RV Entrance Door Lock With Deadbolt – 4 Super Sturdy & Economic Options

– An RV Entrance Door Lock With Deadbolt is super sturdy and most difficult to break in.

RV Entrance Door Lock With Deadbolt

RVing is adventurous, a perfect way to manifest work-life balance. It gives you a break from your monotonous routine and allows you to spend time with your loved ones. But even during a leisurely vacation, you can’t take a few things lightly. The security of you and your family is one of them.

Since safety isn’t something that should be compromised, having a sturdy and secure RV door lock is essential. But among all the varieties of door locks on the market, what’s the best one for your RV? Our bet would be on an RV entrance door lock with deadbolt. 

Why Are RV Door Locks With a Deadbolt A Better Choice?

Most RVs these days come with the same old mechanical door lock. And we were never a fan of them. The issue with such mechanical locks is that they consist of spring bolts. And since they are attached by a spring, one can easily press such bolts in or out.

It makes them easy to break in. A burglar simply needs to hook his tool inside your lock and press the bolt in, and he has your RV door wide open! Something which you never wish to happen.

So what’s the solution to those lousy, unreliable spring bolts? Well, the best thing is to get a deadbolt lock. A deadbolt can not be pressed in or out (the reason it’s called dead!). They are firm, sturdy, and much safer than their spring counterparts.

But this is just one of the problems. The main problem is the below-poised question –

Are most RV doors locks universal?

As a matter of fact, yes! It might come as a surprise, but most RVs these days have the same key for their entry door locks. In fact, even for compartments, manufacturers don’t bother to install distinct locks in the RVs they produce.

So, to ensure your RV’s safety and security, it’s always recommended to go for a replacement door lock. We have reviewed the RV entrance door lock with deadbolt – 4 best. Take a look and choose the one that suits your RV the best!

Now, deadbolts come in wide varieties. Double cylindrical, single cylindrical, or keyless. But which one fits the best for your RV? Here we will list the best RV door locks with a deadbolt on the market to help you decide. 

RV Entrance Door Lock With Deadbolt – 4 Best Options

Leisure Locks RV Entry Door Lock

RV Entrance Door Lock With Deadbolt
Leisure RV Entrance Door Lock With Deadbolt

Leisure locks are elegant and reliable, and that is everything you want in an RV lock!

These locks take the first spot with their simplistic and easy-to-use design. The sturdy looks and metal finish are what catch our eyes first. Also, these are deadbolt locks, so you can be assured of 100% fool-proof security of your RV.

A Leisure brand is a heavy item weighing over 2.5 pounds but is very easy to install. The product comes with 2 latches, one for inside and the other for outside.

Besides that, with this RV entrance door lock with deadbolt, you are provided with 4 double-edged keys, both for the handle and deadbolt. The lock fits most RV doors, even with custom utility or horse trailers. But still, we always recommend double-checking the measurements during your buy. 

As mentioned, it’s easy to install. The product comes with complete hardware you will need to install the lock. From strike plates to screws, everything is taken care of.

Additionally, the lock comes in two colors, white and black, allowing you to choose the one that perfectly suits your RV. So if a safe, secure, sturdy, easy-to-handle, and convenient door lock is what you were looking for, this one’s for you!

RVLock Keyless Entry Keypad

RV Entrance Door Lock With Deadbolt
RvLock’s RV Entrance Door Lock With Deadbolt

Let’s move one level up from those conventional with-keys cylindrical deadbolts. This product by RVLock is keyless. We like using devices that offer the best use of modern-day tech, and this one doesn’t disappoint.

This RV entrance door lock with deadbolt has an integrated keypad numbered 1 to 8 that allows you to program a unique lock code. And just in case you forget the code, you are given a remote fob that will ensure you never get stuck inside your RV!

Besides the convenient keypad and remote fob, two mechanical keys are also provided with the lock. Moreover, 4 aa batteries are included in your product for all the electrical equipment to work correctly.

Along with the innovative technologies, the item is easy to install, sturdy and compact. Its alloy steel body gives it a stylish-sleek appearance. And with its safe and reliable deadbolt, you can be assured of your RV’s security and enjoy your trip.

We have noticed that some people don’t like that the keypad is numbered only between 1 and 8, leaving 0 and 9. But in our opinion, the available numbers already allow you to have millions of code combinations to form, so that won’t be an issue.

Moreover, the product is a little pricey, but believe me, with the convenience it brings in, it’s worth it! 

MICTUNING Keyless Door Lock With Deadbolt

RV Entrance Door Lock With Deadbolt
Mictuning RV Entrance Door Lock With Deadbolt

Mictuning RV entrance door lock with deadbolt is Another tech-equipped and reliable option that will keep you and your family safe. It is versatile and compatible with a range of vehicles like- Caravans, Campers, 5th wheels, Horse style, and even Cargo style trailers. 

What we like the most about this product is its rigid metal design. The build material is 100% metal, giving it the sturdiness an RV door lock needs. Besides the resilience and longevity, you also get a perfect touch of technology in the product.

The integrated keypad in the lock is backlit, allowing you to see things even in the dark. Moreover, the convenient wireless Fob given with the item will enable you to open the lock-up to a distance of 20m. And of course, just in case you need them, mechanical keys are also provided. 

Additionally, Mictuning offers a 24-month hassle-free warranty with this lock and a 30-day money-back/replacement guarantee. Not to ignore the complete installation kit the lock comes with, including a protective gasket and a screwdriver.

All these features make the product more and more appealing. And although a little (actually very) pricier than the conventional locks, this classy Mictuning lock won’t disappoint!

AP Products 013-509 Electric Travel Trailer Lock

AP Products 013-509 Electric Travel Trailer Lock
AP Products RV Entrance Door Lock With Deabolt

After some heavy built, technology-packed items on the list, it’s time to look at a simpler one now. This electric RV entrance door lock with deadbolt by AP Products is basic yet effective. The built material of the lock is Zinc, making it weigh well over 3 pounds.

And although not as fancy as the products mentioned above, it rightly serves its purpose of keeping your RV safe from trespassers. 

The keypad in the lock is built on Capacitive Touch Tech, which is convenient to use by all your family members, including kids. Also, the keypad lights up every time one tries to enter the code, making it easy to use, especially at night.

The reliable deadbolt in the lock can be programmed with a unique 4-digit pin set by you. Moreover, if you can’t recall the 4-digit pin, 2 mechanical keys are provided with the product.

Not to ignore the multiple colors this lock comes with, allowing you to choose the one that suits your RV door the best. 

The only downside of this product is that it doesn’t come with a wireless key Fob. Also, the 4 AA batteries needed to operate the lock aren’t included. But if an affordable, easy-to-handle, and simply designed RV lock door is what you were seeking, these little things can be taken care of. 

So these were our top recommendations for RV door locks. We tried bringing in all the varieties of deadbolt locks, from key to keyless, simple to classy, pricey to affordable.

Now let’s look at the most common questions RV users face regarding their 5th wheel door locks.

How to lock the camper door from inside?

Locking the door from the inside is a common problem faced by RV users. The simplest solution we came up with was to install the same old surface mount deadbolt lock on my RV from inside. It will require you to drill some holes in the door to screw the lock in place.

Also, make sure you have proper measurements of the lock you will buy before getting into the drilling work.

Where do I find my RV key code?

Knowing your RV key code is important. It will allow you to ask for a replacement in case you lose your keys. For most door locks, the key code is mentioned in the head of the original key.

If you can’t find it there, you will need to open your lock from the inside and check for the code. Many door lock manufacturers also provide a helpline number next to the code, so that you can ask for a replacement right away.