Best RV Jack Pads [Our Reviews and Comparisons]

TOP PICK! 1. Camco RV Stabilizing Jack Pads
  • Very durable
  • 4 pieces included
  • Interlocking
  • Portable and easy to use
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2. RV SnapPad
  • Extreme durability
  • Can handle an impressive amount of weight
  • Made of recycled materials in the USA
  • Very easy to install
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3. Camp'N 12 Pack RV Leveling Blocks
  • Very durable
  • Works to level any vehicle
  • Super easy to use
  • Very portable
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4. Andersen Camper Leveler Tuff Pads
  • Superior durability
  • Great for all RV sizes
  • Made in the USA
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Not many things are as fun as spending the weekend hitting the road in your RV, exploring the woods and campgrounds. Unfortunately, trying to level your RV and seeing your jack sink into the soil can be pretty annoying and disappointing.

Thanks to jack pads, they have proven to be quite helpful. Now the question is how to get one?

Are you in need of RV jack pads? And you don?t want anything short of the best. However, you don’t know where to start looking? No need to worry this feeling is common.

Since there are numerous options, customers have to choose from nowadays. Coupled with how complex jack pads are becoming. And this only makes the process and more grueling, making the buying experience of customers frustrating. We trust that this article reduces the stress and frustration by walking you through this process of finding the best product.

You’ll undoubtedly get the breakdown of everything you need to know before making your purchase.

The primary purpose of every piece of information is to help you figure out which RV jack pads suit your needs perfectly. Having considered all these, ensure you keep reading and let me help you make this a stress-free buying experience.

The Best RV Jack Pads Are Reviewed Below

Andersen Hitches Rv Jack Pads

ANDERSEN HITCHES | RV Travel Accessories | 1-Pack Trailer Jack Block w/ Magnets | Quick Leveling Stabilizers for Trailers Jackstand Level Quickjack Heavy Duty Utility Blocks | LIFETIME WARRANTY | 3608

Andersen Hitches’ 3608 Trailer Jack Block is another choice that should succeed in any scenario where it is required. It can achieve these excellent results because heavy-duty components can not be compromised when facing rough or soft surfaces.

The heavy-duty construction of this device would also guarantee that it has longevity that most other products cannot equal. In other words, it provides a high degree of reliability to guarantee that conditions such as rugged terrain do not cause any harm to this device.

It helps to ensure that this design has safeguards to cope with problems such as dust and oil.

You should not forget the Clean Stage feature that comes with a 6-pack purchasing option for this product. This will avoid up to 90% of the dust that would typically make its way into the storage area of your RV.

The use of magnets in this commodity is also enticing. You know, this product has magnets that are immediately stuck to your jack. This functionality would make it much simpler for the product to use the procedure than it would have been without it.

These magnets will offer this degree of ease by making sure you don’t have to search each frame, mostly during leveling phase. Life without them would be a total hassle, as you might guess.

Road warrior RV Jack Pad

RoadWarrior Heavy Duty RV Jack Pad - Lightweight, Stackable, Waterproof, Unbreakable Outrigger Pad with Ergonomic TuffGrip Handle (One Pad,15'X1.5')

RoadWarrior has been a common option among owners of rigs looking to purchase stabilizer pads. This success stems from a long list of helpful features that make the commodity a joy to have on board your rig.

One of these characteristics would be the user-friendly handles, which would allow these RV pads to travel from position to place a breeze. It also serves to prove further its one of the most realistic solutions used in the storage process.

It delivers industrial power and guarantees unmatched longevity. In truth, this device comes with a guarantee that the jack is unbreakable. This feature will guarantee that your jack pad stays in your life for years to come.

Homeon Wheels Jack Pads

Homeon Wheels Stabilizing Jack Pads for RV Camper Leveling Blocks Help Prevent Jacks from Sinking (4 Pack - Circle)

Homeon Wheels Stabilizing Jack Pads is one of the most inexpensive choices on our list. But then don’t suppose that means that you don’t have a long list of cool features. It’s just the contrary, as it’s capable of producing top-tier performance even at this low price.

One of the characteristics that make this possible is its UV-stabilized resin nature. The chemical remains active even after long periods of exposure to sunlight.

It comes with non-slip mats, making it much easier to use these pads on slippery or damp paths. It’s an efficient way to ensure harmony, even in the most difficult circumstances.

You should also find the potential to operate with several stabilizers enticing. In reality, it has known to function properly because of leveler pads for swing-down stabilizers, jacks, and 5th-wheel stabilizers.

It can function well in both of these conditions because of its reinforced honeycomb nature. This pattern has proved to be very effective in ensuring that jacks or stabilizers do not contact the ground or suffer from cracking.

Stylish Camping Stabilizing Jack Pads

Camco 44541 Large RV Stabilizing Jack Pads Without Handle, Helps Prevent Jacks from Sinking, 14 Inch x 12 Inch Pad - 2 Pack, Yellow

The Trendy Camping Stabilizing Jack Mats has a honeycomb pattern that guarantees that your jack does not fall into soft dirt. Not only is this device good for jacks, but it can also work for swing-down stabilizers and 5th wheel stabilizers.

These goods are among the best on the market today for these circumstances. Thanks to features such as its built-in handle and stackable nature, these jack pads have acquired this reputation. All these things make it much easier to use and store processes.

You really should appreciate the fact that these jack pads use UV-stabilized resin in their construction. This factor will mean that long periods spent in the sun will not cause oxidation or fading. As a result, you should expect these jack pads to stay in decent condition for years to come.

Its 11″ deep base should have more than enough room to stabilize your jack without any problems. It can give ample wiggle room to ensure there is no sliding or sinking in the leveling process.

This package is coming as 4-pack suits my needs as well. Their construction also includes an integrated rig to provide even more power.

Quality Plastics Utility Blocks

Quality Plastics Utility Block - Four Pack

Quality Plastic Utility Blocks, which have several attractive features. A good example of this will be the slip-free rubber material nature. This aspect would ensure that your jack does not move a single inch during the leveling process.

As a consequence, in any scenario, you should expect this product to deliver a slip-free operation. This product has also demonstrated the potential to work when faced with extreme conditions, such as high winds.

Performance in extreme weather conditions appears to be a significant problem for smaller models.

The versatility of this commodity to be appealing. You know, these jack pads have proved to be available in various cases, such as vans, campers, trailers, RVs, and other related vehicles.

This simplicity makes it obvious that it shouldn’t be too difficult to get the best out of these blocks. You should find it convenient to use the method to be another appealing feature, as it doesn’t take a lot of work on your side.

It was an aspect that appeared to earn consistent praise from the shopper feedback.

It would be best if you took the warmth of being US-made in this block as well. This feature indicates that these items have undergone a significant amount of research to ensure that their use is safe.

Some goods manufactured in other countries do not have the same standard of safety testing.

SnapPad RV Jack Pad

SnapPad Xtra Permanently Attached RV Leveling Jack Pad for 9 inch Round Landing Feet (4-Pack)

If you’re looking for a quick option, the SnapPad RV Leveling Jack Pad should be at the highest altitude. It’s such a simple job that many consumers thought they wanted to find it out in their ratings.

But it’s not the only thing worth noting about this jack pad is its simple installation process. Customers enjoy the fact that these items are anti-slip. Consequently, you don’t have to think about them being affected by damp or slippery surfaces.

This would also help ensure that there is no slippage in heavy wind regions. These jack pads can produce great results in any circumstance that May occur. This point is further proved by the fact that these jack pads also have weatherproof capability.

You may love the fact that these goods minimize movement and vibration. This feature is made possible by the strong grip that their rubber construction provides.

In reality, these jack pads are made of recycled tires, which gives a grip that many other models can’t equal.

This stronger grip can come in handy when approaching rougher terrain like asphalt or rocks as well. You’re not allowed to ignore the six choices for purchasing the stuff, either. This number of options means that anyone will find a deal that fits well for them.

Camco Stabilizer RV Jack Pads

Camco Stabilizer Jack Pads, 6.5 x 9 Inches, Yellow, Pack of 4 (44595)

Camco’s Stabilizer Jack Support comes with several options that make it a reasonable choice for those looking to add stabilization during their RV leveling phase. Thanks to its robust nature made of polypropylene, it can give this value.

It also helps to make this polypropylene substance UV-stabilized. This feature would mean that long stretches of exposure to the sun will not create fading problems.

As you might guess, this feature will be useful for someone who likes RVing in tropical locations. You should find the potential of this device to deliver 7 inches of lift very enticing as well.

It will mean that you can apply a little more height during the leveling phase than other products on this list would be possible.

This model comes with a limited warranty, which was a good touch. It’ll make sure you’ve got a little coverage about having a shoddy commodity.

It was a vivid yellow hue that was irresistible to me as well. This color scheme makes the product simple to see and means that it is not used at night. After all, you never know when a jack stabilizer is required.

However, the product?s cost is not too shabby and thus should fall in line with your schedule. Sincerely, Camco seems to have tried to cover nearly all of its bases while making this unit. But some consumers had one problem with the design of the product.

Anderson Hitches RV Jack Pads

ANDERSEN HITCHES | RV Travel Accessories | 1-Pack Trailer Jack Block w/ Magnets | Quick Leveling Stabilizers for Trailers Jackstand Level Quickjack Heavy Duty Utility Blocks | LIFETIME WARRANTY | 3608

If you own a bumper-tow truck, then the Andersen Hitches comes high on your list. The product works well in this capacity because it has a very long-lasting nature. This style fits well for post jacks, pad jacks, scissor jacks, and more.

Consequently, we guess it’s fair to say that this Andersen Hitches product has a great deal of flexibility. You should also love that this jack pad has been built to prevent oil or gravel problems.

This element would ensure that the commodity is in good condition, regardless of the situation surrounding it. This jack pad is stackable, and it’s an enticing aspect, making it even easier to change the height.

It also arrives with finger holes on each hand to ensure smooth travel. This feature can make the installation and storage process even simpler. It’s so good that you don’t have to think about the problems of these two fields.

Please notice that this package comes with a recessed post-opening, which comes in handy to keep post jacks from slipping. If you plan to use a post jack, this product should be one of your final options due to factors such as this one.

The lifetime warranty of the jack pad was another aspect that caught my attention. It’s a function that reveals the kind of confidence Andersen Hitches has in this particular product.

BAL Big Bad RV Jack Pads

BAL 29160 Big Bad Foot Pad

BAL’s Big Bad Foot Pad is a perfect choice for anyone who needs to use either an electric or a manual jack to stabilize their RV. In these cases, this jack pad is meant to provide a good solid base for your jack.

This feature would ensure that the jack does not find itself falling into soft soil or rubbing against a rough surface like concrete. Both of these problems will do a significant amount of harm to your jack and should be stopped at all times.

Buying this jack pad would be an efficient way to escape those scenarios. It is nothing worse than purchasing a product and finding out that you have to purchase a new one in weeks.

Fortunately, this concern does not appear to be a product epidemic. It’s worth noting that this package even comes as a 2-pack. This offers a bit of comfort, which can be an acceptable option for many RV owners.

However, it doesn’t hurt that this design seems lightweight relative to what a person would expect from an all-metal device. As a result, deploying and storing processes would take a lot less work than one would have thought.

BAL did a decent job of ensuring that this commodity stayed at a fair price as well. It may not be the lowest cost item on our website, but it comes right in the middle of the list.

Consideration Before Purchasing RV Jack Pads

Choosing the right jack pads can come down to several considerations. This portion will explore each of them in-depth to ensure that you know what a consumer should be looking for when purchasing these items.

In a way, this segment will help you make the little decisions that will decide the jack pad that best suits your scenario. So, let’s get this underway and find the tool that will make your RV leveling process a lot simpler!


One of the first things to remember when purchasing RV jack pads is longevity. You want a product that produces excellent results in this field. After all, one of these items cracking or splitting as RV’s on the jacks is going to be a tragedy.

This scenario will cost many maintenance expenses to the RV owner, which is something nobody needs. Instead, you can buy some jack pads that can cope with problems such as weather shifts and long stretches of sun exposure with ease.

In other words, make sure that any RV jack pads you’re buying have both weather-resistant and UV security capability. You’ll also want to make sure that any alternative can handle heavy stress or strain.

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The commodity price would have a big effect on your quest for the right RV jack pad. I would recommend that you ensure that this phase comes to an end by selecting an alternative that delivers top-tier outcomes and a reasonable price.

In other words, this quest should be targeted at seeking the most cost-effective alternative on today’s market. You must know that this doesn’t only mean buying the inexpensive alternative available. This behavior is likely to lead to an unsuccessful product that can do more harm than good.

You know, certain brands cut corners in their production process to ensure that their products can be marketed at a discounted cost.

This mentality results in lower-priced goods being loaded with second-rate components that crack and break under intense strain.

It is a topic that illustrates why making a budget is such an important step in this process. So this budget needs to be realistic; otherwise, it’s not going to do any good. As a consequence, it’s meant to account for what you’re looking for in the RV jack pad and everything you feel right about investing.

This budget would also reduce the number of choices to select from because of its parameters. It’ll make it a lot easier to pick the right RV jack pads and make the market look a lot less flooded.


Measurements of the RV jack pad will also play a significant role in this process. It’s a commonly held belief that the larger these goods are, the higher their consistency. You know, most of the reputable jack pads are big to span a vast area to provide a better sense of stability.

It also reduces the chance of a jack falling onto the surface below it. This will keep the jack from being harmed, such as the surface that allows the foot to bend. That’s why you should try to find the biggest jack pad made of heavy-duty components that don’t overstretch your budget.

It is not unprecedented for crappy RV jack pad brands to extend their offerings without guaranteeing that the consistency stays the same.

Load Capacity

As you would imagine, the RV jack pads come with a load capacity rating that will tell you how much weight the pad will bear. High-quality solutions typically have scores of about 40,000 pounds or more to ensure they can operate in certain cases.

This feature makes these jack pads an acceptable choice to operate for motorhomes, campers, or trailers. If you own a larger RV, such as a 5th wheel tractor, it would be a smart decision to invest in a jack pad with a load size of more than 40,000 pounds.

It is also important that any RV owner looking to buy jack pads grasp their RV’s total weight. This intervention would ensure that you can not purchase a commodity that is not designed to manage your RV load.

Warranty Of Product

Product guarantees seem to be a factor that people miss during this process. However, when you purchase these things, you have to take them into account. You know some jack pads come with them and provide a bit of defense against the problem that’s going on with them.

This coverage is something that the consumer might want in every RV jack pad. It is also an indication that the brand has faith in the product and its results. However, not all of these goods come with these promises.

We recommend avoiding goods without warranties because the reviews are extremely positive. It’s just a smart and effective way to stop purchasing an inefficient commodity that will end up doing more harm than good.

Final Thoughts

When choosing jack pads, their weight capacity and durability are the principal factors to consider. A jack pad isn’t great if it buckles under your RV’s weight or breaks in half from a two-foot drop.

Since you?re done with this article, the best RV jack pads for your situation should be very obvious. To find them, you only need to apply what you?ve learned in our article while doing your research.

Doing this would make your buying experience only easy ad successful. Immediately you?ve gotten these reliable RV jack pads, flattening your RV will not seem like a grueling task ever again. Instead, you would be enjoying the stability and other benefits your new jack pad comes with.

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