10 Best RV Outdoor Rugs And Patio Mats

By now, we all know that feeling of being cooped up in a house for too long.

Suddenly you get the idea to take a camping trip. Reading this, you might have already started daydreaming about a weekend escapade.

The RV is ready, the chairs are ready, the emergency pack is ready…

That’s when you remember – you forgot to buy the RV patio mat!

Camping in the wild can be a lot of fun but when it is time to get into the RV you don’t want to bring dirt, insects, and infections inside. Also, if you are someone who likes to put out a chair and soak in the sun, then you want to put your chair on a clean surface – avoiding unnecessary messes when it’s time to pack up.

Well, you don’t have to look too far. We’ve compiled a list of the best RV outdoor mats on the market right now. With these RV mats, you can easily keep nature outside of your RV.

If you’re still not convinced, we’ll explain why you should be using an RV patio mat in the first place.

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Why Use an RV Patio Mat?

A major reason to use an RV patio mat is to extend your bubble of personal space out of your RV. The best RV outdoor mat creates a clean surface to put your chairs and outdoor furniture on. Besides you can also wipe off any dirt on the RV mat before you enter the RV.

When you buy the best outdoor camping rug you can provide a safe and hygienic space for your children and pets to play.

If you think you can only use an RV mat outdoors, then think again. Our list includes rugs that are multipurpose and can shift between the outdoor deck, patio, or beach easily.

If the material fits your space, you can try it on.

When you are not camping you can use the mat around the house instead of storing it – put it on the deck or the patio. Depending on the material you can take it out with you on a picnic or to the beach.

Not many people know this but the best RV outdoor rug can double up as an indoor rug for when you want to have guests over but expect there to be spills and messes – this can be a lifesaver during a particularly wild indoor party. Outdoor rugs can withstand it all and be as good as new after a wash.

What to Look For In An Outdoor Rug?

Before you finalize a choice, it’s best to know the different ways in which your RV rug selection will differ. Here’s a basic explainer for what you’ll want to look for, depending on your needs and budget.


The main purpose of the RV mat is to keep dirt from getting inside and on the furniture, you leave outdoors. But what if the RV mat itself gets dirty and accumulates sand, mildew, or becomes wet. All these are no longer an issue with RV mats being made from materials like Nylon, Acrylic, Polyester, Polypropylene, Sisal, and Bamboo.

You can pick a material based on what your needs are. For example, natural materials are breathable for grass and also environment friendly. On the other hand, the synthetic material will be quick to dry, light, and waterproof – making it better for beach and riverside trips.

Remember to see how durable these will be when put to the test. Some of the best rugs for RV are better able to withstand the natural elements for long periods, while others need to be cleaned regularly.


The best RV rugs should be large enough for you to place chairs onto, with additional space to stretch out and relax. If you have children or pets then you need an extra-large mat for them to roam around without getting onto the ground.

The best RV awning mats shouldn’t take up too much storage space when not in use and should be compact enough to carry along.


Camping on the beach means a trip that ends in a lot of sand being brought home. To minimize this, you can choose an RV rug that prevents sand from adhering to it. Many mats these days come specially equipped to handle beach use. These keep sand from sticking to your rug and getting into your RV.


You want the best RV outdoor carpet that is easy to carry around. There are heavy RV mats that are difficult to clean and carry. But a quick search will give you plenty of options that are lightweight but make sure you check the size before you click.

How to store your RV Outdoor Rug?

It is necessary to read the instructions given on the rug but here are some general ones to follow if you don’t find them.

Rugs should be stored in a sturdy cover that keeps out insects. But at the same time, the fabric should allow air to flow so the rug doesn’t become damp.

Next is the way you store the rug. Most rugs have to be rolled into a carrying bag but a few can also be folded. This is always easy to find out for yourself after handling the rug.

In cold or rainy weather rugs shouldn’t be left outside. The water or the cold can damage the fabric or weaken it with mold. Always bring the rug inside and wash it before storing it away for the season. Leaving rugs outside indefinitely ages them very fast.

Lastly, the place you keep the rug in shouldn’t be prone to dampness or leakages. Ensure it is clean and stays dry for the duration of storage. You can check it once in a while to make sure the place is dry. If this is not possible for you then simply bring a waterproof cover to put over your rug.

How to Clean an RV Patio Mat?

Before you learn about the cleaning process, you should know a few things about their care.

The best outdoor rugs for camping are highly durable but no rug can withstand constant use.

Bring your rug in when it is not in use. Don’t leave the rug outside in the summer or winter for long durations no matter how strong the material is. This ensures your rug has a long life of RVing.

Now about cleaning the rug:

Shake Off Particles: You can dust your rug and also flip it over regularly. This will keep the dirt off and give you a cleaner rug without having to wash it too often.

Wipe: Take a clean cloth or brush and remove any material that can be easily wiped off. Also remember to brush off any insects when you see them to avoid them from getting killed or worse, getting into the RV. You should try to clean spills as soon as possible to prevent stains. This gives you more time before washing a rug.

Rinse: Finally, when you’ve done all you could and are probably at the end of your trip, hose down your rug entirely. Many products are available these days that can help you wash a rug. For this, cleaning mixtures work best if you have delicate material but warm water and soap will also be fine for most rugs. If you want to remove algae or mold then diluted bleach or diluted vinegar are popular options. Either one can be used but do not use them together.

Most importantly, when you are trying to rid your rug of stains, it is always best to blot the stains. Avoid scrubbing the rug in any case as it only shortens the life of the rug.

Dry: After every wash, dry your rug under the sun and make sure both sides are dry. Then carefully fold or roll the rug and put it in a breathable cover.

Now the rug is clean and ready for use on your next camping trip.

Are RV Rugs Waterproof?


Some natural material rugs can drain water easily and be waterproof – this will be due to their weave and material. Most waterproof rugs are synthetic and can accumulate water without soaking it or letting it pass through.

Finally, there are waterproof mats that have a different material used for padding and a different one for the rug itself. This means that water is stopped at the bottom and since it isn’t soaked by the padded base, the rug at the top stays dry. Paddings can even be made of materials like rubber thread or fabric.

You can choose the padding based on what you need the rug to work as. It can function as a cushioned mat, waterproof rug, or breathable mat.

With all that out of the way, let’s finally take a look at the top 10 outdoor camping rugs for your RV.

The 10 Best RV Patio Mats and Outdoor Rugs

Reversible Mats 9 x 12 foot RV Outdoor Rug

Stylish Camping 159123 Outdoor Patio / RV Camping Mat - Swirl (Blue/Gray/Black/White, 9-Feet x 12-Feet)

If you are an all-season camper who practically lives outdoors, then you need this rug.

The reversible mat can be used anytime and in any season whether you’re RVing, camping, or resting on the patio.

The mat has a swirling pattern on both sides and is available in three colors. The weight is 9.8 pounds. The material (100% virgin polypropylene) is breathable for grass while you get a soft and durable RV mat.

It cleans easily and dries quickly. Simply spray water and sweep away the dirt. There will be no fading or damage due to the sun as it is protected by a UV coating.

It has a rectangular shape, is lightweight, and rolls easily into the carrying bag that comes along with it.

Pros: Compact, UV coated, and durable.

Cons: Gets hot and snags easily.

Verdict: It is a good rug that fits all travel needs and will be one of the best RV awning mats for those who camp regularly in easy terrains.

Reversible Mats RV Outdoor Rug – Burgundy

Stylish Camping 116095 6-feet by 9-feet Reversible Mat, Plastic Straw Rug, Large Floor Mat for Outdoors, RV, Patio, Backyard, Picnic, Beach, Camping (Burgundy/Beige)

If you want a mat that allows the grass to breathe and is durable as well, then the reversible mat will be right for you. It is versatile enough to be used at any outdoor location like the beach or the patio.

The propylene material used in these RV mats is lightweight, allowing the grass underneath to breathe. Virgin Propylene also has other benefits such as a compact 5.19-pound rug which can be carried along anywhere. Just roll it into the carrying bag and you’re ready to go. With a UV-protected rug, you can forget about the fading issue and lounge in the sun as much as you want to.

If you are thinking that these features will make even the best camping rug uncomfortable to put your feet on, you’re wrong. With all of its strong build, the rug stays soft and sensitive towards your feet, giving you the feeling of a cozy home away from home.

It’s also quite universally useful – the soft yet sturdy texture is perfect if you want to bring the rug indoors.

Pros: Compact, UV coated, easy to clean, and versatile.

Cons: Very light, can rip and develop creases.

Verdict: The rug with its pros and cons is suitable for those who travel light and aren’t bothered by a certain amount of wear and tear.

Stylish Camping 8 x 18 foot RV Patio Mat

Stylish Camping TO8187 Brown/Beige 8' x 18' Tropical Oasis Mat, 1 Pack

With a rectangular-shaped rug that has a universal fit, you can put this item on all your travel lists no matter where you go.

This 9.58 pound RV mat comes in two colors that won’t fade even after soaking up the sun all day. It has a low pile height which makes it ideal for those who like to carry a rug that is low on maintenance but durable in use.

If you prefer a lightweight, compact rug that is also easy to clean, then this rug is the right choice for you. It doesn’t need too much care and its plastic build makes it mildew resistant. A soft virgin polypropylene layer will ensure your feet and the grass can move freely.

The best part is its tropical oasis design which puts you in the right mood for a camping trip.

Pros: Functional, portable, UV coating, and universal fit.

Cons: Fraying edges and a low tolerance for pressure.

Verdict: If you want a low-maintenance rug that allows you to travel quickly and light then this product will be perfect for you.

Ming’s Mark RF9121 RV Outdoor Rug

Ming's Mark RF-9121 9' X 12' Racing Flag Mat

The racing flag pattern on this mat is as attractive as its features. Made with 100% virgin polypropylene the Ming’s Mark RV rug takes all the features of the previous mats on this list and makes them better.

It is friendly for the grass, easy on the feet, and durable as well. With this 2-pound rug in your pack, you’ll hardly feel the weight. It will also fit neatly into the carrying bag that comes with it.

It is easy to clean and can protect itself perfectly well from long periods of sun exposure.

Pros: Lightweight, UV protected, durable, and easy to clean.

Cons: Not made for heavy, repeated use and can rip or snag easily.

Verdict: If you want the lightest all-rounder rug on our list, then you can’t do better than this.

Ming’s Mark Beach Paradise RV Mat

Ming's Mark Inc. BP8117 Mat Beach Paradise 8 X 11

The Ming’s Mark Beach Paradise Mat is a rectangular-shaped RV rug that weighs 7 pounds. If you are a full-time camper then you are going to love this mat. Its large size allows for many activities. The mat has a plastic build which is sturdy and can be easily cleaned with a brush or a broom.

It folds up easily without any hassles. Washing it is not a difficult task either, with its ability to drain water and therefore prevent it from accumulating onto the mat.

It is the kind of waterproof rug you want to take near the beach. You can easily leave it out in the sun for a long period without worrying about the colors fading.

Pros: Compact size, waterproof, and easy to clean.

Cons: Not suited for harsh terrain.

Verdict: A simple mat that drains easily, perfect features for sturdy usage and occasional campers.

Ming’s Mark Hummingbird RV Outdoor Mat

Ming's Mark Mat HummingbirdBlack/Brown, 8'x 11'

This multipurpose mat is a fashionable piece to bring to your patio, beach, a nice picnic spot, or even indoors. It’s got a beautiful hummingbird and floral design on both sides to ensure you can look at it even when flipped. The design is also long-lasting – a UV-protected coat that helps it endure under the sun.

The mat isn’t particularly heavy – about 6 pounds. It is made of a plastic material that is durable and can withstand use in any weather.

It feels like a cushion and is sturdy like rubber, making it a good option to lay around on or put your camping chairs on. This makes it especially suitable for those planning to go on trips with their pets or children.

Pros: Indoor and outdoor use, good design, and versatile.

Cons: Not suited for those who prefer natural materials.

Verdict: The mat is perfect for those looking for a versatile rug that can be washed easily and used indoors or outdoors as needed. With this mat, no matter the kind of camper you are, you cannot go wrong. The Ming’s Mark is our pick for campers traveling with children or pets.

Camco 6′ X 9′ RV Awning Leisure Mat


The Camco Leisure RV Mat is a lightweight and water-resistant purchase that doesn’t disappoint. You can use it as a towel on the beach or your picnic as well. The breathable mat is made from fabric that allows it to be handled easily. To clean it all you have to do is give it a good shake. Along with water, it is also resistant to mold and mildew. The mat also uses fabric material that is UV stabilized.

Its durable edging saves the mat from fraying on the edges, so it can be put to use for a long time. The green stripe pattern makes it an aesthetic mat that you don’t need to roll. Just fold it flat and you’re up and moving. Think of all that saved space!

Pros: Mold-resistant, durable edging, and light.

Cons: Thin and porous material.

Verdict: Best for light users who want a lasting rug, not suitable with lounge chairs.

Reversible Mats 6 X 9 Feet Outdoor Patio RV Camping Mat

Stylish Camping 226097 6-feet by 9-feet Reversible Mat, Plastic Straw Rug, Large Floor Mat for Outdoors, RV, Patio, Backyard, Picnic, Beach, Camping - Hunter Mat (Brown/Beige)

Do you want a rug that is easy to clean and quick to wash?

Then the Reversible Mat is the right choice for you. A rectangular plastic build that can be quickly cleaned – it allows you to take it out on multiple trips and not worry about wearing it down. It can be cleaned and dried before you know it. Plus, you get all the features of a standard rug. The UV coating, durability, and breathability are all there.

With its quick-to-dry material, you can wash it more frequently without wearing it out. This also helps prevent mold from forming. It also has corner loops to secure it firmly thus preventing it from flying or moving around due to wind.

This Mat will surely surprise you with its universal fit when you open it from its compact carrying bag. All of that in a 4-pound rug!

Pros: Lightweight, universal fit, and quick to dry.

Cons: Creases easily and tracks dirt.

Verdict: A standard rug that can be cleaned easily, good for those who take short, frequent trips.

Fab Habitat Eco-Friendly RV Mat For Indoor Or Outdoor Use

Fab Habitat Outdoor Rug - Waterproof, Fade Resistant, Crease-Free - Premium Recycled Plastic - Moroccan Geo Lattice - Large Patio, Deck, Sunroom, Camping, RV - Nairobi - Natural & Black - 6 x 9 ft

This is one of the best outdoor rugs for camping especially for those who love to take their RV out often. It is weather-resistant, hard to wear, and yet soft to your feet. The easy to clean, stain-resistant material is made using power loomed threads of straw that are tightly woven with skill and precision, giving the RV mat its durability and strength. Both sides of this mat can be put to use. It weighs 8.73 pounds, not unreasonable, but certainly one of the heaviest on this list. It is also resistant to dampness and moisture, preventing mildew and mold.

And don’t worry, this multifunctional rug won’t fade under long sun exposure and also works around throughout the year. Environment lovers will love its eco-friendly recycled plastic – even the carrying bag that comes with the rug is eco-friendly. With a beautiful design, you may want to place it inside your house to add some character to a room.

What’s more?

You can rest assured with the Goodweave certification that ensures no child labor was used in creating these mats.

Pros: Eco-friendly, recycled plastic, and Goodweave certified.

Cons: Won’t appeal to those looking for purely synthetic mats.

Verdict: The mat is the best outdoor rug for campers who are also environment lovers. If you are looking for a natural yet functional RV rug then Fab Habitat is for you.

Professional EZ Reversible Outdoor Rug For RV Camping

Professional EZ Travel Collection Reversible RV Outdoor Rug for Backyards, Beaches, Camping Grounds, Patios, and More, Storage Bag and Mat Stakes Included – Green Wave, 9x12

Be it a backyard, beach, patio or camping ground the Professional EZ Reversible RV Rug is truly a professional. It has a UV-resistant coat that protects it from the sun. While its environment-friendly design is suitable for all outdoors. The plastic material used on the rug will stay strong against mold and make sure your space stays clean and hygienic.

It does all of this with its compact 4.99-pound build. You might think that this compromises its performance in windy conditions – on the contrary, its reinforced looped grommets ensure the rug stays where it has to. And the ground stakes (available with the rug) are easy to use for all types of campers.

When you want to clean it just shake it and flip it over – the green wave design looks good on any side you put it on. At the end of your trip, you can return home without worrying too much about the cleaning. This rug is easily cleaned with a hose and dries quickly too.

The best part? This rug is delicate with its surroundings. It does zero harm to the grass, insects, or the environment around it.

Pros: Portable, cleans easily, and highly functional.

Cons: Not for light travelers.

Verdict: Great as a portable and multipurpose rug. It is the best rug for RV looking for many useful features in one rug.


By now you must be ready to head outside to a new escape, with your RV and your rug ready. But before you go make sure to remember the below points that’ll give your rug a prolonged life.

When looking for the best camping rug for your RV,

  • Have a budget
  • Do your research right.
  • Know your requirements.
  • Check the product descriptions
  • Check the reviews and ratings
  • Follow instructions properly
  • Clean it regularly
  • Store the rug in a cover in a clean space.

Following these steps will help you look for the best RV patio mat and teach you how to keep it clean too. It will ease your mind and let you truly enjoy a nice trip in your RV.

Let us know what your most memorable camping trip is in the comments below.

Happy Camping!

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