Best RV to Live in Year Round – 6 Best Super Economic Models

Get Yourself a Best RV to Live in Year Round and forget the concrete and the cement!

Best RV to Live in Year Round
RV Full Timing

With the pandemic reprising we think RVing has become a phenomenon with tons of benefits compared to the stress of being a traditional homeowner in these tough times.

We’ve come across facts that indicate RVs are being overhauled as all alternatives for mortar and brick setups. An estimated more than 9 million US homeowners are potentially full-time RVers.

So, we thought of taking you through the best RV to live in year round. We’re sure this article would make indelible prints on your memory and would make your RVing experience bankable.

But before that, have you figured out what will happen when you chose to live in a camper year round?

Well, full-time RVing isn’t perfect. Might sound like an easy idea to downsize from a house or condo into a home on wheels to pursue your dream of wanderlust adventure. But like every other major life choice, this comes with its pros and cons too.

Benefits of Living in an RV Year Round

Best RV to Live in Year Round

RV living year round seemed challenging at first but yet the urge to camping filled made our transition alluring. Below are some of the pros we experienced after turning ourselves in as full timers.

Easy on the pocket

Certainly, downsizing could be a make-shift decision for those with lingering budget issues and transition to motor on wheels in thought. With all utilities, security, and other perks linked to the RV, you aren’t tied to fixed rentals and downgrade during a bad month easily.

Low on Maintenance

Living in an RV year-round means you never have to mow the lawn, paint or clean the pool. A few minutes is all you need to keep your space clutter-free. 

Build Memories Not Homes

The most outstanding advantage of taking RVing full time is experience. You spend on experiencing never-before events that you cherish for a lifetime. Meet new people, explore and experience new spots, taste unique food, learn about new cultures and visit history. We bet you wouldn’t regret spending your hard-earned money on this.

Cons of Living in an RV Year Round

But everything is not green – there are some Cons too associated with full timing.

Cramped quarters

Best RV to Live in Year Round

The primary objection a nascent RVer would have is space. The best camper to live in year-round according to seasoned RVers could be a large fifth-wheel trailer or an oversize Class A motorhome. However, the 45 feet long home on wheels didn’t satisfy them. Build up all amenities of a house, the RV still trails the brick-and-mortar homes. 

Recreational freak

It’s hard to give up on all physical possession you may have acquired in your life while you choose to become a full-time RVer. Couples mostly involved in recreational activities prefer carrying their gears along to brandish them.

But that isn’t an easy task! We’ve met people who left back their toys owing to limited space. Some living in van conversions towed boats, and toy haulers – but had to decide their locations mindfully as towing is permitted only in a few states.

Look for Land

One of the grimmest tasks for full-time RVers is to look for parking space. You may not get your catch easily even if you are living in the best travel trailer for year-round living. That becomes a major obligation even if you’re boondocking.

Had you maintained an apartment you could use the parking lot to station your recreational vehicles, but moving out of your property completely… We think you must first look for some resting pace for your rig.

This might as well come as an added expense for you as campgrounds like homeowners charge a nominal fee per night. It might also add more of a tax burden, unlike the house on which you could opt for a tax deduction.

Best RV to Live in Year Round

One night stand

Your RV is your home and you can’t leave it in the garage in case of a repair. It gets complicated at times perhaps, you would have to rent yourself another camper until your girl is fixed.

Weather, Weather, Weather 

This is another significant challenge for those living year-round in an RV. It can be dangerous and life-threatening. Despite the fact that you are living in a fifth wheel year round that has been highly rated – nothing sustains the weather.

Strong winds, storms, hurricanes and tornadoes; and forest fires are all calamities that a full-time RVer must and should consider a matter of attention while shifting in.

Downsizing and adapting to minimalism can be a hard task to take up. If you take up the journey with the right attitude it can be a freeing process. A rugged path to unburdening with a little patience and effort could give you a lifetime experience.

Best RV to Live in Year Round – Factors to Lookout

There are several factors one must consider before buying an RV to live year-round. There are many RV types, but seasoned occupants prefer to live in either a Class A or a 5th WHEEL. If you want to know more about living full-time in Class A and 5th Wheel motor homes, keep reading!

We’ve compared features that one should look for while selecting a Best RV to live in year round.

Class A RV are those colossal homes on wheels, that would never make you regret your decision. Resembling a bus from the outside, these motor homes stand on a durable frame with a driving cabin open to the rest of the vehicle and house an entire family.

Well, ‘ you’d need excellent maneuvering skills to skate this girl on roads. Budget constraints are definitely a factor that abstains you from buying this Class of motorhome.

The other option that you could go for would be the Class C RVs – the best type of RV to live in if you choose between the luxurious Class A and compact Class B.

6 Best RV to Live Year Around 

1) 2018 Winnebago Navion Class C Motorhome

Best RV to Live in Year Round
Winnebago RDY

With a couples’ space and a pet, this is one of the best RV to live in year round. This maneuverable mid-sized option of home on wheels could give you those candid moments and the best part is you don’t have to struggle to look for parking space.

The 25 feet long interior is spacious enough that accommodates a murphy bed. Another great thing would be the detachable workspace station that even serves as a comfy dinette.

What we wished to change

You’d love the mildly large comfy RV but had it been a little on the cheaper side – we think that would have been the most opted best RV to live in year round. How we wished we could add a little extra space on the exteriors to kill the storage conundrums. 

2)  Winnebago Travato Class B

Best RV to Live in Year Round
Winnebago Travato

Class B RVs built on frames of a van are commonly referred to as camper vans. This is the best RV type to live in if you are ready to downsize extremely.

This gas camper van can be really comforting, especially in spine-chilling winters. The spacious interiors have plenty of under-bed storage putting every inch to use. The camper is known to be as energy-efficient as possible. You will not need to incur a lot of electric billing costs. And this is one of the main reasons for it being the best camper to live in year round.

3) Roadtrek CS Adventure

Best RV to Live in Year Round
Roadtrek CS Adventurous

If bulk isn’t your style but you still want to camp then Roadtreak CS Adventure would be the other best camper to live in year round. The towing power is up to 7,000 pounds and the 188 HP engine is the magnificent feature of the rig manufactured by Mercedes.

The thought of diesel might turn you off, but it actually prolongs the mileage, what else would you want from your rig when you plan to live in it year long? 

What we wished to change 

RVers claim to have missed chilled refreshments during the summers. Considering opinions on the requirement we wished to add a refrigerator for those scorching hot days. Despite being well-illuminated ventilation was still a problem that one faced while traveling in summers. 

Come winters and RVs go into storage until springtime. Our next selects are from Jayco. 50 years into the market this brand has built its RVs with vast exploration making them the best RV to live year round. They come with a ton of extra value and standard features that fit in exactly.

4) Jayco Redhawk 26XD

Best RV to Live in Year Round
Jayco Redhawk 26 XD Floor Plan

The Newer Jayco Redhawk 26XD is one of the best RVs to use in the winter. This model has five-floor plans to choose from all including a spacious linen closet and a walk-around queen bed. As for extreme cold weather, the RV features a six-gallon water heater and a 30-BTU auto-ignition furnace backed up by a 55-gallon fuel tank.

Get toasty any time you camp in this gorgeous rig. What we wished we could change- The price tag. Heavy on the pocket, you might have to go for an older model which may not have as many luxe features.

Note – You can customize the floor plan according to your desired settings to make it a Best RV to Live in Year Round for yourself.

5) Jayco Pinnacle

Best RV to Live in Year Round
Jayco Pinnacle

The Jayco Pinnacle, Fifth wheel – a home on wheels that you wouldn’t feel compact in. The 40 feet fifth wheel is a girl of choice for RVers who work from home. This rig comes with 1.5 baths which according to our experience suits best for RVers who have frequent guests. 

What we wished to Change

As for people who work from home on wheels, a separate working area would be a definite addition that should be thought of. 

6) Newmar Dutch Star

Best RV to Live in Year Round
Newmar Dutch Star Floor Plan

For luxury lovers- this motorhome is a sort of five-star hotel on wheels. What we liked best in this was the option of installing furniture as per our wish- giving the metal framework a home-like feeling. What comes as a boon for the RVer is the huge freshwater reservoir and large shower with excellent ventilation.

What we wished to change

Luxury comes with a cost- had it been easy on maintenance and flexible on the mileage- the cruise control luxury RV would transform your caravan into not less than a five-star suite.

Living in an RV year-round means keeping in mind weather that would directly affect your style and indirectly crunch your requirements. After detailed research on RVs to live in year-round, Summer was our penchant- warm temperatures pampering you.

Texas fit in accurately with our observation and hinted at options of establishing a domicile. Texas’ lack of income tax and easy access to mail-forwarding services make it one of the best places for a Best RV to Live in Year Round.

Oregon came next on the list. If you want to experience the rustic look of the coastline, and deserts – Oregon is the best place to park your rig.

While revising our budget, we came across a major factor one must consider before downsizing to live in RV year round.

What should you choose between an RV and a Travel Trailer?

For most people, a travel trailer is the most preferred option, but if you plan to station at one location- the monstrous Class A should be your pick. Large Class A motorhomes make sense if you won’t be moving around too much.

The luxurious cabin and the lengthy body would make it the best type of RV to live in year-round. With the popularity of van life, Class B RVs have also come to the forefront of the RV World. 

RVs, campers, or Travel trailers- what you choose between them would be decided by your plans to camp. 

To conclude we thought to take you through the pros of having the Best RV to Live in Year Round.

The prime reason was the reduced cost of living. These tiny homes on wheels cut down unnecessary habits that actually spike your financial efficiency. Youngsters could turn into full-time RVers to explore and learn, meet new people, and join new communities

Best RV to Live in Year Round

Home is where you make it 

Living in an RV year-round was once a no-go. However, with the evolution in technology and homey upgrades in the rigs manufactured you can expect to enjoy living in your travel trailer for years to come.

If you wish to wanderlust in nature and your pocket seems to hold you back- it’s time that you make your decision and settle in an old camper, or a converted van and customize it yourself. RV living is less about maintaining the same standards at home and more about adapting to life as it happens each day.

If you’re looking to pick a Best RV to Live in Year Round, you could get in touch with us for quality feedback.