Can I Add A Canopy To My RV?

So, you?ve taken your RV on a number of trips now and found that you really really need a canopy for those blazingly hot days or to enjoy a beer outside while it?s raining. There are a number of options for you to choose from and these can vary hugely in price so let?s have a look at your options:

Choice One ? Do It Yourself

If you look on YouTube, you will see that there are a number of ways that you can improvise and make your own canopy. These videos show step by step guides for creating your very own Frankenstein monster canopy. 

If you?re very handy, this could be a great option for you but if you?re not, you?re likely to spend more on it that if you?d actually bought one and it will probably never do the job properly.

Choice Two ? The Mesh Canopy

These are relatively low cost and are a great solution if you don?t really need anything too robust. Quick and easy to assemble and not at all bulky to store, they are a great way to enhance your existing awning. But that is the catch, you need an awning and most of these products only have warrantees of three years so expect to replace it.

Choice Three ? Heavy Duty Option

There are a great range of custom made heavy duty canopies for every make and model of RV. These will last and last and can be made to your own specifications. They are an extension of your live in space and can withstand rain and shine for years. These, I would say, are for the hard core RV disciples as there can be considerable cost involved. They are also not versatile as they are attached to your RV so can only be used in situ.

Choice Four ? Good Quality Detached Canopies

For anyone with a family or for those who like leaving the RV to explore the countryside or chill at the beach, a detached canopy is a really great idea. I simply love the range offered here Have a browse through and you will see that you have a much greater choice of style, size and ambience if you go for one of these options, from stylish beach canopies, to gazebos and pop up tents.

There is something for every budget and each and every one of these products is a great investment in terms of quality and versatility of use. My personal vote goes to the beach tents as they are easy to put up and grace any environment with style and functionality. Also, by not spending a fortune on what is, after all, shade, there will be more in the budget for a few more crates of beer or some fine wine if that?s more your thing.

So, let?s go for style and versatility as you never know where you will be next you gipsy you!

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