How Much Does RV Armor Cost?

RV Armor is a roofing product for your RV. It’s a liquid coating that makes it leakproof and very resistant to weather.

RV Armor costs $140 per linear foot and the minimum you’ll have to spend is around $3,650. An RV Armor coating for a 30 foot RV would cost $4200. If you have a smaller RV and the cost per linear foot times the length is less than $3,650, you’ll have to pay the base fee for $3,650.

Linear feet is simply the amount of feet in length. RV Armor’s coatings do not factor in the width of the RV.

About the RV Armor company

The company was started by a Florida couple who are into RVs and have a family roofing business. RV and roofing went hand-in-hand to make RV armor, a strong coating for your RV. RV Armor is so confident in their coatings that they offer you a transferable lifetime guarantee. The guarantee applies to you, but it also applies to anyone you sell the RV to in the future.

Essentially, it’s a full-service RV roof covering that is applied in multiple coats for a very strong and durable coating. Once you apply RV armor on your RV roof, you won’t need to touch it again.

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What is RV Armor, anyway?

RV Armor is a set of proprietary coatings that are applied to your RV’s roof. When you take your RV to RV Armor, it undergoes the following steps:

Cleaning: All dust and dirt is thoroughly cleaned off, followed by a wipe-down with alcohol denat for a nice clean surface to work with

Seal inspection: Before laying down the RV armor, all the seals on the roof are inspected for integrity. If there are any issues, the seals are removed and re-done.

Primer: An initial coat of primer is applied to the entire roof

Caulking and sealant: Before applying the main coat, the edges of the RV roof are caulked and any areas requiring sealant are re-sealed. A fabric mesh is fitted into the sealant for a very tough seal.

Gray coat: This is the first of two coatings. First, all the vents and sensitive areas are coated. Then, the entire RV roof is covered with the gray coat and is left to cure overnight.

More sealant: Before applying the final coat, another round of sealant and caulking is applied along the edges.

White coat: This is the final coat. Once this is done, you have a brand new sealed roof that should last you a lifetime.

What colors is RV Armor available in?

RV armor is available in any Sherwin Williams paint color. You should be able to find the exact paint code in your RV’s manual or by calling the manufacturer. Of course, you can choose any color you want, too, if you plan on serious customization.

Just head over to the Sherwin Williams website to choose the color you want and provide it to the RV Armor guys when you place your order.

Where can I get RV Armor?

RV Armor does not have dealers at physical locations. They actually have a network of contractors that service 300 mile radiuses. You can get in touch with the RV Armor folks and find out where your closest technician is.

Of course, you may have to drive around a little bit to reach one in case the closest dealer is further than 300 miles away!

You can call them here: (855) 782-7667.

You can also send them an email at or fill in their form here.

Are there any disadvantages to RV Armor?

On the whole, RV Armor is pretty solid with plenty of great reviews from satisfied customers. Of course, the job is done by hand, so you will find a couple of complaints here and there about the technician forgetting to seal a spot. However, issues like these are very rare, and for the most part, customers are very satisfied.

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RV Armor vs Flex Armor

Flex Armor is another RV roofing company that offers a similar product to RV Armor. Howevver, Flex Armor does not offer a lifetime guarantee. Instead, you have to go for yearly inspections. Also, Flex Armor is a spray-on system that may miss certain areas of your roof. RV Armor is rolled on in multiple coats, so it’s highly unlikely that any spot will be missed.

Is Delamination Covered By Insurance?

Whether or not delamination is covered by your RV insurance depends on the terms you negotiated with your insurance company. Be very careful when reading over the terms and conditions, as insurance companies are very sneaky about these things. Some may cover delamination, but only under certain circumstances.


With a lifetime guarantee most insurance companies are willing to have RV Armor do the RV roof repair. That says a lot about the company and its product. RV Armor stands behind its product and does about 1000 roofs each year although that figure may change. It’s a good quality roofing system that doesn’t cost you a lot.