Camper Shower Curtain Track: Which is the Best One to Get?

Sometimes it’s the little things that can annoy you on a camping trip. And as funny as it sounds, something as easy as a camper shower curtain track can really annoy you.

We’re talking about the shower curtain. It should be pretty easy thing to deal with, but when your shower is in a small, confined space where you battle moisture all the time, then a simple shower curtain can become a big problem.

We have a regular shower curtain in our class C Lazy Daze and we have to spray it down often with bleach to keep the mildew away. We also keep a squeegee in the shower and use it after every shower to reduce moisture in the rig.

For many rigs, there are upgrades that you can do to help reduce the mildew issue. In our research, here are the ones we found.

Install a Curved Shower Track

extend a shower curtain rod

An easy solution to having the shower curtain stick to you while showering is to install a

flat aluminum shower curtain

curved shower track or rod.

This should expand the area in the shower a little more to give you some elbow room.

You can either create your own from a flat aluminum stock or buy an extend-a-shower type rod like this

Although this gives you more elbow room, you’ll still need to worry about the extra moisture on the curtain and try to pull the wrinkles out so it doesn’t get mildewy.

What is the Shub Shower Door

shub shower door

The Shub shower door is the brand name for the retractable shower door offered by the company Newline. The other main brand is the Nautilus by Stoett. Both offer several sizes and colors to choose from for your rig.

Many RVs come already equipped with the retractable shower door from the manufacturer. If your rig didn?t come with it and you?d like to switch it out, then you can buy either one from an aftermarket retailer.

What are the Benefits of a RV Retractable Shower Curtain?

The showers in RVs are a great place for moisture to buildup and cause mildewy smells if not handled properly.

The shub shower door allows for the shower curtain to be squeegeed while it?s retracting into the casing and removes the water from the screen door.

What some people do is they still squeegee the interior shower area after taking a shower, but you don?t have to do that with the door, so it saves you time.

Where to get a Shub Shower door

If your rig didn?t already come with the shub or retractable shower door, then you can find the parts from several different places.

CampingWorld used to carry them, but they?ve moved to the accordian style shower curtains.

The main website for Newline carries the shub for purchase here:—rvs/boats-c-1.html

You can find the Stoett?s Nautlus here:

After our latest trip, we’ve decided that it’s time for us to start looking for a new rig. Our Class C was perfect when we first started out, but we’ve been feeling more cramped in her lately. When we start looking for our next rig, we’ll add this to the list of things to look for.

Glass Shower Doors

Some people prefer a dedicated shower door with tempered glass. You will still want to squeegee it, but many like the extra sturdiness of the doors to hang hooks over for extra storage.

Of course, your rig must have enough room to accommodate this type of setup. But it can make your bathroom feel more like home.

Which Shower Curtain Solution Do You Have?

Like I said, we have an old school shower curtain. But are actively looking for a new rig and are leaning towards a dedicated shower door or the retractable type next.

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