3 Best Eco Worthy Solar Panels for Your RV – Go Green and Save On Bills

Best Solar Panels for RVs - Eco Worthy Solar
Best Solar Panels for RVs – Eco Worthy Solar

120 Watts Eco Worthy Solar Panel saves me a minimum of $250 on my one trip – 500 miles to and fro approx – Mark

RV is essentially a home on wheels. These homes have several electrical appliances and devices, which people use while being in them. This brings in the need to supply power to these devices.

You may not run every device on its own battery as a few would demand an external power supply. This brings solar energy into the picture.

With top manufacturers like Eco Worthy in the market, we can find authentic products to power your RV. The high-quality eco-worthy solar kits come as a ray of hope for saving some green bucks and going green at the large. Check below 5 of the best eco-worthy solar for RVs. But before that make sure what to look out for –

Choosing the Best Eco Worthy Solar Kit

Before we explore about eco worthy solar panels, you need to check a couple of features that make it a worthy option: 

  • Wattage – Once you plan to install solar kits on your RVs, you would prefer to have a powerful one that can easily supply the required power supply to all the electrical devices in your vehicle in one go.

    To ensure it meets all your requirements, you will have to check the power rating or wattage. Generally speaking, it is always recommended to have a higher power rating or wattage for your RV for obvious reasons.

    In other words, you can go for solar panels ranging from 200 to 400 watts. These are often good in performance rather than having 100 watts. 
  • The number of Solar Panels – You also need to check a few solar panels in the box before you buy them for your RV. Buying 2-4 panels is a good option for reliability.

    However, this doesn’t mean you need ample space to install them. Always remember that larger solar panels in larger packs do give a higher return on investment.
  • Durability – As RV is a moving house on wheels, thus it bears stress and jolt while moving. Also, panels remain exposed to sunlight; hence durability of solar panels is an important feature to consider.

    It should also resist external weather conditions like rain, wind, snow, and other factors. We know most solar panels are water-resistant (ratings like IP 54 or 65) and sustain snow loads ranging from 2400 PA and 5400 PA, respectively. 

These are some primary factors to check before buying eco-worthy solar panels. However, there are more factors to check like the quality of the materials used, the clearance certificates, etc.

But with the following list of best Solar Panels from brands like Ecoworthy, you always rest assured of other elements. Check out below some of the best RV panels – 

1. Eco Worthy Solar Panel 100 Watts

Eco Worthy Solar Panel Kit 100 Watts
Eco Worthy Solar Panel Kit 100 Watts

Eco Worthy is primarily a brand of eco-friendly products, including solar panels for RV use. You can consider this brand even if you are new to solar panels and want one for easy installation, even when you are doing it on a DIY mode from scratch.

The 100-watt solar panel kit includes one solar panel, a charging controller, hardware, and power cables. However, if you are looking for a much more powerful solar panel, this may not be useful as it supports just the bare minimum.

The durability of this kit is perfect for RVs as it can easily resist the snow and wind up to 5400 PA, which is a desirable choice at any moving vehicle-based house. Moreover, it comes with a one-year warranty from the manufacturers.

Some key features include getting maximum power output of up to 100 watts, a single solar panel, and the said warranty.

The pros include being highly durable, available in a single unit, and good quality accessories to install solar panels easily.

It has one con though the low watts. And sometimes you will have higher power requirements for your RVs when going long.

You can shop this kit on sites like Amazon or from its official website.

2. Eco Worthy Solar Panel 120 Watts

Eco Worthy Solar Panel Kit 120 Watts
Eco Worthy Solar Panel Kit 120 Watts

The next on our list is the monocrystalline 12 Volts Solar Starter Kit. The kit includes a Solar Panel + 20A PWM Charge Controller + Z Brackets + 16ft Solar Cable with Connector.

This panel is slightly heavy on watts than the first option – the 100 Watts kit. But 20 watts make a great difference. Although eco worthy solar suggests that 100 watts are enough for a small RV, we would definitely suggest this one. Even if you require a small rerouting you will have the required additional power.

It offers a decent output of around 0.5 KWH, provided you have sufficient light and good weather. However, it even works smoothly during the cloudy day allowing the solar panels to enjoy a good performance.

The controller can manage 360W (12V system) or 720W (24V system), making it a good choice for moving vehicles like RVs, Motorhome, RV Travel Trailers, Marine Homes, and Boats.

One of the key features you get with this solar kit is the one-year warranty and hassle-free return policy. 

Check it out here.

3. Eco Worthy Solar Panel 195 Watts

Eco Worthy Solar Panel Kit 195 Watts
Eco Worthy Solar Panel Kit 195 Watts

The next on this list is the Eco-Worthy 195 Watt 12 Volt Monocrystalline Solar Panel from the same brand. The panel and the kit are made of aluminum metal with a reasonable charge of 50 Ah Battery from 50 percent in 1.5 hours (it depends on the sunlight availability).

Now this one is for Class A and large vehicles. 195 Watts is a lot of power you are storing and traveling with. But still, on the safer side, we carry an additional 25 W eco worthy solar panel kit with us.

Returning once back to NYC, we were dried out and just to tow it to a petrol pump cost us $115. Since then it was a better alternative to invest in one of the additional panels. So back the to 195 W eco worthy solar kit –

It has Monocrystalline solar panels that offer grid situations in all kinds of modes. This includes RV boats, campers, cabins, trailers, tents, and golf carts. The quality is highly durable, and we know aluminum to be corrosion resistant, which allows the panel to sustain for longer durations.

The best feature is that these are simple to install. The pre-drilled holes at the back panel help users with fast mounting and good security. These holes are correctly grounded, and it is ideal for the rail mounts to add extra protection and support.

Thus on the face of it, this Eco-worthy solar panel is versatile, durable, high quality, and simple to install. You can shop this panel from Amazon or alternatively from eco worthy solar’s official webpage. 

To Sign Off

These are some of the best eco worthy solar panels for RVs in all sizes and options. There are panels offering 10 Watts and 25 Watts but they can’t carry a whole RV on its back. They are good as spare or for other smaller vehicles.

You can further explore all the eco worthy solar products on its official site. Let us know your reviews and suggestions. Happy Going Green!