RV Entertainment Options for Enjoyment and Relaxation

Enjoying RV life, for many, means having access to quiet. However, there are many of us that like music or an audiobook playing as we hike, relax, stretch, or putter through our chores.

Make sure that everyone in your RV has easy access to what they find relaxing and fun. If children want to play games or watch videos, make sure they have a tablet. If your spouse likes music, pack phone chargers so nobody runs out of battery. If you like audiobooks, keep your phone well stocked with your favorite authors.

Most importantly, make sure everyone in the RV has working earbuds or headphones. Do not allow noise pollution. Your neighbors may not appreciate your spouse's music and you may not like your kid's game noises. Make your RV as quiet as possible with quality earbuds for every device.

Also, be sure that your RV provides comfortable seating near windows. If your clan includes a quilter or someone who enjoys needlecrafts, there may be outdoor conditions that really don't lend themselves to these activities. These activities take good light, so make sure you and your fellow crafters have a place to sit and access to strong light.