How to Protect Outdoor Extension Cord from Rain: DIY Cover

We use extension power cords for so many different things, and we often use them outside. Whether we're using them for electrical equipment or for lights on our porch, they are really helpful.

But, getting them wet is a major hazard. Luckily, it's pretty easy to keep your extension cords dry and nearly waterproof.

Here are a few of our favorite solutions.

There are several DIY methods that you can use to keep your extension power cords dry throughout the year.

Protect Outdoor Extension Cords From Rain and Keep Them Dry: DIY Methods

 1. DIY Power Cord Shield 

You probably already have the materials for this DIY method in your home. All you need is a container, a drill, and a knife. 

First, find a container that's suitable to cover all or most of the visible extension cord. A long-shaped container would work best.

Then, drill holes on either side of the container that align. Make sure they are big enough for the power cord to fit through. Use the knife to cut the holes to be a little bit bigger if necessary.

Then, thread the power cord through the container and put the lid back on. Put the power cord wherever it belongs, and adjust the container accordingly. Make sure the cord is completely protected. 

This DIY method will protect your extension cord from rain and humid weather. Keep in that mind that you should never use metal tape for this project. Just secure the lid onto the container as tightly as possible.

2. DIY Power Cord Protector: Great for protection from rain

This DIY method is very simple. All you need is a non-inflated inner tube. 

Cut one edge of the inner tube off and then slide it onto the power cord. Cover as much of the power cord as you need with it, and then cut the other edge off. If necessary, you can use electrical tape to secure the inner tube onto the power cord.

A few tight winds of electrical tape will make the cord nearly waterproof, so you don't need to worry when it rains.

3. DIY Outdoor Extension Cord Cover 

All this method requires is a few sturdy plastic bags. You'll probably want some brand-name bags for this, not reusable bags from the grocery store. 

You can either wrap the bags around the power cord and use some electrical tape to secure them, or cut the  bags into smaller pieces and secure them with the tape.

It really depends on how long your power cord is and how much of it is exposed to water and weather changes.

This is our least favorite method as it's the most piecemeal of the lot, but it's most likely the easiest temporary solution out there until you can get your hands on some inner tubing.

Extension Cord Safety for RVs

A few do's and don'ts

There are always some dangers when it comes to using electrical equipment. It’s essential to take some precautions while using the equipment to ensure that your safety isn’t at risk. Here are some safety tips to keep in mind when you’re using electrical equipment and extension cords.

1. Never plug in a wet cord

If you’re reading this article then that means you’re concerned about your extension cords getting wet. Trying one of our DIY methods or buying a cord protector from Amazon is a great precaution to take.

Always remember to never plug in a wet extension cord. Don’t connect wet cords together, and don’t connect a wet cord into an outlet. If you do, you could get a severe electric shock which would result in serious injury. This is the number electrical cord hazard, and in the moment, it can be easy to forget. Whenever it rains or snows, be sure to take extra care while you’re handling your power cords.

2. Make sure wires aren’t frayed

Before using an extension cord, you should always make sure that there are no frayed wires. If a cord gets cut or becomes broken, wires from inside can fray. This is a safety hazard and should be avoided at all costs.

Before using your cord, just do a quick safety check. Run the cord through your fingers. You will feel if there are any cuts or frayed wire.

3. Always know the extension cord’s capacity

Determining an extension cord’s capacity is very simple. You can usually find a cord’s gauge rating right on the cord jacket. Remember, if you’re replacing an old cord, you need to find a new cord with the same gauge. You should always get a similar cord length with the same wire gauge. It’s really simple, but can save accidents from happening.

4. Never hyper-extend an extension cord

When using an extension cord, you should never stretch it beyond its length. Plug it in to the outlet, and then use your tools close enough to the outlet so the cord doesn’t become stretched. Stretching a cord can damage it and cause wires to fray. Your extension cords will last longer, and you will be safer if you don’t hyper-extend your cords.

5. Never drive over a cord

If you’re going to be using extension cords outside, that means you’re probably going to be using them in your garage and yard. These cords may get left on your driveway while you’re using your tools.

If so, be sure that no one drives over the cords. Putting a lot of weight on a cord can severely damage it and make it unusable. It can also lead to frayed wires, which is a safety hazard. When using extension cords outside, always be wary if your cord is laying on your driveway.

Can you purchase extension cord protectors on Amazon?

Can you purchase extension cord protectors on Amazon

Yes, you can! If you aren't into DIY methods and would prefer to buy a protector from Amazon, that's a great idea. Here are some of the best power cord protectors on Amazon. 

This heavy duty power cord protector is 6.5 feet long and is made of flexible, black PVC. It blends in well outdoors and will protector your power cords from rain and harsh weather. 

The PVC material of this cord protector is flexible and easy to cut to the exact size of your power cord. It doesn't have a smell, it's easy to unroll, and it lays flat the moment you take it out of the box. It has an anti-slip layer on the bottom of the protector which will prevent the shield from slipping and sliding.

Although this cord protector is really designed for the outdoors, it can be used indoors as well. It works great in offices and warehouses. This all-in-one power cord protector can't be beat! 

The SOCKiTBOX is a top-rated product specifically designed to keep all of your electrical equipment safe and dry. Its size is perfect for extension cords, as well as plug-in timers, surge protectors, and power strips.

It's portable, so if you're going somewhere and you're worried about keeping your electrical equipment dry, just bring it with you. 

It is made from durable plastic and has a silicone weatherproof seal. The SOCKiTBOX could be used for things like holiday lights, power tools, lawn tools, fountain name it!

It has five holes in it, so you can fit five different cords in it at the same time. If you have more than five, you can buy another SOCKiTBOX!

Kovat extension cord protectors keep all of your extension cords safe and dry. You get four in a pack, which is a really great deal. The protectors are made from durable commercial grade plastic, and they also have rubber safety seals. Each one is eight inches long and three inches wide.

To use them, all you need to do is place your power cord in the protectors and snap them shut. The protectors are black, and blend in well with the outdoor scenery. They are an absolutely necessity during the winter months when you have your holiday decorations outside. They will protect your extension cords in rain, snow, or hail.


Extension cords make things very convenient for us whenever we're using tools. You should always take special care to protect your extension cords to prevent accidents and injuries. Use our safety tips and try one of our DIY methods to protect your extension cords! 

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