Best RV Gift Ideas That RV’ers Will Love!

What do you get for a friend or family member that has a RV? There?s several RV gift ideas that range from necessities to pure indulgence. Our guide is a list of things that we'd love to have as gifts or we already have and used extensively while living on the road. I tried to include useful and fun gifts to make living on the road better. Gifts that people may not buy for themselves but would love to have.

Comparison Table

TOP PICK! 1. MiniPresso GR Espresso Maker
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2. Smart Phone Solar Charger 22W
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3. HitchSafe Key Vault
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4. MalloMe Marshmallow Extending Roasting Sticks
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5. LED Headlamp with Rechargeable Batteries
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6. ENO Eagles Nest Outfitters ? DoubleNest Hammock
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7. Kindle Paperwhite E-reader
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8. Multi-tool 25-in-1 with Knife and Pliers ? Utility Tool with Attachable Bit Set
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9. Swift Hitch SH01 Portable Wireless Camera System
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10. NAT GEO Road Atlas Adventure Edition
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11. National Park Annual Pass
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12. Mystical Fire Campfire Fireplace Colorant
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13. Amazon Prime Gift Membership
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Christina and I love coffee. Like REALLY love coffee. We brought our very big Cuisinart Grind and Brew coffeemaker on the road with us. It took up so much countertop but neither one of us cared because we loved the freshly ground coffee it made. When I saw this mini espresso maker, I said that is a great gift idea and I would love to have one. It?s compact and it gets rave reviews. I might have to buy this for Christina so I can try it out.

This a great handy charger that works for any RVer that boondocks regularly. It?s small, light and waterproof. The holy grail trifecta for buying gifts for RVers.

I admit it, I saw this on someone else?s gift guide and thought it was the coolest idea. How many times have you been camping in a state or national park near water and have nowhere safe to leave your key. I don?t like getting my keys sandy or wet, especially my electronic car lock opener. Same thing with hiking. I have when my keys rub against my leg when I?m hiking. I like it because it?s understated and not many people look specifically at a hitch thinking it holds something valuable.

I love roasting marshmallows over a campfire. To me nothing says camping like having s'mores around a campfire at night. Yes, I have a sweet tooth and though you can use these for many more items, like hot dogs, I will stick to the marshmellows. I like that these telescope so you can stay away from the fire when it gets too hot and they collapse to a very small packet. They are also color coded so no one forgets which one is theirs.

Headlamps are so versatile when RVing or camping. Trips to the shower house at night or finding something in the outside storage compartments when it?s dark. I even use them inside when I don?t want to turn on lights inside and wake up Christina. These are great because they are bright LED and you can recharge the batteries. I?ve had other headlamps that go through batteries quickly. This comes with a wall charger and a car charger.

You may have read some of our stories about how much we love using our hammock while living on the road. There is something about lightly swaying in the outdoors that is so serene. We use ours all the time and they pack up to a very small pack that is light and easy to store.

For the book loving RVer, the kindle is a great gift. Books are heavy and take up a lot of space, both of which are bad ideas in RVs. You can store 1000s of books in this tiny device and the paperwhite is very comparable to an actual book. I love my kindle and find it better than a book when using it at night since it has it?s own light. I also love using it at the beach when the sun is blaring. I gave this to Christina back when Amazon first made these 10 years ago. I?ve never seen a grown woman jump up and down that much with excitement like a little kid. I?ve never been able to replicate that effect from any other gift since.

I love multitools. This handy tools offers up to 25 different practical uses. It?s like a swiss army knife on steroids. This is a great gift for a DIY RVer that likes to fix things while not having to lug around a chest full of tools.

This is a great gift for RVers with trailers or toads. I hate having to get in and out of my truck several times to check to see how close I am to the trailer hitch. I also hate having a mini argument with Christina when she?s directing me to the hitch and her hand signals aren?t quite understandable. This is a great gift for a RVer friend, family member or significant other, hint hint, Christina.

This is a great map with detailed information on all the different adventures you can find in North America. It has profiles of America?s 24 favorite (out of the 59) National Parks  as well as the 100 top outdoor escapes. It features the best places to hike, climb, paddle, bike, winter sports and enjoy birding. We have this guide and use it all the time to plot our next adventure.

If your RVer family member or friend travels to national parks a lot, then this is a great gift. It allows access for one carload for parks that charge per car or up to 4 people that charge per person into any national park or federally operated recreation site for one year from the date of purchase. It is a great way to explore the most beautiful places in the USA.

This is a fun inexpensive gift for RVers who love campfires. When you put it in the fire, it makes the fire different colors and is truly mesmerizing.

The Amazon Prime membership was a godsend for us personally. When we first got on the road, there was so many things that we ordered from Amazon and never had to worry about how much shipping would cost no matter where we were. Plus, you get access to many other free items with prime. Videos, ebooks, unlimited photo storage, as well as prime music, just to name a few. Amazon makes it easy to gift Prime to your favorite RVer.

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