10 Best RV Macerator Pumps [Our Reviews and Comparisons]

Trying to find the best RV Macerator pump that will help you dump the waste from the black and grey tanks? Then you are on the right page.

A macerator is very convenient when you want to dump your waste into a sewer. The macerator can help you dump the waste at a distance that most regular dump hoses are not capable of.

The macerator churns the waste from the tanks, and the pump will act by pushing off the discharge from a smaller hose to the sewage. It’s beneficial for people who are looking for a hose that allows them to discharge their RV waste at a stretch.

Note that the macerator pump will work best to break down the human waste and bathroom tissues; any other hard material could complicate the discharge.

The Macerator pump will be an essential device if you are travelling by your RV outdoors and must dump the waste into a sewer cleanout or a toilet.

A regular hose can be connected to the macerator pump to discharge the waste. You can buy a lengthy hose that will allow you to reach further and drain the waste.

Remember not to dump your waste just anywhere. Find an area that will transfer the waste into a broader sewer.

Are you ready to get a macerator pump?

We are listing out the top 10 Macerator pumps that would be a perfect choice for your RV. Take a look.

Best RV Macerator Pumps

1. Flojet 18555000A Portable RV waste Pump

The flojet RV waste pump is designed to connect to the RV waste outlet directly. You will not need any separate sewer hose for it. This is a bonus because if you get a hose with it, you need not go around to buy a suitable one.

Is it difficult finding a good hose to dump the waste further away? Flojet comes with the same. I found it easier to dump the waste into the sewer without any trouble. Using it felt at ease, and the dumping does not take long.

So in case you are standing in the RV public dump yard line, you will avoid the waiting time for the others as the hose drains it out in minutes.

Notable features of this waste pump are that it’s got a garden hose discharge port that will effectively discharge all the waste. Another feature is the rising freshwater ability of this pump. After dumping the waste, I could rinse the discharge port with fresh water to keep it clean.

Cleaning the pump and the hose could be very challenging, but its cleaning has just become easier with this feature.

The Flojet pump comes with a remote, and you can switch it on and off from afar. Now, this is what we call it to be an outstanding feature. I need to switch on things or go around adjusting the valves.

I like how the pump came with a storage case. The device is easy to clean, and storing it doesn’t take much space. The storage case will keep the pump clean and will also avoid any odor from it. Keeping it clean will increase the durability of the pump.


  • Made of stainless steel
  • Comes with a clean adaptor
  • Lengthy cord


  • Some parts are shaky, so they must be handled with care.

2. SHURFLO 3200-001 12V Macerator Pump

This Macerator pump claims to be designed especially for sanitation waste and also for evacuating a fish box.

Cleaning up things will need a lot of effort as we need to make sure to clear all the waste that has been accumulated in one place. The pump has proved to be working great for RVs. Now dumping the waste from the black and grey tank with this macerator pump is a simple task.

Diving into the design, SHURFLO is made with a run-dry capability. So you need not worry about charging wastes that are dry and not runny. This feature remains a strength for this pump. The pump is made of a shell-e coated motor that has O-ring sealed end bells.

The macerator pump will enable problem-free disposal of waste. It is said to be an effective pump in marine environments too. If it can deal with the marine waste, you need not worry about it working to dispose of the RV tank waste. It gives its best with the RV tanks too.

SHURFLO grinds the waste and pumps it out. You need not keep checking on it. Once it’s connected and switched on, it works until the entire waste is dumped out and your RV tanks are clean from any kind of waste. Just make sure not to leave it on for so long, as the excess energy might destroy the RV tanks.

Installing this pump is easy. It did not cause any complexities in connecting to the RV. The pump fits perfectly.

Since it doesn’t come with a hose, you will need to buy a hose to connect it to the macerator pump.

The pump comes with a warranty of one year.


  • Premium design with a sealed manual turning key
  • Easy installation
  • Capable of running dry


  • The connecting hose should be brought separately.

3. Amarine-made RV Macerator Pump

The Amarine has a thermally protected motor and is made of high-quality material. A macerator pump is expected to be working for long periods, and Amarine-made RV Macerator is made to be durable and strong.

If you are determined to get a product that stays for a long time, then this could be your top choice as it comes with strong assurance. The RV Waste is dumped effectively through this pump that proves its capabilities.

This pumper easily removes the impurities that get stuck in the pump. The waste is churned well, and then it’s thrown out into the sewage. You will not have an issue with cleaning this pump.

This Macerator Pump could be a great choice for your RV as its manageable and powerful nature are combined to dump the waste out of the RV without much trouble.

You must make sure to use this pump only when there is an outlet to the sewage. If not, the discharge could be bothersome.


  • Four blades to grind the waste
  • Emptying Fishing tank boxes
  • Capable of handling a flow of 12 gallons per minute


  • Installation could be tricky.

 4. SeaLand Sanipump Discharge and Macerator RV waste Pump

Sealand RV waste Pump is an updated product that came back with a redesign. This version was designed to reduce the noises as much as possible compared to the previous model, and it came back winning at it.

A notable feature is that it can run dry without being damaged. Other macerator pumps that are impeller-type cannot run dry and need the waste to be runny.

Compared to the others, this pump can only draw 6amp while at 12 Volts DC.

This pump’s capacity is lesser than the standard one, but this Sealand Macerator is known for its quality functioning. Sealand is capable of handling up to 4.5 gallons per minute.

Usually, the waste discharging appliances will give a bad odor, but it’s not the same with Sealand. This macerator pump will not give out any bad odor. The pump doesn’t let any amount of waste remain within it. Cleaning is a great part of using this pump.


  • Doesn’t have impellers
  • Consumes less power
  • Reduced noise
  • Significant cleaning


  • Lower capacity than other pumps

5. Sewerflo Quick Release 12 RV Macerator Pump

Sewerflo comes with a garden hose inlet that enables easy cleaning, which is a huge plus for this product.

You can easily attach and remove this pump that gives you no difficulty to handle.

This pump is comparatively less expensive than most pumps. With its compelling features, I think it’s a great choice to choose this affordable macerator pump, especially if you are trying to find a convenient pump.

The pump comprises a thermally protected motor that will keep it far from damage or overheating.

Designed to fulfill all the Macerator Pump requirements, Swereflo stands to be a fantastic choice to pick. Though it comes with the basic features, it jas worked pretty well for me. And a lot of customers have said that it does what it promises.


  • Thermal protection motor
  • Easy to attach and remove
  • Affordability


  • The connecting equipment needs to be bought separately.

6. Clean Dump Portable RV Macerator Pump systems

The Clean Dump Macerator pump comes with a full kit. The quality is just exceptional. An RV macerator with all the accessories will deserve a head turn and much more praise when it functions extensively.

Works great in dumping the waste well. But it’s not a long hose that will help you discharge the waste at a long distance.

You can use any other clean dump extension hose with this pump; it’s highly compatible with most of them.

Made with stainless steel that protects the motor. The pump does work efficiently, leaving no concerns.

All the required connections and equipment are provided, so you need not worry about anything else.

It comes with a 10-foot hose with all the adapters required, a power cord of 20 feet included, with battery clips. You need not find any extra tools to install this pump.


  • Full kit no separate purchases needed
  • Efficient functioning
  • Connects to any discharge hose


  • Costly

7. Jabsco 18590-2094 RV Macerator pump

Are you wondering about getting a permanent macerator? Here is Jabsco, a permanent RV macerator pump that will be fixed to your RV. It will lessen the work of fixing the dumping pump every time you want to discharge the RV tank waste.

The pump is built with a four-blade system that works in churning out the waste effectively.

This pump is capable of draining out 30 gallons of waste in almost 3 minutes. It shows how fast and powerful this pump could be. You need not wait hours or minutes for it to be done now.

While you use this pump you will have no worries about the durability. The company had promised that this effective equipment would strive to last long. Spending on something that is durable is definitely an advantage. You need not go out to replace or fix it often.

Having a permanent Macerator pump could ease your tensions. Imagine spending so much time fixing the Macerator Pump and then removing it. All this is time-consuming. And then the storage issue arises too.


  • Ability to remove 30 gallons of waste in no time
  • Affordability
  • Comes with a Run-dry protection


  • Noisy
  • Continuous fixation leads to erosion of inner material.

8. Clean Dump CDPU permanently installed Macerator Pump

It’s a second mention of the Clean Dump company. This time it’s about the permanently installed macerator pump.

Clean dump ensures to keep up to the quality from the portable option.

The lengthy hose is still an added charm for this product. Being able to extend the hose has made things easier.

There is no greater difference between the permanent or portable version of this product. The only thing that differs from the other is that the permanent one is fixed completely, while the portable one can be carried around and fixed only when you need to clear the waste from the tanks.

You can choose this macerator pump if you want good features and love everything that’s on the portable version too. Quality is no question when it’s from Clean Dump.


  • Quick dumping
  • Easy installation and handling
  • Capable of pumping 150 feet


  • Very expensive

9. USA Adventure Gear Progear 2000 quick-release RV Macerator Pump

Added the USA Adventure Progear 2000 onto the list because its compact, lightweight, and efficient quality is a superior choice for an RV.

You cannot miss out on the well-featured product. The four blades of the pump are made up of stainless steel that ensures to keep up to the performance. This macerator pump will empty a 30-gallon tank in just 3 minutes. How fascinating is that? And it doesn’t stop right there.

The pump’s motor is designed with a seamless shell that will keep it protected from rusting or damage. Other features of this product are dry running and self-priming that add to its efficiency.

The outdoor specialists have crafted the pump that will be a perfect companion on your road trips. It drains out 12 gallons per minute. You will be able to clean up your black and grey tanks in no time.

The four-bladed pump well churns discharged waste dump. The waste is discharged from the garden hose without any trouble.


  • Comes with great durability
  • Powerful pump
  • Fast emptying of the tank


  • Any hard objects that are being discharged will damage the pump.

10. Johnson Pumps 12v RV Macerator Pump

Johnson Macerator pump comes with a modern look. You can rely on this pump to empty your RV tanks.

The pump is made with a useful cutter that cuts down the waste for easy disposal. RV black and grey tanks can be connected with this pump, and it will soon do its job. You can connect the macerator pump directly to the holding tank or to a bowl discharge outlet.

Remember not to use this equipment on hard and thick waste to destroy the pump’s functioning.

An ignition carefully protects the Johnson macerator pump’s motor. The effective motor has great durability that will let you drain the RV tanks for years together.

The pump comes with a mounting bracket that is easy to install and replace. You will have fewer worries about its performance.

It saves a lot of energy and doesn’t need a lot of maintenance. Are you still trying to figure out if this is the right RV pump? The inexpensive nature added to the long-lasting durability could help you make up your mind. And with the ability of efficiency, the product deserves to be on this list.


  • Energy saving
  • Low cost
  • It can be replaced easily.


  • You must buy the connecting devices separately.

RV Macerator Pump Buying Guide

Pump type

A Macerator pump comes in three different types. Each type has its significance and caters to your needs according to your convenience.

Each pump type has its own positive and negative points, but overall, these pumps are designed to perform their task well, draining out the RV waste.

The three types of Macerator pumps are:


The permanent macerator pump is only installed one time. You will always attach this pump to the RV so you can keep draining the waste without sudden setting up.

Some RVs come with a macerator pump attachment facility. If your RV has the same, then setting up the permanent macerator won’t be problematic for you.

Few people prefer the permanent over the portable pumps. They find it easier to use something that is attached, already saving them a lot of time and energy.

The residue that remains in the pump could cause troubles later on because they would be a low possibility of keeping it fully clean.


Now, this is what most people choose to buy. A portable one is handy, and they can attach it to the RV tanks only when they want to drain it to the sewer, leading to a bigger waste collection. Other times the RV can use other hoses according to the dump yard.

It is very handy and easy to connect. Dumping the waste into the public dump yards will become easy with this device.

The length of the hose given with the pump will help you go to. Distance and drain it.

With easy installation, a portable macerator is intended to be the best type.


This type of macerator is for those who don’t wish to use the power-generated pumps.

110v is AC-powered. The power is extremely helpful in churning and discharging waste more effectively.

These pumps are more powerful and efficient than the other types. It is capable of discharging the waste faster. The only drawback of this macerator pump is that it is very costly.

It is also said that the 110v will exert more pressure on the RV. It could be damaging too. So if you choose this type, make sure your RV is strong enough.


The model and company can determine the capacity of the macerator pumps.

Most of the pumps are capable of dumping the waste at a distance of 150 feet. It could be beneficial if the RV is parked further away from the dumping area.

The capacity might be more or less depending on the type and kind of macerator pump you buy.

Accessories you’ll need

You’ll definitely need some extra accessories that will help in the complete function of the macerator pump.

Garden Hose

You will have to get a Garden hose exclusively for the macerator as you are using it to dump the waste, and you can’t use the one you are using for something else. The waste residue will remain in the tube.

Clear Elbow

A clear Elbow will allow you to look at how the pump is working, and you can monitor where the waste is going. You will be able to see when the tank is empty and clean.

This could be unpleasant, but then you’ll know when the tank is really clean and empty. It is essentially necessary, too, because you don’t want to leave the pump running dry. This could damage the pump.

Both these accessories are significant for the macerator pump. And fortunately, they are not expensive. So, when you get your macerator pump, don’t forget to add these two accessories to your shopping cart.

Additionally, other accessories include fuses, switches, alligator clips, adapter, and others. These accessories entirely depend on the kind of macerator pump you get.

The necessities for accessories differ. It also depends upon your RV sometimes. So it’s ideal that you check about it before getting the macerator pump.

Do you know what could be the best purchase? A macerator pump kit that has everything you will need to fix the pump. Some products are available with the kit, while others are sold separately. It would be very convenient if we’d get them all in one buy. But since the accessories are not very expensive, we could consider them to be a safe investment.


Buying a macerator could cost you good, but considering the things it does, you wouldn’t mind spending a decent amount on it.

The cost of the RV macerator pump will differ according to the model. A standard quality macerator pump will cost you as much as 200-300 dollars. It is pretty expensive, but you must invest a good amount if you are looking for quality.

Quality macerator pumps will cause less trouble for you. And they will last stronger and longer.

If you often travel in your RV, then spending this amount could be very beneficial.

You do a few macerator pumps below 200 dollars, they will work efficiently for the first few days, and then slowly, you will find it deteriorating. Inexpensive things surely come with an added price that we will have to bear later on.

So it purely depends on your needs. If you are looking for a macerator pump that will last longer and will work efficiently, then you must go for a good quality macerator pump, even if it’s expensive. But if you need it for one-time use, then you could go for the cheaper option.

Keep in mind what you expect from the pump before getting it. Having a faulty macerator could create a huge mess, so you must choose wisely what you need.

How to install a macerator pump?

Installing a macerator pump won’t be a high task. You could follow these steps and set up your generator pump without any professional help.

Fitting the Pump

Before doing anything, turn off the water supply to the RV toilet.

Putting together the RV Pump

Connect the pump with the other parts. Read the manual provided. There could be different ways of assembling the RV pump, so read and put the pieces together according to the kind of pump you purchased.

Installing the pump

You must fix the RV macerator pump in between the shut-off valve and the holding tank connection.

Now fit in the tube on the side of the tank and check if it’s fitted well. Make sure to screw into the flanges well. You must place a seal on the plumbing edge and check if it’s sealed properly with a wrench.

Finally, just screw it in place from the toilet.

You are ready to use your macerator pump without any trouble. In case you find any installation difficulty get help. You can also watch videos and understand how to fix them. Reading the manual will actually help you get there in the first place.

How to clean a macerator pump?

Cleaning the macerator pump is very much needed. Though the pump is used to drain the waste from the black and great table of your RV, you must keep it clean so it works efficiently. The hard water and waste are being pumped out often; there are high chances that some remains could be left inside the pump.

Just like all the other equipment, an RV macerator needs to be kept clean regularly. It will help if you clean it after use.

Cleaning would prevent it from wearing out. Hence, it will add to the durability of the pump. And when you keep it clean, you can store it well. Getting rid of the odor could be the biggest plus point of cleaning it.

You can get cleaning products that are suitable for your RV macerator. Make sure not to use vinegar, coca-cola, or other elements that could damage your macerator pumper.

Add the cleaner from the sink or the toilet that will drain it to their connected macerator pump. Measure and add the right quantity.

After the cleaning product enters the pump, you must let it rest there for at least 2 hours. This will remove all the remaining residue that is stuck all over the inside of the pump. Leaving it for long could also damage your pump. So be cautious.

Once it’s ready to be drained, you can clean the flush to wash away the cleaning water. Drain out clean water twice to make sure that the pump is clean from the waste residue and the cleaning residue keeping it clean.

How to store a macerator pump?

Storing a portable macerator pump won’t be a big deal. You will have to be sure that it’s thoroughly clean so your RV won’t be stinking.

Since the macerator is not much of a huge piece of equipment, it won’t take a lot of space. Find a place in your RV that is far away from the sitting space. You can store it in the storage area. Putting it into a case or any toolbox will be a great way to store it. You can also cover it with plastic.

Remember to keep all the macerator equipment and accessories together. So, when you need it, they can be found in one place, avoiding all the hassle and search.

You will not have a problem storing it if you are maintaining it well.


Hoping that these reviews helped you find and decide on a good RV macerator pump for your RV. Keep in mind that spending on something that will last long will be a great advantage.

Go through the various pumps and compare their features. Bringing to you the ten best macerator pumps we could ever find.

Dealing with the discharge of the waste could be a tiring aspect, but the macerator will be very helpful to you if you make the right choice.

Easy installations have been a common feature in all of the products to reduce tensions and increase the chance for you to get them.

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