Can I Use An Electric Vacuum In My RV?

Finding the right cleaning equipment for an RV is a lot harder than you might initially think. RVs are small, compact spaces without much storage options for things like ironing boards and vacuum cleaners? even getting a toaster oven in there can seem like mission impossible. Let?s not even talk about how awkward cleaning all the tight and hard to reach spaces can be. 

Vacuum cleaners can make cleaning your RV 10 times easier if you get a vacuum suitable for your RV. The wrong vacuum can also make the job 10 times harder. Yes, you can use an electric vacuum cleaner in your RV and before I get into the benefits of cleaning an RV with an electric vacuum, check out this review that has detailed information about the best corded vacuums that are perfect for small spaces.

What Makes An Electric Vacuum Cleaner Good For An RV?

Here are a few things to think about when you are choosing your electric vacuum and what features make it perfect for your RV:

  1. Having a removable shaft is simply a MUST. This is for a number of reasons, the most obvious of which is that you will need to clean very tight spaces that the shaft won?t be able to reach.
  2. Look for a vacuum with additional extensions for cleaning things like fabrics and cobwebs. An extension that looks a bit like a short brush is great for cleaning where the ceiling meets the wall. 
  3. You want to find a vacuum that is able to clean both carpets and hard floors. This is so that you don?t need to vacuum and sweep the floor. 
  4. Bagless vacuums are great simply because they are a little more compact and streamlined in their design. Another pro of using bagless vacuums is that you don?t need to re purchase bags all the time, saving you a few bucks.

Other Important Features to Consider

  1. Warranty

Is there a good warranty, free or otherwise available with the vacuum you are looking at? Most brands offer a one year warranty that is either free or very reasonably priced. 

  1. Noise Pollution 

Getting a fairly quiet vacuum is a good idea if it is for your RV so that you don?t disturb anyone else that is relaxing watching tv or having a sleep while you clean. 

  1. Replaceable parts

When the vacuum is out of warranty, you still want to be able to keep it if something small malfunctions. Check to see if replacement parts can be bought for anything that breaks along the way. 

Now, your vacuum cleaner doesn?t have to tick all of the boxes we have outlined above, just bare in mind a couple of features that are most important for you and choose a vacuum that meets your standards and expectations. I hope you found this information helpful! Which one of these vacuums is right for you?

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