RV Mods To Customize and Make Your RV Better

One of the best upgrades you can make to your RV is a new mattress. Most RV mattresses that come from the manufacturer are simple pieces to offer basic comfort.

However, for many RVers, this basic mattress simply doesn't provide the support needed. You may need to buy a short mattress to suit the space.

If you're struggling to find something affordable that will fit, consider investing in multiple foam toppers, cutting them to fit, and covering the whole bed with a down alternative topper. If you have the skills, sew a fleece topper for your new mattress.

This upgrade will provide you with multiple benefits. First off, the layers of foam will be very supportive. Secondly, the topper will give you some "squish" or snuggle space. Finally, the fleece will capture heat and keep your warm. On cold nights, cover the fleece with flannel sheets, and on hot nights, cover it with a cotton sheet.

Another simple modification that can make a world of difference is to add a stove cover. RV kitchens aren't generally very spacious, and if you're preparing a simple cold meal such as cereal or sandwiches, a stove cover will provide you with a flat, burner-free space to prep these simple meals.