RV Garage with Living Quarters Floor Plans – Best Options and Ideas

6 Best Ideas for RV Garage with Living Quarters Floor Plans

RV Garage with Living Quarters Floor Plans
RV Garage with Living Quarters Floor Plans

As RV adventurers, we love outings in our caravans! But at the same time, we need to ensure that they are taken well care of. A safe and legal place to park your RV during the off-season is a must. Here we will dive into RV Garage with Living Quarters Floor Plans.

But before that, let’s take a quick look at a few other options you might want to consider too. 

Where to keep your RV when not in use?

You are not going to always live in your RVs. Although you can and many people are considering them as a permanent residence. But when your RV is not in use there are multiple options for storing them. Here are a few you can consider:

Keeping RV in your private residence:

Parking in your driveway or backyard seems like a simple and valid option. And since it’s your own private property, there are no issues with money regarding fees either.

But be cautious, many HOAs may not like it! Yes, do make sure that open RV parking on private premises is permitted by your county and HOA. Or a move intended to save you money may end up in hefty fines!

Furthermore, elements like heat, sun, and wind are gonna have a direct impact on your RV. These seemingly harmless factors can badly tarnish your travel buddy! So open storage in your house doesn’t seem like a good idea.


A carport provides your RV with a roof but it remains uncovered from the other four sides. Many RV owners find this cost-efficient solution effective but the damage from environmental elements still remains a headache. 


What about communal garages? 

They can be a fine choice. With their respective charges in place, they can allow you to park legally for months. On average communal garage can cost you anywhere between $100 to $300 depending on the storage facility.

The only concern I have with them is the safety of my vehicle. I would never feel comfortable having a highly valued thing like my RV placed in a far-off place out of my sight. 

So this leaves us with the only best option; yes, having your OWN RV garage! I have always believed in one-time investments. And although a little expensive to put in place, an RV garage presents the best claim in the long run. 

RV Garage: your One-Stop Solution.

Nothing can beat a garage specifically designed for your RV’s needs. But what things do you need to keep in mind before getting started with RV garage building? Here are my must-to-know points:

Now that you have decided to go for a separate garage for your RV, let’s take a look at what styles can we choose from:

Attached RV garage:

Building a garage right next to your house wall can be a cost-effective move. Do make sure that it fits in with the overall appearance of the house. Depending upon available space and other factors, it can prove to be your go-to style for garage building.

Detached RV garage:

Most people, including me, recommend this style. Having a detached garage separately built to fit all your RV needs is the best investment you can make in your RV journey.

Another reason I like having a detached garage is because it allows you to be spacious. And RVs being large vehicles, it will help you easily maneuver them in and out of the garage.   

RV garage with living quarters

An RV garage can also come with a dwelling unit next to or on top of it. People often call it a garage apartment or a garage with living quarters too. It gives you space to store stuff, and host guests and can often be large enough to have a bathroom and kitchen in it.

These garages offer the utmost luxury and value for space. Here I will be mentioning my favorite sites that offer RV garage plans with living quarters and their pictures.

Best sites to find RV garage plans with living quarters :

The garage plan shop:

RV Garage with Living Quarters Floor Plans
RV Garage with Living Quarters Floor Plans by The Garage Plan Shop

This quality site allows you to choose from more than 20 different garage styles. The thing I like the most about it is its variety! They have got it all covered. From plans with multiple sizes to carports and boat storage, this site can be the end to your garage building hassle! They charge different prices based on the delivery time you chose.


RV Garage with Living Quarters Floor Plans
RV Garage with Living Quarters Floor Plans by Etsy

Yes, this famous e-commerce website also offers RV garage plans with apartments. You just need to type your preferences in the search bar and choose your dream plan from the results! What makes their plans unique is that they are available for instant download in pdf format, so that you can get into it asap!

Cool House Plans:

RV Garage with Living Quarters Floor Plans
RV Garage with Living Quarters Floor Plans by Cool House Plans

As it goes by the name, a “cool” site it is! With more than 120 plans available for you to choose from, the variety here is excellent. I really like their filter options. With best-selling plans to the newest ones, the filter options allow you to choose stuff based on your preferences. 

The House Plan Company:

RV Garage with Living Quarters Floor Plans
RV Garage with Living Quarters Floor Plans by The House Plan Company

With more than 665 plans to explore, the collection here is awesome. The vivid images will allow you to choose the best-suited plan for you. 

Architectural Designs:

RV Garage with Living Quarters Floor Plans
RV Garage with Living Quarters Floor Plans by Architectural Designs

Another great site with plans to cater all your RV needs. Their cost estimation tool makes it one of my favorites. They also allow for modifications in their plans to offer the best results. 

Dream House source:

RV Garage with Living Quarters Floor Plans
RV Garage with Living Quarters Floor Plans

This site simply offers the best features to choose from. From foundation, bedroom, bath, kitchen, outdoor, and whatnot! They allow you to pick and choose every little thing. 

Now that we have a thorough idea about garage apartment plans, let’s seek answers to some other important questions one might have during their garage building journey. 

What size garage do I need for an RV?

It all depends on the size of your RV. The bigger the model, the larger the space you would need. One key point in garage building I would suggest is that you should never be stingy with space!

No matter how “enough” it might seem, for now, you will always have extra stuff to keep. Tools, luggage, gadgets, other materials… the list is endless. Go for the largest you can build in your space. A few extra 100 bucks spent would be worth it!

To get an idea of the space needed, you first need to identify which category your RV falls in:

  1. Class A Motorhomes: 

These are the biggest of all RVs. With height averaging about 10 feet and lengths ranging from 20 to 45 feet, they would require more space than any other RV. A typical garage for class A motorhomes should be at least 14 feet tall and about 50 feet in length. 

  1. Class B Campers and Vans: 

These RVs are usually 8 feet tall and can be 17 to 25 feet in length. A 12 feet high garage with 30 to 35 feet of length should be enough for your Class B vehicle. 

  1. Class C RVs:

These motorhomes are about 10 feet in height and can be anywhere between 20 to 35 feet in length. They usually require a 14 feet high garage of about 40 to 45 feet in length. 

How many square feet are in an RV garage?

Depending upon the size of your vehicle, RV garages can range from 500 to 700 square feet. The usual garage size of 14 feet by 50 feet, which is 700 square feet, will be an ideal choice as it is large enough to fit in all kinds of RVs.

How much does an RV garage cost?

It depends on the material you use. I find steel to be the best. Wood and others are easy to erode. Steel, although costlier, will last longer than any other building material. 

Including manpower, delivery, insulation, foundation, and material charges, an average garage can cost you anywhere between $50,000 to $80,000 or more depending on your state’s prices.

How much does it cost to build a garage by yourself?

 I find garage building on your own to be the best. Not only does it cut the overall cost by half, it’s also an exciting task. So if your garage was costing you $50,000 earlier, chances are that with a prefab kit it may cost you less than $20,000.

Besides that, it’s really fulfilling to build a garage by yourself for the RV you love so much traveling in. If you have a couple of days in hand and a few friends to help you out, I will highly recommend it. 

Do RV garages add value to your home?

Yes, they do! Having an RV garage can increase the resale value of your house enough to recover your construction cost. They might even increase your resale rates higher than that, earning you a net profit.

Also not to ignore the fact that they save you monthly charges you would have been paying in a communal garage. So the bottom line is, that having an RV garage is a win-win bet for you!

How wide is a garage door for an RV?

Depending on your trailer type, the required door size can vary from 12 to 16 ft. Most RVs are not more than 10 feet in height. But if your motorhome is a larger one, keep in mind to have an equally more enormous door. 

So this was a short guide to help you have your dream RV garage. From garage sizes, and their plans to their costs, you are all set to add a new chapter to your nomadic life! Build the best home for your motorhome and let it know how much you love your life as an RV adventurer!