Best RV Security System: Top Picks and Reviews

Traveling on your RV can be a liberating experience. If you’ve lived in the same place for years, being on the road is quite exhilarating. You get to discover new places every day and explore remote locations like forests, lakes, and parks.

Normally, visiting these places can be quite pricey. A frugal tip for nomads is to invest in a top-notch RV. Even if you put in all the bells and whistles, living in an RV is still more affordable than staying in a series of hotels and motels.

However, you must never compromise on safety. Thieves and burglars consider RVs and campers as easy targets.

This is why it’s imperative to protect yourself with an RV alarm system.

Here are the best RV security systems to keep your camper safe and give you peace of mind on the road.

Best Security System for RVs

HeimVision HMD2 Wireless 1080P Security Camera for RV

There are several top-tier security alarm systems for RVs available on the market. As you browse through your options, make sure the HeimVision HMD2 is on your shortlist. This class-A RV alarm system has a waterproof indoor and outdoor camera that makes it a perfect choice for travelers.

It can capture almost anything, thanks to its 130-degree angle, built-in passive infrared (PIR) motion sensors, and night mode. This means you are protected 24/7. Images are in clear 1080P so you won’t miss any details. This wireless RV security alarm runs on battery or solar power.


The HeimVision HMD2 can be fully synced with a smartphone via the HeimLife app. Whenever the PIR feature senses any movement, the camera would send precise notifications to your mobile phone.

Installation Difficulty

This travel trailer security system is a breeze to set up. Follow the step-by-step guidelines, and you’re good to go.

Recording Capability

This RV security alarm system allows you to monitor and go through your recordings with a few swipes. Data privacy is important, so your files are under HTTPS certified security. Payment for storage can be made on a yearly or monthly basis.

Number of Cameras

This security system for RV comes with one camera and multiple sensors. The IP65 camera is dust-tight and can withstand heavy rainfall. The HeimVision HMD2 has a crisp 1080P image quality. This allows you to browse through footage with crystal-clear resolution.


  • Inexpensive
  • Great video quality
  • Two-way audio
  • Night vision
  • Weatherproof and IP65 certified
  • Passive infrared motion sensor
  • Solar-powered


  • App glitches – Some customers report that the security system’s app crashes, a minus since you need constant protection.
  • Delays in motion detector – Another drawback is the delay in motion detection, making it slightly inefficient for the consumer.

Why It’s Good for Your RV

This system is completely wireless and has a magnetic mount. If your camper trailer has solar panels fitted on the roof, then the HeimVision HMD2 camera can run on that power. You won’t need to rely on artificial energy, plus your security system is still powered up even when you’re off the grid.

This is one of the most inexpensive smartphone-compatible trailer security systems out there. If you are on a budget but don’t want to sacrifice quality, then go for the HeimVision HMD2. Given the exceptional quality of its components, you don’t need a replacement for a long time.

Tattletale RV Alarm

Tattletale Portable Alarm Systems CUW Consumer Unit White with Keychain Remote

The Tattletale RV security system is popular amongst travelers because of its sturdy construction. This high-tech RV alarm offers 360-degree coverage and is guaranteed to be tamperproof. Satisfied customers claim that it can withstand a shotgun or sledgehammer, even a tornado.

A backup battery means your camper is secure even during power outages. For travelers with pets, this travel trailer alarm system includes a pet mode that minimizes false alarms. When you switch this on, the motion detection sensitivity drops and allows your cat or dog to roam without disturbing anyone.


The Tattletale RV alarm is compatible with your smartphone. If this travel trailer security system senses something wrong, it instantly sends a text alert to your phone. Just read the guidelines carefully and you should be on your way to syncing your camera with your smartphone.

Installation Difficulty

This wireless model can be set up in a matter of minutes. The signal range on this device is fantastic, meaning that sensors can be placed at a distance without undergoing connection issues.

Recording Quality

It has amazing recording quality. It can record for up to 20 hours without receiving any power.

Number of Cameras

The package only has one camera but includes multiple sensors.


  • Portable and convenient
  • Easy to program
  • Pet-friendly setting
  • Cellular connectivity (even without internet or landline)
  • Police, medical, and fire monitoring for an additional fee
  • Sensors for doors and other entry points
  • Battery backup for 20 hours


  • Flimsy packaging – According to an RV alarm system review, the packaging appears inadequate to protect the product from damage during delivery.
  • Low siren volume – Some RV security system reviews have suggested that the siren’s volume is not as loud as it should be. This may be an issue if you park in a remote area.

Why It’s Good for Your RV

Most RV travelers want a security system that’s easy to install and has full coverage. This security system provides just that. The Tattletale RV security system outshines most RV alarm systems currently available.

With its multiple sensors, durability, and pet mode, your belongings and family are well protected. Customers can upgrade with additional features like entry sensors and smoke detectors.

Guardzilla GZ360 360 Degree Security Camera for RV

Guardzilla GZ360 360 HD Security Camera, Black

If you are looking for an affordable security system, then the Guardzilla GZ360 is your best bet. The security camera has the basics you need, a motion detector, a built-in video camera, and a loud siren to ward off intruders.


This RV alarm can be connected easily to your smartphone and streams live photos and videos straight to your smartphone. With the mobile app, you can live stream footage of everything that’s going on inside your RV. It has voice control capabilities with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant


You can install this user-friendly device quickly. Once you set up your device, the camera sends live footage to your smartphone via an app.

Recording Capability

For its price, the recording quality is quite satisfactory. The only problem here is that the security system requires a continuous internet connection and direct power.

Number of Cameras

The package comes with one camera with high resolution, a fish-eye lens, and a 360-degree horizontal perspective.


  • Cost-effective
  • Easy installation
  • High-resolution camera
  • Loud siren


  • Internet connectivity – One of the major drawbacks of this RV door alarm is that it constantly requires an internet connection.
  • AC power – Similarly, this security system needs to be plugged into the grid. Therefore, it’s advisable to use this product in the off-season.

Why It’s Good for Your RV

If you’re looking for cheap travel trailer security systems, consider Guardzilla GZ360. Its security essentials and efficient features will ensure that your RV remains protected at all times. You don’t have to break your budget to feel safe.

Reolink Night Vision and 2-Way Talk Google Assistant RV Camera

REOLINK Outdoor Security Camera System – Wireless, Rechargeable Battery, 1080P Video, Night Vision, Motion Detection, 2-Way Talk, Waterproof, Support Cloud Storage | Argus 2+Solar Panel

Primarily designed for home and office security, Reolink’s system also works for campers and RVs. Its weatherproof video camera, motion detection, and night vision ensure your mobile home has 24/7 surveillance. It also comes with a mic, speaker, siren, and alarm.

The security system can draw power from several sources, including solar panels and standard outlets. It is highly portable and can be connected via a Wi-Fi or cellphone network.


Reolink syncs seamlessly with your smartphone. All you need is a QR code and the mobile app. Live footage can be viewed via a mobile app so that you can monitor your RV at all times. You can also use Google Assistant if you wish to have voice control.

Installation Difficulty

This convenient and user-friendly system can be installed in a snap. For best results, set up your Reolink on the side of the roof.

Recording Capability

For its affordable price, Reolink’s recording capabilities are quite impressive. Its 1080P resolution means that you can spot any issues immediately. This RV security comes with night vision and a solar-powered battery.

The camera automatically switches to night vision as soon as it becomes dark, so you have footage even when you are away from home. It is IP65 certified, ensuring that you get clear video even during a downpour.

Number of Cameras

Reolink comes with one camera, but you can always purchase more as this security system allows for a multiple-camera setup.


  • Fast installation
  • Two-way audio
  • Night vision
  • IP65 waterproof
  • PIR motion sensor
  • Solar-powered battery
  • Voice control via Google Assistant


  • Basic security system – One of the main disadvantages of this system is that it is quite basic and doesn’t come with any additional features like geofencing that can protect your RV.
  • Self-monitoring – There’s no option to connect automatically with the police or emergency services, so you have to monitor on your own.

Why It’s Good for Your RV

If you have a limited budget and a preference for simplicity, then Reolink is for you. One of its nifty features is the two-way audio, which means you can communicate using the camera.

The system can even record and send audio messages. You don’t need a subscription or contract to avail of its features unless you wish to increase your storage capacity.

SimpliSafe 8 Piece Wireless Professional Monitoring Camera for RV

SimpliSafe 8 Piece Wireless Home Security System - Optional 24/7 Professional Monitoring - No Contract - Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant , White

If you’re looking for advanced or 5th wheel security systems, then the SimpliSafe is your go-to product. This model may be a little costly, but it’s worth every penny you spend.

SimpliSafe for RV boasts entry and motion sensors that provide the RV owner with amazing awareness. The system also comes with an impressive sound system that will begin blaring if the motion sensors catch any dangerous activity. Don’t worry, the volume can be adjusted.


The SimpliSafe can be easily synced with smartphones, tablets, and computers. It also connects easily with either your Wi-Fi or your smartphone’s internet connection. This means that you don’t have to only rely on one internet connection.

You can view the live video feed on your phone. If you wish to have voice control, you’re in luck. The SimpliSafe system is compatible with Alexa and Google Home.

Installation Difficulty

This is one of the most effortless security systems to set up. You can install this in the blink of an eye and connect it to your Wi-Fi or smartphone’s internet. The installation steps written in the manual are pretty straightforward.

Recording Capacity

This security system has events-based recording, meaning it only records brief clips upon detecting motion or when the alarms are triggered. These clips are in the cloud for a limited time and only for those with a corresponding plan.

Number of Cameras

The SimpliSafe comes with one camera but you can always purchase more.


  • Easy installation
  • Temperature sensor
  • Panic button
  • Accommodates a wide range of home sizes
  • Event-based recording


  • Event-based recording – The system only stores short clips instead of hours of footage.
  • Short battery life – In comparison to other security systems, the battery life on this one is quite weak. The security camera can function only between 8-12 hours on this system.

Why It’s Good for Your RV

The SimpliSafe comes with extra features like entry sensors, motion sensors, smoke detectors, and glass break sensors. It also has a silent panic button so that you get help fast in case of an emergency.

If you live in a state with changing seasons, the temperature sensor can be a lifesaver. You’ll get an alert when the RV’s indoor temperature is freezing, which helps you avoid flooding due to burst pipes.

JOINLGO H.264 2.0MP 1080P With Night Vision Security System for RV

JOINLGO 4-CH 1080P AHD Mobile Vehicle Car DVR Video Recorder Kit with Night Vision Waterproof Side Front Rear View Car Camera 7 inches IPSMonitor for Truck Van Bus

If you’re a frequent traveler and require the latest security equipment, then the JOINLGO H.264 is for you. The JOINLGO is a wired model that provides a highly stable and reliable connection. Plus, the security system is made entirely out of metal, making it extremely durable.

The system can record both audio and video, with motion sensors that can recognize subtle movements as well as aggressive ones. When you max out your storage, the security system automatically loops the recording so you don’t have to worry about data management.


This RV alarm system features HD 4-channel MDVR and a 7-inch VGA monitor. The system is connected to that monitor so you will be able to see everything that happens on screen.

Installation Difficulty

This system is easy to install and use. It comes with a manual that contains all the required resources to set up your security system.

Recording Capability

The JOINLGO comes with a 1080P recording device that stores your feed in two SD cards. These SD cards are sold separately and don’t come with the security system. After you max out your storage, the system automatically loops over your earliest recording, making data management easy and efficient.

Number of Cameras

The security comes equipped with four cameras, two of which are dome cameras and two are in housing cameras. It also comes with microphones, remotes, wires, and cables. The cameras are waterproof and come with YTOT lenses, IMX323 Sony sensors, and an IR LED for night mode.


  • Night vision
  • Waterproof
  • Video loops automatically
  • Long-lasting metal
  • Delayed video recording function when RV stops
  • Dual SD card for an additional fee


  • Manual – Some RV alarm system reviews state that the JOINLGO manual is either difficult to understand or missing altogether from the package.
  • Blurry visuals – There have been complaints that the 7-inch monitor does not have clear images.

Why It’s Good for Your RV

If you’re looking for a piece of technology that’s modern and highly durable, consider getting the JOINLGO system. The security system doesn’t only come with features to protect your RV, but also comes with technology that can enhance your safety.

Sensors activate on their own to pick up sudden movements like breaks, accelerations, and stops. This state-of-the-art technology makes for an amazing RV security system.

What to Look for in an RV Security System

How can you select the best security system for your RV? While affordability is an important factor, remember that you get what you pay for.

Here are some factors to consider before selecting a security system for your camper.

Number of Cameras

How many cameras would you need? To answer this question, you need to identify where you want to place your cameras and which areas you want to cover. You will need multiple cameras if you want a view outside your trailer and an indoor view of your living space.

Before purchasing a camera, check the durability of the product and the features it provides. As much as possible, get a camera that is waterproof or weatherproof.

Ideally, it should also have an auto-recording function, built-in motion sensors, and night vision. Night vision is an important feature for RV travelers because you will be sleeping inside your parked vehicle. Not only your belongings are vulnerable, but you and your family also require protection.


Make sure that the product you’re purchasing has a recording function and can store the recordings in the cloud for a long period. Otherwise, you will be limited to real-time viewing. You may not spot past incidents or things that happened while you were asleep or not using your smartphone.

The next thing you want to keep in mind is the quality of the recording. If the video or picture quality is poor, the feed will be of no use to you. Cameras that provide HD resolution will naturally cost more, but they’ll increase the chances of you and the police being able to identify the perpetrator. How wide an angle can it cover vertically and horizontally? Try to get one with 360-degree coverage.

Another facet to consider is color; a lot of cameras only record in black and white. Colored footage substantially raises the chances of you and the police identifying and catching a thief or vandal.


Monitoring your camera feed is as important as purchasing an RV burglar alarm security system. Even if you purchase a high-end system, it would be useless if your monitor or smartphone is incapable of viewing the footage properly.

You must ensure that your monitor size is compatible with your security system (a 7-inch monitor size is good enough). Also, ensure that your smartphone has the necessary features to be able to install a video streaming app that enables you to view the footage.


Before purchasing your security system, you must know the kind of battery life the product has and how you can change the alarm. Some RV alarms have long-lasting battery life that can run for 24 hours non-stop. Other systems can run for only 8-12 hours a day before they require charging.

You need to purchase a product that suits your needs and budget. Some security systems rely heavily on the power of the RV and must remain connected to the vehicle’s AC system for the entire day. If sustainability is important to you, invest in solar-powered alarms that draw less from your RV. The best part? You can stay off-grid longer.


An RV security alarm system is not just a whim; it’s a long-term investment. You must make your decision wisely.

It’s not pleasant to think about the potential danger, but avoiding it altogether is a risky proposition. Don’t stint with your safety. Investing in a capable and durable security system is worth every dollar.

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