RV Kitchen Faucet with Sprayer – 5 Top, Handy and Modernly Designed Models

An RV Kitchen Faucet With Sprayer is not at all like your regular sink – as commonly misconceived.

RV Kitchen Faucet with Sprayer
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For a perfect outing in your RV, it demands every little thing in the rig to be in place. Tiny tools we don’t bother much about can prove to be highly convenient when you are far from your home. A Kitchen Faucet is one of those devices.

And in order for it to be perfect, you need to look for faucets specifically designed to fit your RV needs. You may not care about it much right now, but believe me, being able to comfortably wash your dishes and have a perfectly clean sink is something you will cherish when you are away from home!

Do RVs need a unique kitchen faucet?

Although regular house faucets will work just fine in your RV sink, they might need some additional items in order to fit with the plumbing in your trailer. Also, they can be large and heavy, not always suiting your RV needs. So it’s always better to go with a replacement!

But how do you choose the best RV kitchen faucet with a sprayer?

Since RV sinks have their own special needs to cater to, it’s not always easy to find the best match. You need to consider a variety of factors like the height of your faucet, its durability, its water-saving capacity etc.

As per my opinion, faucets with pull-down sprayers are most suitable for RVs. They are flexible and water efficient.

Top Models – RV kitchen faucet with sprayer

Here we will be looking at the best available options for Rv kitchen faucet with sprayer including both, with and without pull-down sprayers so you can choose the one that fits you the best. 

OYMOV Non-Metallic RV Kitchen Faucet

RV Kitchen Faucet with Sprayer
Oymov RV Kitchen Faucet with Sprayer

Oymov RV kitchen faucet with sprayer is a classic product with a sleek design and polished chrome finish. The best thing about this faucet is its 360-degree swivel spout which brings amazing reach to every corner of your sink.

It has a dual lever system that allows you to adjust pressure and temperature conveniently. I like its durability which comes from its copper spout. Besides that, with ABS material in place, it’s pretty good at resisting corrosion and day-to-day tarnishing.

Its flexible design and lightweight make it easy to install. The pull-down hose it comes with makes it highly useful for cleaning purposes. Also,  it is cUPC lead certified, ensuring a safe water supply for you.

JAKARDA Non Metallic Flexible Spout

RV Kitchen Faucet with Sprayer
Jakarda RV Kitchen Faucet with Sprayer

Jakarda Spout is a compact, easy to handle the flexible product. The user-friendly quarter-turn stops it comes with make it highly convenient to use. The chrome finish maintains the overall stylish appearance of your rig.

Just like the previous product, this one also comes with ABS material adding to its durability. Its light weight of just 1.3 pounds makes the installation process quick and easy.

The flexible spring arch allows you to reach every corner of your sink. If a basic, easy to handle affordable faucet is what you are seeking, it can be your best bet.

Laguna Brass 120ISS

RV Kitchen Faucet with Sprayer
Laguna Brass RV Kitchen Faucet with Sprayer

Laguna Brass is a classy product that will fit in with the luxurious appearance of your camper rig. Its high arch spout makes it suitable even for your deep pots and pans. The brass spout along with the ABS material body adds up to its durability.

Brush nickel finish makes it look elegant and stylish. It doesn’t come with a pull-down hose, but the 360-degree swivel spout allows you to reach every corner of your sink. The quarter-turn stops make temperature and pressure control easy. 

Dura Faucet Pull Down Kitchen Sink Faucet

RV Kitchen Faucet with Sprayer
Dura RV Kitchen Faucet with Sprayer

Dura is a well-known designer specializing in an RV kitchen faucet with sprayer models. The model linked here is a stylish product packed with modern features. It can deliver a descent flow rate of up to 2 gallons of water a minute.

The thing I like the most about it is its finger-friendly buttons that allow you to toggle between stream and spray. The high-rise spout arc gives you enough room to fit in your deep pots and jars. The 3-hole installation is quick and easy.

It also comes with a pull-down sprayer giving you a great reach over your sink. The brass used in handle material makes it sturdy and durable. And as a bonus point, Dura Faucet offers 1 year of warranty for this product.

Residential Coil Spring Brushed Nickel Faucet

As they say, save the best for the last! It won’t be an exaggeration to say that this is the best all-purpose RV kitchen faucet with sprayer ever made to date. Ok, I might have gone a bit far with the flow, but you can’t deny this product is simply amazing!

The plastic spray head protects you from any potential burns. It adopts single hole installation making things convenient to handle. Its flexible spring neck is the best thing about this product. The drip-free ceramic cartridges will make sure there are no leaks.

The flexibility that comes with its springy neck is pretty cool. It might be a bit large for some RV sinks, but if it fits in yours, it can be easily your top choice. 

How do you hook up a Kitchen Faucet to an RV?

How to Install RV Kitchen Faucet
How to Install RV Kitchen Faucet

So you have decided on the best kitchen faucet for your RV sink, but it’s not all done yet. You need to fix it in your RV. Now, replacing your RV faucet can be a tricky task, but here with the step-by-step guide on how to replace your RV kitchen faucet, you will be all good.

Step 1: Take off the old faucet

First, you will need to shut the water supply off. Use your wrench and remove the hot and cold plumbing lines. It’s recommended to have a bucket with you to collect any remaining water in the lines. Now unscrew the faucet base and remove it. 

Step 2: Prepare the new faucet

Now that you have removed the old faucet, clean any residues of silicon from the sink. Now apply some pipe dope on your new faucet threads, and Teflon tape, and go with pipe dope again. Apply silicone bead on the sink where the new faucet base will be placed.

I always advise doing all the faucet prep before getting under the sink. It’s not gonna be easy to do the same once you are on your back, under the sink.

Step 3: Fix the new faucet

Place the new faucet base onto the applied silicone on the sink. It’s time to go under the sink now. Connect the faucet to the plumbing lines. Check for the hot and cold water outlets and position the right tubes in the right place.

For a detailed tutorial follow the steps mentioned here.

You are almost done. Just check for leaks and tighten the lines. And here you have a brand new faucet installed on your RV sink!

So here it was. From the best faucets in the market to installing them into the sink, you are now all set. Now you can enjoy RV-ing with your friends and family without having to worry about a dirty sink!