Best RV Awning Lights For Campers And Trailers

When packing for your camping trip you can easily forget to get an outdoor lighting fixture. If you decided to go out and buy the first awning light on the list then you’re in for a surprise. Poor product descriptions and misleading images mean you certainly won’t get what you have ordered.

So, if you’re stuck returning the wrong product and need a quick 101 of the best RV awning lights for your exterior, then follow our guide and you’ll surely find something you can take along on your trip.

Best Rv Awning Lights for Campers and Caravans

RecPro LED RV Awning Party Light

RecPro RV White LED Awning Party Light w/Mounting Channel & Black PCB 12v Light (12')

The RecPro is a 12 ft LED light strip that comes with a mounting channel that can be attached above the door in the space between the awning and your RV.

It has a UV treated polycarbonate mounting track/channel and weighs 3 pounds.

These awning lights are fully waterproof with an IP68 rating. An IP68 rating implies the strip can hold up against dirt, dust, sand and also underwater for up to 30 minutes. It’s also equipped with a crystal resin and silicone encased sleeve that only adds to its durability.

The awning kit also includes an instruction manual with setup instructions. The instructions are fairly simple and the installation process only takes up about an hour. The best place to install it is above the RV door so you can use the lights even when the awning is retracted.

If you want to only illuminate the area under the awning then the RecPro is a good option. It doesn’t have any mood lighting features but holds up well if reading is the most activity you can think of doing in the evening. If you know how to modify lights into a dimmer, then with a switch and controller you should be able to get it to dim or brighten as you like.

The only problem could be its 12V DC wire for which you’ll need a power source.


  • Easy to install
  • Used by OEMs
  • Good for reading
  • Waterproof
  • Weatherproof


  • Cold white light
  • Too bright
  • Falling strip problem

Camco Cute Hanging Outdoor RV Lights

Camco Retro Travel Trailer Party Lights | Features an 8' Strand with (10) Travel Trailer Lights | Perfect for RV Awnings and Campsite Décor (42655)

If you want your RV to have a unique feature that can help you spot it in the dark then the Camco Outdoor lights will be perfect for you.

The Camco light string is 8 ft long with 10 retro travel trailer design lights on a single string. The string has an end-to-end connector that can be used to string more lights together.

They come with the UL approval and a kit that includes 2 spare bulbs and a spare fuse.

They are only 14 ounces in weight and are relatively light to put up when you want to set the mood for a party. With man made material and 120 Volt overload protection, they are one of the safer camping lights for awning.

The decorative covers are made of plastic material and 3 to 4 inches long. The light also has the standard 12 Volt feature like all the other lights.

If you want to add some stylish décor to your outdoor space then these cute lights are just right for you. They can also be used indoors and outdoors as decorations pieces.

You can choose from 10 designs available.


  • Cute (as the name says)
  • UL approved
  • Comes in 10 designs
  • Easy to install
  • Unique design


  • Not suitable as a light source
  • Not LED
  • Not bright
  • Poor quality
  • Burns out too fast

Leisure LED RV Porch Light

Leisure LED RV Exterior Porch Utility Light - 12v 280 Lumen Lighting Fixture. Replacement Lighting for RVs, Trailers, Campers, 5th Wheels. White Base, Clear and Amber Lens Included (White, 1-Pack)

The 280 lumens light intensity means the Leisure LED RV porch lights are really good if you want to brighten your outdoors. These come in a white base with a clear amber lens.

A 6000 to 6500 kelvin color temperature makes the lights almost too bright. A voltage range of 11 to 18 Volts protects the lighting fixture from fluctuations in the power supply.

Since it’s a downlight with a 120 degree beam pattern, a larger area gets covered as a typical indoor beam has a 60 degree beam angle.

The new-age technology used in these ensures you get better performance with the same products. They are made of eco-friendly materials and run longer than standard light fixtures. They have a 60,000 hours life expectancy!

These lights only weigh 4.8 ounces (i.e., 0.3 pounds), making them the lightest on our list.


  • Water-resistant
  • Easy to install
  • Bright
  • The area covered is large
  • Affordable price


  • On/off switch not available with the product
  • Loose lens
  • Flimsy plastic lens
  • No rubber gasket

Coleman 10 Lantern LED String Lights

Coleman LED String Lights , Black, 10 Tiny LED Lanterns

The Coleman string light is a 6 ft long LED light string with 10 tiny lanterns. The lanterns are 2.75 inches in size.

These string lights are portable because they’re powered by batteries and work with 3 AA/AAA batteries. The batteries have to be bought separately.

The lights run for about 20 hours on one pair of batteries. Even with the batteries on, it doesn’t weigh more than 0.78 pounds.

These string lights are great for an outdoor party but many users claim that the white lights on this product are a bit too much on the brightness scale. So, think more of festivals where you need a decorative but bright light and less mood lighting for dinner dates.


  • Bright and stylish
  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Cute string lights


  • Too bright for string lights
  • Short life
  • Battery heating problems

Dream Lighting 12V Waterproof Awning Lights

Dream Lighting 12V Waterproof Awning Lights/RV LED Porch Lights/Exterior LED Lights/ Utility Lights for Trucks, Motor Home, Caravan, Camper Trailer and Boat, 21.65inch, Cool White, Black Shell

The best feature of the Dream lighting is its housing. Made of silver aluminum, it keeps the fixture cool by dissipating heat which results in a cool consistent awning light. It is 21.65 inches long (1.8 ft) and weighs only 11.8 ounces.

It is a 12 Volt, UV resistant light and has an IP66 grade. It won’t hold up to the RecPro but is still durable enough for regular outdoor lighting.

The applications are plenty for this LED. You can use it on the porch, camper, yacht, and also on boats. It’s a long-running product with a life span of 50,000 hours and also screw caps to prevent water damage.

The downward lighting ensures the area underneath is brightly lit while a 120-degree lighting angle maintains 800 lumens brightness. It has got a 6800 to 7300 kelvin color temperature that gives your outdoor space a cool white light atmosphere.

These awning lights for campers are low on the decorative appeal and also low-maintenance but they get the job done. We found the product to come with a waterproof guarantee but it wasn’t 100% water-resistant upon use.


  • Practical
  • IP66
  • Lightweight
  • High light output
  • 50,000 hours of life


  • No on/off switch
  • Poor ambiance light

Green LongLife 4th of July LED Rope Light

Green LongLife 18-Feet Red, White, and Blue Decorative Extendable LED Rope Light RV July 4th Memorial Day Patriotic Lights (1 Pack)

This 1.55-pounds red, white and blue colored rope light is perfect if you’re looking for a patriotic decoration for July 4th celebrations. But you can also be patriotic with this decoration lighting up your RV. It is also easier to distinguish among other RV lights.

The Green Longlife rope light has cool LED chips with the standard 12 Volt AC supply.The rope lights are 18 ft long and have their separate spare fuse which can also be connected end to end. So, you get a total of 54 ft of rope lights.

It is UL certified with quality materials like fireproof PVC, pure copper wire, is cold and UV resistant. This rope light has wide applications ranging from lighting the deck, patio, awing, and of course 4th of July decorations.


  • Stunning decoration
  • Festive appeal


  • Low brightness
  • Poor quality materials used
  • Color fades after a while

Valterra White Rope Light Track

Valterra A30-0600 Rope Light Trak

The 1.5 pounds Valterra is a light track, meaning you need to buy the lights separately.

This rope light track allows you to use the awning utility track in your RV as a light track and a utility track. It has two tracks one for the accessories and the other for the rope light.

It’s made of PVC and is resistant to UV damage. So you can leave it out in the sun or rain without worries.

It comes with a one-year warranty and the light track makes a total of 18 ft in length but is divided into six sections of 3 feet each. You can join them to make whatever length of the light track is required.

They can accommodate a ½ inch size of rope light in the wide track and a 3/8 inch of rope light in the small track.

You simply slide the rope light track into the utility track when the awning is out. But the catch here is that you cannot leave the track in a retracted awning.

Yes! You need to remove the lights when retracting the awning or the awning won’t close up completely. This could have been a big problem, but the track is relatively simple to put up. Just put the rope light into its channel/track and you’re done.

If you’re comfortable with repeating this process multiple times then go ahead and buy this durable, multipurpose track for your awning lights.


  • UV resistant
  • 3 feet sections
  • Multipurpose


  • Unusable when the awning is retracted
  • Repeated installing and removing required

Supernight RGB LED Light Strip

SUPERNIGHT LED Strip Lights, RGB Color Changing 16.4Ft SMD5050 LEDs Flexible Light Strip Rope Lighting Kit with 44 Key Remote Controller and 12V Power Supply for Bedroom TV Backlight Christmas

This is a cool light strip with the general features like a 12 Volt AC power adapter. But what’s new is its 14.4 ounce weight and the 150 lights you get with this strip.

The strip is safe to use around any child or adult as it is protected against short circuits and over-charging. However, at a waterproof level of IP65, you can use it indoors but have to be careful when putting them outdoors in rough weather.

These strip rope lights are super easy to install. The rope can be cut to whatever length you need and it’s got a self-adhesive tape that only leaves you to peel, stick and plug it in.

They can stretch to a length of 16.4 ft and the lights have a viewing angle of 120 degrees.

The kit comes with a 44 key remote controller that provides functions like color changes, dimming, brightness and speed adjustment.

The manufacturer provides a 30-day money-back guarantee and a one-year warranty. There is also a new upgraded product which includes a smart music sync option if you love to throw cool parties.


  • Affordable
  • 5050 LEDs
  • Very bright


  • Not waterproof
  • Weak adhesive
  • Short-range for remote control

Polymer Products 1601-00515 Globe String Light

Polymer Products LLC 1601-00515 White Ten Globe String Light Set

The weather-resistant and shatterproof material that this light sits inside is made of PCB (polycarbonate). The string has 6 light bulbs that are UL approved to be used within 60 watts range.

With the kit you get a 20 ft power cord (that has a 3 prong plug) and stainless steel hanging hooks. The cord between the bulbs is a good 30 inches long.

The globe design gives the 10 string lights a decent and clean look in the image but the bulbs are not included. It has a one-year limited warranty and weighs 9 pounds which means it’s not as easy to install anywhere.


  • Durable for string lights
  • Quality materials
  • Bright


  • Heavy
  • Does not come with bulbs
  • Doesn’t connect end-to-end

Enbrighten 39511 LED String Light

Enbrighten Vintage Seasons Café Lights, Outdoor String Lights, White, 24ft, 12 Lifetime Bulbs, Color Changing, Weatherproof, Shatterproof, Commercial Grade, 39511

The best feature of the Enbrighten String Light is its customizable multiple-string connection. The total coverage the string gives you is 750 ft with adjustable end-to-end connection cords that can be changed per your convenience. Its heavy-duty grounded plug connects to any standard outlet.

Distance between the plug and the first bulb is 18 inches and 6 inches at the female link receptacle. This means you get a total of 24-inch space between each bulb.

The plastic component makes it weigh 3.35 pounds which is quite heavy in comparison to other lights.

Its durable acrylic bulb is resistant to impact and holds up well against rough use, stomping and harsh weather.

The 2 AAA batteries required to run it are included in the kit along with the remote control.

It has flexible mounting options like hanging or sticking on flat surfaces. But its hardware is not included in the kit. You need to buy it separately and may not remember to do that until you’ve started installing the lights.

These decorative lights come with operations like preset lighting, intensity control, strobe, fade, color switch and timers that can be set for 2 to 4 hours. The bulbs have a temperature of 2200 kelvin and the battery cell type is alkaline, which gives a higher energy density.

The Enbrighten LED String Light has a three-year warranty.

It comes in 16 colors which can be controlled with its long-range remote. If you want to create an ambient mood for whatever purpose, then you can check this product out. The lights and its various features make it versatile to use outdoors, indoors, for camping or partying, etc.


  • 16 colors available
  • UL listed
  • Heavy duty
  • Commercial-grade materials


  • Expensive
  • Heavyweight
  • Short life
  • Faulty remote

RV Awning Light Buyer’s Guide

Before you go shopping for RV awning lights, here’s a guide to factors you must consider when choosing one.


What do you need the awning lights for? Do you want to throw a party, read or simply need some light out of your RV when camping in the wild? Whatever the case, you don’t want to be stuck out in the dark and end up using flashlights to get your work done. The activity you are most likely to do should tell you what kind of awning lights you should buy.


Most camping lights for awning are 12 Volt awning lights. So, there’s no difficulty in searching for one. But some lights provide a broader ranger like the Leisure LED RV Exterior Porch Utility Light which provides a volt range of 11 to 18 volts.

Brightness and Color

The brightness of the light depends on its type. Thankfully most camping outdoor lights are LED. Within the LEDs you can find the brightest caravan awning lights by looking at the lumens. Higher the lumens, higher the brightness. Sometimes manufacturers may not give the lumens information and instead give you the wattage. In such a case, you can use this chart to compare the two values.

But no one likes a bright light all the time! That’s why dimmable lighting options are much needed. Some products come with the dimming option, it is often easy to install a dimmer if your lighting fixture doesn’t have it.

Placement of the light is also important as the intensity of a downward-facing light is high right below it. Think of the area outside your RV that you need the product to light up and look at options appropriate for that purpose.

Mood lighting fixtures, which provide a range of colors in varying intensity are typically low on brightness scale. So be careful when buying a cute string light, it may only create ambiance and have zero clarity.

We suggest you find two lighting fixtures if you want to throw a party but also light up the area like it’s daytime.

Durability and Weatherproof Quality of Caravan Awning Lights

These RV awning lights are going to stay outdoors, so they need to be durable for all the weather changes. We have plenty of water-resistant and waterproof products listed in our guide that could fit the bill. A key feature that you can look for is UL-approved/listed and the IP rating. These will tell you whether the lights are of standard quality and how well they stand up to wind, snow, dust, heat or water.

Remote Controlled Lights

Remote-controlled RV lights are better if you need efficient ambience lights. Remote controls are generally not the best feature of an RV light, they have to be used within a short distance radius and don’t work until pointed directly at the source. They also often stop working and are not made of the best quality material.

Lastly, you need to ask yourself if the remote-controlled lighting fixture is truly your priority. If it is, then look for one with quality material and some warranty too.


Higher cost does not necessarily mean you get the best awning lights. But a good product won’t come cheap either. Lights with features like aluminum housing, water-resistance and UV resistance will be expensive, but are worth every penny.

RV Awning lights that are cheap and durable are hard to find but our list gives you some good options.

Cheaper awning lights tend to burn out within a month and if you are a frequent camper, then the one-time expense might be better than spending money on a new awning light every month.

Ease of Installation

Like the Valterra, some lighting products are easy to install and yet they’re not the best camper awning lights. You can try to look at the process of installation on YouTube or in the user manual to know whether you can do it by yourself or will need some help. Also, check if you can leave the lights as they are even when the awning is in a retracted position.

While there are a few self-adhesive lights, we found most of them to be defective as they kept falling off. This, however, is not a major issue and can be easily resolved with some superglue.

Let’s look into the installation process in more detail below.

Quick Guide to Installing Awning Lights

The first step before you have even bought the lights is something you may not have thought about. It is to choose the right type of light!

Look at the purpose section in our RV awning light buyer’s guide above to understand why choosing the right lights is the first step in installing awning lights.

Measure Your Awning

Get a measuring tape and measure your awning, then write down the dimensions of the space you want to fix your lights in.

Figure Out How You’ll Run the Lighting Wires

Try to see the layout of your lighting fixture, the distance from the power source and the length you need to cover. Also remember that some lights will stay as they are even with the awning retracted, meaning your layout needs to consider that too.

Then you can start cleaning up the space where you plan to put up the lights. This is of utmost importance if you’re putting up self-adhesive lights.

Cut the Lights and Wires

Now take a pair of scissors and cut the light strip in the dimensions that you’ve measured. We advise you to first take a proper look at the lights to know where the markings to cut are. This information is also available in the user manual if you are unable to find the markings.

Hook Everything Up and Plug Them In

Now you only need to hook the lights up in whichever way your lighting fixture works – with adhesives, hooks or rope light tracks. You can wire them, plug them or add batteries according to the type of lights you have. If you have a power source within reach, then plug them into it as it is most convenient. And you’re done. You can now relax and get into the camping mood to enjoy all your hard work.

Types of RV Lights


If you’re a true camper who loves to protect nature and the wilderness, then you can’t get more eco-friendly than this!

A solar-powered RV light charges throughout the day and lights up at night, all on its own, making them less fussy and more desirable. Afterall, who doesn’t want an automatic awning light that also saves money, right?

These lights use a kind of photocell sensor that can detect the time of day by the amount of light it receives. Based on this, it automatically turns the lights on and off.

While you may not find too many options under solar-powered lights, the few that are available hold up well in comparison to the products on this list. However, you may have to compromise on the features.


Ropes or strip lights can be permanently attached to the awning. It doesn’t tear or break when the awning is retracted. Their single purpose is to brighten up the area and hence they are mostly not decorative. Most of the time they are installed under or on the awning, so appearance is not a feature you need to consider while buying these lights.


These are a type of hanging/string lights that don’t need to be permanently attached to the awning. They are loose hanging and need to be removed when you’re done using them. Most hanging lights aren’t made to illuminate spaces but instead to increase the decorative appeal of a space. This is also why they won’t have features like durability, weatherproof housing, water resistance, etc. that rope lights have.

They are best used for parties or simple decorations that help you identify the RV in a sea of RVs. An exception to this is the Coleman 10 Lantern LED String Light that decorates any space and also brightens it up.


When we went looking for the best RV awning lights exterior, we found quite a few misleading products online. So, we thought it advisable to ask our readers to not just order an awning light based on the product images they see, but also read the description and comments carefully.

To ensure you’re buying the right product that will fit your RV and your needs, take a look at our comprehensive guide. We have got you covered.