How Much is a Class C RV? Are $10,000 Enough to get Yourself a Decent Model?

How much is a class c rv
DX3 Class C RV by Dynamax – Ine

Class C RV is the best type of all motorhomes. It is compact, has an attached cab section making it drive friendly and importantly it is the most cost effective. But how much is a Class C RV? And is it advisable monetarily to choose a Class C RV over other luxury classes?

Class C RV Types and Options

You can either opt for a new Class C RV or a used one. Also you can choose between the three types within Class C. The customary Class C, Class C+ and the Super C.

In the post below we have answered all the cost related queries for trailers and Class C RVs.

However do not just go with the mentioned price. Average price of an RV depends on numerous factors (discussed below). Consider them as well before finalizing your budget and selecting a model.

So how much is a Class C RV? Cost of Trailers Used and New

Class C RV average price falls at around $100,000, but if you choose a Super C, then the price could go upto $250,000.

Budget in this price range if you are buying a new one.

However if you are considering something cheaper then used Class C RVs are the best options.

A used Class C RV cost goes up to $70,000 (this is max) and Super C around $150,000.

Used Class C Rv’s are not that bad. It is not like getting a second hand gadget where you will have to compromise with either speed or battery issues. Some of the Used Class C Rv’s are as good as new. And you save much more.

Class C and Super C RV Differentiations

How much is a class c rv
Interior of a Super C RV

Before going into details of a Motorhome’s cost, you should first know which motorhome to choose. Below are some of the major differences between a Class C RV and a Super C.

Class C Motorhome

A Class C motorhome comprises all the amenities of a large Class A but not the cost of class a motorhome.

It is pet-friendly and you can go on a trip with your whole family and even adventurous rides.

The first appearance of a Class C motorhome may look like a truck, but its more than that.

It’s sleeping area is above the cab which allows up to 8 people to rest. If you are travelling with more people, get a bigger size. So how much is a big Class C RV?

It will never cost you more than Class A and will have all the modern amenities to suit your needs.

It will have a sofa cum bed, dining space, bathroom with a shower, and a kitchen space too. So basically you get almost everything in a Class C motorhome which you are going to get in a Class A. There are other differences between a Class C and a Class A RV discussed in one of our other posts.

Super C Motorhome

Super C Motorhomes are heavy and luxurious with a towing capacity. So when you are home away from home, you still get the comfort of a home on the road.

An excellent quality Super C has a capacity to tow a heavy vehicle, equipment or a trailer for rugged adventures. There is plenty of space to store your goods, a comfortable leather seating, stylish baths and a modern kitchen.

Whether you need a King-size or a Queen-size bed, a modern kitchen, or even a storage space, you will get everything in it.

One of the differences between both the RVs is that Super C RVs have heavy engines powered by diesel with an overhead and attached cab. The capacity to tow a heavy vehicle demands the engine to be super powerful.

And secondly and most importantly the key difference boils down to the economic question: how much is a Class C RV and how much is a Super C? It is actually the cost of trailers which will play a decisive role in your selection.

So How Much Is A Super C RV? Cost of Trailers New and Used

Super C can range from $150,000 – $600,000. The price range differs on factors such as make, model, new or used. Average cost of a Super C RV ranges from $250,000 to $300,000.

Which other Costs to Consider besides the Base Price

Base Price is the actual RV cost that you will pay simply by negotiating or at a discounted rate. The one you see on the tag.

However there are certain additional expenses that you pay while purchasing a Class C RV. Answer to “how much is a Class C RV” is not restricted to the displayed price.

Below we have compiled a list of all such hidden costs which you definitely need to consider.

How much is a class C RV’s Variable Costs?

How much is a class c rv
RV Parking Park
  • Sales Tax and or Property Tax: This is a very important factor to consider when buying a Class C RV (or any other class rv). The sales tax or property tax is levied on you by the State that is non-negotiable. Leaving Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire, and Oregon, all other US states impose sales tax ranging up to 7%.
  • Finance Interest Rate: If you are not paying cash, you are likely to finance your future RV. Before you make up your mind for financing a RV, you should know the loan terms. Any finance company would first check your credit score and let you know if you are qualified for the loan or not.
  • Insurance: If you have a car, then you already know what a vehicle insurance is. There’s another insurance called the extended warranty insurance. This insurance covers the damage/maintenance of your RV. Please do read the extended warranty insurance terms and conditions to understand and make an informed decision.
  • Storage/Parking Costs: It might not be practically possible to park your RV in front of your home or in any other middle way. You need to find a storage space either indoor or outdoor to park your RV. The cost of indoor and outdoor storage varies, so depending upon your budget, you can choose a preferred storage.
  • Maintenance: Even if you have extended warranty insurance, you will still have to bear maintenance costs not covered in the insurance. Maintenance costs such as oil changes, battery replacements, breakage costs of any parts or accessories are on your end.
  • Dealer Prep Fees: When you buy a RV from a dealer, you will have to pay the dealer prep fees that could be as high as $800. This prep fee includes the paperwork, advertising, and more that you are not expert at.
  • Add-Ons: Add-ons are the extra things that you purchase additionally with a RV. This could be a mat, roof rack, spare tire, any interior accessory, etc. The add-ons cost will vary depending on what you include in the base price of a RV.
  • Vehicle Registration: License plate, title, and registration is mandatory (to be registered with the state) for your RV. The registration cost of RV could be approx. $300.

With this list, you must have got an idea how much is a Class C RV On Road. So, when you plan to purchase a new RV or a used one consider all these factors and then finalize your model.

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How much is a class c rv
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How much is a class c rv
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Factors To Consider While Shopping For A New Class C RV – Expert’s Tips

How much is a class c rv
Buying a Class C RV at a Sale can be extremely economic

Buying new RV can be a craze, but don’t end up wasting a lot of money on things not needed. You can later on add whatever you feel like. Do some good research, check price comparisons online, talk to different dealers, and then make the final call.

Here are some of the expert tips to help you shop an RV of your choice.

  • Know the base price and all the additional costs (we already talked about this in the article). Going over budget is really not a good idea.
  • Look out for good deals online on special occasions and days. Check for Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals on new Class C RV.
  • You can get a better deal when you shop at the end of the month or the year. This is because companies have set goals to be achieved every month or a year. You could land up with a good deal then.
  • Checkout the RV shows where you get discounts up to 50%. We never miss out on RV shows for high discounts, but again some research is needed.
  • The NADA guide by JD Power is a true guide to inform you about the vehicle prices in your area.
  • Get your RV inspected by a mechanic when you are opting for a used one. Do run a CarFax report that shows prior accidents or damages and of all the repairs till date.

Is a Class C RV worth it?

Buying a RV even the C Class is not everyone’s cup of tea. You always have the option to lease an RV and save yourself a lot. But if you are Rving full time, then definitely it is worth to buy it.

Class C RV’s are the best. They are economic and at the same time stands up to give you almost all the comforts of a Class A RV. In fact there are not major differences between the specs and features of a Class B and a Class C RV.

So Is a Class C RV worth it? Definitely! It has all the worth and becomes a fruitful investment.

Making RV Your Home? Is it worth considering?

How much is a class c rv
Living in a RV Motorhome

Cost of a home is too much in the US, and then buying a new RV is the best alternative.

It’s not just about camping then. You can live with your family full time. But full-time Rving adds some additional costs like fuel, laundry, internet, insurance, and yes travelling.

Overall, the maintenance cost of an RV depends on the size. So consider all the parameters for how much does a Class C RV cost off road and on road and compare it with your lifestyle too. Your adaptability is the key if you want to make RV your home.

We hope the article was helpful in educating you how much is a Class C RV and it’s different models and types. If you already own a RV, do share your thoughts and experience in the comments section.

Especially please mention how much was the Class C RV cost to you?