Best RV Roadside Assistance Plans

Best Roadside Assistance Plans for RV

What would you do if your RV gives up on you in the middle of nowhere?

We’ve been stuck on the side of the road twice and without our roadside assistance plan, we would have been stranded.

You’ll find out real quick how good your policy is when you’re stuck on the side of the road. To solve all your roadside assistance plans related questions, we’ve collected a list of Best Roadside Assistance Plans for your RV.

Our Top 6 Roadside Assistance Service Recommendations:

1. Good Sam

In case your RV breaks down or falls short of fuel, Good Sam will tow your RV to the nearest station however far it is.

For people who have more than one vehicle to cover, this company is exceptionally good. The company does not charge additional fees and provides many discounts. However, it does not give any legal fee reimbursements.

Good Sam is known for its unlimited towing and substantial vehicle as well as family coverage. The company provides lockout assistance, jump start for gasoline delivery. It also equips you with a minimum of 5 gallons of fuel in case your RV runs out of gas.

And all this without burning a hole in your pocket. It does not impose too many limitations and provides excellent customer service. So, if you are planning to go on a long trip, do get your RV covered by Good Sam?s Assistance.

Price range: $80-$100

RV can be towed for unlimited miles without any additional charge

2. American Automobile Association (AAA)

The American Automobile Association is an automobile club that provides roadside and other travel related assistance. A seeker can choose from two AAA plans.

However, in the AAA plan, the company will drag your RV only up to 3 miles. However, under the AAA Plus plan, your vehicle will be towed up to 100 miles.

They provide free gas delivery or a brand new battery if you are stuck in a no man?s land. They even provide numerous discounts on hotels and car rentals or in AAA repair shops. Irrespective of the car you are driving, you can get an AAA membership to protect it.

The core difference between AAA and other car insurance companies is that it provides you the same assistance as AAA but at a cheaper cost. However, under other car insurances, you will not be able to avail the benefits and perks arising out of an AAA membership.




3. Allstate

Allstate plans will help tow your RV and also include labor coverage.

The company will deliver fuel for your vehicle in an emergent situation. It also provides assistance in case of a jump start or lockout. Besides this basic assistance, it allows for two more options.

Via the Good Hands Rescue, you can avail pay per use services from a chain of Allstate providers. The Allstate Motor Club, besides providing roadside assistance, helps with trip iteration, retail discounts, and trip interruption coverage as well.

And all these services can be availed without even buying an Allstate car insurance coverage. However, you will need to get their memberships at a nominal fee.




4. Better World Club

The best thing about Better World Club is that it also provides bicycle coverage thus promoting travelers to go green.

They offer environment-friendly travel tools. Besides the basic services including all possible roadside emergencies, these also help in rescuing stuck vehicles.

Under their basic membership, they will tow your vehicles up to 5 miles in contrast to the premium membership that includes 100 miles towing service for your car.

In an attempt to go green, they provide you with free bicycle route maps as well. Better World also equips you with discounts on car rentals and motels and obvious eco-friendly lodging facilities.

Moreover, their customer service is commendable.

Price range: Over $97+

Towed with a limit of 100 miles

5. Paragon Motor Club

Their emergency assistance has two levels of services for their customers.

A member can easily add another individual as a member at no cost at all. Because its membership is for the individual, it covers multiple vehicles under one membership and the vehicle need not necessarily be yours. Its services extend even to the rented or borrowed cars.

Paragon Motor Club’s services come into effect if your vehicle has run out of gas, or if the vehicle does not start if the tire needs changing or in cases of a lockout.

They offer to tow your car up to 100 miles in their Classic Roadside Membership plan. Besides these services, if you need any other roadside assistance, they can cover it for you but you will have to pay for it.

In case your car gets stolen without 100 miles of your residence, the company will reimburse your emergency transportation cost. However, they do not provide any kind of retail discounts.

With their plans, you can be content and start your trip.




6. Progressive

I can’t finish this article without discussing Progressive. It’s our insurance and we’ve had to use it a few times.

The first time was when we first got on the road and our starter went out in Big Bend National Park in Texas. They towed our RV 57 miles to the nearest town.

The second time was in West Texas with a blowout. (Hm…seeing a pattern with Texas) We have roadside assistance and they sent a mobile tire changer out to fix our flat.

Why Do You Need Roadside Assistance?

Roadside assistance is there to help you when your vehicle breaks down. Their job is to come and fetch you when you?re stuck on the side of the road with your vehicle.

There are many reasons for why your vehicle would give you trouble while driving, especially if your vehicle is old. But no matter what, roadside assistance is available to offer you a solution.

That’s why it?s essential for you to have a good roadside assistance plan when you hit the road.

Insurance Does Not Cover Everything

Not all auto insurance policies come with roadside assistance. If your vehicle doesn’t, then you should add it.

RV insurances typically cover aspects like collision, comprehension, liability, and medical. These aspects won’t help you if you have a flat tire or find any mechanical defects.

You could experience vehicle trouble and be left all alone on the side of the road in the middle of your trip. A situation like this is when you require roadside assistance services because they will search for you and fix your vehicle.

In case there’s no roadside assistance available with your insurance, it’s worth it to create a membership with a good RV roadside assistance company.

RV Roadside Assistance Companies Are Specialists

Many RV roadside assistance companies have come forward with great benefits for their vehicle owners. These recreational vehicles are given abundant advantages that will ensure that their road trip is made the right way. The companies provide 24/7 technical and roadside assistance.

RV roadside assistance companies typically ensure a great experience. They promise to treat your RV in the best way possible and guarantee that you will feel safe and secure with their memberships.

Save on Towing Costs

Towing costs can be outrageously expensive. This can be a huge problem if your vehicle breaks down and you don?t have a large bank account. When it comes to driving an RV, towing charges are even more than regular vehicles.

For a basic car or truck, towing companies typically charge money by the miles that the vehicle needs to be towed. This can?t be said for towing an RV. The cost of towing an RV is charged by the amount of time it takes the RV to be towed to the nearest garage or destination.

The time starts when the tow truck reaches your vehicle and ends when the vehicle is placed back on the ground at its destination.

The towing fees for your RV can range anywhere from $125 to $400 per hour, which is very expensive. This alone proves how incredibly costly towing can be.

When it comes to getting a roadside assistance membership, a lot of things are included. Some companies offer free towing, which means your vehicle will be towed to the garage or any other place without making you pay a penny.

Compared to the usual towing fees, paying for a membership will cost you less money. Memberships usually start around $100 or so.

However, it?s possible that some RV assistance companies will have a set limit on how many miles your vehicle can be toward before they begin to charge you.

What to Look for in Roadside Assistance

When looking at your options for roadside assistance, it?s important that you filter out what your essential needs are for your specific RV. Doing so will influence what plan you ultimately choose to go with.

Here are the four most important factors to consider when researching RV assistance plans

How many miles will they tow?

It?s rare to find a company that will tow you for free. Most companies charge you based on how many miles your vehicle needs to be towed.

Some of the RV roadside assistance plans will have a limit on the miles towed. If you go over the limit then you will be forced to pay for it. The range of miles varies from one company to another. When choosing a roadside assistance plan, try to choose one that offers a larger range of miles for towing. This will save you a great deal of money.

Claim Limits

Some RV roadside assistance companies will have certain claim limits, one of which is a limit on the times you can claim their services.

This means that they will only provide you services for a limited number of times per year. If you?re someone who plans on traveling a lot, this could be a problem for you. So, make sure to check if your company has limits before deciding to set up a membership with them.

Also, look for area restrictions. Some companies say that their services are shut down in certain areas of the country.

Included Features

RV roadside assistance should cover more than just the option for towing. Your membership should have other features as well. Check out what kinds of services the company offers apart from towing when you choose to sign up.

Other roadside assistance features include the delivery of essential vehicle items like gas, oil, or other vehicle parts. They can provide you with a locksmith in case you somehow get locked out of your RV.

They should also be able to assist you in changing or fitting a tire to your vehicle, as it isn?t always a one-man job. This isn?t all though. They should be able to help you with other aspects that are preventing your RV from reaching its destination as well.

Be careful when choosing a roadside assistance membership before you do all of your research. Some memberships only cover the basics like towing. A great membership will provide you with everything stated above and it?ll all be at a reasonable rate too.

The greatest advantage for paying for a roadside assistance membership is that you pay for all of its services at one time and they are available to you whenever you need them.


Who Has the Best Roadside Assistance?

Check out our top 6 roadside assistance for RVs to see which one fit your needs the best:

Does roadside assistance affect insurance?

Roadside assistance typically doesn?t affect your insurance, but this depends on the specific insurance company you?re with. So check with them for an accurate answer.

Most won?t increase your rates unless you?re blatantly abusing this service.  

best thing about living in RV

Can someone not on your insurance drive your car?

Yes, they can drive your car, but they may not be covered if an accident happens.

It depends on the type of insurance that you have – is it tied to the car or the person? What kind of insurance does your friend/family member have who is driving your car?

Double check your policy to review the terms and conditions for a more accurate answer.

Does AAA bring you gas for free?

Yes, AAA has a fuel delivery service for its members. But they?ll only bring you enough gas to get you to the closest gas station.


Yes, getting stuck somewhere while you travel can be a pitfall to RV’ing.

But if you plan for it with the best roadside assistance package, it can be much less stressful.

So, the next time your RV gets stuck or runs out of fuel or is even stolen, you will know whom to turn to in case you need assistance.
It will no more be a cumbersome task to get your car as well as yourself out of a sticky situation.

Besides, we can all live a carefree life if someone has our back.

So be prepared beforehand the next time you go out on a trip in your RV.

11 thoughts on “Best RV Roadside Assistance Plans”

  1. Disagree with your number 1. I have Good Sam’s and had to wait over four hours for assistance to change a flat on my fifth wheel. When the provider arrived they did not have the tools to remove the lug nuts. More waiting. It took over 6 hours to resolve a flat.

  2. i agree with others about GOOD SAMS ROADSIDE (ie slow to respond, price goes up on renewal, etc), but. All my issues with RV breakdown have been resolved in the past. We usually just hang out in the RV till service arrives. There have been a few occasions resolved by their service that i would have never been able to resolve. I dont have any experience with other RV roadside service since i’ve had RVs. I would like to go to AAA with all the extra benefits and discounts, but i cant be sure that their limitations would be adequate.

  3. I’ve had AAA Premier RV coverage for several years and all my vehicles are insured thru AAA.
    We are getting ready for a long road trip in our 42ft Class A Motorhome and I called AAA to verify my coverage after reading several negative online comments about towing and tire changes with membership service companies. I had to specifically ask if my motorhome would be fully covered by the 200 mile towing benefit on the AAA Premier RV membership. I was told by the AAA rep that anything over 40ft long or 10ft high would NOT BE COVERED. I asked where that is stated in their online marketing info. She stated that “YOU HAVE TO CALL AND ASK”. Additionally, I found that they will not change tires on anything with “duelly” tires. So, a word to the wise…..ASK SPECIFICALLY AND GET IT IN WRITING or you may be very upset when you do try to use your membership when you’re in a jam on the highway with your Big Rig.

  4. Agree Good Sam does not live up to its name. We had a flat on highway 395, 30 miles south of alturas and 90 miles n of susanville. When we called good Sam we told them we had Les schwab tires. When they called back they said Les schwab in alturas couldn’t make it but a “guy” from susanville would be out in about 2 hours. The highway patrolman happened to be with us and hadn’t heard of this guy. We called Les schwab in alturas ourselves- they hadn’t been called and the cost of the tire was $200 less…. hmmm. Needless to say no more good Sam for us. We’ll try AAA

  5. I also strongly disagree with your ratings for Good Sam. Two friends of mine had an electrical issue in their 2018 Class A while they were stopped in a rest area this past Sunday. They called Good Sam & were told they could not dispatch anyone until Monday morning. That is pretty poor service considering there are more RVs on the road during the weekend!

  6. What about Coach-Net? Did you look at them at all? Last I heard, which was a few years ago, they seemed to be highly regarded. I had them for awhile. My experience could have been better but it could have been worse.

    BTW, did we meet in Big Bend at a hot springs that you have to hike a few miles to get to?

  7. It’s great to know that most roadside assistance won’t increase your insurance rates unless you’re blatantly abusing their service. My wife and I are looking to get roadside assistance for our RV and we were wondering if our insurance would be affected by the service. I’ll be sure to let my wife know that our rates probably won’t increase by getting roadside assistance.

  8. Goodsam looks great but they do not offer 24/7 assistance. I have had two instances with my car after business hours they fell far short and left me stranded until the next morning when the tow company opened.the first time a deputy sheriff pulled us out of a ditch on an icy road


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