RV Grill with Quick Connect – 5 Best Fuel Saving Models

RV Grill with quick connect
RV Grill with quick connect – Best Options

Modern RV grill with quick connect are best, super portable and very cost effective.

RV-ing is incomplete without a quality barbeque. And as it goes by the saying “After a full belly, all is poetry”! But how can you get a home-like feast in a far-off land? Well RV grill with quick connect hava made all this very easy.

But before that, you need to get some of your basics right.

Low Pressure vs High Pressure Grills – What’s the difference?

Technically, both the types high or low, run on low pressure propane. But since high pressure grills come with their own pressure regulator, they need a high pressure supply to turn it into low. Unlike the former, low pressure grills are directly supplied with low pressure propane. So they do not need an external regulator to work. 

Conventionally, RV users needed to haul propane canisters to ensure regular supply to their grills. The problem with them is that they are bulky, inefficient, and hard to manage. Not to mention the extra space they occupy. Yes, space; which as an RV owner, you know how precious it is! 

But not to worry. Most RVs these days come with a quick connect propane line which you can hook up with your low pressure RV. Yes! Why haul those little unwanted gas canisters when your trailer has got a complete propane tank built in?

So you just need to hook up your low pressure RV with the propane quick connect in your caravan and that’s it! Now have a regular fuel supply to your Rv grill with quick connect without having to hoard those cranky canisters.

Below are some of the best low pressure grills you can use in your next RV outing.

Best low pressure RV Grill with Quick Connect (Conversion Possible)

Weber Q1000

RV Grill with quick connect
Weber Q1000

No surprise that this awesome grill grabs the first spot. With about 200 square inches of total cooking area and 8500 BTUs per hour of heat production, it is a complete package. Porcelain-enameled cast iron cooking grates and cast aluminum body make this product sturdy.

The thing I liked the most about it is its push-button ignition feature which makes its usage highly convenient. It uses disposable gas canisters.

Alternatively you can make it RV Grill with Quick Connect by installing an external quick connect to it and hook it up directly to your RV propane line. 

Its easy assemblage and just about 27 pounds of weight make it truly portable. It is easy to maintain, affordable, and decent with pricing. If you ask me, this would be my first and best bet for a low pressure grill in my RV. 

Flame King Motorhome Gas Grill

RV Grill with quick connect
Flame King Gas Grill

Falme Kinis another affordable but promising option. It offers 214 square inches of grilling surface along with 12,000 BTUs of heat. The best thing about this grill is its portability.

It comes with a bracket that you can use to mount onto your RV, making things extremely convenient. The hanging racks can be converted into a free stand so you can pick a place of your choice to cook in. So if portability and versatility are your top preferences, this grill can be a highly reliable option.

Coleman RoadTrip 285 Grill

RV Grill with quick connect
Coleman Gas Grill

Boasting 285 square inches of the burning area and 20,000 BTUs of heat per hour, this grill is powerful! It comes with folding legs with wheels on them proving to be extremely portable.

With an integrated thermometer design and easy setup, this grill presents a strong claim. Not to ignore the push button ignition feature along with a substantial warranty it comes with.

Although it’s a little bulky weighing well over 46 pounds, it can be your best choice if a powerful portable grill is what you are looking for. 

Camco Stainless Steam Portable Grill

RV Grill with quick connect
Camco Gas Grill

Camco’s is a super portable and extremely lightweight grill. With a decent 125 square inches of cooking area and 9000 BTUs of heat per hour, this grill presents a modest claim.

Its stainless steel will ensure long-term usage and compact easy-to-use features will make things convenient for you. If a nice and handy grill with decent functionality is what you need, this is your best bet!

Cuisinart CGG-180T

RV Grill with quick connect
Cuisinart CGG

Cuisiart is another portable but sturdy grill with flashing looks. 145 square inches of cooking area and 5,500 BTUs of heat per hour offer you a reasonable choice. Its porcelain-enameled grates and stainless steel body ensure longevity in usage.

As I mentioned, it’s a super portable option weighing just over 13 pounds. A pair of aluminum legs prove to be really convenient adding to its portability.  

Now that you have seen your options in gas grills, here is a list of other doubts you might have. Most importantly now it’s time to make it RV Grill with quick connect ready.

How do I hook up my RV quick connect to my gas grill?

Most RVs these days come with a low pressure propane outlet for you to connect it with your gas grill. If your RV does not have such an outlet, you may need to install a “T” (extend-a-stay) equipment to your system.

Once you have a quick connect outlet, you can hook up the male end of your hose to it. Likewise, the male end in your grill will be hooked up to the quick connect of the hose.

Please have a professional do it for you if you do not feel comfortable. Gas supplies aren’t something you should be messing up with!

How do I convert grill to quick connect?

You can check it during your purchase if the grill comes with a quick connect already installed in it. If you have a grill that does not have one, you will need to install it.

It involves screwing out the gas regulator attached to the grill and installing a brass fitting which will serve as a male end to fit in your gas hose. Again, gas is something that you need to be absolutely sure about. So if you face any troubles, please have a professional do it for you. 

Are propane quick connect safe?

Absolutely! Instead, they are safer than having a bunch of gas canisters hoarded in your RV. They make things super convenient and easier. You just need to be sure about any leaks in your system.

All the attachment points should be double-checked for safety. And as I have stated earlier, gas is nothing you should be experimenting with. It’s a one-time task and if you feel issues, try having a professional do it for you. 

Are all RV propane quick connects the same?

Yes! Quick connects have a standardized size in the US. Although it’s always preferred to be sure of your grill’s size while ordering. 

So this was all you needed to know in order to choose and install the best RV Grill with quick connect. Remember, just like your RV, your grill is a one-time investment too and you rather not be stingy with it! And of course, be safe while dealing with gas. Happy RV-ing!