Best Luxury Travel Trailers In 2021

Don’t listen to anyone who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too. Luxury travel trailers make it possible to take the comforts of home living wherever you go. More affordable travel trailers may win in terms of price, weight and size, but there’s one area where they’ll never come out on top.

The levels of comfort that come with luxury travel trailers really are tough to beat. If you’ve got the funds, some of the recommendations on this page might catch your eye. In this article, we’ll run through some of our favorite luxury travel trailers that are available for purchase right now.

We’ve trawled through the web to find the products that everyone is talking about. We’ve looked at available floor plans, interior design and other high-end considerations. This is the world of the no-compromises travel trailer. If this sounds like your kind of thing, then you’re in the right place.

Features and Considerations For a Luxury Trailer

So what sets luxury travel trailers apart from the rest of the competition? Aside from price, there are a number of features that are much more common with high-end models. There are also some things you should keep in mind.


When looking for a high-end travel trailer, you should expect a greater level of choice and customization when it comes to the look and feel of the materials used. It’s not uncommon to have a say in the color of the interior fabrics or the material used for work surfaces, for example.

These materials are likely to be of a higher quality in a luxury travel trailer. You shouldn’t have to compromise on quality unless there’s a very good reason to.

Floor Plan Options

As a general rule, expect more space and more choice in terms of how your available space is utilized. There are still some luxury travel trailers that use foldable, space-saving designs but there’s less room for forgiveness here if they don’t work well.

If you don’t like the sound of a foldable design in a luxury trailer, don’t be afraid to look elsewhere. Once you’re in the high end, you can afford to be picky.

Cooking Luxury

They’re a step or two away from a fully fledged kitchen, but some luxury travel trailers come damn close. If cooking is a priority for you while you’re camping, there are plenty of models out there that can cater to your requirements.

Smaller travel trailers take advantage of flexible outdoor kitchen spaces. With a high-end trailer, this isn’t as necessary.


This depends on the specific model in question, but many luxury travel trailers offer much higher levels of privacy than you might be used to. Partitioned master bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens are all possible. Just pay close attention to any design you pick; some plans are less convenient than they appear on paper.

Luxury Features

Sounds obvious but stay with us here. Most travel trailers offer features that are mostly practical. With a luxury travel trailer, your budget means there’s now space for next-level features. How does a slide-out entertainment center sound? What about theater seating?

Both are possible if you’ve got the money.

Consider Hardwood Over Carpet

Unless you absolutely love carpeted flooring, it might be better to choose a hardwood or vinyl option when browsing luxury travel trailers. The nature of these vehicles means you’ll probably be using them out in the wilderness more often than not.

This makes it much more likely that dirt and other debris can creep into your trailer. Hardwood floor plans are much easier to clean.

Consider Renting First

This of course depends on your budget, but it might be worth renting a luxury travel trailer before pulling the trigger. This will give you time to figure out if a particular model is actually worth the money. These things represent a pretty huge investment, so it’s worth making sure it’s the right fit.

Luxury Travel Trailers – Our Top Picks

Let’s get into it! These are our top picks for high-end travel trailers. We’ve focused on the United States and have paid attention to floor plans, interior design and luxury features. These are the models we saw mentioned most frequently when researching online.

1. Grand Design Reflection

The Grand Design Reflection is marketed as a package that combines luxury features with both value and towability. In general, this appears to be an accurate description. Three different floor plans offer a fair bit of choice when it comes to how your RV makes use of your available space.

When it comes to travel trailers that feel like home, Grand Design has done a spectacular job.

Grand Design Reflection

Cosy Booth Living

One thing that stood out to us in particular was the multiple booth options for the Grand Design. In each floor plan, campers can enjoy luxury theater seating and a booth dinette that are partitioned separately to the rest of the trailer. This makes movie nights and fine travel dining an incredible experience.

The 40″ adjustable flatscreen TV and fireplace that sit opposite the theater seating only add to this luxury.

Room to Stretch Out

One of the first things you notice about the Grand Design Reflection is how spacious it feels. Everything from the sleeping space, to the bathroom with its large, glass-panelled shower, feel like there’s room to breathe.

This feeling is further compounded by the stunning panoramic windows on either side of the travel trailer. For couples, this an option with tons of room.

Premium Construction

This line of Grand Design travel trailers is built to a superior standard when compared to much of the competition. A double-insulated design is used for the floor, roof and front cap, keeping the Reflection travel trailer comfortable throughout the year.

Add this to the premium heating furnace and durable construction and you’re looking at a seriously compelling package. This well thought out design is backed by an impressive warranty package, too. The following is covered:

  • Axles (5 years)
  • Tyres (5 years)
  • Exterior graphics (5 years)
  • Roof covering (18 years)

Excellent Storage

If you need an option with enough space for all your clothes and camping gear, this Reflection travel trailer won’t let you down. The under-bed storage solution is particularly worthy of praise here. You’ll be hard pressed to run out of storage space in this trailer.


  • Built to a high standard with a premium construction
  • Brilliant theater seating
  • Excellent warranty package


  • We’d have liked to see a few more floor plans

2. Heartland North Trail

If you need a travel trailer that’s easy to customize, this Heartland North line is definitely worth considering. You’ll have enough room to fit the whole family inside with this phenomenal camping companion.

Most of the floor plans for these Heartland North trailers combine the best parts of an open plan with the privacy of partitioning screens.

heartland north trailer

A Luxury Kitchen

When most people travel with a trailer, they’re willing to sacrifice a certain level of convenience when it comes to their cooking appliances. The standard features that come with most floor plans on the Heartland North go above and beyond expectations.

This includes the fully fledged kitchen setup. Campers can enjoy tons of room and a refrigerator with plenty of room for your weekend snacks. If you like cooking while you camp, this is a great option.

Gorgeous Living Area

The entertainment center and living area of this luxury travel trailer are seriously impressive. You might even be tempted to cut your hikes short just to get back in time for movie night! A spacious sofa with an optional coffee table are available for comfortable viewing in the wilderness.

Partitioned Bathroom Space

One of the great things about models like this is the level of privacy you can enjoy. The bathroom area on comes with a spacious wet bath and toilet that are completely partitioned off from the rest of the trailer.

This lends some much-needed privacy to the overall design and can make camping trips much more enjoyable.

EZ Sweep Floor

Heartland understands that the last thing you want to do on vacation is clean the floor. That’s why the interior of the North Trail uses solid ‘EZ Sweep’ material that clears up in an instant. In our opinion, this is a much better option than carpeted flooring, as far too much dirt is involved with camping.


  • The living area and kitchen are excellent
  • Privacy conscious design
  • Very easy to clean
  • Loads of floor plans to choose from


  • Will need a capable vehicle to tow it

3. Palomino Puma

This one is a great choice if you need an option with bunk beds. The Palomino Puma has a staggering number of different floor plans, including more than one with kid friendly options. For travel without compromise, it’s hard to go wrong with this one.

Stellar External Design

The external design of the Puma is seriously impressive. A number of features stood out to us. Depending on the specific plan you choose, you can enjoy:

  • Two entry doors
  • Convenient pass thru storage
  • A sturdy front fibreglass cap
  • Tough powder coated frames
  • Spacious clamp ring windows

Considerations like this combine to make for a robust camping experience that will serve you well for years to come. This is one of the toughest luxury travel options out there.

Palomina Puma

Great For Families

If you’re travelling with children, the Puma might just be for you. More than one iteration of this travel trailer comes with bunk beds fit for royalty. The sliding curtains that come with this space give your kids the luxury of privacy if they need it.

The included ladder is suitably wide and sturdy, and the whole design seems very well put together. The materials used and the placement of the beds are both very high quality and deserve a lot of praise here.

No Crouching Here

The 80″ interior height of the Puma is deceptively high. You’ll have plenty of room to move around your luxury pad without ever having to crouch. The standard windows are comparatively large and use a reassuring ring clamp design.

Plan Your Entry

The inclusion of two entry doors might sound like one of those standard features that doesn’t deserve attention, but it makes a whole lot of difference. The two larger entry ways really add to the impression of spaciousness and luxury that come part and parcel with trailers like these.


  • Great floorplans for kids and families
  • Tons of head room
  • Great exterior and interior designs
  • Fantastic cooking space


  • The corner placement of the TV and fireplace in most models is a little peculiar

4. Jayco Eagle

The Jayco marketing slogan with this line of travel trailers is “live it up,” and we think this makes a lot of sense. An Eagle travel trailer comes packed full of the standard features you’ll need and also includes the luxury features you’ll love.

Expect plenty of storage space, a gorgeous master bedroom and enough floorplans to find what you’re looking for.

Jayco Eagle

Exceptional Cooling System

We know this sounds like a dull feature but trust us, it’s pretty impressive. The ‘whisper quiet’ design of Jayco’s HELIX Cooling system does a phenomenal job of keeping your travel trailer comfortable no matter what time of year it is.

What’s more, it won’t get in the way of your conversations or TV watching thanks to its intelligent, low impact design.

Double Door Refrigerator

To us, nothing screams luxury more than a double door refrigerator inside a travel trailer. That’s bigger than some people have in their own home! This crazy cool box is accompanied by a fully fledged oven-stovetop combo and enough pantry space to rival a small apartment.

If you and your family love a camping cookout, the Eagle is well worth considering.

Washer Dryer Luxury Package

If you opt for the most luxurious version of this travel trailer, you’ll get a utility suite including both a washer and a dryer. This kind of feature can make extended stays far more comfortable and go that extra step in turning your travel trailer into a fully equipped second home.


  • One of the best travel trailer kitchens we’ve seen
  • Plenty of storage throughout
  • A washer and dryer in the luxury package
  • Brilliant LED HDTV


  • Even for a luxury travel trailer, this isn’t a cheap option

5. Lacrosse Luxury Lite

This is the closest thing you can get to a luxury trailer that won’t break the bank. The Lacrosse Lite combines a high number of high-quality features with an unprecedented level of value. If you want a second home in the great outdoors, this is a relatively affordable option.

lacrosse travel trailer

An Excellent Travel Trailer Bathroom

The bathroom space on this trailer is very well implemented. A luxurious ‘glass surround’ shower, porcelain toilet and glorious skylight are all ready and waiting. The ventilation fan system in this space is better than some people have in their own homes.

Excellent Bunk Options

A big deciding factor for many families is the number of family friendly floorplans on a given camper. The bunk bed design on the Lacrosse Lite has more than enough room for your little one to play, sleep and relax.

The included USB charging ports are also great for charging those smartphones and games you couldn’t convince them to leave at home.

Island Kitchen Design

Many people dream of an island kitchen when designing their own home. If you can afford the Lacross Luxury Lite, you can have one in your very own travel trailer. The island comes fitted with a spacious sink and more than enough room to prep meals too.

If you like luxurious cooking in the great outdoors, travel trailers like this one are an excellent choice.

WiFi and 4G Booster

Features like this are testament to the fact that these travel trailers really do have everything you need. If you stretch to the ’10th Anniversary Package,’ you can take advantage of a brilliant WiFi and 4G booster that makes it much easier to surf out in the wilderness.


  • A marriage of luxurious design with impressive value
  • Island kitchen design
  • Great bunk bed options
  • Internet boosters available


  • The interior colors are a little ‘drab’


Final Thoughts

We hope this page has helped you scratch the tip of the fifth wheel iceberg. It’s worth pointing out that there’s no such thing as the “highest quality” or “most luxurious” travel trailer.

It’s true that the options on this list are some of the best around, but your own preferences will determine which model works best for you. Take some time to think about what you’re hoping to achieve with your new RV.

How much compromise are you willing to tolerate? Read through our “things to consider” section and use it to come to a decision that fits with your requirements. Whichever camper you choose, we hope it serves you well in the great outdoors. Happy camping!

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