Bus Conversion Floor Plans from Full-Time RVers – 5 Best & Most Economical

– “Tried the 5th bus conversion floor plan idea. It is really great and simple and fun and tidy.”
– Mark

Can You Convert a Bus into a Motorhome?

Yes, converting a bus into a living space is very much in practice. Building a skoolie is cheaper and fun. You get a chance to test your craftsman skills and create something new.

With the right planning, an effective bus conversion floor plan, and sustained efforts, you can easily convert a bus into a motorhome. 

Besides all the great things about RVs, one can’t deny that they are expensive. But you can not let budget come in the way of living the van life you always dreamed of. This is where skoolies come into the picture provided you have a good bus conversion floor plan. 

A skoolie is nothing but a school bus turned into an RV. Agreed, it might not be as spacious as a ready-made RV from the store, but with planned efforts and skilled craftsmanship, and a legit bus conversion floor plan, you can turn that shabby-old school bus into a stunning camper. 

But as one might imagine, the task isn’t child’s play. Besides commitment, turning a bus into a living space will require thorough research. But not to worry, you no longer need to spend hours searching the internet. 

This article brings you the bus conversion floor plans floating on the internet. From Pinterest to Instagram, we rummaged through every possible place to find you the top conversion ideas.

Moreover, by the end, we will leave you with some tips for implementing a successful DIY bus conversion. 

5 Top Bus Conversion Plans

Shuttle Bus Conversion By Skyler and Ashley

Bus conversion floor plan
Bus Conversion Floor Plan Ideas #Idea 1 | Image Courtesy : Tiny Home Tours

First things first, I love how spacious and luxurious the rig looks. Truly professional! 

The secret to their successful bus build is the use of pre-made furniture. Yes, from cabinets to couches, pretty much everything in the skoolie is bought from the store and repurposed to fit the rig.

So if you are not confident with your DIY skills and want to avoid building your own furniture, pre-made stuff is for you. No one can beat the preciseness of commercial fittings.

If you are able to find bus conversion parts that suit your taste and fit your budget, pre-made furnishing is the best bet! 

The skoolie features a platform bed, a couch, a kitchen, and a bath. Besides that, an elevated single bed is built especially for children. 

Innovative approaches used by the couple make the skoolie unique. Also, the couple made the best use of available space with things like a hanging closet, cassette toilet, foldable chair, cooler-style fridge, etc. 

All the solar components are placed under the bed. Although it makes them a little difficult to approach, it’s not an issue since there is no need to check them on a regular basis.

Moreover, the spacious kitchen stands out. The couple intentionally designed it to be large enough to fulfill all their cooking needs. 

To sum it up, Skyler and Ashley did a great job with their shuttle bus DIY conversion. Their idea to use pre-made furniture worked like a charm.

The result was a classy-luxurious skoolie, just like the pair wanted. Skyler and Ashely are worth a follow if you were looking to build a standard skoolie without much effort!

The Adventure or Bust Bus DIY

Bus Conversion Floor Plan Ideas
Bus Conversion Floor Plan Ideas #2 Idea | Image Courtesy: Adventure or Bust

Brittany and Steven, with their well-built robbin blue skoolie, grab the second spot on our best bus conversion floor plans list. Skilled craftsmanship by the couple caught my attention on first seeing their skoolie.

They did a great job of building the wooden furniture for the rig. 

Besides furniture, the couple took good care of power as well. The skoolie is fully operable off-grid with the help of large solar panels installed on the roof. The pair fully utilized the ample space available at the top, which usually goes unused. 

The couple managed to have all the essential appliances in the skoolie. Their rig features everything from a large refrigerator to a wood stove and a sturdy basin.

Also, I liked how they hung the kitchen gear on a steel rod. It must have saved a lot of space. 

Just like the kitchen, the couple also nailed it with the bedroom. The skoolie features a large-spacious bed with plenty of light. Additionally, an AC is also installed right above the lofted bed. It couldn’t get more luxurious and convenient!

So the bottom line is that The Adventure or Bust aced the whole bus conversion. The skoolie is spacious and offers the utmost luxury.

When great ideas meet skilled artistry, Brittany and Steven happen!

Girl With A Bus

Bus Conversion Floor Plan
Bus Conversion Floor Plan #3 Idea | Image Courtesy: Girl With A Bus

Next on our list is a solo traveler Brittany. She is based in Colorado and loves traveling with her dog. She has done an impressive job in turning a shuttle bus into her dream RV all on her own, and has an impressive bus conversion floor plan.

Being a solo builder is tough but fun in its own way. You get the liberty to design the rig based on your preferences.

Brittany hustled for months, and the hard work paid off; the shuttle bus conversion couldn’t be better!

With light color combinations, the interior of the rig looks pretty bright. There is a couch, which can be converted into a bed whenever needed. It gives you the feel of a living room inside an RV!

The kitchen is spacious, and the light color theme is also followed here. Cabinets are well designed and fit in the given space.

Besides that, the dark-colored faucet used for the kitchen basin looks elegant. Also, the faucet is high enough to be used with all the kitchenware.

Besides a modern kitchen, the RV also features a foldable table, an elevated bedroom, and a bathroom. Brittany made sure to have all the luxuries in her skoolie.

All in all, Brittany’s RV is truly impressive. It is spacious and cozy at the same time. Additionally, I really liked the color combination used. Girl With A Bus is definitely an account worth checking to get great bus DIY ideas!

Mrs. Simplicity The Bus

Another entry of a couple on our best bus conversion floor plan list is Brock and Anna. They converted their 2004 Ford E-450 into a beautiful RV.

The pair isn’t an expert in DIY and tried to keep things as easy as possible. So if you aren’t a specialist and want some simple bus conversion tips, Brock and Anna are for you!

My first reaction to seeing this pic was how straightforward the rig looks. Nothing complicated, just some pre-made couches, a window, and a bed.

But the couple’s plain approach doesn’t downgrade the quality of living. The rig is fully functional and modern. Another plus about having a minimalistic design is that you can always upgrade it later.

Converting a bus into a living space is a big project; you can not hope to do it in one go. It is always better to have room for upgrading when the time feels right. 

The skoolie features a sophisticated kitchen and an elevated bed. Storage compartments are well designed and suit the overall layout of the rig.

Although, the kitchen could have been more spacious. I know we need to be very picky about space, but the kitchen deserves more room in the RV. Anyway, the couple seemed to be happy with it. If it works for them, well and good!

To summarize, Brock and Anna designed a modern skoolie with a simple bus conversion floor plan. The couple knew what they were doing and went with a minimalistic approach. If you seek a basic yet functional bus conversion, Mrs. Simplicity The Bus is for you. 

Our Way To Roam

Bus Conversion Floor Plan
Bus Conversion Floor Plan #Idea 5 | Image Courtesy: Our Way To Roam

Last entry on our bus conversion floor plan list is Our Way to Roam by Savannah and Drew. It is as stunning as one can imagine! Beginning their nomadic life in 2016, the couple has been into van life for the last six years now. 

COVID-19 has taken a hit on everyone; RV adventurers are no exception. With rising travel expenses, it was not possible for Savannah and Drew to continue with their Ford Coachmen.

But they didn’t give up on their dreams. The couple came up with an idea to convert their Ford E-450 into a living space. 

The hard work was worth it. The skoolie looks stunning. They have also uploaded videos of their DIY skoolie on YouTube. You can check out their channel here Our Way To Roam.

The couple has an active social media presence and uploaded plenty of videos in the last two years. 

I liked how sophisticated but ordered at the same time the rig looks. The interior has plenty of light, and large windows make the rig even more lively. The kitchen has all the essential appliances, including an oven cooker, sink, refrigerator, and various chopping surfaces. 

Image Courtesy Our Way To Roam 

The back of the RV is just as impressive as the front. It features an elevated bed, beautiful light-colored curtains, teal cabinets, and a few couches. The couple managed to have the home-like luxury in their skoolie. 

As far as the conversion cost is concerned, Savannah and Drew pulled it off under $30,000. Given how remarkable the conversion turned out, I think the price was worth it. 

So, to sum it up, Our Way To Roam is a handle you must follow. The couple is experienced and can help you with sophisticated DIY bus conversions. 

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How much would it cost to build a skoolie?

The cost of converting a school bus into a living space depends on a lot of factors. The price of the used bus, material cost, electric and plumbing cost, etc., all affect the cost of building a skoolie.

On average, you are expected to spend $20,000 to $30,000 to build a skoolie on your own. 

What type of bus is best for conversion?

Firstly, you must decide what bus size will be best for you. Buses come in a variety of sizes. Generally, a short bus would be 20ft to 25ft in length, while a midsize bus would measure 25ft to 25ft in length.

Anything larger than 35ft will be considered a large size. 

If you are a couple dreaming of van life with your partner, a short-sized bus is best for conversion. Larger options are better if you want to move with your whole family. 

How long does it take to do a bus conversion?

Broadly speaking, completing a bus conversion can take anywhere between 4 months to 2 years. It might take less than four months if you prefer a minimalistic approach and want to keep everything simple.

On the other hand, more sophisticated DIY bus builds can take years. 

Also, bus conversion isn’t a single-step procedure. You will always have room for upgrading. So instead of having a fixed time period in your head, the better option is to be flexible and go with the flow.  

Do you need a CDL to drive a school bus?

Yes, in most states, you do need a Commercial Driving License to drive a skoolie. The average cost of getting a CDL varies from $3,000 to $10,000.

Although, it is always preferred to look for any additional legal requirements specific to your state.