Adventure Time: Let’s Find the Best Travel Trailer With Bunk Bed

Finding the best travel trailer with bunk beds can seem like a long and tiring dilemma. All these lists and options on Google got my head spinning…

WHICH ONE IS REALLY THE BEST? *shouts into the void*

Good news! You won’t have to do your own research because I will quickly give you all the sweet details.

Come on! Take that brave first step and read through this incredible guide for your next awesome travel trailer ride.

A Line up of My Top 7 Travel Trailers With Bunk Beds

2021 Jayco Flight Slx 8 – Best Overall


Key Features

  • Length: 33 ft 5 in
  • Hitch Weight: 670 lbs
  • Slides: 1
  • Interior Height: 6 ft 9 in
  • Sleeping Capacity: 9 people

Traveling with the whole family just comes with so much baggage… I mean just, A LOT OF LITERAL MATERIAL BAGGAGE! (just what did you think I was going to say?)

From the kid’s playthings to the family’s adventure gear, I definitely prioritize maximum storage capacity in all my travel trailer trips.

And the Jayco Flight SLX 8 just has it all for me. We are talking about the following features:

  • Pass-through storage.
  • Overhead storage in the master suite.
  • An extra wardrobe made for occupants of the added bunk beds.
  • Dual wardrobe made for the master bedroom.

What a camper trailer storage heaven, don’t you think?

But of course, storage spaces are not the only things these travel trailers with bunk beds have that make my mom’s heart flutter.

There’s more…

Why Do I Like It?

When traveling in the long haul, one of my biggest worries is whether I’ll have enough water to keep my sweaty children hydrated.

And I’m happy to know that this travel trailer keeps an amazing 46-gallon fresh water capacity despite its relatively smaller trailer size.

Other models, like the SLX 294QBSW, include a TV cabinet in the bunkhouse. This is the PERFECT CHOICE for my friends who love their TV series!

As for the sleeping situation, I am totally covered.

That’s from the hide-a-bed option in some of the bunk house models, down to the 600 lb. rated bunk beds for the double bunk styles.

For privacy, these camper trailers close their bedrooms with solid doors and not curtains.

The multiple floor plans on these travel trailers also tend to be small, so rinsing our outdoor gear can be quite challenging!

Thank god for the exterior shower on these trailers. Nothing spells cleaning convenience better than this feature!


  • Sleeping capacity of 8 people is great for large families
  • Multiple floor plans satisfy every family’s unique set of needs
  • Each floor plan gives a lot of toilet legroom for my tall, long-legged friends
  • Roof-mounted air conditioning assures me comfort during warmer days
  • Breathable and spacious outdoor kitchen


  • It’s not the most stylish-looking travel trailer with a bunk bed
  • Some might not prefer the shower-tub set-up in the bathroom

2020 Dutchmen-Aerolite: 2423 BH – Best Value


Key Features

  • Length: 28 ft
  • Hitch Weight: 742 lbs
  • Slides: 1
  • Interior Height: 6.83 ft
  • Sleeping Capacity: 8

It goes without saying that the Dutchmen Aerolite looks like the travel trailer of the future. One look is enough to sweep you right off your feet.

The bullet-shaped front exterior with its amazing accent lights looks like a scene cut out from a comic book. It really looks THAT COOL.

This is a trailer with bunk beds, so of course, sleeping conditions must have the BEST quality… and IT IS!

The bunk beds on these floor plans can sleep teenagers and are also quite the walking distance from the main bedroom. Privacy? Check!

Zooming our lenses towards the master suite, I can say that it is actually quite spacious. Just what I want after a long day’s travel.

Would you believe I can even fit two double beds inside the trailer? There’s also the advantage of the convertible sofa beds to sleep my visiting friends in.

Why Do I Like It?

First thing’s first, let’s get down to serious storage talk.

I begin the tour outside to find ourselves with this huge exterior storage compartment that latches on with a magnetic catch (no more worrying about fiddling the door to stay upright).

Other storing locations on the floor plan of this travel trailer with bunk beds are found in:

  • The bedroom’s overhead cabinets
  • The bathroom
  • The closet-pantry upon entrance (for shoes and snacks)

A handy outdoor kitchen comes equipped with a huge refrigerator, grill top, and storage space – it’s basically prepped for any last-minute parties!

My absolute favorite on these travel trailers has to be the large bathroom. It’s luxury on wheels, and I haven’t seen anything that comes close.


  • Power stabilizing jacks on all four corners add convenience to your trip
  • Spacious floor plans can fit a walk-around bed in the master suite


  • Beds are stationed too near the entertainment centers
  • Some may not prefer the carpet flooring type on some floor plans

Starcraft Autumn Ridge Travel Trailer – Best Budget Pick


Key Features

(Based on the Single Axle Travel Trailer floor plan model)

  • Length: 22 ft 4 in
  • Hitch Weight: 350 lbs
  • Slides: 1
  • Interior Height: 6 ft 9 in
  • Sleeping Capacity: 5 people (but some models can sleep more campers)

These travel trailers come in an AMAZING LINE UP of floor plans that can absolutely fit all of your needs and wants effortlessly.

That’s all while being more affordable than other travel trailers.

The great thing about these travel trailers with bunks is the easy, breezy towing experience I can get with them!

They are designed to be smaller and lighter, which means they can be pulled by a minivan or SUV.

Why Do I Like It?

As you walk right into the living room, you can find a simple yet polished seating area that checks the boxes for both durability and comfort.

It has quite a cozy living area with an option for theater seating.

Heighten this travel experience even more with an entertainment center that may come with an LED TV for long family nights ahead.

Some travel trailers may include a private bedroom or a private bunkhouse with triple bunks for kids to enjoy depending on your options.

Other floor plans, such as the 32BHS, can even hold as many as 10 people. That’s additional sleeping capacity swooping in for your benefit.


  • Compact travel trailer with bunk beds for easier towing
  • Kid and pet-friendly ride thanks to the Carpet-less living space
  • Multiple floor plans for maximum choices


  • Limited sleeping capacity for a large family
  • Some models have less space and can only fit 4 people
  • Interior height might be too low for tall passengers

Grand Design Imagine 2400bh -Best for Family Camping


Key Features

  • Length: 28 ft 11 in
  • Hitch Weight: 505 lbs
  • Slides: 1
  • Interior Height: 6ft 9 inches
  • Sleeping Capacity: 8 people

Allow me to begin with the very sleek, futuristic-looking exteriors on these travel trailers with bunk beds.

With its fiberglass front cap, you know the paint will last you years. That’s a big cut for your maintenance costs AND more budget for your side-trips!

It also has unobstructed pass-thru storage that enables you to store bigger gears for different adventures.

Should I bring extra tables, chairs, fishing poles? Heck, just BRING THEM ALL.

Why Do I Like It?

Moving indoors, the Grand Design Imagine also lets me experience the upgraded RV lifestyle.

That’s from this travel trailer’s durable residential furniture and cabinetry to even the subtleties of an oversized underbed storage.

My kitchen duties also become easier because it comes with three power-punching amenities for all family meal preps.

  • Three-burner stove
  • Double door refrigerator
  • Wonderful stainless steel sink

How’s the sleeping situation?

Well, the double bunk beds go hard on caution with their own safety ladder for your kid’s bunks.

Traveling with teens? Perfect.

The floor plan on these trailers provides quite a distance between the master suite and the bunk beds.

The entertainment center of these travel trailers also includes an HD TV with a moveable swing arm. Let fun family time follow you wherever with speaker systems good for both indoors or outdoors.


  • Compact travel trailer with bunk beds
  • Additional bike storage below
  • Can hold a queen-sized bed in its master suite
  • Ample distance between the bunk beds and master bedroom for privacy
  • Convenient pass-through storage


  • Two bunk beds might be lacking for bigger families
  • Additional sleeping bags are required for extra guests
  • Limited countertop space in the kitchen

Jayco White Hawk 24 MBH


Key Features

  • Length: 29 ft 2 in
  • Hitch Weight: 565 lbs
  • Slides: 1
  • Interior Height: 6 ft 9 in
  • Sleeping Capacity: 7

Imagine a sunny day as you take your young children for their favorite Saturday family meals.

As you chop onions on a delightful steel countertop, you smell the hearty broth lingering in the open air of your outdoor kitchen.

Did that make you smile? IMAGINE NO MORE. With the Jayco White Hawk, these dreams become your reality.

Why Do I Like It?

Let’s talk about the sleeping situation on the floor plans of these travel trailers with bunk beds.

These trailers can actually fit either a queen-size bed or a king bed- a WOW for options, right?

Wait, there’s more stuff to check out besides the two double bed capacities on these things,

If a Murphy bed is exactly what you are looking for, this Jayco is definitely for you.

Murphy beds allow the FLEXIBLE OPTIONS of these three things:

  • More space for the living area
  • Pass-through storage
  • The creation of separate rooms to form a semi-private bedroom area

Bonus: some models also come with the Jayco exclusive Teddy Bear “soft-touch” bunk mats, so that’s something to watch out for!


  • Unique floor plans satisfy ALL USERS
  • Can fit a large bed such as the king-sized option
  • Double-over-double rear bunks that can hold up to a 600 lb maximum weight
  • JAYCOMMAND “Smart RV” system controls travel trailer functions from your phone
  • Breathable “Directional and closeable air conditioning vents”


  • Some may not prefer carpet-less flooring
  • King-size beds can compromise the extra space by your bedside stands

Coachmen Clipper


Key Features

  • Length:21.33 ft
  • Hitch Weight: 40 lb.
  • Slides: 0
  • Interior Height: 7.33 ft
  • Sleeping Capacity: 6 people

Are you looking for a down-to-basics travel trailer with bunk beds that can give you everything you need without the extra fancy-schmancy fuss of too many features?

The Coachmen Clipper Ultra-Lite is yours to love!

I mean, we are just looking at a mighty machine of a bunk house that gives all the feel-good vintage vibes with its white-black-blue color palette.

Before entering these travel trailers, I am greeted by entry-level steps.

I feel like small details like these really make or break my purchase decisions on my next travel trailers.

Why Do I Like It?

This travel trailer with bunk beds is enough to fit an average size traveling family.

While it will be hard to fit double beds in this small interior, I am happy to find an ultra-comfortable queen size bed upon entry.

The sleeping capacity on this travel trailer is equal to two cozy bunk beds that can hold 300 lbs each.

Both beds even have their own light for late-night reading, a huge plus for kids who love bedtime stories.

The smart thing about this travel trailer’s design is the SUBTLE ways you can store things. There’s storage under the queen bed and overhead, an exterior storage area by the solar prep.

I don’t expect my family to be hanging inside for long because this travel trailer with bunk beds has a tiny floor plan and minimal floor space.

That is why I LOVE how they maximized their outside space with awnings that make me go fawning under the LED lights.

Yes, I bet you can already imagine a picturesque midnight beer hang-out with dad.


  • Lightest travel trailer on the list (unloaded vehicle weight of 3,014 lbs)
  • Enough capacity for 2 bunk beds and a full-sized bed
  • Tinted windows for more privacy
  • Cooler interiors during the summer
  • Storage areas are evenly spread out


  • These travel trailers with bunk beds do not have slides
  • Floor plans may be very cramped for passengers with large and tall frames
  • There’s not enough floor space to walk around
  • Toilet does not seem durable.
  • Showerheads might be too low for our tall travelers

Pro-tip: Want to make sure your truck will be able to carry your trailer’s whole weight?

For safety, check your vehicle’s maximum towing capacity. Your trailer’s gross vehicle weight rating must be below that value!

2021 CrossRoads Zinger ZR328SB


Key Features

  • Length:36.5 ft
  • Hitch Weight: 942 lbs
  • Slides: 2
  • Interior Height: 81 in
  • Sleeping Capacity: 11

Are you on the lookout for a large bunk house (I’m talking about a size good enough for separate rooms for you and your kids)?

The Crossroads Zinger answers this call effortlessly.

At the end of the day, when all lights close, I know that my family sleeps comfortably in their own spaces.

That’s because there is a bunk bed area for my kids, master bedroom, jackknife sofa, and dinette that magically turns into an extra bed when visitors come to visit.

Wait! More treats await the sleepyhead traveler.

Why Do I Like It?

The best part about these travel trailers is the SPACIOUS bunk house.

As you enter the area, you will be greeted by much more space for sleep. Let me enumerate the following amenities:

  • A twin-size bed above the entertainment area slash storage.
  • A couch across the television area can transform into a bed.
  • A trundle that can be extended under the couch.
  • A (secret) bunk bed above the couch that you can also put down when needed.

After doing the math, I’m excited to say that you can easily fit five people in the bunkhouse alone! INSANE.

In the kitchen, you can find a spacious U-shaped dinette that can fit my small family of four plus a couple more friends who might wish to visit us over the weekend.

I also have so much room to prepare large party meals on the wide countertops.

Oh, have I mentioned the 12-volt refrigerator that can hold more food space than your average trailer. Do I hear lesser trips to the grocery? Y-E-S.

But don’t let this large size put you off because you can have just as much fun outdoors as you can indoors.

The exterior kitchen slash entertainment center gives you everything you might ever need for a football game day slash barbecue cook-out frenzy on the weekends as well.


  • Extra room for an overhead bunk (other bunkhouse models don’t have this add-on)
  • Superior 81-inch interior height
  • Cozy and modern interiors
  • One bunk room alone can fit up to five people
  • Bathroom has its own entrance


  • Close distance between the bed and the television might result in privacy issues
  • The carpet flooring in some floor plans may be dislikable for some

The Travel Trailer Talk: Benefits and Drawbacks

Bunkhouses tend to be big investments because they cost big bucks!

Do you need one? It’s time to weigh your decisions on these factors.


Extra Sleeping Space

SLEEP IS KING! Getting a good night’s rest is essential for an energy-packed adventure for the next day.

This is where bunkhouses come in.

Floor plans are specifically designed to easily convert morning living spaces into nighttime resting spots so that the whole family (or even guests!) can relax comfortably at the end of the day.

Just look at the 2021 CrossRoads Zinger ZR328SB, for example- from bunks to convertible sofas and dinettes, you can see all these advantages in a trailer.


Travel trailers are cheaper to purchase, maintain, and repair than your regular RV or motorhome.

Despite the cheap price point, they still provide you with your day-to-day needs like a livable kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and much more.


You will usually find a significant walking distance separating the bunks from the master suite in many floor plans.

That’s good news for parents who want to unwind at the end of the day away from their children.

At the same time, the kids will enjoy their alone time in their own bunk rooms.


Small Size

Travel trailers are not as big as motorhomes.

Like you’ve seen in the round-up above, many trailer models have low interior heights.

I’ve had many 6-foot tall friends complain about the cramped ceiling situations in many of the trailers they’ve had before. There are even times when the showerhead in the bathroom is too low for their use.

That is why you need to make sure that before purchasing your trailers, check whether all your passengers can comfortably live and move around.

Nobody wants to live in small spaces, let alone travel in one!

Lesser Amenities

Because travel trailers are smaller than your regular motorhome, it follows that you will have smaller amenities to live in.

Kitchen countertops can get very small, and the bathroom size in many models may not have the spacious luxury you can get in, say motorhomes.

The walk-around spaces are LIMITED in most master suites. It also doesn’t help that most trailers are suited for just two bunk beds.

You might need to get used to these drawbacks when transitioning from an RV to a trailer.

This is also why the extra benefit of exterior kitchens and showers are some of the features I look for in my next travel trailers.

Do I Need a Travel Trailer With Slides?

One of the most striking benefits of having slides is MORE SPACE.

The sleeping space, floor space, living space, and slide-outs are HEAVEN-SENT for offering larger families more room to be in.

While slides are awesome for this, they also come with disadvantages. These include:

  • Maintenance and repair costs are probably the most obvious things you might have to face as you use your travel trailers more. I warn you now. You will need to do regular check-ups on your slides!
  • Slides may tend to have leakages in their pumps and valves along with their service life.
  • The slide also tends to be heavy, so you will absolutely need to power up on a good engine to make your trip smooth sailing.

The options with slides are more suited to long-time travelers with bunkhouse RVs because SLIDES ARE EXTRA INVESTMENTS you need to shell money on, on top of your other travel expenses.

If you think you’ll spend a day or two on your trips, chances are you won’t need the benefit of slides.

The (Short) Queen Bed vs. The Regular Queen Bed

In my years of adventures in travel trailers, one of the things I wished I knew earlier was that queen-sized beds in RVs are SIZED DIFFERENTLY than the regular queen beds you have at home.

This makes sense, knowing that there’s just so much you can fit in a trailer’s master suite.

Of course, you wouldn’t go right off the bat and force a big bed in your trailer BECAUSE you will also need walk-around space in that area!

Camper trailer specs in brochures would often just specify that “it’s a queen-sized bed.” Kind of vague, right?

As a guide, use measurements as the basis.

  • Queen beds in RVs are often regarded as short queen-size mattresses that measure 60 inches by 75 inches. That’s already enough to sleep two adults comfortably.
  • “Regular” queen-size mattresses you find at home are 60 inches by 80 inches.

Some trailers are big enough to fit a regular-sized queen bed. But take the safer road and double-check whether the queen-sized bed you already own fits your trailer.

A Recap of the Best Travel Trailer Picks

Starcraft Autumn Ridge Travel Trailer – Best Budget Pick

These travel trailers with bunk beds pack my adventure with leisure without compromise to durability and functionality.

My favorite part has to be the private bunkhouse that includes the triple bunk beds.

And these incredible floor plans come at a very affordable price range.

You can allocate your budget for other activities in the itinerary!

2020 Dutchmen-Aerolite: 2423 BH – Best Value

I have to say that these family camper trailers with bunk beds ran a very close fight against our overall Jayco winner, which is why it’s such a solid 1st runner-up for me.

What’s my favorite part?

THE LARGE BATHROOM! The average travel trailer can’t relate.

It truly maximizes the value for money!

Yes, after a long tiring day, I want the luxury of a relaxing bath and fuss-free wash time with my little kids.

The bunk beds are ALSO spacious, and I know that when my kids eventually grow into teenagers, I won’t have problems with them overgrowing the whole bunk bed situation.

2021 Jayco Flight Slx 8 – Best Overall

The 2021 Jayco Flight Slx 8 stands as a strong competitor among the overall best camper trailers with bunk beds in the market because it literally offers me EVERYTHING I NEED AND A LOT MORE.

From indoors (have I raved about the cozy interiors enough?) to outdoors (shoutout to the handy exterior kitchen and shower), there is definitely space for the family everywhere.

I also love how I can comfortably sleep with my family and still be able to invite a couple more friends over.


Traveling the long road is such a fun experience when you know you’ve got everything you need to be packed ahead.

And travel trailers that come with bunk beds can give you exactly that! More sleeping space, more storage space, and more living space!

Get moving with your travel trailer of choice.

Which one is your favorite?