Build A Perfect RV Outdoor Shower Enclosure – 5 Steps Guide

RV Outdoor Shower Enclosure

Whether on a long sweaty trip, at a dispersed campsite in the middle of nowhere, or parking on the beach, an RV outdoor shower enclosure becomes the best piece of washing-bathing accessory.

Frequent RVers, who travel with kids, and pets on board find this addition to their camper a boon. Most of the time an Outdoor shower enclosure itself becomes the best water sporting activity for the little ones.

What is an RV Outdoor Shower?

It is what it exactly sounds like – a shower outside your fifth wheeler. There are several RVs in the market that come with a standard indoor shower unit, while some may have an already fitted outdoor shower.

An outdoor RV shower enclosure is a space generally found near the water hook-up which is either embedded in the side of the RV or in an enclosed bay in the water-storing side of the travel trailer. The camper outdoor shower will take water from the freshwater reserve of your travel trailer or from a city water source if connected.

Why do you need an Outdoor Camper Shower Enclosure?

An outdoor shower enclosure for camping is very useful for rising off the dirt from your paw friends, and cleaning/washing salty surfboards and pots and dishes. An outdoor shower enclosure RV keeps all the sand, dirt, and debris out rather than leaving a trail into your living space or into the storage bays.

The camper outdoor shower is the most advantageous for RVers who have a smaller camper that cannot accommodate an indoor shower unit.

But keeping everything aside – an outdoor shower is a boon for those who enjoy showering al fresco.

RV Outdoor Shower Enclosure

But there is not all green to an RV outdoor shower. There are some reds too. However, these reds can go away with small care and maintenance.

Disadvantages of an RV outdoor shower enclosure

An outdoor camper shower needs –

  • to be winterized because the plumbing system supplying water will surely freeze if you are a potential camper in freeing and sub-freezing temperatures.
  • to be curtained properly. it is not as private as an indoor shower.
  • to be regularly washed with Phenyl. It tends to smell if you don’t maintain it well.
  • to be put into plastic in winter. When it rains, the canvas walls get wet, making the overall unit feel uncomfortable and damp.

Factors to Consider Before Getting Yourself One

Whether you’re setting up a camp in the front or backcountry, space is a premium requirement for building a camper outside shower. The other requisites that should be considered include

Overall Portability

Full-time Rvers try and imagine committing to an outdoor shower enclosure RV before they make a final purchase. Committing space to accommodate the outdoor shower enclosure for RV when not in use may slay the luxury you own.

Shower Box Kits are a great option for you to set up a portable outdoor shower enclosure in the sense that they can store everything.

Pocket size

If your pocket is already scrunched, it’s always advisable to avoid spending on a portable shower for RV which would in turn avert your spending on replacements in the future. 

However, if you’re good on the green cash side then the market is a labyrinth of an outdoor shower enclosure for camping, you need to be wise enough to choose your pick as per your requirement. 

Your Location

Location plays a big role if you are a frequent camper. Sites like on public grounds might want you to take privacy into account. On the contrary for a cold location, you’d appreciate shower knobs that respond quickly to rising water temperature.


Lastly, if you want to adhere to your budget don’t be hesitant to explore what the RV shower enclosure you are selecting can and cannot do. Features like a quick response, and pressure adjustable showerheads are features that you should look for. Consider features that are necessary at first. 

DIY RV Outdoor Shower Enclosure – How do you build an RV Portable Shower? 

DIY RV Outdoor Shower Enclosure
Image Courtesy – Pintrest

If you’d like to DIY an outdoor camper shower, you’ll need a list of items to give you a comfortable showering experience. 

What do you need to get started?

  • Lengths of PVC Pipes
  • Saw to cut
  • 8- three-way elbow straps
  • A shower curtain
  • Shower wings 
  • Garden filter fabric

How to do it?

  • Cut your PVC pipes as per the lengths you desire. This forms the base for your DIY RV shower enclosure.  Make sure your desired height is given appropriate support.
  • Assemble Top and Bottom frames- Use the three-way elbow tarps to form a square, ensuring that all of the third elbows face the same direction.

Up next is your privacy-

  • With the base frames ready, pick the top and slide in the shower rings. Make sure that the curtains face the same direction as the third hole of the elbow tarps while you hook them up.
  • Finish putting together the frame- Attach the other pieces of the PVC pipes into the empty third joints of your elbow tarps.
  • Once the frames are put together, you can attach a water line to a shower hose.
  • Don’t forget to lay a garden filter fabric as your frame doesn’t have a bottom to keep you from potentially stepping into mud or other wet ground. The garden filter will let the water from your shower to run out without allowing mud and dirt to come up. 

How do you make a Quick Outdoor Shower? A Slightly Different Process than the DIY

There are two steps to building a quick outdoor shower

  1. Building a working showerhead
  2. Building your privacy 

Building a working showerhead

  • Choose a location with easy access to a hose or water source for the shower.
  • Next, sketch a design for your finished shower before getting started.
  • Collect all required materials 
  • Attach your garden hose or another water source to the shower inlet.
  • Attach and build your pipeline across the lengths of your shower.
  • Construct support for your shower post
  • Attach your piping to the post
  • Attach your garden hose to the bottom of the pipe And finish by attaching the showerhead and shower arm to the top of your pipe. 

Building your privacy

  • Once the shower head is set, make your walls and drains. You may use simple plywood or corrugated metal sheets.

Please note that most of these options depend on how you are going to use your RV’s outdoor shower. You can set up your enclosure next to the hose and snake it through a hole in the top or side. 

Other Essential and Handy Components for your DIY and Quick RV outdoor shower enclosures –

Locking Shower Box

RV Outdoor Shower Enclosure

A shower box is a small unit that is housed on the side of your travel trailer. It usually has a showerhead and hose and water mixing tap. They are usually closed and locked when not in use to keep them safe from tampering. Check out some of the best locking shower boxes reviewed below.

1 – Dura Faucet DF- SA 170

With a 90-degree elbow, the Dura Faucet saves space accommodating the box in any nook or cranny. With a 60” vinyl hose and a mounting cut-out, the wand comes with a handy flow control switch, instead of an ON/OFF switch.

The Dura faucet which is nearly 5’ long elevates your outdoor shower enclosure camping experience.

2 – RecroPro RV Exterior Shower Box Kit 

Available in shades of black and white, this kit has a 51’ vinyl hose with a showerhead and rust-free knobs for both hot and cold water. The inexpensive kit has a locking option which has gathered a host of verified buyers. 

Coming to privacy while you bathe under the sky you could use PVC pipes and fittings along with the shower curtains or you can use pop-up shower tents. Below we have linked some of the best RV outdoor shower enclosure tents. Check them out.

Outdoor Shower Enclosure Tents

RV Outdoor Shower Enclosure

1. Green Elephant pop-up Utilitent 

This is the best outdoor shower tent for RV amongst those available in the market. It has been built to facilitate several activities.

The portable RV shower comes with sufficient ventilation which promises comfort. Made using high-quality water-repelling polyester, the Green Elephant pop-up camper outdoor shower is durable, nudged with tight stitches at a height suitable for adults and children.

Most importantly, the material is translucent, and hence your privacy is fully guaranteed. And because of this, it is the most preferable portable outdoor shower enclosure for us. 

Disclaimer – Setting it put might be a slightly time-consuming task. 

Our next recommendation would be the Campla RV outdoor shower enclosure

2. Campla Tent Shower Enclosure

RV Outdoor Shower Enclosure

This is a truly portable pop-up outdoor shower tent enclosure that also transforms into a changing room! It comes in a compact cover and converts into a ready-made tent.

Water repellent Taffeta nylon polyester makes it an apt choice for the rainy season. The durable and flexible steel structure makes it sturdy enough. The ventilation unit is pretty impressive with a mesh roof vent that enhances air circulation.

This pop-up camper shower kit can also be used as a space for the restroom, toilet, and dressing. It also has huge storage pouches that can hold your accessories.

RV Outdoor Shower Curtain

RV Outdoor Shower Enclosure Curtain

If you plan to use PVC Pipes or other components to build, you’ll need a curtain that will wrap up the space to make it private. While selecting a curtain be sure what kind of seclusion you’re looking for in your camper outside shower enclosure.

Here are some of the best shower curtains buzzing in the markets. 

1. mDesign 100% Microfiber Polyester fabric Shower curtain

Its embossed waterproof microfiber polyester enhances water beads to form across the lengths of the curtain allowing quick water removal and swift drying. The weighed hem bottom keeps the liner in place reducing the billowing. This RV outdoor shower curtain is available in 72” x 84”.

2. Stromberg Carlson EXT-3452

The Stromberg Carlson Extend-A-Shower is our top pick for full-time RVers. This adjustable camper outdoor shower curtain works best in case you are caught up in the rains. Dimensions between 35 to 42 inches, the shower curtain acts as a laundry as well.

If you want a temporary enclosure and have the space to carry a folding privacy screen with you, this bamboo one is a great choice. Folding Bamboo Privacy Screen comes with Shelves that will help you accommodate your essentials.

It’s more challenging to get complete privacy with a screen. You’ll have to back it up against your RV, and there might be gaps, or the wind could knock it over. Keep that in mind before making your purchase. 

3. Teak Wood Bath Mat

RV Outdoor Shower Enclosure

In a camper outside shower, it feels lovely, but not if you’re standing in the mud or wet grass. While bathing in the open, a wooden bath mat is a great companion item to your RV Outdoor shower. This will drain all the water and keep your feet free from the stinky mud.

FInally, How do you Put an Outdoor Shower in an RV?

To install an RV outdoor shower –

  • Select the type of portable shower for the RV (or the one that you build), that fits in the space available in your camper.
  • On the side decided, to cut out an opening to assemble the enclosure you’ve purchased. 
  • Once the enclosure is in place, fix up the shower head and faucet in the compartment. Fix up the water system and you are good to go.

How do you replace an outdoor shower on a travel trailer

  • Dissemble the old fixture and remove all the sealant that you used for your earlier enclosure. Before you detach the older enclosure make sure you hook up the water supply. 
  • Clean the surface well with WD-40. Put in the new kit and secure it in place with screws. Connect the water fittings on the inner side, seal all ends and it should be done.

Final Thoughts on Why do RVs have Outdoor Showers?

RV Outdoor Shower Enclosure

RV outdoor shower enclosures can be a game-changer for long-range RVers – allowing them more than one way to do the dishes and tidy the pets. A little research into how to use it will make it a fun accessory for your rig. 

Outdoor showers have always been a contentious topic among RVers. An outdoor shower for an RV comes as a luxury for frequent travelers with kids and pets who get their feet dirty.

The RV outdoor showers come in handy for beach lovers who want to avoid trails of sand in their living space.

The camper outdoor shower enclosure also adds an extra washing space in case you have guests.

Lastly, it would be a beneficial addition for a smaller camper which do not have space for indoor showers.