Best RV Vacuum: Keep Your Camper Squeaky Clean

Chores are probably the last thing on your mind when you are out on a trip in your RV. However, it is important that you keep it clean and hygienic. Dust and dirt can quickly build up when you are living inside your vehicle all the time.

What you need is a compact vacuum cleaner that’s designed for mobile homes. You want an appliance that is user-friendly, affordable, and power-efficient.

Overwhelmed by the options out there? With this buyer’s guide, you can choose the best RV vacuum for your needs.

8 Best RV Vacuums

Here, we have listed down a few of the most reliable RV vacuums in the market.

1. HP Products 9880 Dirt Devil Central Vacuum System

HP Products 9880 Dirt Devil Central Vacuum System


The HP 9880 Dirt Devil Central Vacuum System is an RV vacuum that promises to deliver high performance by swiftly cleaning your vehicle.


The HP Products 9880 Dirt Devil Central Vacuum System is an RV vacuum system that comes with a HEPA filter. This RV central vacuum has a capacity of one gallon, so you can expect it to remove all the dirt, dust, and debris in one go.

Despite its small size, this vacuum has an impressive flow rate of 100 cubic feet per meter. Its hose can expand from 7 inches to 35 inches for hard-to-reach corners. In addition, a built-in protector helps the vacuum motor automatically adjust and reset itself without any overheating or overloading.

Your HP vacuum comes with a dusting brush, a 10-inch floor/rug tool, a mesh tool bag, and crevice tools. Moreover, you need not worry about the vacuum being too heavy, as it only weighs 14 pounds.


  • Large capacity and high flow rate
  • Five-year warranty period
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Less prone to overheating or overloading


  • Takes time to install and set up
  • May start producing a loud noise when used for a long time

2. Black+Decker Dustbuster Handheld Vacuum BDH2000L

BLACK+DECKER dustbuster Handheld Vacuum, Cordless, Black (BDH2000L)


If you are looking for a vacuum that you can use in your RV and at home, this handheld model from Black+Decker is for you.


This camper vacuum is incredibly lightweight at only 1.3 pounds. Not only that, but this cleverly designed vacuum is cordless and powerful. These qualities make it ideal for various cleaning applications inside and outside your RV.

One of the vacuum’s best features is a lithium-ion battery unit for continuous and enhanced performance. This power source also contributes to a longer lifespan. This device has a power capacity of 16 volts and a suction capacity of 15.2 watts.

You can use this appliance to remove dirt and dust particles from all kinds of surfaces. A rotating slim nozzle allows you to cover a large surface area fast. Lastly, the vacuum has a bowl that you can detach and clean without any hassle.


  • Cordless and extremely lightweight
  • Two-year warranty period
  • Can be used on any kind of surface
  • Ideal for RVs, cars, and houses


  • Needs to be charged every half an hour after use
  • May require wearing earplugs while cleaning, as the vacuum produces a loud noise

3. Shark Rocket Corded Hand Vacuum HV301

Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Corded Bagless Vacuum for Carpet and Hard Floor Cleaning with Swivel Steering (HV301), Gray/Orange


If you want an RV vacuum cleaner that can transform from a handheld device into a floor-to-ceiling cleaner, then go for the Shark Rocket Corded Hand Vacuum.


The Shark Rocket Corded Hand Vacuum is one of the top RV vacuums in the market, thanks to its dual-mode design. You can quickly convert it to a floor-to-ceiling vacuum for cleaning your RV, home, car, or boat.

If you are traveling with a pet, you’ll love the TruePet Motorized brush. This nifty feature efficiently sucks up fur, dirt, dust, and other debris. With the Shark Rocket Corded Hand Vacuum, expect your surroundings to be deep-cleaned.

In addition, the microfiber cleaner and swivel steering let you vacuum the most awkward nooks and crannies. The vacuum has been equipped with a “No Loss of Suction” feature to ensure it keeps cleaning while in use. It can be easily secured to a wall with the mount provided.


  • Versatile
  • Can reach spaces and furniture
  • Can be fixed to a wall
  • Ideal for pet owners


  • Slightly heavier than other RV vacuum cleaners
  • Does not have a shoulder strap to reduce weight on arms

4. Dyson V7 Car+Boat Cord-Free Handheld Vacuum

Dyson V7 Trigger Cord-Free Handheld Vacuum Cleaner


Are you looking to buy a top-of-the-line vacuum from a reputable brand? Then the Dyson V7 Car+Boat Cord-Free Handheld Vacuum is the best choice for you.


Dyson’s V7 Handheld Vacuum is counted among the best RV vacuum cleaners in the market, thanks to its superior suction strength.

Use the included crevice and combination tools to remove all the pet hair and stubborn dirt particles from furniture and upholstery. Its lithium battery ensures you have the power you need to deep clean your RV from top to bottom.

The best part? It has a dirt ejector so you don’t have to come into contact with the suctioned debris.

  • Two-year warranty
  • Cordless
  • Ergonomic and lightweight
  • Has an extended hose attachment
  • Powerful motorized suction
  • Long-lasting battery


  • More expensive than other vacuum cleaners
  • May be difficult to empty

5. BISSELL Crosswave Pet Pro All in One Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner 2306A

Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro All in One Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner and Mop for Hard Floors and Area Rugs, 2306A


Are you struggling to get rid of pet fur and stubborn stains from your RV? Don’t worry, because the BISSELL Crosswave Pet Pro All in One Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner is there for you.


A wet and dry RV vacuum can act as a mop and a vacuum cleaner at the same time. Nothing does the job better than BISSELL’s Crosswave Pet Pro. You can use it to clean both hard surfaces and carpeted floors.

The appliance comes with features that will make it easy to clean up after your furry companion. One of these is a special formula to help you remove all the stubborn pet stains from your furniture and upholstery.

This amazing vacuum cleaner has a pet brush that sucks in any kind of muck, along with a sieve that separates fur from dirt and dust. Lastly, the appliance is lightweight, so you don’t have to worry about carrying and transporting it.


  • Innovative pet fur remover
  • Acts as a mop and vacuum
  • Lightweight
  • Can get rid of persistent smells and stains


  • Expensive compared with other RV vacuums
  • May leave streaks

6. Dometic DI-CS8E Central RV Vacuum System

Dometic DI-CS8E RVac Ultra Compact Central Vacuum System


If you are looking for a no-frills vacuum cleaner that is low-maintenance? Add the Dometic Central RV Vacuum System to your shortlist.


This compact appliance from Dometic is an RV central vacuum that focuses on performance. It only has the essential features you need to get the job done. If you don’t want to mess with multiple attachments and settings, this is a great option.

Moreover, this vacuum cleaner has an easy installation process. At six inches wide, it can be stored anywhere as it doesn’t take up too much space.


  • Cordless
  • Easy to install
  • Great suction power
  • Minimalistic
  • Compact and lightweight


  • Does not have any additional features or functionality
  • Expensive compared with similar vacuum cleaners

7. SOWTECH Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

SOWTECH Cordless Vacuum Cleaner (Black)


Looking for the best value for your money? The SOWTECH Cordless Vacuum strikes a balance between affordability and functionality.


If you want a convertible vacuum that is equipped with the latest features, consider this cost-efficient product from SOWTECH. You can switch between the handheld mode and the upright version anytime. It allows you to take care of the most difficult-to-reach spaces in your RV or home.

Its stainless filter is washable and a good alternative to a HEPA filter. This canister vacuum comes with six diverse attachments for all cleaning needs.

Finally, you can run this vacuum even at night. It is one of the quietest vacuum cleaners in the market.


  • Has both handheld version and upright version
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Diverse attachments
  • Noise reduction technology


  • Has low-power suction
  • May not charge properly

8. VonHaus Gray 2 in 1 Corded Lightweight Stick Vacuum

VonHaus Stick Vacuum Cleaner 600W Corded – 2 in 1 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner/Upright Vacuum Cleaner – Lightweight Design, HEPA Filtration, Extendable Handle, Crevice Tool and Brush Accessories


Do you wish to buy a vacuum cleaner that has multiple features and can cover a large area within minutes? Consider buying the VonHaus Gray 2 in 1 Corded Lightweight Stick Vacuum.


This lightweight RV vacuum has a unique 2-in-1 feature: you can easily switch between its handheld version and upright version. In the latter mode, it comes with a 19.5-foot cord. This ensures that you don’t need to keep plugging and unplugging your vacuum cleaner every time you want to clean a large area.

Aside from the usual brush head, you also get a crevice tool and upholstery brush when you buy this model. A HEPA filter ensures that even the tiniest particles are captured and removed from your home.

In addition, you don’t have to deal with a cumbersome bag. Instead, this model has a dust container that can easily be detached and cleaned.


  • Easily detachable dust container
  • Converts from a handheld model to an upright model
  • Affordable
  • Best for bare floors
  • HEPA filter


  • Tends to break or malfunction after heavy use
  • Not ideal for carpeted floors

RV Buyer’s Guide

It can be confusing to decide which road vac RV vacuum suits best to your needs. You must keep several factors in mind, including price, additional features, ease of cleaning, electricity consumption, and so on.

This detailed buyer’s guide will help you determine which RV vacuum model is best for you.

Ease of Use

As the owner of a vacuum cleaner, there are several aspects that you need to keep in mind. For one thing, you need to clean it regularly, change the batteries, and perform maintenance checks. All these ensure that your RV vacuum is working smoothly. You also need to know the installation process and how to use attachments, if any.

If you don’t want to spend too much time setting up and maintaining a vacuum, buy one that does not have a lot of accessories. Simple works just as well when it comes to RV vacuums.

Suction Capacity

Modern vacuum cleaners offer superior suction power, but some models are simply better than the rest. Go for an appliance that can offer this at a reasonable cost. The suction should also stay consistent, or you will end up getting frustrated while cleaning.

Another deciding factor is whether you have a large carpeted area or bare floors. If you are looking for a wet and dry vacuum, then go for the model with high suction power.

Cordless vs. Corded

A cordless vacuum cleaner is battery-powered and needs to be charged, while a corded appliance needs to be plugged into a power source during use.

Selecting between a cordless and a corded vacuum cleaner depends upon whether you have a steady supply of electricity or not. If you are going to be traveling to places where electricity is not an issue, then buying a corded vacuum cleaner is best.

On the other hand, if you intend to be in areas where power is not always on hand, then it is best to buy a cordless vacuum model.

Collection Capacity

Collection capacity refers to how much dirt and debris your vacuum cleaner can collect in a single use. Naturally, a smaller vacuum model will have a lower collection capacity than a larger model. This means you need to empty the bag or dust canister more often.

If you are someone who cleans your RV daily or doesn’t want to spend too much time cleaning, then a large vacuum suits your needs best. A bigger vacuum cleaner can cover an expansive area in one go. You need not clear out the garbage and then put back the dust collector again to resume cleaning.

Noise Level

A standard vacuum can produce a racket of 70 decibels. Since an RV is an enclosed space, even low-decibel sounds will be magnified. Keep in mind that anything above 120 decibels may damage your ears. Not only that, it’s pretty annoying to listen to.

If you are someone who doesn’t like loud noises, it is better to buy an RV vacuum that makes minimum noise. The more powerful a vacuum’s motor is, the louder the noise it will produce.

There are no silent RV vacuums at this time. However, a battery-operated vacuum is less noisy than other models. Look for products that have noise-reduction technology.


A good RV vacuum can clean all kinds of surfaces. To do this, most models come with various cleaning attachments. Some of the most common attachments include crevice brushes, a mop, brush heads, and a pet hair remover.

Ensure that these attachments can be removed, cleaned, and used easily. They should be made of sturdy materials. If you want to save money, skip the attachments that you will never use. For example, you won’t need a mop if your RV has carpeted floors.

Types of RV Vacuums

RV vacuums can be differentiated based on these three parameters:


Since an RV vacuum consumes a lot of power, you need to decide what type of vacuum you need. If you are someone who has a large RV or uses a vacuum cleaner daily, then it is best to buy a vacuum that is power-friendly. Otherwise, your electric consumption will shoot up.

If you choose to buy an RV vacuum that has a power cord, then you need an inverter or a battery bank to support the high power needs of your appliance. Since you are in an RV, you may not have access to a reliable power source all the time. It’s a good idea to get an RV vacuum that runs on a battery and doesn’t need to be plugged in. When you do, take note of the charging time and battery life.

Canister Capacity

If you are someone who deep cleans frequently, you would require an RV vacuum with a large canister capacity. Such a vacuum can collect all the dust and debris in one go, saving you multiple trips to the garbage bin.

Once you are done cleaning, don’t forget to empty the canister, else it can host bacteria and germs. Damp dirt may also build up and clog the interior of your vacuum if this canister is not cleaned often.


Since space in a mobile home is at a premium, most RV vacuums are more compact than their residential counterparts. However, different models take up varying amounts of space. The size of your vacuum cleaner would depend on the size of your RV, cleaning preferences, and any special features you wish to include.

Handheld vacuums tend to be smaller, but they usually have less canister capacity and suction. You also have to factor in the weight when it comes to handheld models. It can get tiring to hold it in place after a few minutes.

In contrast, upright vacuums are larger so they have a bigger capacity. Since they can accommodate a bigger motor, expect a corresponding boost in suction. Weight isn’t that much of an issue since you just push it along as you clean.

What Are the Different Kinds of RV Vacuums?

The first thing you need to decide is the type of RV vacuum you require. Broadly, there are four types of vacuum cleaners:

Central Vacuum System

An RV central vacuum system is one in which the vacuum unit has been installed within the walls of the RV as a semi-permanent appliance. A ducting system of hoses helps shift the dirt and dust to the main garbage collection container.

Upright or Canister Vacuum

An upright or a canister vacuum is similar to the standard vacuum cleaner used in homes. Such vacuum cleaners usually require a 120-volt power source. They are quite heavy, but they do provide more suction power.

Sweeper or Stick Vacuum

A sweeper or stick vacuum is a modified upright vacuum. Their streamlined design makes them easier to store and maneuver. However, they offer less suction power compared to other types of RV vacuums.

Handheld Vacuum

Handheld vacuums are portable, lightweight, and battery-powered. These appliances are the most suitable for those who have an RV. They consist of additional features that make it easy to clean cramped spaces. Since handheld vacuums are usually cord-free, you have a wider reach. You don’t have to deal with tangled wires and electric outlets.


An RV vacuum cleaner is a great buy for people who do a lot of traveling. Since manufacturers have come up with a myriad of models, you get the benefit of having a wide range of options.

Don’t settle for the first product you see. You must consider the price, power consumption, suction capacity, collection capacity, size, and ease of use before purchasing a vacuum cleaner.

Now that you know the best RV vacuum in the market, it’s time to go ahead and buy your own. With this handy tool, you can keep your home on wheels spic and span.

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