Best RV Slide Topper and Slide Out Awnings Reviewed

Packing up the RV with family and friends for a weekend road trip is that moment during the summer that you never forget.

If you are like many RV owners, some of the best times that a family shares is during an extensive RV trip.

Whether it?s a quick trip to a local campsite or a country-side road trip, these memories last a lifetime.

Now, today, more and more RV owners are beginning to wonder as to whether they should adapt their RV with a slide-out.

These are simple innovations that known to provide owner with added space, which, as we all know, can be crucial when traveling with numerous people.

However, before anyone can consider adding a slide-out, they must consider including protective measures. This is where RV slide out awnings come into the picture.

These handy pieces of innovations can mean the difference between a flooded RV and a safe, protected slide-out room.

The benefits and opportunities that these innovations present are immense!

In today?s article, we are here to help by presenting a guide and insight with our RV Slide Out Awning reviews.

Depending on your needs, there is a slide awning for you.

TOP PICK! 1. Lippert RV Solera Awning Slider
  • Easy to fit
  • Extend up to 50?
  • Permanently attach to RV
  • Can withstand the elements
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2. Carefree Side Out Kover III Awning
  • Full manufacturer?s warranty
  • Comes with wind deflector
  • Modern and sleek design
  • Electrical integration features
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3. Dometic EZ SlideTopper Slide-Out Awning
  • High-quality vinyl material
  • Prevent debris build up
  • Can opt-into a manufacturer?s warranty
  • Automatica slide out room integration
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What are RV Slide Out Awnings?

If you are new to the RV industry and maybe recently purchased your own camper ? perhaps you have never stumbled across a slide out awning before.

In truth, these are probably one of the most pertinent, and popular, pieces of innovation when it comes to recreational vehicles.

In fact, if you have ever driven by a camp site before, chances are, you have seen a camper or RV with an awning over their slide out.

This is a physical extension that hangs above the slide out of an RV. Some slide out awnings are vibrant in color and design, others are simpler, depending on the brand and style.

Additionally, some consumers may have their awning fabric personalized.

As many customers have wondered, the purpose of an RV slide out awning is to add an additional layer of protection and coverage.

Today, slide outs are becoming an ever-so popular decision by owners. However, as many RV owners can attest, having a slide out has increased the likelihood for flooding, leakage, and a host of other problems.

This is where purchasing a slide out awning can prove quite effective.

Types of Slide Outs

When in the market to purchase an RV slide out awning, it?s important to be aware of the type of slide out that you have. Today, there are four different types of slide outs that owners can have/build. As opposed to smaller van awnings, RV awnings are much larger and more robust. Please note, different slide out awnings may be type specific. Be sure to always do the added research to make sure, prior to purchasing.

  • Drawer: A slide out drawer is typically used by RV owners for the purpose of storage. It may be rare to find a slide out awning for a specific slide out drawer. Additionally, these are typically manually operated.
  • Electric Rack: Out of the different types of slide outs, an electric rack is the one that most RV owners select. If you have seen a video of a room electrically appear from a side of RV before, it was an electric rack. These require an electric motor that automatically churns and forces the slide out room to extend.
  • Hydraulic: This type of slide out is quite common among the RV industry; however, they are most typically used in heavier and larger recreational vehicles. As the name implies, these slide outs utilize highly-advanced hydraulic systems to move the slide out in and out.

What to look out for in an RV Slide Out Awning?

Prior to jumping into our RV Slide Out Awning Reviews, we thought we would share some insight on some of the most pertinent things to look out for before purchasing just any slide out awning. Now, since there are so many different options, especially at RV and camping stores, it can feel overwhelming.

However, it?s crucial not to make any impulse purchases. Not only are these products costly ? they can also be dangerous if made from poor materials, lack durability, or miss important features. Without further ado, here is what you should look out for in an RV slide out awning.

  • Materials: It should be assumed that not every single slide out awning is made from the same type of material. In fact, in this industry, awning fabric can be made from an assortment of materials, making it crucial for you, the consumer, to understand what that material means. In other words, is the material durable? Is the material easy to clean?
  • Durability: Prior to purchasing any slide out awning, it?s crucial to look out for the durability claims of a manufacturer. Are they discussing the durability of the fabric or the hardware used? Does the company offer consumers any warranties for their products? Consumers should be able to answer all of these questions prior to making a purchase.
  • Cost and Value: The cost to value ratio is probably one of the important factors to look out for when purchasing an rv slide out awning. When we gathered the information for our RV slide out awning reviews, we used the cost to value ratio to provide you with only the very best in class. To discover the cost to value ratio ? take the time to evaluate the price range of a product, and its competition. From there, evaluate the product based on it?s inherent value, marketed by the manufacturer. When you understand what the price of the product is in accordance to it?s cost, it can shine a bright light on the very best and worst products in an industry.
  • Added Features: Every single brand has to make an attempt to separate themselves from the rest of the competition. One of the best ways for a company to do this is through adding unique feature. This may mean stronger or innovative hardware, including automatic features, unique coloration and design options, or even perhaps technological advances in the product itself.

Below is a short video of how to install an RV slide out awning:

Anyone on the hunt for the absolute best RV slide out awning needs to begin their research with the Lippert RV Solera Awning Slider Black. This product has become a fan favorite among the RV community, receiving rave reviews from experts and customer alike.

Known for its high-quality build and various sizing between 5 feet and 16.5 feet ? this RV slide out awning offers value like no other competitor. Consumers can currently purchase this awning in a solid black color, partnered with black hardware, for the best appeal.

  • This slide out comes in a variety of sizes for consumers to pick from, making it easy to fit based on slide out room.
  • This specific slide out awning will permanently attach to the RV and function off automatic features.
  • The product is made from high-quality materials that can withstand the weather elements.
  • This awning can extend up to 50?, which if you compared to the rest of the competition, is significantly longer.
  • Great product to help protect an RV and slide out room from flooding and other related problems.
  • In comparison to what competitors are pricing their slide out awnings at ? this product may be considered expensive.

When it comes to high-quality rv slide out awnings, there are not many products like the Carefree Side Out Kover II Awning. This product has quickly become one of the strongest competitors due to its wind deflecting features, modern design, and impressive automatic integration.

For beginners, this product is great for slide room roof sizes between 70 inches and 77.9 inches. What many consumers tend to enjoy about Carefree products is the type of material that they use for their slide-out awnings. This specific product includes a material that not only offers the best support from the wind and rain, it can help protect a slide-out room from leaves, debris, dust, and other potentially dangerous elements.

  • Carefree offers all consumers a full manufacturer?s warranty. In order to claim this, you will need to contact customer service.
  • This slide out awning comes with wind deflector properties.
  • Great for roof sizes between 70-77.9 inches.
  • Unique modern and sleek design adds a unique aesthetic element to an RV.
  • This awning helps to protect the slide out and RV from debris, water, and other elemental damage.
  • This product has electrical integration features so that when opening a slide room, the slide out awning works as well.
  • The instructions to set up this product can be complex and difficult. Consumers have said the instruction lack pictures and video.

When you begin to consider the Dometic EZ Slide topper Slide-Out Awning ? you realize how competitive the top-end slide out awnings really are. As many RV owners who have purchased this product may say ? this awning is simply stellar. The material used in constructing this product helps to fend away any debris or dust to clean any slide room clean.

Additionally, this slide out awning also has unique stain and mildew resistant properties, further helping an RV?s slide room. Partner this with automatic extension and retraction features and a manufacturer?s warranty and you have a worthy contender for the best slide out awning. Did we also mention that this brand is one of the highest quality brands on the market?

  • Built from high-quality vinyl material that can help resist stains, mildew, and other dangerous elements.
  • The unique design of this slide-out awning helps to prevent the build up of debris, including leaves, dirt, or even water.
  • Product is automatically integrated into the slide out room.
  • Consumers can opt-into a manufacturer?s warranty upon purchase. You must contact manufacture for more information.
  • This specific slide-out awning can be difficult to attain or purchase due to limited quantities.
  • Will not work with a slide room at 42? or more.

SunWave Slide-out Cover Fabric


SunWave Slide Out Cover Fabric 154'

The SunWave fabric is an excellent choice for your RV?s awning. This fabric fits well on the slide toppers that don’t have a metal door. It is white in color, which adds elegance and sophistication to your RV?s design.

It is also customizable, so you can fit any size slide topper to your RV. You?ll just need to cut it according to the proper measurements.

This fabric is affordable and made of great quality, meaning it is definitely worth the purchase price. 


  • It?s affordable.
  • It?s customizable according to the length needed for your RV.
  • It?s super easy to install.
  • The material is heavy-duty, which acts as a good shield against strong weather.
  • It has fast shipping when ordered.


  • It needs to be cleaned quite often, as the dust and debris are easily visible on the white surface.

RecPro RV Slide-out Awning

recpro rv slide out awning

This awning comes with the largest sized fabric, measuring anywhere from 160 inches to 200 inches. It?s also customizable, meaning you can cut it to fit your RV?s specific awning measurement.

The strong fabric is made to withstand all kinds of weather and disaster, whether it?s a windy season or the sun is constantly shining. It?s used by most people because of its great quality and affordable price too.


  • It comes with a durable material that is both weather-resistant and UV-resistant.
  • It’s a customizable fabric. You can alter it according to you and your RV?s needs.
  • Cleaning is not a big task and doesn?t require much effort.
  • It’s environmentally friendly.


  • The beads tend to slip during installation, which can be frustrating.

Solera White Slide Topper Awning

Solera V000163299 White Slide Topper Awning - 13' (12'7' Fabric)

Solera is made with a white awning fabric and white hardware. This fabric is the best for your slide-out room and keeps dust, dirt, and debris away.

The awning is designed to meet universal standards. Solera allows you to select the size you need for your RV, so you can measure and buy the right size. Multiple colors are also available, so you can give your RV an aesthetic look by choosing a good color.


  • You can easily install this awning without too much work. The installation box comes with all the necessary equipment, including a slide-out topper roll, brackets, hardware, and a railing to mount your slide topper.
  • The durability is an exceptional plus for this awning. It can withstand extreme temperatures such as -25 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Solera is made with heat-welded seams that are capable of preventing any water leaks.
  • It protects the RV from any water accumulation, curbing any damage or mold formations.


  • Customers have complained of missing contents and damaged pieces of equipment.

Highway 93 RV Slide Topper

The Highway 93 is an exceptional quality awning that is designed with Sunpro Mfg, which is said to be the leader of Sunshade products. This awning provides ample shelter and lasts long too.

The company it is produced by guarantees quality. This fabric is perfect for you if you?re on the market for an awning that is UV-protected and has a multi-layered laminated fabric. So, you don?t need to worry about any discoloration or damage to your awning because it?s weather-resistant.

An impressive feature in this fabric is that it doesn’t use a thread to hold the beads. It?s a common problem among awnings that the beads fall out.

The Highway has carefully created a new technique where the beads are welded into the fabric, preventing this problem. This makes it easier for installation, as you can do it by yourself too. This saves a lot of time. This awning is affordable as well, so you save money on it when purchasing.


  • It’s very affordable. This awning is the best awning to buy when compared to others that range around this same pricing.
  • Its laminated fabric will reduce maintenance and cleaning.
  • It comes with a 3-year warranty.
  • This fabric will fit any slide-out awning.
  • You get free shipping if you live in the United States.
  • It’s durable and long-lasting. So, you need not worry about replacing it often.


  • Installing it by yourself is nearly impossible. You will need help from someone if you plan on doing it without the assistance of a professional.


INNOVA Slide-out Cover Fabric


Trim to Fit Slideout Cover Fabric to 140' to 163'

Innova’s Shade Pro has generated positive feedback among consumers, making it a great choice. The fabric itself fits most standard RV toppers and comes in four popular sizes, so you can choose what is ideal for your particular RV.

The fabric also comes with a raw edge, letting you cut it according to your RV?s specific requirements. Don?t worry, it?s super easy to cut. When ordering one, size up so that you can cut it according to your needs and ensure that it will fit properly.

It?s available in two different colors: black and white.


  • It comes with welded poly cord hems that are easy to fit into the rail.
  • You won’t have to worry about loud flapping noises, as the fabric’s edges do not come with a hem. This also prevents the pooling of water or dirt on the edges of the fabric.
  • The availability of different sizes makes it easy for you to get an awning that will fit your RV perfectly. The choice to cut the fabric accordingly is a plus as well.
  • The measurements are clearly given while buying it. Accurate measurements are mentioned so you can check the size box before placing the order.
  • It’s affordable and has a quick installation process, which will save you a ton of time.
  • The quality of Shade Pro stands out among other fabrics, making it a worthy purchase. It has received a lot of praise for its great performance and quality.
  • The durability of the awning is fantastic.


  • Instructions are not given during purchase, so customers have to search the internet for the installation process.

Ease of installation

Installing an RV slide-out will take several hours, but it?s easier for you to do if you follow the proper steps and procedures. You can watch a video on how to set up an RV slide-out awning to get a clear picture on how to install it yourself. It?s not a simple process, but you can do it without professional assistance if you?re equipped with some good tips.

Not only should you pay attention to how the brackets and awning fit together, but you will also need to be prepared with plenty of determination. You?re going to need a little help from a friend too because doing it all on your own will only make things more difficult.

How to Measure a Slide-Out Awning

It’s important to determine the sizes of your awnings before installing them because awnings need to fit your RV perfectly. If they don?t, they could be troublesome later on.

To avoid any problems, you must accurately measure your RV’s slide-out section.

To measure correctly, follow these simple steps:

  1. Align the measuring tape along the fabric you?re wanting to install to your RV.
  2. Roll out the tape until it reaches the end of the fabric and note the measurement exactly.
  3. Use this same measurement to cut and install the slide-out awning onto your RV.

Cleaning and Care Tips

Keeping your awning clean is crucial for its longevity and effectiveness. If you have neglected to clean your awning, then you will need to do so immediately to prevent further issues. So, take a cleaning brush and get to work.

To properly clean your awning, you will need a cleaning brush, water, and soap. The soap doesn?t have to be anything special. You can even use dish soap if that?s all that you have available. 

  1. Dust the awning first to remove dry dirt and dust.
  2. Gently scrub the awning with the soap and the cleaning brush. You will have to do it gently because you don’t want to tear or damage the fabric of the awning.
  3. The exposed part of the awning needs to be cleaned incredibly well. This is the area that is most affected by the weather.
  4. Frequently checking the awning and cleaning it from time to time will relieve you from needing to constantly fix any problems related to wear-and-tear.

How to Keep RV Toppers From Flapping?

Hearing a flapping sound while driving on the road can be a bit disturbing, especially when there is a heavy wind or other rough weather. The awnings of your RV could be damaged if you?re hearing flapping noises while in motion.

The best and most convenient method to fix this is to tie the toppers to the slide-out bars with a rope. Doing so will keep your toppers in place and prevent any other unwanted noises.

Other alternatives include installing the tether between the topper and the slide-out roof or replacing the topper with a sunscreen material. As this material is thick, the wind will not be able to affect it and there are low chances of damage.

Your Next Step?

In this article, we have presented you with some in-depth insight into the industry of RV slide out awnings. After reading all of this information, chances are, you are asking, what is the best product for me? If we can be honest, that?s a complex answer that depends entirely on your specific RV and needs.

As you can tell, each product that we featured on our list today offers its own unique benefits and opportunities. Additionally, each product is designed for a specific sized slide out room. Understanding the type of slide-out room that you have, or desired, can shine light as to what type of slide out awning you need.

As a responsible consumer, the next step on your end is to figure out, according to our RV slide out awning reviews, what product best matches your needs. This may mean measuring your slide-out room or contacting the manufacturer to figure out what size awning could fit.

There is always a slide out awning to match an RV. While it may take a bit of research, these three products on our list today are the most notable in the industry. If you are looking for somewhere to begin or add flavor to your RV,

Start here!

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