RV Accessories To Spruce Up Your RV Life

Add an electric heater if you have the power. It will save on propane and give you the chance to spot heat your space.

If you tend to let your rig warm up naturally via solar power, getting up to make that first cup of coffee or tea can be a serious challenge! With a little heater, preferably with a remote, you can bump up the temperature of the space before you have to get out from under the blankets.

Invest in a camping shower. This can be as simple as a garden sprayer that you've painted black or as involved as a private tent with a custom pump. If you have the space, a folding pop up shower tent won't take much room and will greatly reduce water usage, tank fill and bathroom limitations.

Encourage everyone who can bathe in the tent to do so, and strive to encourage your fellow travelers to break up with the need of a morning shower. Your solar shower will produce warm water in the middle of the afternoon thanks to sunlight, but a warm shower in the morning requires power.

Another really nice addition is an extra set of steps. A quick set of portable folding steps can make simple maintenance, such as awning snags, much less of a hassle.

Additionally, you can use folding steps in more rugged campgrounds while hanging up your water purification bag, and even use them to get you up into a tree to place a bear bag.