RV Living: Guides For Life on the Road

One of the oddest things about RV living is that those who live in a house tend to stock up when things are on sale. In an RV, your stocking up space is pretty limited. To make RV living work, you may find yourself becoming some form of minimalist. Do you really need appliance X or tool Y? If yes, how often will you use it and what's your budget? Could you borrow, rent or share it? Having access to certain items, without having to store them, can be a remarkable gift.

Additionally, it's time to start considering items with multiple uses. As an RV table turns into a bed, a good pair of leather gloves can help you gather firewood and handle food on the grate over an open fire. A cooler full of ice is great for beverages, but you will also want a plan for the run off.

Finally, you may find new purposes for odd items. For example, a kid's pool may have little to do with a black trash bag. However, if you pour your cooler water run off into an inflatable pool and cover it with a black trash bag in the morning, by evening you have warm water to soak tired feet. Be ready to think outside the box to make RV life amazing.