RV Backup Camera Reviews: Wireless Cameras For Your Camper

If ever there was a product that could reduce stress and arguments, this is it. Have you ever tried backing into a site and your traveling companion is in the back trying to direct you.

Only problem is you can't hear them or see them. So there they are yelling and waving their arms all over the place, and you're just backing up the best way you can.

It usually ends with some yelling at each other, which isn't good after a travel day. However, that?s what rear-view cameras are for.

It can help you see exactly where you need to go and cut down on the frustrating part of yelling back and forth with your travel companion on where to go. 

We just have to find something that suits you now. Every wireless backup cameras has its advantages. 

However, for it to work properly, the features need to compliment your driving needs and your rig. While researching for the best backup camera, I thought I'd share my findings with you.

These are possibly the best options in terms of both price and performance.

Comparison Table

TOP PICK! 1. Furrion FOS48TAPK-BL RV Wireless Backup Camera
  • Ridiculously easy installation
  • Uninterrupted image quality
  • Water and duct proof
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2. 4UCam Digital Wireless RV Backup Camera System
  • Stronger signal
  • Waterproof
  • Shock resistant metal case
  • Night Vision
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3. Peak PKCORB Wireless Backup Camera
  • 110 degrees coverage
  • Angled camera
  • Suction cup
  • Auto-on mode
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4. 12V Wireless Rear Camera Backup System
  • Water resistant
  • License plate camera
  • Standby and auto-on mode
  • Suction cup for LCD screen
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5. Rear View Safety 83112 Video Camera
  • Can transmit over 70 feet
  • Clear images
  • Easy magnetic setup
  • 2nd highest waterproof rating
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6. eRapta ERW01 Wireless Backup Camera
  • Superior night vision without glare
  • Longer range of transmission
  • Versatile application
  • Mirror or forward image modes
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7. Camecho RC Rearview Wireless Backup Camera
  • 7? LCD monitor
  • Backlit LED bulb
  • Ranges a length of 100 feet
  • Tough metal casing
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8. Podofo Wireless Backup Camera
  • Dual Camera package
  • Waterproofing
  • Night vision
  • Auto start on monitor
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1. Furrion FOS48TAPK-BL RV Wireless Backup Camera

Furrion FOS48TAPK-BL RV Wireless Backup CameraFurrion, as a manufacturer of electronic gadgets, has somewhat of a reputation in the market. This bleeds into a range of observation cameras meant for automobiles with several models out there.

This particular model is a digital wireless rear-view camera, which is a benefit unto itself.  The installation is an extremely easy experience for even the least technical user.

The package comes equipped with a mounting bracket that you simply have to screw in place of your vehicle?s pre-installed RV camera. Beyond that, you merely need to start up your vehicle, switch on the monitor for it to start functioning.

However, the quality of a camera goes beyond an easy installation. Image quality should be the most influencing factor in your purchase. An added benefit of a CMOS sensor is that it bestows a clear, astounding and most importantly, an uninterrupted picture quality.

The CMOS technology is a step above the traditional CCD in the new age cameras that allows for a faster-capturing capability, suitable for video requirements. However, it goes a step further by installing infrared LEDs for an equally precise night vision up to a range of 26 feet.

Upfront, you get a clear visual on 4.2 inches of an LCD screen, again set up with its mounting bracket. However, the night vision is a black and white effect which can prove to be a little restrictive on the whole.

Nevertheless, it does not skip out on details or quality.


  •    Ridiculously easy installation
  •    Uninterrupted image quality
  •    Water and dust proof


  •    Night vision in black and white
  •    A higher price range

Final Verdict

While the installation of a newly purchased product always looms around the corner, the ease of handling of this camera exceeds any possible negatives.

You may have to adjust your driving to the bi-chromatic night vision, but it is a step above driving blind. This camera works on a vehicle as long as 10 feet and still provides continuous streaming.

That speaks for the video quality in itself. It is a balanced product whose features complement the brand name and price.

2. 4UCam Digital Best RV Backup Camera

4UCam Digital Best RV Backup CameraThis wireless RV backup camera defies the usual handicap of static that accompanies wireless cameras. This is due to the stronger signal that is transmitted from the camera to the monitor.

The camera boasts of an image quality that is entirely devoid of interference and static, along with being superior when compared to many other products. Included in the package is a removable external antenna that provides the monitor with better reception, even from a long distance.

If your vehicle is comparatively larger, it may not be suitable for most cameras. However, this feature is meant to contradict this particular problem. The camera is a CCD based product that is extremely easy to install and use, primarily due to the lack of wires.

Even the monitor is convenient to set up as all it requires a 12 V- 24 V electrical supply. It is equipped with a cigarette lighter power adapter for its power supply.  The night vision is supplemented by 18 LEDs that extends the visibility up to 50 feet.

The monitor is a generous 7? LCD that provides a clear view of the images. However, unlike some other cameras, this one lacks an audio transmission, which while does not hamper the perception of the driver, does nothing to enhance it either.


  •    Stronger signal
  •    Waterproof
  •    Shock-resistant metal case
  •    Night Vision


  •    No audio input

Final Verdict

For a wireless camera, to be so efficient in image transmission is a rarity. However, this one breaks that notion and provides exactly what it claims.

The lack of an audio transmission does not really make any difference on the whole. While audio is definitely beneficial, it is not entirely necessary.

Nevertheless, this camera is extremely easy to plug in and use, with the lack of wires being a clear advantage.

3. Peak PKCORB Wireless Backup Camera

Peak PKCORB Wireless Backup CameraThe Peak PKCORB Backup Camera comes with an excellent method of mounting along with the incredible portability that it offers. The weatherproof camera can be fixed to the license plate itself.

It revolves to the extent of 110 degrees, offering a wide span of coverage. The camera is further angled to an extent so that it hones on to any car that comes in the vicinity of your vehicle.

The monitor, on the other hand, can be attached to the windshield using the suction cup that is provided with it. With such attention to the details that the company provides, installation becomes remarkably easy as well.

Moreover, being wireless, you don?t have to put effort on fixing up the wires. The best advantage is the auto-on mode that it features. With this advantage, there should be no requirement to switch on the camera every time it is put to the standby mode.

The camera merely switches on, all by itself. The screen is an LCD fixture that provides colored images of all that it captures. However, the size is disappointingly small, when compared to the other LCD screen on products of a similar range.

The 3.5? screen will not provide enough space to properly view the images.


  •    110 degrees coverage
  •    Angled camera
  •    Suction cup
  •    Auto-on mode


  •    Small LCD screen

Final Verdict

To summarize, the beauty of this product lies primarily in the ease of handling more than in its purpose.

The smaller screen might be a deterrent, but it doesn?t obstruct too much of the view. Moreover, the images often display some interference during streaming.

4. 12V Wireless Rear Camera Backup System

12V Wireless Rear Camera Backup SystemThe 12v Rear Backup Camera is particularly suitable for its easy installation over its other features. Being wireless ensures that there is not much necessity to spend time unraveling the wires.

That, in itself, is a huge time-saver. The camera is portable enough to be fixed on the license plate. License plate cameras offer maximum space utilization and maneuverability.

The LCD screen upfront can be attached with a suction cup to the windshield. This ensures that the monitor does not form a constant disturbance while threatening to fall off when driving.

The screen has a standby mode along with an auto-on feature which reduces power consumption. However, there is no need to restart it all over again, owing to the auto-on feature.

But, the viewing angle, while being broad enough, is not sufficient when compared to some other models. The angle coverage is 100 which can be improved to a large extent.



  •    Water-resistant
  •    License plate camera
  •    Standby and auto-on mode
  •    Suction cup for LCD screen


  •    Smaller viewing angle

Final Verdict

On the whole, the camera is easy to handle, to fix and to move. The license plate posture allows it a clearer shot at capturing images.

However, this, to some extent, is foiled by the small viewing coverage. Nevertheless, while the coverage is small when compared to some of the products, it is still wide enough to fit in some areas on the monitor.

5. Rear View Safety 83112 Video Camera

Rear View Safety 83112 Video CameraThis RVS model deserves special mention due to the higher length that the transmission can pull though. With a range of 70 feet, the images remain uninterrupted, which is rare when you consider that this is a wireless camera.

Wireless cameras are not usually known for their transmission qualities. But this product challenges that notion. To set it up, all that is required would be attaching the camera to a metal surface.

The camera latches onto the surface due to the magnets attached to it. Beyond that, the monitor needs to be plugged into the cigarette lighter port, and it is ready for use.

The waterproof rating is the 2nd highest among the known standards and this entails sure protection against almost all kinds of weather. However, the night vision is operated through 6 LED lights with a range of up to 30 feet.

When you lace that against some of the other RVs products which are not wireless, that is a letdown. The monitor displays precise colored images of the transmissions. But the size of the monitor is 3.5, which is again disappointing.




  •    Can transmit over 70 feet
  •    Clear images
  •    Easy magnetic setup
  •    2nd highest waterproof rating


  •    Lower night vision
  •    Small monitor screen

Final Verdict

The camera is impressive on some levels, not the least of which is its transmission range. This is remarkable for any RV camera, particularly the wireless ones.

The setup is very convenient as all that is required would be a metal plate for the magnet to do its job. However, the night vision is a deterrent.

While in most cases, it is sufficient, in some, it may be cause for some concern. Nevertheless, the camera stands out for its image quality, and the brand name speaks for itself.

6. eRapta ERW01 Wireless Backup Camera eRapta ERW01 Wireless Backup Camera

This eRapta Backup Camera is unique in its versatility above all else. Along with being a rearview camera, it functions as a security camera and a front view camera as well.

The monitor receives the images from the camera even from a distance of 20 meters. This successfully gets rid of any blind spots and lets your drive be a safe one. Both the monitor and the camera requires not more than 20V of power.

You can choose to view the image in the mirror or forward mode. The night is exceptional as it uses IR LEDs. IR LEDs, which provide a similar output to normal LEDs, are better in some aspects.

They do not create a glare behind your car, which enhances the visibility even in the pitch darkness. The setup is built to cater to a plethora of vehicles ranging from RVs, cars to trucks and buses. It ensures complete security as a whole.

However, some users have complained about inconsistent image quality. This can be resolved if you place it in a direct view.  


  •    Superior night vision without glare
  •    Longer range of transmission
  •    Versatile application
  •    Mirror or forward image modes


  •    Inconsistent image quality

Final Verdict

The interference in the transmission is not a widely applicable accusation. It varies according to the user and the vehicle the camera is used on.

The camera provides a complete security blanket that exceeds just a rearview safeguard. The IR LEDs ensures that your night vision is not affected by excess brightness which often distorts the image.

This is a product with a range of extra features that is often not available on many rearview cameras.

7. Camecho RC Rearview Wireless Backup Camera Camecho RC Rearview Wireless Backup Camera

The Camecho is a professional backup camera that is equipped with a 7? LCD monitor. The monitor is backlit with the help of LED bulbs which helps to form a clear image.

The camera is capable of transmitting clear images up to a distance of 100 feet. It can easily be fitted to trailers and buses if required. When the car is put in back gear, the monitor will switch on automatically.

This averts the need to manually operate the system and serves to your advantage even if you forget. The camera, being the external device, is protected with a tough metal casing.

It is not only waterproof but also mud proof, adding an extra layer of safety on your gadget. The image displayed can be set vertically or horizontally, according to your needs.

For the horizontal viewpoint, the camera spans an area of 170 degrees. On the other hand, for the vertical image, it covers an angle of 120 degrees. For better service during the night or cloudy weather, it is equipped with 18 IR LED lights, for an efficient night vision.

The vision is not distorted due to glare either. However, the installation is not as convenient and can take a while to figure out.


  •    7? LCD monitor
  •    Backlit LED bulb
  •    Ranges a length of 100 feet
  •    Tough metal casing


  •    Difficult to install

Final Verdict

On the whole, the camera does not slack in its function in any manner. The images are without any interference even when transmitted from 100 feet away.

Moreover, the LED bulb behind the monitor adds extra precision to the already clear images. The casing is tough enough to protect the camera completely.

8. Podofo RV Backup Camera Reviews

Podofo RV Backup Camera ReviewsThe Podofo Wireless Backup Camera comes in a pack of two cameras along with the monitor. Along with serving as the rearview camera, the other camera fits into the front of your car and together, they give you a detailed image and ensured safety.

The monitor provides an option to alternately view the images captured by the front and rear cameras. The lens of the camera is waterproof, thus sealing its durability against all the odds.

The waterproofing is of IP67 standard, which means that you can comfortably drive out in all weathers. For a superior night vision, the camera is fitted with 18 IR LED lights, which prevents the image from being blinded by the excess light.

The monitor screen features an anti-glare property that helps you view a clearer image, even in the bright sunlight. When the car is driven in back gear, the monitor starts up without any manual operation.

The screen provided is a generous 7? as well. It boasts of an in-built parking system with a remote-controlled operation. It is advisable to place the camera at a distance of 2 meters from each other.

That will ensure clear transmission. However, to change the views between the two cameras, you need to operate that manually with the help of the Picture Rotation Button.

While it is useful to have wider coverage than just the rear, it would be better if the image didn?t need to be changed physically.


  •    Dual Camera package
  •    Waterproofing
  •    Night vision
  •    Auto start on the monitor


  •    Requires manual operation during image alterations.

Final Verdict

The camera is truly unique when compared to most other products. The dual camera is a remarkable addition that makes this product exceptional. Apart from that, the entire system consists of several extra features that enhance the ease of operation.

The night vision is operated through IR LEDs which is better than normal LEDs. The anti-glare monitor improves the vision as well.

How to Buy the Best Backup Camera for RV?

Rearview wireless backup cameras offer a wide range of options to the buyer. To begin with, there are three kinds of RV cameras, dependent on just the mounting style.

Surface mounting cameras can be set up on any surface that is flat enough. License mounting cameras have the advantage of using the license board of the car.

And lastly, flush-mounted cameras require you to drill through the surface of the car?s body to mount it up. Apart from what choice you opt for, there should be several contributing factors to look at.

For instance, even though CMOS cameras are better for video streaming, it is the CCD option that have a better overall image quality.

Secondly, the night vision should be operated through infra-red LED lights for a clearer view in the dark.

Finally, weather resistance is a must above all else. This allows you to drive without any worries in any climatic condition.

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Benefits of Using an RV Backup Camera

Like I stated in the beginning of this article, it really cuts down the frustrating part of backing your rig into an RV site or backing up anywhere, for that matter.

Aside from reducing arguments, using a wireless backup camera helps you keep your RV and everything around it safe from collision. 

Video quality

Traveling in an RV can be challenging at times, especially if you?re new to driving one. This isn?t only because the vehicle is cramped inside, but also because parking and driving it can be a total nightmare.

So, equipping it with some of the best technological devices is not a bad idea. Doing so will help ease your tensions about hitting the road, and it?ll help your traveling companions feel a little better too.

Having a backup camera for such a large vehicle is super important because it allows you to see the objects behind you while you are backing up or parking. If you choose to invest in a backup camera, make sure that you find one that has the most up-to-date features and has a high quality lens.

Older backup cameras can be fuzzy and don?t always provide the best quality image.

The best cameras capture video in high resolution not only during the day, but also at night when everything is dark and vision is limited. They also have features like night vision, infrared, and footage options like viewing the video in black or white if that?s what you prefer.

The greatest advantage you can find in a camera is the ability to set it according to your personal preferences and what makes you feel more comfortable while driving. If you?re able to find a backup camera like this, traveling in your RV will be easier and more fun. 

Cameras that are built specifically for RVs typically capture video in better quality than regular backup cameras, especially those using analog technology.

RV cameras usually have a wider view of the objects behind you because they?re so large, meaning they capture video at angles larger than 90 degrees. The better and wider your backup camera is, the more efficient your travel will be because of your improved ability to see all around you.

1 Camera vs. 2 Camera vs. 3 Camera Systems

The one-camera system comes with a single camera that captures the rear view of the RV. These camera systems are typically enhanced with a 130-degree viewing angle and are capable of giving you a view of up to 100 feet behind you.

But since they are typically wireless cameras, these features aren?t always guaranteed. They all depend on whether or not you have a signal and what the weather is like.

Purchasing a two-camera system is a great choice if you?re wanting to get a better view with various angles. The two rearview cameras double your view and supply you with more angles around the vehicle.

However, the cameras have to be positioned properly to get the right angles for your comfort. If they?re positioned in a bad spot, they are practically useless. 

If you like having a two-camera system because it gives you a feeling of security while driving, then you would love a three-camera system. The wireless cameras in this type of system are easy to install and allow you to drive more safely because of your ability to view all your surroundings in the back.

With a heavy vehicle like an RV, the more cautious you are, the more comfortable you become while driving. Make sure to consider your RV size and how well you are able to manage it when you?re choosing what camera will suit you best.

If you?re a nervous driver, it?s always better to go with a three-camera system because it will assist you more than a single camera system can.  

The installation of these wireless cameras is easy. The only drawback is that these wireless cameras tend to lag sometimes, which can be a little frightening when you?re driving in a difficult location. You won?t be able to properly see around you in real time if your camera is constantly lagging.

Field of View


Another prominent aspect of a backup camera is its field of view. This is everything that you can see on your backup camera?s screen. The field of view depends on the lens and the sensor inside the camera.

The larger the sensor is, the bigger and better the picture captured is, which means you?ll be able to see a lot clearer with a larger sensor.

The smallest view angle is 90 degrees. This is why using a multiple camera system is more ideal, as it supplies you with a wider view from multiple cameras.

The 120 degree view angle is a decent coverage, but there are also cameras that can provide you with a view of more than 120 degrees. These include 130, 160 and 210 degrees. Whether or not they are the best for you depends completely on your vehicle. However, if you?re driving is a little rough, it?s best to go with a camera that?s going to supply you with the greatest view possible.

Mounting Options

After purchasing your backup camera, you will need to mount it securely in the right location. Before doing so, you will need an installation kit and your camera.

The installation kit is absolutely necessary if you?re setting up a backup camera for the first time because you need the monitor and other contents. However, if you are just replacing the camera then you don?t need the entire kit.

To mount the camera, you must first check what type of camera it is. The type is synonymous with the location where it should be placed. For example, on the license plate, the box, the bumper, or the side-view.

License plate cameras will capture the license plates of other vehicles and whatever else is level with that point of view. This is great for bumper-to-bumper accidents and traffic.

The box cameras are used to capture the best rear view, which is great for when you have to fit into a difficult parking space. The bumper camera will give you a thorough view of the back. Parking and checking the closeness of other vehicles will be a lot easier with this type of camera.

The side-view camera will enable you to have a side vision. This aspect helps a lot while parking, as you get a full picture of what is around you with the backup camera.

Night Vision

The backup cameras that come with night vision are truly advantageous, especially for people who have trouble seeing at night. Because of it, driving at night doesn?t put a damper on your traveling. It also helps you view through fog, mist, and rain.

Most importantly, night vision reduces blind spots and helps you get a clearer picture of the objects behind you at all times.

Why Do You Need a Backup Camera?

Thanks to the invention of the backup camera, driving has become more safe and secure. This especially applies to heavy vehicles because they require extra vigilance while on the road.

Rearview and side-view mirrors aren?t effective at allowing you to see what?s behind you. There are too many blind spots. A backup camera will perfectly display a picture that will keep you moving forward (or backward) without any distractions.

Driving requires continuous concentration. In order to perform the safest driving possible, you should be equipped with good devices that will help you travel safely.

The backup camera is one such device that makes a huge difference in your driving experience. It allows you to travel safely and park your RV or another large vehicle with minimal complications.


Safety should be your top priority when you?re doing any kind of driving or traveling. It?s better to be alert and cautious than it is to invite potential problems like car accidents or breakdowns.

A backup camera ensures the safety of the people in the vehicle and the others outside of your vehicle as well. The driver can comfortably look behind them and know what is going on at all times. When the driver is aware, the risk of getting into an accident is vastly lowered.

When a vehicle is in motion, it is hard to look at little things that are closer to your vehicle than 3 feet. But with a backup camera and its ability to give you the widest and clearest shots, you can be sure that you are traveling and moving safely without bumping into anything.

Ease of Parking 

Parking, especially parallel parking, can be a tough task. This applies majorly to larger vehicles like RVs and trucks, which often require that you ask for assistance when you?re trying to fit into an allocated space.

With a backup camera, you can easily check and park your vehicle on your own without much trouble. Some backup cameras even have special features that assist you in parking by giving you specific lines to stay in between on the screen.

They provide not only a clear picture but also monitor your parking methods.

So, purchase a backup camera today, and rest assured that your parking and driving will no longer be such a hassle.

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