DC 19 Inch HDTV (ATSC) Tuner TV comes with an HDMI-compatible DVD port, it lacks a built-in DVD player. If you want to watch DVD movies on it, you’ll need to purchase an external player. Another drawback of this model is that you will need a power inverter to connect it to a 120V outlet. It also does not have cord technology so you will not be able to power it using your RV’s lighter port.


The Jensen JTV19DC HD Ready 19-Inch TV is a solid 12v TV for camping and RVs. It has good picture quality and while the sound could be louder, it is still of better quality than the first three TVs we looked at in this review.

This RV TV by Jensen is about double the price of the SuperSonic models, but if you can afford it, we think it’s one of the best 12v TVs out there. You not only get better picture and sound, but it also includes more thoughtfully designed features like the speakers and controls which are placed in front for easy access.

We also like its design details like the industrial-grade metal cabinet which makes it a sturdier TV that should last for a while. Overall, we give this Jensen TV a 9 out of 10.

5. LG Electronics 24LJ4540 24-Inch LED HD TV

LG LCD TV 24' 1080p Full HD Display, Triple XD Engine, HDMI, 60 Hz Refresh Rate, LED Backlighting. - Black


At 24 inches, LG Electronics’ 24-Inch LED HD TV is bigger than the usual RV TV. It has a 720p display and a resolution of 1366×768 with LED backlighting. This is a tabletop model which can be tilted according to your viewing angle.

LG Electronics boasts of this TV’s Triple XD Engine which they say provides “more natural color expression and deeper contrast.”

This model features 1 USB and 1 HDMI port as well as ports for audio channels. The frame and body of this TV have a distinctive off-white color.


Although this television model by LG has a lower image resolution at 720p, the display is crisp and smooth courtesy of the XD engine. The LED backlighting provides vibrance to the color display. The sound has overall good quality as well.

We tested this TV as a computer monitor and had no problems connecting it. For basic computer use like surfing the internet, checking email, and paying bills, LG Electronics’ 24-inch HD TV does the job. This LG TV can also be hooked up to a gaming console.


There are relatively fewer drawbacks to this TV. The only obvious disadvantage is its lower-resolution display at 720p instead of the 1080 that most RV TVs come with.


LG Electronics’ 24-Inch LED HD TV is a solid purchase. Price-wise it sells for around the same as the budget-friendly SuperSonic TVs, but the screen size is a bit bigger and the image quality and sound are a lot better.

Despite having a lower picture resolution, the graphics were good enough. If you’re not that picky about image resolution and you’re just looking for a 12-volt TV for RV to watch your usual TV and movies on, this LED HD TV is a good purchase.

If you’re on a tight budget and you don’t want to spend for the much pricier Jensen TV, take a look at this model from LG Electronics.

Based on all these considerations, the LG 24-inch LED HD TV is one of the best 12 TV For RV. We give it a solid 7 out of 10.

12-Volt TV for Camping: Buyer’s Guide

Now that you have an overview of some of the more popular 12-volt TVs, let’s take a look at some features to keep in mind when choosing one for your RV.

Screen Size

RV television models come in various sizes depending on your preference and the space available. The most common screen sizes for a camper TV 12v range from 19 to 24 inches.

While you can certainly get a smaller and more compact model, opt for a 24-inch TV if you have the space for it. A bigger screen size provides you with a viewing experience that is more similar to the one at home and won’t strain your eyes as much.

However, televisions with smaller screen sizes are generally less expensive, more compact, easier to install, and easier to move around.


Twelve-volt RV TVs operate on less power than your average home television. Since power consumption is a big consideration when you’re staying in an RV, it’s better to get a TV that runs on 12 volts and is designed for on-the-road viewing.

Many RV TVs also come with an option to power your TV using your RV’s auxiliary power outlet, the outlet where your cigarette lighter goes. You may want to make sure that the TV you buy has this feature.


You need to decide before buying your RV TV where you’ll place it since the space inside a camper can be limited. You should also look into whether you’d prefer to mount it on the wall or set it down on a counter or table.

Not all RV TV models can be both mounted on a wall and placed on a table so it helps to decide how and where to place your TV before going shopping for one.

If you decide to mount your TV on a wall, you might want to look into TVs with a tilt function. Wall mounts with this feature allow you to slightly adjust the way your television is facing from left to right.

Another way to integrate a TV into your RV is with a flip-down television. A flip-down TV typically folds into your ceiling when not in use to save space. When you want to watch TV, it folds down for viewing. Flip-down TVs are naturally more expensive.

Inputs and Smart Capability

When evaluating the input ports and the connectivity of an RV TV, it’s important to think about how you’ll be using it and where the content will come from. Will you be streaming content from entertainment companies like Netflix?

Are your movies on DVD? Will you be watching films on your USB drive? Do you see yourself hooking up your TV to a gaming console or will you be using it as a monitor for your computer?

HDMI, USB, and VGA ports are important so that you can maximize the use of your TV. Most TVs nowadays commonly come with these ports, but you should still check your prospective TV for them just in case.

If you want to stream content to your TV, but don’t have the budget for the best 12v smart TV for RV, get an android box or an Amazon Firestick. For a few extra dollars, you can turn your TV into a Smart TV and start watching Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, etc.


The prices for RV television models normally range from around $130 to $270. Features such as image and sound quality, resolution, and image display types all affect the price. For a standard 12-volt TV with decent sound and image, a budget of about $150 to $250 should be enough.

Do You Need an RV TV?

If you enjoy watching TV and spend a lot of time in your recreational vehicle or are planning a long trip in it, there’s no reason not to get a TV for your RV. As you can see, there are many TVs in different price ranges to choose from with different features and designs.

Differences Between RV TVs and Regular TVs

RV televisions are generally cheaper and smaller in size than regular home televisions. They generally offer features that are designed for living in a camper:

  • They are designed to take on vibrations and instability caused by road travel.
  • They are more resistant to changing weather conditions like humidity and condensation.
  • Manufacturers pay extra attention to ensure that these TVs can be securely mounted.


Why shouldn’t you enjoy your favorite movies and TV series when you’re on the road? With so many RV TVs in the market today, you will surely find a model that has the features you want and within your price range.

Consider purchasing a TV for your RV to enjoy your favorite movies and shows while you travel.

We wish you happy trails and happy viewing!

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