Best Travel Trailers in 2021

When it comes to convenient, comfortable camping, it’s hard to argue with a good travel trailer. If you choose the right model, it can feel like bringing the safety of home with you. The trouble is, finding a product that works for you can be surprisingly tough.

There are a whole lot of options out there and it isn’t always clear which way you should go. That’s where we come in. We’ve already written a fair amount about these camping companions (check our other articles out here).

For this article, we’ve done the bulk of the legwork so you don’t have to. This page will run through some of the best travel trailer lines money can buy. We’ve tried to cover an option for everyone. From portable pop-ups to giant luxury vehicles ? we’ve got you covered.

Travel Trailer Brands

It’s worth mentioning that while we believe the options listed on this page represent excellent value for money, they’re not the only good travel trailers around. With this in mind, we wanted to briefly run through some of the most common, highly regarded brands.

They’re not always perfect, but these names have pretty good track records. Remember that you should still look into each specific model that you’re considering. Every brand puts out duds from time to time.

Forest River

In our opinion, Forest River is one of the best options out there. They consistently deliver on quality, durability and performance. The company sells a broad range of travel trailers including toy haulers, fifth wheels and truck campers.

As a general rule, Forest River trailers come with a long list of options for floor plans, storage and bathroom features. They’re a great name to look out for.


Operating out of Middlebury, Indiana, Jayco has been offering a stellar line of campers since 1968. This is one of the best names to consider if you need a family trailer; most models come with at least reasonable sleeping space for small to mid-sized families.

Like many of the key players, Jayco offers RVs to suit a wide range of budgets and lifestyles. The brand is owned by the manufacturer Thor Industries, a huge name in the world of RVs that owns several popular brands.

Grand Design

If you’re looking for a luxury travel trailer, these guys are worth considering. Their lineup is packed full of trailers that are better equipped than some people’s houses! They’re certainly not fit for everyone’s budget, but they’ll serve you well if you’ve got the cash.

For an insane level of comfort in the great outdoors, Grand Design is the one to watch.


Another name that has been purchased by Thor Industries, KZ travel trailers are typically built with high-quality materials and a phenomenal level of craftsmanship. Toy haulers, fifth wheels and a long list of travel trailers are all available.

Whether you’re looking for a simple lightweight camper or a heavy duty beast with tons of storage space, KZ is one of the best travel trailer brands around.

As a side note: Here are travel trailer brands you must avoid!.

As a side note: Here are travel trailer brands you must avoid!.


These guys are a slight change of pace. They’re an excellent choice for campers looking for an iconic travel trailer with a stunning aluminum aesthetic. Inside these trailers, the oldschool stylings are usually combined with a slew of modern camping conveniences.

Airstream is one of the best travel trailer brands if you want something that makes a statement wherever you park it.

Best Travel Trailers: Overall

Now that we’ve touched on some of the key travel trailer brands, it’s time to explore a taste of what they offer. This section will run through some of our favorite models available. We’ve tried to curate a list that offers something for everyone.

1. Forest River Flagstaff Tent (Best Pop-Up)

forest river flagstaff tent

This model is frequently one of the top-rated options for a lightweight pop-up travel trailer that still offers plenty of features. You’ll have 10 different floor plans to choose from which is a significant amount of choice compared to some other brands.

Need a bathroom? There are options for that. Need an extra sofa bed? Choose one of the appropriate floor plans. You get the picture. In terms of flexibility and reliability, this seems like a pretty safe bet.

Forest River Warranty Suite

When dealing with pop-up trailers, your warranty coverage is arguably more important than usual thanks to the number of moving parts you’ll be dealing with. Luckily, Forest River offers pretty good coverage on this Flagstaff model.

Your lift system will be covered for life and the tent areas of the camper are covered for five years. When it comes to travel trailer warranties, this is above average.

A Surprisingly Comfortable Interior

Pop-Up campers are not well known for their comfort. Forest River has done a pretty great job of building a comfortable interior for this travel trailer. The materials, construction and design are all quite attractive.

Plenty of Room

If you need a travel trailer that can fit the whole family, this is a good one to go for. Multiple floor plans come with an extra sofa bed, bringing the comfortable sleeping space up to 6-7 people. This easy to tow trailer might be just what your family has been looking for.


  • Strong warranty coverage
  • The interior design is high-quality
  • Plenty of sleeping space


  • Not great for winter camping
  • Not the cheapest model around

2. Jayco Jay Flight SLX 7 (A Spacious Option)

A phenomenal mid-size trailer, the Jay Flight packs a ton of features into a footprint that gives campers the space they deserve. With 6 floor plans to choose from in 2021, there’s almost definitely a model to suit your needs.

Jayco Jay Flight SLX 7

Spacious yet Lightweight

At 7 feet wide, the Jay Flight has plenty of space for campers to move around in. It achieves this footprint while staying lighter than 3,500 lbs. Different plans will alter the weight slightly, but this trailer is still very easy to tow for most vehicles.

Most reasonably powerful cars should have no problem with this travel trailer.

2+3 Warranty

Jayco is another travel trailer brand with a comparatively good warranty package for their products. The 2+3 warranty means that the trailer is covered for its first 2 years of service. Structural integrity is covered for 3 years for some added peace of mind.

It’s worth mentioning that the 2-year warranty is only for travel distances up to 24,000 miles. If you manage to travel further than this in less than two years, you won’t be covered by default.

Take Your Kitchen With You

The kitchen on this lightweight travel trailer comes with “everything you need and nothing you don’t”. Campers can enjoy a 2-burner stove, spacious countertops, microwave and compact refrigerator. Having these conveniences with you while you camp can take your vacations to a whole new level.


  • A relatively large trailer that’s still easy to tow
  • Plenty of floor plans
  • Excellent kitchen


  • The interior gray coloring may be a little boring for some

3. Grand Design Reflection (Excellent Luxury Model)

This is our top-rated luxury trailer choice. The Reflection represents a higher level of comfort and luxury than many people enjoy in their own homes. Everything from the stunning entertainment center to the fully fledged kitchen just screams quality.

RV travel doesn’t get much better than this.

Grand Design Reflection

Killer Storage

This thing can fit any amount of equipment you throw at it. The under-bed storage in particular deserves a lot of praise here. All of your camping gear, clothes and other accessories will have more than enough room.

Room to Jump Around

Once you enter into the luxury tier of travel trailers, you’re dealing with an impressive amount of space. You’ll have more than enough room to stretch out and enjoy your time in the great outdoors. This is not a product that involves a lot of compromises.

Partitioning Options

One of the things we love about luxury travel trailers is the increased level of privacy that becomes possible. Multiple floor plans for the Grand Design Reflection give users to option to partition their theater seating, bathroom space and more.

Having a section of your RV walled off just for you must be an amazing feeling!


  • Great storage spaces
  • The theater seating seems super comfortable
  • The kitchen is insane compared to budget options


  • The base Grand Design warranty of 12 months is a little disappointing

4. KZ Sportsmen SE (The Value Option)

This travel trailer is often one of the top-rated in terms of value for money. While it doesn’t come with the premium features that some high-end models offer, this is a comparatively affordable option that will appeal to families and solo campers alike.

With 11 different layouts to choose from, the Sportsmen SE is a super versatile option. It’s worth looking through the different layouts for yourself as there really is a lot to sink your teeth into.

KZ Sportsmen

Huge Pass-Thru Storage

Most SE models come with a super spacious pass-thru storage area. This can give you new levels of freedom when it comes to the kit you choose to bring with you. The extra space can mean the difference between an inconvenient trip and a trip worth remembering.

Backup Camera as Standard

Depending on the travel trailer you use and the camping spots you stay at, parking your trailer can be an absolute nightmare. Fortunately, the Sportsmen SE comes with an excellent backup camera as standard. This should make it much simpler to back your camper into those hard-t0-fit spots.

Exterior Speakers with LED Lighting

Once you’re all set up on site, there’s something magical about lighting a fire and playing some of your favorite tunes. The exterior speakers on this travel trailer do a great job of livening up those dark nights on the camp site.

The LED lights also have the added benefit of making the trailer much easier to find as you wander back late at night.


  • A great value package
  • 11 floor plan options
  • Standard backup camera for easy parking


  • Doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of a high-end travel trailer

5. Airstream Classic (A Premium Trendsetter)

We’ll level with you ? this is miles away from a budget option. What it is, however, is an incredible premium travel trailer from one of the first travel trailer brands that ever existed. The Airstream Classic combines an iconic design with luxury features fit for royalty.

This thing is so nice that you could easily live in it full time if you wanted to.

Airstream Classic

Incredible Acoustics and Entertainment

The sound system on this Airstream dream was built by a team of acoustics experts, and it shows. Your TV and music entertainment will sound rich, loud and powerful throughout the trailer. This is one of those models that we can see ourselves spending hours in and having an incredible time.

It Even Has a Doorbell

We know this is a relatively small feature, but we thought it was super-cool. The Airstream Classic comes with a traditional doorbell at the entrance for an authentic taste of home. While it’s not the biggest feature out there, it is testament to the level of quality campers can expect with travel trailers like these.

A Silent Heating System

Keeping warm while on the go is one of the biggest considerations when looking at different travel trailers. The heating system on this Airstream does a great job of maintaining a comfortable temperature throughout the whole unit.

It does this by circulating warm air around the travel trailer without making any noise at all!


  • Iconic design that many travellers love
  • A trailer brand you could comfortably live in full time
  • Tons of storage space


  • Prices start at $161,900 which is a huge investment

Features of the Best Travel Trailers – Our Buyer’s Guide

We want to reiterate that while we think the options listed above are excellent, they’re far from the only travel trailers out there. In fact, there are plenty of other good models on the market. With this in mind, this section will outline some of the key things to consider when buying a new camping companion.

Floor Plan Options

Most travel trailers worth their salt will offer at least a few different options for the layout of the vehicle. You might not be too picky and be unfazed by a lack of choice. That said, it’s reasonable to expect at least 3-5 different plans to choose from.

It’s worth thinking about what your priorities are for your new vehicle. Do you have a lot of gear to bring with you? Is a fully kitted out bathroom a must for you? How many people need to sleep in the camper? Asking questions like these early on will make it much easier to pick a layout that works for you.

Convenience Features

The amount you plan to camp and travel with your new trailer will determine how highly you value convenience features. For example, many travel trailers make use of clever space-saving tricks like folding tables and fold-away beds.

These solutions can save a ton of space, but some travellers will find them too much of a compromise to deal with.


As a very broad rule, the industry standard for warranty coverage is 12 months for travel trailers. That said, there are plenty of names out there willing to go a step further than this. Forest River and Jayco are two names that come to mind.

Both of these trailer brands offer a more comprehensive level of coverage for most of their travel trailers. No matter which brand you choose, make sure you check the details of the warranty you’re being offered.

Some programs cover different aspects of your trailer with varying degrees of protection. Grand Design, for example, offers a base warranty of only 12 months, but offers a structural warranty that lasts for 3 years.

Shop around now to avoid disappointment later on.

Storage Space

Most RV manufacturers build travel trailers with at least reasonable storage solutions, but the amount of room you get can vary significantly. Think closely about how much you want to bring with you for your trip.

Keep in mind that space can be at a premium when it comes to travel trailers. The lighter your load, the more money you stand to save.


Make sure you choose a model that’s going to go the distance. Even relatively affordable travel trailers represent a significant investment. For this reason, it’s important to check reviews on durability and lifespan for any model you’re considering.

The last thing you want is a travel trailer that lets you down after the first year.


This one will depend on where in the world you’re camping and the time of year you plan your trips. Most RVs aren’t built to be comfortable in harsher winters. Check for more premium heating and insulation options if you can afford them.

If you plan on using your RV during the winter months, make sure you buy a model with sufficient insulation and heating.

Recent-Year Model

Is the RV you’re looking at described as “dealer stock only?” This may mean it’s a model from several years ago. Don’t get us wrong, older models can save you a fair bit of money, but the best way to ensure durability long-term is to buy a model from the past couple of years.


This section will touch on some common questions about travel trailers and the RV lifestyle.

What are the Best Quality Travel Trailers?

The brands like Forest River, Grand Design and Airstream that we’ve explored on this page have a decent track record in delivering a high level of quality and performance. It’s worth keeping in mind that your budget is one of the biggest factors that determines the final quality of your trailer.

For the best of the best, some travellers fork out hundreds of thousands of dollars.

What are the Worst Travel Trailers?

This one is tough to answer, as over the years most brands on the market have produced at least one or two duds. That said, some names that often cropped up when we researched the bad brands out there were Winnebago Industries, Hurricane and Coleman.

This isn’t to say that everything these brands produce is bad. You should always approach any brand with a pinch of salt.

What is the Best Quality Lightweight Travel Trailer?

There’s no one answer to this. However, we think the Flagstaff Tent (number one on this list) is an excellent choice. Its lightweight build and compact design make it comparatively trivial to tow with even a basic family sedan.

The interior and features are also significantly more comfortable than you might expect.

What is the Best Camper for the Money?

At least from our list, the KZ Sportsmen SE is very good value product in our opinion. It packs a whole lot of punch into a package that’s much more affordable than a good chunk of the competition. The broad range of available floor plans is also great to see.

Can You Live in an RV Full Time?

Absolutely! It depends which specific model you’re using, but an increasing number of people around the globe are choosing to live in travel trailers and converted vans.

While it sounds like a depressing sign of the shrinking economic climate, many of these people are high-income couples who just love the RV lifestyle. If you’re interested in this kind of life, check out our article on Van Conversion Companies to get started.



The world of travel trailers and RVs is an exciting place. These vehicles can bring a new sense of freedom and adventure into your life. We hope this article has helped you take your first steps towards finding a model that works for you.

Remember to double-check your warranty details and to treat any listing you read with a degree of scrutiny. You deserve a camper that’s going to go the distance, so it’s worth taking the time to do things properly.

Whichever brand you choose, we hope it serves you well in the wilderness!

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