Replacing RV Furniture: An Easy Guide

You may have purchased a second-hand RV and are planning to go on a road trip.

Of course, you want to have some comfort when you go on the road, and for many people, this means replacing some of the RV furniture in their second-hand RV.

Not everyone is looking to replace older furniture though, some RV owners want to customize a new RV to meet their specific needs.

RV owners who have little experience with replacing furniture can find it difficult to determine where to obtain their furniture and how to execute the repairs.Fortunately, they can count on this guide to provide them with all the necessary information.

So, if you are planning to give your second-hand RV a refurbishment, be sure to check out the useful information we have provided to you below.

Where Can I Get an RV Furniture Replacement? 

Replacing RV Furniture

Even if you have little experience finding RV furniture, it is surprisingly easy to find replacements. Some of these replacements can be second-hand as well.

However, if you decide to go second-hand, make sure the furniture in question can last for a couple of years.

RV Owners can find numerous places online who will deliver RV furniture; this can be dedicated to RV Furniture Centers, but also online market places. Do not be afraid to shop around and look at what?s on offer!

Some suppliers of RV furniture also offer installation; this can include the removal of your old furniture and the installation of your new furniture.

Some even provide you with services for new carpet, flooring, dinettes, and window coverings.

When selecting your replacement furniture ? or the services you want to take advantage of ? it is important to set a budget for yourself.

When you start your project, you undoubtedly have a budget in mind for your refurbishment. Try to stick to this budget and eliminate additional services you might not require at the time.

How to Prepare for RV Refurbishment?

One of the best ways to prepare your RV for refurbishment is by removing everything you want to replace immediately. From carpet to the sofa and curtains, if you are planning to replace it, remove it.

Removing all the furniture from your RV will not only provide you with a better overview of available space, but it also makes new installations a little easier.

Remember, you do not want the area cluttered as you are working. So, if you are planning to replace it, get rid of it.

Before you install any new furniture, make sure to check some of the hard fixtures yourself; this includes the lights and the plumbing.

If you have a new RV and are simply customizing it, this is not necessary. However, if you have bought a second-hand RV, it is best to evaluate any possible repairs that are needed before installing anything new.

When you are doing the rounds before the installation, you may want to check the roof for leaks if you have a second-hand RV. You should also check the windows and reseal any leaks if they are there.

If you are unsure, also check the wardrobes and cupboards for any watermarks; this is a prime indicator of a water leak in your RV.

Before your refurbishment, it is also recommended to clean your RV completely after the removal of furniture.

Even if you have a new RV and simply customizing it, keeping the area clean will make your refurbishment a lot easier.

Refurbishing some old wood in your RV before you install the new furniture? If so, make sure to oil the old cabinets and any remaining paneling.

A little oil can make your wood appear like new. If the wood cannot be refurbished, make sure to replace it before commencing any repairs and refurbishments.

How Can I Do RV Repairs?

Repairing RV furniture and electronics can be a tricky business. While there are many tutorials online on how to do this, certain tasks should be left to professionals.

When you are dealing with electronics or your RV?s waste disposal system, an experienced installer may be recommended.

Some of the repairs in your RV can be done by you. For example, reupholstering one of the sofas in your RV is something you can easily do.

There are plenty of online videos that will explain the process. There are even detailed tutorials on how to replace RV awning.

There are also repairs and refurbishments on your RV that require less knowledge or no knowledge whatsoever; for example, replacing the mattresses in the respective bedrooms.

Before you start your RV repairs, make a list of the things you want to fix. Then, go through the list to determine if you will need a professional for any of these services.

If you are experienced with electronics and RV waste disposal systems, you can certainly save some money by doing it yourself.

Please note that some repairs on your RV may require some help. Replacing the awning of your RV is a good example, since unwinding the awning and removing the poles from the RV is more than a one-person job.

If you intend to tackle some of these big tasks, please make sure there is help on hand.

Safety should also be a priority during the execution of your repairs. Even if you are quite experienced and fully know what you are doing, there is always a chance that an accident will occur. T

o ensure everyone is safe, always ensure a first aid kit or fire extinguisher is on hand.

How Do I Replace the RV Dinette?

RV dinette is one of the most common places that require work. While most RV owners will hire a professional, this is certainly a task that you could perform by yourself.

Below, we have provided a comprehensive overview of how to remove the RV dinette, preparing it for the replacement furniture you have obtained.

First, you will need to remove the table of the dinette. There are usually some screws that will keep the table in its place. Gain access to these screws and use a screwdriver or an electronic drill to remove them.

Once the table is removed from the dinette, you will need to look for the brace on the wall and remove it.

Please note, only remove the brace if you also want to remove the cushions from your dinette area. Then, you can easily remove the cushions as well as the seat slats underneath.

After the removal of the slats, check the dinette area for parts that can be removed without unscrewing anything; this could be a set of pull out drawers or removable fold-outs.

Upon removal of all the draws and slats, you should see the bottom of your booth. The booth can be screwed in quite substantially, so be sure to carefully remove all the screws along the baseboard.

Also, do not forget to unscrew the booth seats from the RV itself before removal. It is that simple!

How Can I Get an RV Couch Replacement with Recliners?

Some RV owners want their RV to be as comfortable as possible, especially if they expect to spend a considerable amount of time there.

One of the ways to add to the comfort levels of your RV is to replace your regular RV sofa with some recliners.

Before doing any refurbishment, it is important to determine how the sofa is attached to the floor of the RV; this helps you to determine the correct removal method.

When in doubt, or if you have no idea how to even begin the removal, always consult a professional.

At the start of the replacement, ensure you place the furniture in the correct position. Gain access to the bottom of the furniture, so you can secure the bottom to the floor properly.

Depending on the type of recliners you have obtained (according to this website), you may need additional brackets and support beams to secure the recliners properly to the floor.

Not sure how to tackle the installation of recliners? Get in touch with a professional installation service.

While you may have to pay something for the installation, you can be sure that the recliners are fully secure afterwards.

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How to Secure RV Furniture?

Securing your RV furniture is one of the most important aspect of travel. If your furniture is not properly secured, it could move during the drive ? or even worse, cause substantial injury.

Ensuring everything is secure does not solely include making sure your RV furniture is bolted to the floor.

There are additional things to take into consideration, which we will explain in a little more detail here.

Secure Food in Your Refrigerator

One of the most common mistakes of new RV owners is found with the refrigerator. Naturally, this can have some disastrous consequences for your RV?s interior, especially if you suffer liquid spills and the like. Thus, it is important to not only secure your refrigerator, but also the food inside.

When preparing your refrigerator for travel, it helps to pack foods close together. It is also advised to keep liquids in the door and use special metal bars to keep food from slipping during the drive.

If you lack some of the installations, simply make sure liquids are secure at the bottom of the refrigerator.

Mind Your Medicine Cabinet

One piece of furniture that can cause serious trouble is the medicine cabinet. Securing your medicine can be difficult when the doors of your medicine cabinet tend to swing open during travel.

There are special medicine cabinets that are more secure for RV?s. These medicine cabinets have an additional locking mechanism, preventing it from flying open during travel.

However, if you do not have the budget to replace the medicine cabinet, you can create your own locking mechanism for travel; for example, putting a small rod between the handles.

Please make sure that all the medicines inside the cabinet are secure too. It is easy for medicines to start moving during travel, so buy some non-slip mats and fill up open spaces as best as you can.

Bolt Down Your Furniture

While it is relatively easy to remove furniture from your RV and replace it with something else, it is certainly necessary to ensure your furniture is secure. The best way to do this is by bolting your furniture down.

Of course, when you bolt down furniture such as recliners or sofas, you must be comfortable with the internal structure of your RV.

For example, what is beneath the floor you are drilling into? Be sure you know the location of fluid tanks and important mechanical parts, so you do not drill into them by accident.

Temporary Fixes on the Road

Has a part of your furniture come loose during your travels? There are some emergency fixes you can implement. However, we do recommend securing the furniture properly as soon as you can.

As a temporary fix, you can consider some Velcro straps and bungee cords. While these solutions can provide a sturdy fix temporarily, make sure you bolt down your furniture as soon as possible.

Keep Your Clothes in Check!

Clothes can also become a problem when you are travelling, especially when clothes have not been secured properly.

Yes, there are usually wardrobes in your RV where you can secure your clothes, but this does not mean the wardrobe doors cannot open unexpectedly during travel.

To ensure maximum protection for your clothes during your travels, it can be a good idea to get some lockable travel straps. These straps are used to secure luggage and can be installed on the sides of your wardrobe.

You can also install them across the entire width of your wardrobe, which could prove most useful if you do not have the typical divider inside the closet.

Check Your Counters

The following tip may be a little straightforward, but it is vital to keep your counters and nightstands free of clutter during your travels.

Stuff can start rolling during the drive, so cluttered counters could become a real hazard.

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