RV Storage Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Sanity

Living in a small space forces you to keep things more organized and thinking up rv storage tips and tricks to stay organized.

But it's not always easy.

In a house, most people have brimming junk drawers and closets that you have to hurriedly shove everything in and slam the door to keep the avalanche from falling out.  

You can?t do that in an RV.

You don?t have the space nor can you afford the extra weight.  Of course we all still have junk drawers filled with random stuff.

But if you travel often, ask yourself if you really need that inflatable kayak purchased on a whim at the RV show three years ago...that you still haven?t used.

We love our older Lazy Daze for many reasons.  But her storage capacity is not one of them.

She has small outside compartments which makes finding a camping grill nearly impossible.

And our kitchen has two tiny drawers for silverware and other accessories.  Yes, we have only two drawers that are barely six inches wide for our whole kitchen.  
We?ve accepted her limitations and have found products that help us stay organized within such a small space.

Storage Solutions for RVs

3M Command Strips

One of the first things we bought to hang things in our RV were 3M command strips.

They are one of my most favorite purchases for our RV.

I know it sounds silly to be excited about such a small thing, but they were a lifesaver in many ways.  

I didn?t want to put a bunch of holes in our wall for hanging things. Since reading from other fulltime RVers, most people said you end up getting rid of stuff you thought you needed within the first six months.

Knowing that, I didn?t want to screw a bunch of hooks in only to then realize we didn?t need them.  That?s when I found out about command strips and how they don?t damage your walls.  

Four years later, I?ve only had one major fail out of 20 different strips we've used.  

We put one up by the door to hang our dog leash and after two years, the wallpaper underneath ripped and took down the hook.

I assume since the hook was in between a window and door that maybe the humidity had loosened the wallpaper.  I also had some hooks come off the outside of our closet but that was due to us hanging heavy winter coats on it.  
We have command strips hanging our towels, dog leash, hats, keys, hoodies, a six outlet power strip, pictures, a soap dispenser and shower products.  

The best part? If I don?t like the location, I simply pull the strip off and place it in a different spot.  Try that with a screw in the wall.  With RV walls, it's not easy to cover screw holes like a regular house unless you plan on painting over the wallpaper.  

Here are the different ones we use:

Honestly we should invest in 3M for the amount of command strips we use.

Hanging Organizer

The next thing we purchased was a hanging organizer for our large closet door.  
We have a rear bath that encompasses the full width of the rear of the RV.  The closet door also acts as the divider for privacy in the bathroom.  

To maximize the large space on both sides of the door, we put command strips on one site hoodies, coats and hats. On the other side, we added a back of door storage system.  

You can adjust the height of each shelf, so it makes it easy to adjust to whatever space you have.  It?s a sturdy steel construction and can hold a ton of stuff.  We have absolutely loved this product and it?s one of our favorite purchases.

**Searching for additional RV protection? Check out our RV Awning Reviews here!**

RV Storage Containers

The third thing we bought were storage containers to put in our overhead cabinets. This helps hold items in one spot and keeps them from falling out or rattling around.  

There are so many different container sizes you just need to measure your depth, height and width to determine which size fits best in your cabinets.  We were able to find ours at an IKEA trip.

We also used two smaller bins for our spices above our sink. 

Since we're picky about our drinkware and absolutely hate drinking from plastic, we have glasses and use a container to store our pint glasses and coffee cups while traveling.  

We use regular neoprene coozies placed in between to prevent the glass rattling while driving.  

Since our drawers are so small, we bought couple of drawer inserts to help organize them so it's not one big piled up mess that you have to fish around to find anything.

Museum Putty or Mounting Putty

Another product we use to organized is museum putty.  We don't have the space to hang the TV in our RV so we simply placed it on our little table across from the sofa.  

You can also look for mounting putty and you can find something like this Loctite mounting putty.

We like it on the table, but wanted to make it more permanent and secure while driving down the road.
After doing some research, I found a product called Quakehold!.  It?s a putty like product that secures things to a horizontal surface.  

Apparently museums use it all the time to keep things from falling and breaking, hence the name.  

I wasn't sure it would hold our 20? LCD TV to our table while bouncing down the road at 60 mph but decided to give it a try.

We did a test run around the neighborhood.  Someone sat next to the TV while I drove. We even went over a big pothole just to see if it worked.  

To say it worked was an understatement, four years later and it is still holding strong.  You can use it to secure a variety of items to a horizontal surface and it very inexpensive.

Hanging Basket

The next purchase for organizing was a hanging basket.  In the four years that we've been on the road we have gone through two different baskets and a long period of not using one at all.  

We use a hanging basket to keep our fruits and vegetables out of the way and off the counter since counter space is so limited for us.

So why is something so simple as a hanging basket so hard to get right in a RV?

With moving often, you need one that is easy to store and easy to hang.
Every time we took down the old basket the metal links would get tangled and we would have to readjust it to hang straight rather than at an angle.  After a few frustrating months, we got rid of it

We finally found one that works well for us.  This two basket system has a chain that doesn?t get tangled and it hangs straight every time.

It also has a dark finish that we like and has a good scooping bowl effect that holds what we need.

RV Hooks

I have a growing collection of hats and caps so I bought some individual metal hooks that hang over the door.  I couldn?t use the command strips since the cubby was wrapped in fabric.  

They were meant for regular size door depths but were easy to squeeze the hook to accommodate the smaller depth.

Rubber Bands

I know this may sound weird, but rubber bands have been great as an organizing product.  

I?m a woodworker and read an article about someone using large rubber bands for holding small box parts together while waiting for the glue to dry.

I bought some and kept in the garage while doing projects. When we got on the road, I brought them with us just in case.

Recently, I winding a cord for storage and couldn?t quite get it to stay together. That's when I remembered those rubber bands.  

Wrapping the cord with rubber bands worked like a charm and I?ve been using them ever since with all types of cords such as all the phone, laptop, tablet charging cords that seem to multiply.  

I even use them around our liquor bottles  keep them from rattling against each other.  There are so many uses for rubber bands and they are very inexpensive compared to some new products that are marketed for the same usage.


You can really write a book about RV storage tips and tricks since every RV is has their own nooks and crannies. And RV organization is an never ending process.

What are your favorite rv storage ideas?

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5 thoughts on “RV Storage Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Sanity”

  1. Even after eight years of full-timing, I still got some new ideas from your post! Thanks!!

    A couple of things we’ve found to be especially helpful: freezer storage bags. We use quart sized bags to cover the ends of our water hose (held tight with those must-have rubber bands), and I use them all the time to store things — loose pens, safety pins, etc, because we can suck the air out of them and make them tiny.

    I also realized I can fold things any way I want (!). I can get 10 dish towels and about 8 dishrags into one tiny drawer by folding the towels in half then thirds and folding the dish rags into thirds then rolling them and tucking them upended alongside the towels in the drawer.

    I used extra dishtowels and dishrags to wrap our coffee mugs for traveling — they take a little more space than the sleeves you mention, but serve as handy spares if I need them.

    You’re right — a book in all these space-saving hints and tips!

  2. I like your suggestion to get overhead cabinet containers for RV storage. My husband and I are considering buying an RV soon. Your tips should help us feel comfortable and enjoy the experience!

  3. You’ve got some great tips for storing an RV. I love how you said that it’s good to use 3M hanger to keep keys and stuff in prominent places. We’re looking to find a way to store our RV around here, so I’ll be sure to prepare with these hooks!

  4. That’s a good idea to put a basket or something hanging in your RV to keep some extra stuff in. I am thinking about getting an RV and I would want to make sure that I could carry everything I want to take with me in it. I’ll have to consider getting a cargo carrier or something like that on the back so that I can keep some stuff in there as well.

  5. I have a friend that is thinking about getting RV storage. It might be wise to know that you can look into getting rubber bands for this. My friend might like knowing that there is a way to properly pick a storage service.


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