RV Storage Ideas Exterior | RV Underbelly Storage Ideas | 7 Best Hacks for you to Carry your World Along

RV Storage Ideas Exterior

Scouring the internet for RV storage ideas exterior (and interior)? Well, now you have landed on the right site. We have all the tricks and tips for storage, authenticated by Full Timers.

Whether you have a compact travel trailer or a luxurious apt Class C motorhome, storage has always been a matter of conflict. – Sam Michigan – Colorado

Prior to the mid-’90s, RV manufacturers didn’t give much thought to the storage spaces and just focused on essential services on board. – Tom Thames – NYC

RVing is so much fun, but when you move in, you face a heap of frustration to declutter the rig and organize in the limited space. Dwelling in an RV is similar to living in a small home and you’ll probably have to downsize, especially if you intend to go full time.

What if we say you needn’t downsize or leave your loved belonging behind. As we move ahead, we’ll take you through various Exterior RV storage ideas, that would make you go super excited. Especially the RV underbelly – which is a great option for adding up to your outside RV Storage.

We’ve compiled the ultimate RV Storage Ideas to navigate you through the toughest challenges while wandering on the road.

Let’s start by discussing our top Exterior RV Storage Ideas

3 Best RV Storage Ideas Exterior

1. Add more Rear Storage

RV Storage Ideas Exterior - Hitch Rack
RV Storage Ideas Exterior – Hitch Rack

If you are a full-time RVer, there is no doubt in you carrying gear. But how would you accommodate it? One of the best options that could buy some extra storage is on your RVs bumper.

This space is an apt option for carrying things we often use but they come in handy from time to time. These may be bulkier and even heavier and kill space inside your motorhome. 

To bring along your gears, the right hitch rack could be a challenge. A hitch extender is one of the best RV bumper storage ideas for carrying them.

It gives you some extra space for the platform to bring them along on your camping adventure. This is the only viable solution that could carry your heavy gears on. Surprisingly, it won’t cost you much.

Need to bring other useful items? Why not? 

A bumper storage box would be the second best  RV bumper storage ideas for such kinds. This would definitely come in handy for a multitude of things that you couldn’t carry earlier. You can choose a waterproof model to protect your belongings from weather changes.

2. Don’t overlook RV Basement storage

RV Storage Ideas Exterior - Slide Trays
RV Storage Ideas Exterior – Slide Trays – Pinterest Image

A perfect place to store heavier items that you travel with or those which are occasionally used. A huge pass-through in a motorhome comes as a blessing for the RVer. 

How do I organize the RV Basement storage?

  1. A cargo tray (or a slide tray) is a large flat tray that gets attached to the basement wall of your RV. It can be pulled out in order to easily reach your stuff that is placed at the back. This fifth wheeler basement storage idea , would indeed utilize every inch of your camper.

MOR/ryde CTG602036W Cargo Slide- This sliding tray would help you organize your bountiful under camper storage conveniently fitting into the basement of your motorhome.

 It is fully equipped and easy to install. A carpet flooring prevents slippage and sliding while on the move. With this addition to your basement, you’ll no longer lose items in storage or strain to reach those places at the back.

  1. Decant the space- That’s our little secret to accommodating all our loved belongings. 

Plastic Bins-  Rubber maid storage containers are sustainable on a long journey or in the dark! Easily stackable, these can be placed on top of another. Using bins is always a good idea. They are both durable and keep up their shape for long.

An alternative to bins- Heavy Duty Extra Large Storage Bags. These bags are perfect to store tarps, blankets, or outdoor gear clean and dry. Apart from protecting them, these keep them in place instead of being piled in the storage bay area until next time. 

3. Picture it on the side 

RV Storage Ideas Exterior

Hanging stuff on the sides of the basement is another great RV basement storage ideas for oddball items. Like tools that you might have to carry on your camping trips or your sports accessories. We suggest you use hooks that lock in place so that they remain intact while driving. 

4. Go Vertical

Don’t skimp on your 5th wheeler basement storage space that could be useful. Make use of this for odd-spaced items in your kit.

There is no rule that everything must lay flat. Sometimes going vertical could be the way to save on the available real estate in your RV basement. Think of it like a jig saw puzzle and accommodate your stuff. Maybe this one will sort your clutter.

With our travel trailer pass-through storage ideas, we bet your RV could hold everything from Christmas decorations to seasonal changes of wardrobe.

However, if these RV storage ideas exterior are not enough for your stuff and you are still left out with your packages, you can maximize storage spaces.

How do you maximize space in a small travel trailer? 

There are multiple ways of getting additional storage space in your home on wheels and never the RV storage Ideas exterior are going to suffice you. From roof boxes to hooks and basement storage containers and even underbed storage. We have covered 15 best hacks in one of our other posts. Check it out below –

Here we are going to introduce 3 innovative ways to maximize space in a small travel trailer. One of them is an RV underbelly storage. Ever heard of that stuff?

1. Best RV Underbelly Storage Ideas

Lippert Rack - RV Underbelly Storage
Lippert Rack – RV Underbelly Storage

First, let’s know what an RV under belly is –

This is a type of under-camper storage unit that slides in and out easily. You retrieve it to access what’s inside and push it back.

The type of under-slung storage you desire depends on your camper and the amount of extra space you need and most importantly want you to store. However, this under-trailer storage idea comes with a selective range of items that you could store. 

Sewer hoses, attachments, leveling blocks, jacks, and likewise messy or cleaning equipment you would want to store in your camper fit in Lippert Underchassis Double Bin Storage Unit for RVs.

This has one of the best options for DIY under chassis RV storage. Available in multiple sizes, they come with complete detachable molded storage boxes with lids. The box can be bolted onto the RV Chassis and moves in and out with a spring-loaded latch.

2. RV Bunkhouses modified into storage chambers?

RV Storage Ideas Exterior

A secluded space with bunk beds is called a bunkhouse. Typically, this space is a dedicated sleeping space with a door of its seen in certain models, mostly possessed by parents.

But why would a couple with no kids want to waste floor space with a bunk, you may ask? Here’s a little modification that would convert the bunkhouse into storage space. 

Just by removing the factory-installed bunk beds, you earn a huge space, large enough to accommodate stackable units. Bunkhouses are mostly converted into laundry rooms that could store the washing unit. This RV bunkhouse storage idea makes space for more!

Instead of using the space solely as a laundry room, you could add a pantry cabinet or a drawer to store other essentials of your rig. At the least, you’d have a room for the dust-pan and the broom, which you didn’t know where to store. 

Bunkhouse travel trailers are one of the most convenient vehicles for camping for large families. Giving you more space to sleep, these lofts could also be used as storage space. Remember to look for motorhomes with bunkhouses under 30 feet. 

3. DIY RV Under Frame Storage

In case, the market stuff doesn’t satisfy your needs or you feel being robbed with their pricing, making an RV under storage frame would be your choice. This can work for both RV Storage Ideas Exterior and RV Underbelly Storage.

You would need a plywood plank, measuring tape, marker, and a wood-cutter.

Just cut the plank in the required size, check for the frame and glue them. 

Remember- The size of your drawer depends upon the size of your rig, and what you are going to keep in will determine the size of the dividers.

One in One out – Gross Vehicle Rating

RV Storage Ideas Exterior - GVWR
Establishing GVWR – Image Credits – mikeduman.com

Bear in mind, however simple these RV storage ideas exterior might seem; you mustn’t be buying them until you know the Gross Vehicle Rating for the model of your rig. An important tip before you leave- your camper is only rated to carry so much weight! Make sure you know your GVR.

GVR is the maximum weight allowed for the RV in and out. It is the standard weight that the metal framework could hold. To manage your GVR, at best you could replace old things or inefficient units. So ‘One in One out’ would be our final piece of advice.

With this advice, a little creativity and maybe a little internet scouring would amaze you at how much you can diversify your under-camper storage and basement storage.