RV Thermostat Upgrade 101: Now is the time – 6 Best Digital Thermostats

Of all the additions you do in your RV, Thermostat Upgrade is the most instrumental.

RV Thermostat Upgrade

RV Thermostat is the reason for the cozy, comfortable home inside your recreational vehicles. The most integral component of your RV’s heating and cooling system, the RV thermostat ensures your family stays warm during the chilly months and nice & cool during the scorching summer days.

What’s even better is that RVs are designed to enable you to upgrade the HVAC system controlling the RV thermostat if need be. An upgrade ensures better functionality and longevity.

If you have an older RV, or if your RV thermostat has been giving you trouble lately, it is time you understand their nuances and read on how to upgrade RV thermostat (or replace it). A little knowledge will go a long way to saving money and better RV experience.

What is an RV Thermostat? How to Upgrade RV Thermostat?

Your quest for an RV thermostat upgrade requires you to know the inner workings of one. Recreational vehicles are wired with an entirely different electrical system than your standard house. Hence, the thermostat too – is different with a different wiring and voltage system, as compared to a residential thermostat.

Before taking a pick from the variety of thermostats in the market – starting from camper thermostat to RV AC thermostat or an RV thermostat digital – it is important to know the differences within.

RV thermostats are essentially of 4 types:

  1. Analog Thermostat – The most basic model of all. An Analog thermostat is dependable and budget–friendly, given it requires no electricity.

The heat-sensitive metal within bends with temperature change, turns on the switch to the heating or cooling mechanism and gives temperature control inside.

RV Thermostat Upgrade
  1. Digital Thermostat: RV Digital Models’ benefits include seeing the temperature setting and changing it precisely according to your needs. A Digital RV Thermostat Upgrade for your camper is actually the need of the hour.

RV digital thermostats need electrical power to make the electrical temperature sensors work. This article will go in-depth about digital thermostat upgrade.

  1. Programmable RV thermostats: Considered the smart choice by campers, the RV programmable thermostats let you choose the exact temperature range ahead of time. The system is set to heat or cool at a pre-determined time and your family comes back to an RV that is perfectly heated up or cooled down.

It’s a great money saver indeed.

  1. Smart Thermostat: If you are a tech-savvy person – this is the one for you. As you monitor your thermostat remotely using an app, the thermostat adjusts according to your pre-determined setting and also monitors external weather conditions.

The most energy efficient of them all is the smart thermostat and if you can afford this one is truly worth investing in.

RV Thermostat Upgrade

Can I replace my RV Thermostat with any Thermostat?

If you are a well-meaning RV owner, trying to upgrade the fixtures and give your recreational vehicle longevity when it comes to amenities, chances are you have been on the lookout for a thermostat that fulfills all your family needs when that chill is around the corner.

But the catch is that you can never replace your existing RV thermostat with just another one – without checking for compatibility first. So if you are asking us ”Can I replace my RV thermostat with any thermostat?”, the short answer is NO.

Each RV and its equivalent RV thermostat is unique. Heat-only thermostats can only work with RVs that have a heating system solely while others are compatible with both heating and cooling systems. Understand your RV needs and pick the one it is compatible with, from the range of camper thermostat and digital RV thermostat

Why Choose Digital or Smart Thermostats?

Our advice is to replace your old Analog RV thermostat with digital or Smart thermostats as they save you a lot of money and practically pay for themselves.

They are affordable, help you uplift your RV lifestyle and provide more comfort. A few reasons to go for an RV digital thermostat conversion are as follows:

  1. Safety: Older, Analog Thermostats tend to have high levels of mercury, in fact, the highest compared to all other household items. A Digital camper thermostat upgrade is a safer choice to make for your family and the environment.
  2. Technician Visits: There are no moving parts and as such expensive technician visits for recalibration can be avoided if one upgrades to a Digital thermostat for an RV. The number of times you need to get it repaired also drops drastically when your Smart thermostat works on its own through the app.
  3. Programmable: Many Digital thermostats have the setting options of a programmable one. A Digital thermostat for camper allows you to turn on the air before you arrive home or warm the house as you sleep.
  4. Money Saver: Increased energy efficiency and precision mark an RV AC thermostat that is digital.

You can save more than two hundred dollars ($200) each year with a digital thermostat for RV!

RV Thermostat Upgrade

Top Picks for RV Digital Thermostat Upgrade

This list will help you in selecting some of the best Digital RV thermostat upgrades. We have curated the below picks strictly from experience and research.

Take a detailed look at the names provided before zeroing in on a digital thermostat for RV or a Smart RV Thermostat.

Honeywell RTH5110d1006 Non-Programmable Thermostat

RV Thermostat Upgrade

Can you use a Honeywell thermostat in an RV, you ask? Absolutely. And with ease. An easy-access battery door and just the push of a button to switch between the heating and cooling system – this RV replacement thermostat is a flawless design indeed.

A back-lit, easy-to-read digital display makes it the perfect choice for your RV as you visualize your thermostat settings and the current indoor temperature. Replacing RV thermostat with Honeywell digital will prove to be a wise decision.

Coleman Mach 8330-3862 Digital Thermostat

RV Thermostat Upgrade

Sans the complications, the Coleman Mach Digital model Is a great digital RV thermostat upgrade from your old Analog one. A compact device that is easy to install, the Coleman is compatible with a range of different RVs with a wire-wire to match.

Just a 10-minute installation and you are ready to select your desired temperature using the digital screen and arrow buttons.

Running at 12 Volt DC, the Coleman Mach digital Thermostat is quite the rock star in the world of RV thermostats, and one that you definitely need to bring home.

Atwood 38453 off White Thermostat

RV Thermostat Upgrade

Quality components and user-friendly controls are the stand-out features of the Atwood RV thermostats. Installation is easy to master, the off-white device color is simple and helps in location, and the settings are easy to adjust.

A heat-only model, the woes of your old RV can be done away with the Atwood model when you decide on an RV thermostat replacement.

It is pretty easy to use and once the anticipator is calibrated properly, you can breathe a sigh of relief as all your RV hydroflame heater problems will be over.

Dometic 3314082 Duo Therm Comfort Control 2

RV Thermostat Upgrade

This programmable Model is the perfect upgrade for RV owners looking to make an RV thermostat upgrade. A digital display that is easy to read for adults and children alike, with buttons for necessary setting changes – the Dometic model is a trusted one.

Priced affordably at $122, the Dometic RV thermostat is a programmable model that comes with buttons large enough to be operated by anyone, conveniently. A cute clock feature helps you keep time too.

Micro-Air Easy Touch Wireless RV Thermostat

RV Thermostat Upgrade

For a great camper RV thermostat upgrade, it is important to cover the basic needs but no one denies the beauty of a sophisticated piece of gadget that uplifts your RV aesthetics. This smart model from Micro-Air is quite fancy equipment. The display screen is a state-of-the-art feature and scores high on technology and efficiency.

A smartphone application helping you program as per your needs, the remote access lets this thermostat be controlled from anywhere.

Making adjustments on the go is easy as ever, with the Micro-Air RV Smart thermostat Upgrade.

LuxPro PSD010BF Thermostat

RV Thermostat Upgrade

Controlling heat precisely, the Lux Pro thermostat is a fan favorite as it is one of the best RV digital thermostats, famed for its energy efficiency. The settings chosen dictate the consumption of energy as you operate the pre-adjustment settings according to your will.

The model is well suited to and exclusively compatible with the heating-only systems seen in in-floor heating radiant systems of RV. Digital accuracy is a stronghold of the LuxPro digital thermostat, which comes with an easy-to-operate illuminated display.


Armed with all this knowledge about thermostats and which ones to go for in case your RV thermostat is lined up for an upgrade, we hope you make the right decision for you and your family, as comfort, safety, and financial security are on the line here.