RV Maintenance Tips For Keeping Your Camper In Shape

Schedule your RV maintenance as early in the season as possible. Carefully review your rig from top to bottom. For example, check the seams on the roof to make sure your RV is watertight. Review the mounts for your solar panels and make sure that wire entry point seals are holding.

Carefully review the seams along the slides to confirm that no air or bugs will be getting in there, and review the weather-stripping around doors and windows. Be sure to vacuum the window tracks and check any sliding door tracks to avoid dirt and dust getting into the mechanism and causing alignment problems.

Finally, create a checklist for setting up and tearing down your campsite. If you have multiple folks involved in this process, break the checklist up into separate tags, and add a piece of yarn or ribbon to the task. During your camp setup, whoever finishes the task can tie the card to the steering wheel or some other point in the cab.

During teardown, untie the tasks, complete them, and load the tasks into a basket. This will save you the trouble of
  • leaving your camping shower in a tree
  • driving off without your folding steps (or over them)
  • leaving behind chairs, rugs and other necessaries