Rv Port Homes – Do they offer their promised Utility to RVers?

Rv Port Homes

Rv Port Homes are being featured as a safe haven, especially if you are fulltiming. They are the new buzz with more and more Rvers taking refuge from their Rv issues into these nuclear small pods offering a Villa-like lifestyle.

Most RVers face parking problems, and sometimes they end up paying a lot of dollars. The first good thing about Rv port homes – is saving parking money and having a roof for yourselves and your Rvs which will remain yours forever. In fact, your children will inherit them too.

Below are all the details on how to get Rv port homes and what are the benefits and risks associated with them.

What are RV Port Homes?

RV port homes are dedicated ports with a house and a large carport for an RV motorhome. This kind of home is specifically made for RVers where they can live and get enough space to park their RV.

It consists of a small one or two-bedroom home in addition to a large carport for your RV. You can get a custom home built for yourself, but if you are going for the prebuilt ones then these are 1000 to 1500 sqft.

But it is not just about space and parking. Motorhome houses are designed considering all the small and big needs of RVers. These requirements sometimes vary in nature.

So there are many things that you will not find in Rv port homes that you regularly see in a traditional house. On the other hand, there are many advanced interiors and exterior gimmicks which are fancied in these port homes unusual to regular houses.

Salient Features of Rv Port Homes

The port has an open area where you can park your Rv and cover the rest of the portion. You can alternatively have a canopy to sit around freely and enjoy the fresh air.

Rv Port Homes

The Interior of a motorhome house is Ikea-like. Everything is very compact with every inch of space utilized to its optimum. You will find outdoor kitchens, fire pits, patio lawns, and music systems.

RVers who often travel on the road come back to RV ports to rest for a while. Modern ports are not less than a fully modernized home.

Where are RV Port homes available?

Rv Port Homes is a developing concept that has still not reached its pinnacle. For now, these structures are mainly found in big US states like Florida, and Texas. RV Port Homes Florida are in fact very popular.

But as a lot of RVers are opting for these homes, architectures are now opening up new projects in a lot of US states.

Rv Port Home Communities

You can also look out for RV port homes communities. RV port home communities are a pool of RVers.

Some of the popular RV communities include Reunion Pointe. The Reunion Pointe clubhouse is a gathering place for residents with everything they need to enjoy themselves. Do check out their RV port house designs with one, two, and three bedroom options.

Rv Port Homes Utility Metrics 

As more and more Rvers are preferring to become full-timers (living in an Rv and not buying or renting a home altogether) demand for Rv Port Homes is on a rise. A port home is now becoming a more viable option than a house. Some of the main features why they are becoming popular and how beneficial they are, are listed below.

Save Money on Storage

Rv Port Homes

With an integrated RV house (RV garage integrated into your own small RV house) campus, you save a lot of money. You won’t need to rent a storage space separately, which (renting) sometimes goes as high as $60 per night! That is a lot of money left in your pockets.

Your apartment rent even does not go that high and if you own a house then the maintenance cost comes at around 10 percent of the above-mentioned cost.

You save on transportation costs too, from your house to the parking port. Rv national parks are not located within the city premises always. Getting to your Rv will be nearly about 50 dollars one way and this will be every time you are going to get it out from the parking.

Protection from Theft

To protect your RV from theft and keep it locked with your eyes on it, your own Rv garage comes in handy. 

Storage spaces do provide security, but still, there’s a chance of theft happening and then the overall hassle and the cheese and rat hunt. Your Rv will not vanish altogether from the storage park, but the utilities inside might go missing. Most of the time you will not even notice what exactly went missing.

Buying your own RV port home ensures your rig is safe & secure with all utilities intact.

Climate Changes Won’t Affect Motorhome

Rv Port Homes

You can build a climate control shed for your Rv in Rv Port Homes owned by you. This will protect your RV from climatic and weather conditions. 

Temperature control Sheds in RV port with living quarters are highly beneficial. In winters, you can switch on the heaters which will prevent damage to your water lines inside. Likewise in summers, the temperatures will not affect the external parts.  

When it rains, your RV will be parked in a shed protecting it from high rainfall and thus rust. Rust is the mightiest enemy which can eat away or weaken small nuts and bolts for the least.


Your Rv will need maintenance every once in a while. And you can do the basic maintenance yourself. Provided you have some space like an Rv port house where your Rv can hold ground. You will not need to go to the mechanic for oiling, alignment, and cleaning like stuff.

One of the major trouble to your Rv is caused by insects and packs of mice. They cause a lot of damage to RVs. To take care of them you need basic maintenance which is possible in your Rv port home.

How to Find RV Port With Living Quarters for Sale?

Local Rv Realtors

If you want to book a house for yourself now then there are some good realtor services that can procure or at least find one for you. They do charge brokerage percentages.

Contacting RV garage realtors like the famous Polk County FL Realtor can save you real bucks and provide you with legally secure homes. 

Realtors have access to a huge database of RV homes for sale. They filter out on the basis of price, requirements, and localities to give you some of the best RV ports for you to choose from.

Not only that, you will save your time on buying procedure as the paperwork will be done by them. It is always a wise choice to pay charges for their services as will negotiate and bring down the prices too.

Rv Port Home Communities

Also, you can join RV port home communities. If any house is listed for the same these communities are the first ones to know and intimidate their members.

You do not always require to pay a fee to join an Rv port community. But even if it comes with a charge it is a wise option to do. They will notify you not just on available integrated RV houses but will also update you on most Rv-related queries and issues.

Online Real Estate Sites and Apps

Rv Port Homes

There are many real estate websites listing Rv port homes. They are always worth a watch. In fact Rv port homeowners themselves can list their homes at first-hand prices (no commission or brokerage hassle).

Google “Rv Port with Living Quarters for sale” or “Rv Garage Homes for sale” followed by the name of your city. You will get a lot of good results worth exploring.

If you are shortlisting a home from an online site check for legal documents. Secondly, visit the place, inspect every corner, and then decide whether it’s a suitable option for you or not.

Is It Possible To Get a Custom Port Home Built for You?

Camper Port becomes too similar having similar copy designs. If you don’t want to go with the pre-built ones then you can always opt for a custom-built port home.

A custom port home gives you complete freedom to design it as you want. You can add or remove things accordingly. 

You can add a pool to party along with your friends & family, and a Gym to exercise and stay fit. 

Rv Port Homes

With a custom port home, the cost expenses are in your hand. Thus, it helps you decide where to spend most of your money and save on unnecessary things.

However, there are only two downsides to this. Building custom Rv port homes require floor maps and some patience. You cannot design and approve the civil, and therefore you need a builder. Secondly, it will take a minimum of six months (mostly more than that) before you can park your Rv there and tuck yourself in.

Integrated RV House Pros and Cons


  • It can easily get financed through a mortgage program. 
  • More comfortable than the mobile RV lifestyle.
  • Secure and private with a dedicated space to park an RV motorhome.
  • It protects the RV from weather changes.
  • Allows you to keep a check on your Rv 24 hours long.
  • A one-time cost gets you rid of renting an RV storage space.
  • The RV community could be fun as you can enjoy the outdoor lifestyle. That includes walking around freely, meeting new people, and bonding with the neighbors. Enjoy outdoor activities like playing golf, tennis, etc., and relaxing in a pool.


  • Not suitable for a very large family.
  • It could be difficult to find an RV port home in your budget.
  • Building a new RV port house requires time and sometimes you have to deal with legal and clearance issues. 

Conclusion: Are RV Port Homes Worth It?

Rv lifestyle is getting fuel every day as it offers a more free, limitless, and healthy lifestyle. If you are an RV fulltimer then definitely Port Homes are the first thing you should look for.

We can clarify a few things here to answer the question are Rv Port Homes worth it for you or not –

Since RV homes are small houses with Rv garages, they cannot occupy large families. They are built for small nuclear families having a couple with 2 kids. If you are thinking to move more people it might get very shrinky.

If you are at home most of the time and less on the road with your Rv, then Rv port homes are not for you.

RV homes are not easily available in every state and region in the United States. You will find RV ports, but the options are limited. And importantly it could be challenging to find a suitable RV within your budget.

Rv Port Homes

If you have a small family and want a house to stay in when you come back from Rving, then definitely RV ports are for you. You can park your RV in the allocated space and sleep peacefully inside your small sweet Rv home.

Another alternative is to build your own RV port house with a garage, but that would consume a lot of time and an equal amount of money.

There is no security issue and you save the garage money.

These are some of the previously discussed pros and cons. Now you are the better judge to answer whether Rv Port Homes are a good choice for you or not.

But for the closing do remember that make a checklist before planning to buy Rv Port Homes. If you are satisfied, only then go out and live your Rv lifestyle in a fashion.

Post your RV port homes picture and put a location map if you buy one for yourself. We will meet your there if possible. 🙂