Best Electric Trailer Jack: Top Picks and Reviews

Are you frustrated with working your trailer jack manually? If so, you need a simple and efficient way to lift your weighty RV without too much stress.

The electric trailer jack is a system fitted with a button or a lever that you either need to press or pull to raise the RV hitch. With it, you can obtain enough clearance to attach or detach your RV from another car.

Some specialized RV electric trailer jacks come with LED light switches to help you see in low-light conditions. A 12V RV battery powers these jacks. With an electric jack, you can pull an entire RV by simply clicking a button, making your life a lot simpler.

However, there are a variety of different factors to keep in mind when purchasing an electric trailer jack. We’re going to look at what these factors are.

Best Electric Trailer Jack Picks for RVs and Campers

1. Husky Brute Electric Trailer Jack

Husky HB4500 4500 lbs. Brute Power Jack, Hammer Gray Finish

Husky 87247 Husky Brute Power Tongue Jack (

Husky is a well-known company when it comes to towing goods. This robust electric trailer jack can carry up to 4,500 pounds and has a drive height of 18 inches. The drop leg extends up to 6 inches below its completely retracted position, and with this jack, you get a total height change of 24 inches.

It comes with a manual crank, as it’s helpful to have a backup if the engine or battery capacity fails. There is a rubber cap for the crank’s insertion point and three LEDs across the engine housing and there is a specific toggle to switch them on.

The triple bolts in the circular plate match the hole’s location in the tongue of most trailers. However, bear in mind that the shaft’s width is 2 1?4 inches. It’s a standard size for most trailers, but you need to make sure it matches yours.

Since wiring it, it’s easy to use the jack with the turn of the key. The switches are also weather-proof if you’re curious, and all you need to do is push the button when it hits the target height and activates it when you feel the jack losing momentum. Husky incorporates ball bearings in the interior of the jack, which greatly decreases friction.

This helps the jack raise the camper 10 inches in less than 40 seconds, which is very quick. Apart from the ease of use, decreased friction often ensures that the piston doesn’t operate as hard and produces less heat, and you essentially prolong the life of the jack in this manner.


  • Quickly lifts trailers
  • Its switches are weather-proof
  • LED light visibility at night


  • It has to be manually wired.

2. Jack Quick Electric Tongue Trailer Jack

Quick Products JQ-3500B Power A-Frame Electric Tongue Jack with LED Work Light and Permanent Ground Wiring for Camper Trailer, RV - 3,650 lbs. Capacity (Higher then Standard 3,500 lbs. Jack!), Black

This product comes with a maximum tongue weight of over 3000 pounds and over 15 inches of travel height. The products? drop leg stretches more than 5 inches, and you receive a complete height change of 25 1?2 inches. It arrives with a waterproof mask for vinyl and assembly directions.

There are two switches on the engine casing, one on the jack and one on the LED. It’s a retrofit on many of these trailers’ tongues, and it’s simple to put because the holes are matched.

The tube’s diameter is 2 1?4 inches, which implies that you would need to adjust the hole if it is narrower than that of the jack’s tube.

One of the main downsides of this jack is the speed of travel. Even if it’s a lot more comfortable than doing it by hand, if you’re searching for the fastest commodity on the marketplace, it’s not for you.


  • Safety vinyl cover included
  • Visible at night because of LED
  • Easy to very used


  • It?s a bit slow
  • Hard to locate the switch

3. Big Horn Tongue Electric Trailer Jack

Big Horn 3500 LBS Electric Trailer Tongue Jack - Sealed All-Weather Housing - Pre-Wired 7 Pin Connector

Big Horn understands what they’re doing regarding the construction and general usability of their trailer jacks. This model has a maximum tongue weight of 3500 pounds and over 17 inches of travel height.

It comes with a seven-pin connector and is pre-wired out of the box so that you can mount it directly to a 12V battery. When stretched, the drop leg goes up to 6 inches, and you get a cumulative height change of 24 1?2 inches.

There is a safety cap protecting the crank’s insertion point, which comes with an embedded bubble level, which helps decide how smooth the camper’s position is compared to the ground. It also has built-in LEDs that you can turn on or off, so it’s simple to use every time of day.

The three holes in the mounting plate are precisely matched with the screw holes on most trailers’ tongue. The installation is simple, and the diameter of the tube is 2 1?4 inches. You’d need to buy the bolts individually, so they’re not part of the device.

The controls are weather-resistant for all those wet winter months, and in case your energy supplies malfunction, there is also a handheld handle for manual use. In case the product fails, it comes with a 1-year warranty. Please do not throw out the paperwork that comes with that.


  • The LED makes it easy to see at night time.
  • Integrated bubble level inside
  • All switches are weather resistant.


  • It has to be wired manually.

4. Goplus Electric Trailer Jack

Goplus 3500 lb Capacity Electric Power Tongue, Electric Tongue Jack, RV Trailer Jack, Boat Jet Ski Trailer Camper, 12V (New Model)

This electric trailer jack does have a size of 3500 pounds and a drive height of 18 inches. It has a mechanical crank, which you can use if the engine dies or loses power from the grid, and dual Led lights whenever you need it.

The approximate dimensions of this device are 31.5?? (H) x 6.5 (W) x 6.5 (L), and the kit contains the necessary wire and instructions. The drop leg stretches up to 9 inches, and you get a cumulative height change of 27 inches. It comes with a seven-pin plug, which is useful whenever you need it.

One of the issues with this device is the trigger button-you have to click it and keep it down while it’s in operation since it doesn’t sit on its own. But if you need to use more than 1 of these at a time, it can be a big challenge, and you need to change the switches.

As this device is cheaper than most others on the list, several problems come up. Most importantly, it’s not durable, so don’t leave it out in the storm if you’d like to keep it in good condition.


  • It is quite affordable.
  • Very easy to use with just one flip switch
  • The LED light makes it very visible at night.


  • It has to be manually wired.
  • Poor customer service

5. Ramej Electric Trailer Jack

RAM EJ-3520-WBX 3,500 lb. Electric Trailer Jack with Drop Leg - White

The electric trailer jack arrives in black and white and has 3500 pounds and a travel height of 18 inches. The product?s drop leg stretches to over 7 inches farther down, and the overall height change is 25 1?2 inches.

This has a mechanical crank, which is helpful if the engine does not operate or if the battery is dead. It also comes with a cap that protects the crank, stopping soil or water from accessing the jack. Another practical aspect we like about this one is that it has LEDs that light the controls, making it easy to use at night.

It’s a drop-in substitute for the mechanical jack, and the triple holes in the triangular plate are indeed a retrofitting for the holes in the tongue of most trailers. Bear in mind, however, that the width of the shaft is 2 1?4 inches. This means that you’ll need to adjust the hole if it’s wider than the jack’s tube.

You will have to connect it to a power source, whether it’s a camper’s wiring harness or a separate 12V jack battery. Bear in mind that the bigger your camper is, the slower it operates. On average, it travels one inch every 30 seconds, but it’s also better than a manually crank, and it’s less exhausting to turn the lever and wait before your camper is elevated to the perfect height.


  • Its manual crank included incasing of a power failure.
  • Retrofitting in the tongue of most trailers
  • Simple to use


  • It must be manually wired.

6. Husky Brute Electric Trailer Jack With Wireless Control

Husky 87641 Brute Electric Jack with Wireless Remote - 4500 lbs. Capacity

On our list, some other quality system is this electric trailer jack with a weight capacity of 4500 pounds and a travel height of 18 inches. Like the previous iteration, the drop leg extends up to 6 inches far below an opposite direction and receives a total height change of 24 inches.

Like many other electrical jacks, this one often arrives with a mechanical crank, and the triple bolts in the circular plate match the hole in the tongue of many of these trailers. Mount it to the tongue does not take long, and the conduit’s width is 2 1?4 inches.

It’s the only electric jack on the collection that arrives with remote control, and the distance is about 40 feet. The first time you turn on the remote, it acts as you click the switches.

While this device’s setup is very quick, it doesn’t arrive with a wiring diagram for customers who want to interface through a seven-pin connector.

This electrical jack doesn’t use a 30A fuse, just a circuit breaker, so you’d have to make a hole in the battery box for mounting. Husky employs ball bearings in the jack’s interior to minimize friction dramatically, allowing the jack to raise the trailer to 10 inches in less than 40 seconds. Apart from the ease of use, decreased friction also ensures that the engine doesn’t operate as hard and produces less heat.


  • Lifts the trailer in a timely fashion
  • Its three LED lights make it visible at night.
  • In case of a power outage, the manual crank was included.


  • Only one year warranty
  • You have to wire manually for power.

7. Jack Quick Electric Tongue Jack

Quick Products JQ-3500W Power A-Frame Electric Tongue Jack with LED Work Light and Permanent Ground Wiring for Camper Trailer, RV - 3,650 lbs. Capacity (Higher then Standard 3,500 lbs. Jack!), White

Black Jack Quick 3500 Electric Tongue Jack | Camping World

That this next product on our list is Fast Goods, this unique jack has a tongue weight capacity of 3250 pounds and a travel height of 18 inches. The product?s drop leg reduces to a limit of just over 7 inches, plus that you receive a cumulative height change of 25 1?2 inches.

The product?s mounting holes located in a round plate are in the mount spaces range at most trailers? tongue. Setup should be simple, but you need to make sure that there is still enough room for the jackshaft, which is 2 1?4 inches in diameter. For those with clearance problems, the range between the bottom of the outer tube and the mounting surface is approximately 7 inches.

One feature that is a little distracting about this service is the turn under the engine, making it difficult to find because it’s the same color as the rest of the jack. The red button at the back is for the lights.

And if some people moan about the speed of the jack, it’s not as slow as some of the others on the market. Although, of course, it relies on the camper’s weight. On a positive note, this commodity is pretty well priced, so if you’re looking for an affordable trailer alternative, which could be the one.


  • Features a protective vinyl
  • LEDs make it visible at night.
  • Excellent price
  • Simple use with only a flip switch


  • A bit slow
  • Hard to locate the switch

8. Lippert Power Tongue Trailer Jack

Lippert 285318 3500LB Power Tongue Jack Black

This electric jack from Lippert Parts is currently and certainly worth your attention among the top quality electric jacks on the marketplace. It has a tongue capacity of 3500 pounds; a travel height of 18 inches, weighs just 10 pounds.

The drop leg can only be stretched to three inches, and you get 21 inches of overall height change.

Although it doesn’t have a duty cycle, there are 4 LEDs underneath the switches to enable you to see the jack better in the dark and well covered textured housing.

The tubing width is 2 inches, which might be smaller than most of the jacks out there, but it can accommodate many trailers, and the package comes with handles, pins, and manual cranks like most other electrical jacks.

It does create a noise when it’s completely extended, but it’s very common, like most electrical jacks on the market. You should be mindful that it comes with a 30 AMP fuse if you need to attach it to the battery.

When using this jack, do not presume that it will immediately finish its journey, and you should leave it unattended. It comes with a rocker-style turn, so you can keep it before you get to the place you like and then release it.


  • Easy usage with the flipping switch
  • LED makes it glow at night
  • Its manual crank is included in case of power loss.


  • It has to be wired manually for the power supply.
  • The drop leg has a smaller extension.

9. Best Choice Products Electric Tongue Jack

This electric trailer jack by Best Choice Goods weighs nearly 23 pounds and has a tongue weight of 3500 pounds, and a drive height of 18 inches.

The metal foot is reversible, so it can’t stretch farther down. Although it is a well powerful model, it’s a bummer that you don’t have another choice to change the height.

It arrives with a mechanical emergency crank and has a single LED light to support you in the dark (look for a red button at the back to turn it on or off).

The holes within the mounting plate are in sync with the mounting holes on mobile houses, and the diameter in the tube is normal 2 1?4 inches. However, if the product has to be wired by itself, it’s pretty easy to do and takes at most less than half an hour.

As the regular in-line fuse, you cut the wire and tie one end to the 12V battery and the other end to the jack. One thing the maker should do is to provide clearer instructions as they are very simple for beginners.

Even in the more costly jacks, they don’t come with a ring terminal, and they’re not the best items out there. On a positive note, a 3-year extended warranty is longer than other items on the market.


  • Well Priced Unit
  • Longer Warranty
  • Easy use of its flip switch


  • No drop leg
  • No attachment of ring terminal
  • It has to be wired manually.
  • Hard to locate the switch

Buying Guides For Purchasing An RV Electric Trailer Jack

Trailer Tongue Weight

The Trailer Tongue Weight is the weight encountered by the hitch ball. To decide the required lifting power, you need to analyze this aspect carefully.

The RV’s tongue weight is usually between 10% to 15% of the overall weight trailer. Even so, you ought to weigh your fully assembled RV and get a trailer jack with a lift capacity that is more than 15% of that weight.

Weight Distribution

Will you want to raise the front and rear ends of your RV? If this is the case, you need an RV electric trailer jack with spring arms on the brackets to ensure overall weight. Not only can these RV trailer jacks raise the RV jack, but they can also assist with hauling.


RV Jack Pads

What to do if leveling jacks will not retract

Height of Jack

It is necessary to calculate the height of the jack, both when it is expanded and retracted. Some RV electric trailer jacks are built to have perfect clearance, but it should not be a major problem.


RV Electric Trailer Jacks are available in two shapes?A-Frame and Plain Tongue. The A-Frame electric trailer jack is an A-shaped metal frame in which the coupler is connected to the frame’s tip. A lined tongue trailer jack is a straight, tongue form jack placed at the end of a very long pipe.

Life Capacity

The most significant aspect is the electric trailer jack’s lifting power, i.e., the amount of weight it can carry. Generally, it would be best if you left a broad margin between the lifting power and the total weight of your RV. For instance, if your RV’s total weight is 3000 pounds, get an electric trailer jack with a lift capacity of 4000 pounds or more.

Leaving a wide margin is necessary so that your jack doesn’t necessarily work in maximum capacity. It would also have a longer lifetime. Besides, the margin of error would also act as a hedge against any changes in RV weight.

Trailer Tongue Height

You ought to calculate the height of the trailer tongue. To find this out, you need to position the trailer on the ground floor and calculate the ground’s distance to the coupler’s bottom.

The jack needs to be stretched to 4 inches above the coupling height, which could allow you to lift the jack over the ball when hitching or unhitching. Besides, the jack’s recessed height should be lower than the coupler height such that there is ample distance from the deck.


To decide how reliable an electric trailer jack might be, you need to understand the content and the warranties. The jack must be made of the highest materials and have a good warranty.

Aim for an electric jack that’s insulated and soldered, and there’s no room for water to soak in. The material must also be corrosion-proof since the jack’s base will sometimes brush against the ground and feel friction.


It is expected that this article has given you an idea of how to figure out the determining factors when looking to purchase an RV electric trailer jack. All you have to do is follow these simple tips outlined above, and you will be on your way to having the perfect trailer jack.

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