Best RV Portable Waste Tank: Reviews and Picks

If you devote a substantial amount of time to your RV, you will inevitably need a superb portable waste tank. If you maintain your RV parked at the campsite all the time, you definitely shouldn’t need to worry about if it has a sewer connection. Nevertheless, it is crucial to have a portable RV waste tank even if you are traveling actively.

Besides, it is crucial to pay for a good waste tank. You wouldn’t want to cut corners when it comes to waste tanks. Because of the lack of better words, it can get awkward.

We thought developing a buying guide might help you manage this oversaturated marketplace with all this in perspective. In doing so, we hope this report will guide you to a suitable portable waste reservoir for your circumstances.

We’re going to run over all the essential items’ ins and outs to make the quest even more relaxed and transparent. After all, your RVing journey should be about loving the enjoyable activities you’re doing on your adventures.

You’re not required to spend an unhealthy amount of time stressing about items like portable RV waste tanks. So please, stay tuned and let us help you make this journey less time-consuming/frustrating. We guarantee you’re not going to regret it.

Best RV Portable Waste Tank Reviews

This portion will give you lots of 16 reviews of the best portable waste tanks on the marketplace. From these ratings, you’ll begin to see what made all of these high-quality items and know what you’re searching for in the one you’re ordering.

Thetford SmartTote RV Portable Waste Tank

SmartTote2 RV Portable Waste Tote Tank - 4 Wheels - 35 Gallon - Thetford 40519 , Silver

Thetford arrives with one of the larger capacities we’ll find in the items we’re looking at in this section; thus, whether you’re on a more extended trip or have a large number of people on a short trip, this product might be a worthy choice.

And its large volume is not the only aspect that makes this device an excellent model; this waste tank features optional tow strap hooks and two wheels to make the transport process even simpler.

This particular paradigm will also work in several applications. It has been known to operate well in RVs, cabins, tiny houses, mobile homes, camping areas, and boat owners.

You should also take into consideration the reliability of the use of the process. This portable waste tank’s entire architecture is based on letting the emptying go as efficiently as possible.

And considering the number of reviews that underscore this product’s skill in this respect, it is not enough to suggest that the concept works.

However, the specification not only speeds up the method of use; it also has a securing strap that keeps the sewer hose in place and assures that no spills or injuries occur. Because we are concerned with human waste, this functionality is a great addition.

Tote-N-Stor Gallon Waste Transport

Tote-N-Stor 25607 Portable Waste Transport - 15 Gallon Capacity

This is a product that you can count on for its long-lasting nature, which can guarantee that it remains alive for years to come. You can also take the ease of its architecture, making it extremely easy to store.

It has an integrated storage compartment that holds all of its accessories, saving you extra space. Considering that the RV is somewhat constrained in storage capacity, you can imagine how many minor specifics like this feature can come in handy.

And it’s also beneficial that this model comes with a tow stick, which is a little longer than what you would have seen with a package like this one.

As you would imagine, this feature makes it much easier to transport this tank than it would have been without it. It comes in the same lines of four rubber wheels, which help move this model a breeze. And since these wheels are plastic, you bet they won’t make any extra noise when they’re in operation.

The well-ventilated tank is also another good touch as it will expedite the process of dumping and charging. This functionality will also guarantee that the smells are not stuck inside the tank and that the waste disposal experience is a disaster.

Barker Original Tote-Along RV waste Tank

Barker 11747 Tote Tank - 15 Gallon Capacity

Our tiniest product on this list, the Barker 5-Gallon Original Tote-Along RV Waste Tank, can be a valuable investment to have your RV on board throughout an entertaining short journey.

Its blow-like polyethylene design would ensure this would rise to whatever dire conditions you could perhaps face all through your trip.

It is also beneficial to use it both as a portable Gray Water Reservoir and a Black Reservoir, which illustrates this product’s overall efficiency.

Such brackets will remain in pristine condition for a year and support the waste tank to defend itself from oxidation or sun damage. So if you decide to buy this model, you might also expect to have it around your RV for a considerable amount of time.

Its storability cannot be matched by any of the other products on this whole list. I’m going to take up such a small room that you don’t even know it’s there unless you need it.

It also comes with a 1-year warranty that will offer you some protection if something ends up happening to the product; it may be a high-quality model, but accidents do happen, and that never hurts to have a little security against this kind of thing.

Alpha Systems RV Portable Waste Tank

Alpha Systems (VB22548H 22' x 54' x 8' Holding Tank

This product gives users a flexibility level that you wouldn’t usually see with these kinds of products. Empty the tanks.

The robust construction of the model is another component that distinguishes this product against the competition as it is a molded blow tank. This design serves to maintain its protection, even offering high-quality performance, making it a top-rated portable waste container.

And with this model, you can have a sense of comfort. This kind of security will give you a little back-up plan if things with the item end up going sideways, which also, provided its reliability, ought not to occur.

Also, the durability of the model should help prevent any damage to this robust product from happening. In other words, there’s not anything that might end up destroying this commodity with its well-crafted nature.

You can also consider the deal that the vendor appears to be offering you since the pricing is far below the other larger capacity goods on this list. With all that in mind, you should take a close look at this product as it may be a steal and suit your needs perfectly.

Thetford Callon SmartTote Portable RV Waste Tank

SmartTote2 Portable RV Waste Tote Tank - 2 Wheels - 27-Gallon Capacity - Thetford 40502, Grey & Black

If you’d like a portable waste tank for a short holiday or day trip, the Thetford 12-Gallon SmartTote2 Portable RV Waste Tote Tank is an outstanding choice to consider. This product has many valuable and useful features that could help any RV owner on their shorter trips.

For example, this tank consists of high-quality polypropylene with high resistance to corrosion or rust. It also comes with two wheels made of top-notch rubber and handles, making it super easy to carry this tank to the nearest dumping site.

We should also note that this Thetford tank has a tow strap attached to your trailer; thus, it offers you a degree of comfort that you would not find with other smaller versions.

Its Autostop Gauge is another valuable feature that this smaller tank has that any RV owner can see as immensely helpful. This specific gauge guarantees that the tank never overflows and increases the airflow within the container.

As a result, the tank is emptying a lot faster than you would expect in other versions. Nothing is worse than making a waste tank for an emptying process that will take forever than you’d like. In this model, this topic will be a challenge that you will never have had to face.

VINGLI RV Portable Waste Tank

VINGLI Tote Tank| 10 Gal/ 20 Gal Portable Wheeled Fresh/Grey/Black Water Tank for RV/Camper/Outdoor Activities, Waste Transport, Lightweight & Easy Dumping

Another choice was to cater to those on weekend or one-day trips; the products provide a range of functionality which would make life even more pleasant.

A few of these advantages are that it comes with two large wheels, making shipping this commodity an easy task. Integrated also handles aid in this respect as you have something to catch when you’re pushing this tank.

There is also an assigned location for the extended handle, but you must purchase this feature separately. But with the low cost of this model, you could see how, in comparison, buying this functionality might end up becoming a decent deal.

And the fact that this package is just 9.3 pounds represents another design feature that will significantly assist with the transport process: a waste tank this light is a novelty in this marketplace. Transporting this model around will be a breeze.

It’s also important to note that it’s ready for use as soon as you have it. There is no special equipment needed for installation, making the waste disposal operation even more relaxed without any additional problems.

It would be best if you took pleasure in understanding that it’s easy to clean as well.

Thanks to this device’s large-diameter outlet, the cleaning procedure is surprisingly simple; this function means that the filling and drainage process is seamless and is carried out without being created.

Camco Rhino Heavy Duty RV Waste Tank

Camco Rhino Portable RV Tote Tank | Transport Waste from Camper or Trailer | Features Large, Heavy-Duty, No Flat Wheels and a Low Drain Hole | 21 Gallon (39002)

The Camco Rhino Heavy Duty 28-Gallon Portable RV Tote Waste Tank is also put on the market with top-rated portable waste tanks. Thanks to the multitude of high-quality features it has in its arsenal, it has cultivated this status.

One of these characteristics is its extremely robust structure, as its structure material is formed and UV-stabilized HDPE material. In other words, there is nothing that could cause problems with this heavy-duty model, and it can also survive continuous sunlight exposure.

Although, as with many of the goods on this list, this waste tank also comes with high-quality tires, making a significant contribution to the transport process. The common drain feature is not too untidy, either, as it will make the unloading phase even easier.

However, the best feature of this Camco commodity is its resistance to trapping fumes. This widely sought-after consistency can be accomplished thanks to a smooth interior, which both avoids smelly smells from being stuck and makes it remarkably easy to extract when it is washed.

And when it comes to cleaning the tank, this product also comes with an integrated tank rinser, making this operation even more manageable. This rinser means that any remaining traces of waste slide down the tank quickly and accelerates the washing process immensely.

It also is beneficial that this model is available to use the moment you buy it. Consequently, you won’t find yourself in need of any additional equipment for a complex installation process, which is always a victory, in my opinion.

Barker 4 Wheeler RV Portable Waste Tank

Barker 4-Wheeler Tote Tank - 42 Gallon Capacity (30844)

Our main product from the widely regarded producer Barker has the most substantial potential at 42 gallons, as you can see in this whole report. With this large tank, you can bet that this model will be the perfect choice for someone on a long road trip.

But its vast capacity isn’t the only good thing this commodity has to do about it. The design material also makes this model sturdy and robust, with its formed polyethylene, zinc-plated steel, and aluminum design.

This heavy-duty structure also makes this waste container extremely easy to scrub. Furthermore, it has four air-filled rubber wheels that make the transport of this beast a breeze. The 3-inch valve is yet another good touch as they help make sure you don’t have to raise the tank for the dump phase.

And if you see yourself getting a bad one, there’s a two-year warranty that can earn you some protection. A policy like this is always a good thing to have just if anything happens with the item.

Barker’s customer service has always been lauded in the customer feedback is another indication that the manufacturer still cares for its clients. Consequently, if you end up purchasing this one, you should be sure that you will end up happy with your purchase.

Thetford Smart Tote Portable RV Waste Tank

This specific design has ample ability that it may be a suitable alternative for both short and long trips. In other words, this is the optimal middle ground. It also has the flexibility to be seen in several circumstances.

It can be suitable for all types of RVs, campers, recreational vehicles, and trailers. You’ll find them in campsites, cabins, tiny houses, and mobile homes.

Its four-wheel configuration is another positive that we want to see on every portable waste tank. This feature makes transportation substantially more efficient and means that you don’t have to move your whole RV any time you decide to dump your garbage.

The construction itself is another good touch that the brand?s waste tank has, and it is sturdy and reliable, allowing the product to last for a long time. And besides, there’s no point in purchasing a waste tank that’s just going to become obsolete with just a few uses.

Longevity is a non-issue for this Thetford model. And the fact that it’s easy to clean makes its long-lasting potential much more valuable due to its waste pipe, which allows for fast and easy emptying.

Check it out here

Buying Guide: Things You Should Know Before Purchasing An RV Portable Waste Tank

When you look for a portable waste tank, there will be specific considerations that will decide which ones are worth having. In this segment, we will address these important considerations to ensure that you make an educated choice to purchase your portable waste tank.

Capacity And Size

Perhaps the most crucial aspect is the power and scale of the tank. You must find out the exact size of the portable waste tanks you need before determining which one to purchase. A reasonable starting point would be to search for a tank that would enable you to drain your whole black tank and gray tank.

For example, if your black tank has a capacity of 30 gallons, it wouldn’t make any sense to have a waste tank with a capacity of 20 gallons. Instead, you can continue to search exclusively for waste tanks with a capacity of 30 gallons or more to ensure that you can accommodate all of your RV waste.

Preferably, you’d like to go for a model that has a higher potential than your black or gray tank; thus, you won’t have any possible spilling problems that would be insanely disgusting. Another factor that you should remember is the actual physical size of the tank.

Space on an RV can be minimal, which means you’re going to want a compact waste tank that can be stored quickly. As a result, calculate the available storage space you have and choose a model that fits comfortably into it.


How easily you can shift your tank will be a big part of determining which portable waste tank is the right one for you. The only concern is that many features can impact the overall mobility of the chosen design.

The first is how many wheels the model comes with, none, two, or four. As you might expect, the more wheels your waste tank will have, the faster it will be for you to tow and drain into the closest dumpsite.

You also should be conscious of the material of the pedals. If this stuff is too thick, it’s going to make pushing the tank difficult for you. It’s essential to make sure the wheels are made of some lightweight rubber.

Speaking of small size, you can also be sure that the material used to make the individual tank is not too bulky. In other words, any functionality that can hold the weight down should be given preference as a portable waste tank user.

Ease Of Use

As for every RV component, easy usage has to be one of the first approaches you should keep in mind as an RVer. Moreover, nothing’s worse than wasting money on something other than this item, and the method of using it is unnecessarily complicated.

The biggest thing you need to know when worrying about ease of use is whether a portable waste tank has a flush valve. If the model has one, it can make your life a lot easier since you can mount the hose and let it go.

After this, the waste is immediately emptied of the tank. So if it doesn’t have a flush valve, you’re going to have to do it manually, which can be a real hassle. You still have the option of purchasing a flush valve individually, but that’s only going to cost you some extra bucks.

As a result, do your good and purchase a model with one added. It’s going to save you too much time, and make sure the waste collection process doesn’t get more complex than it deserves. Apart from the flush valve problem, you can also make confident that your purchase’s waste tank is not clogged.


Strict adherence to a well-built budget will help you prevent the error of investing too much or too little on a portable waste tank. This budget can only contain which features you feel appropriate.

If you don’t have these features, you may find yourself moving way past the price you deem fair. However, this topic’s primary focus on the cost of a portable waste reservoir is typically its filling capacity.

Trip Length

The very last thing you need to remember is the duration of your journey. If you’re looking at a trip that lasts more than a month, you can get a portable waste tank with a higher capacity: about 40 gallons or more.

This power would mean that you are covered and that you do not clean your waste tank daily, which may be quite a headache during your journey. But if you’re on a weekend drive, a 30-gallon tank is expected to be more than okay to get you through those few days.

Wrapping It Up

Choosing the right portable waste tank for an RV should not be the daunting experience you once feared with all your new information. All you need to do is use the details in this post, and you’ll eventually find the right product for you.

And who knows, perhaps it’s going to be one of our product review sections? After all, those alluded to in this article are the best in the whole industry. However, if you spot one that we don’t list here, that’s all right, too.

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