RV under 3500 lbs – 10 Best Compact Lightweight and Easy to Park Travellers to Get You Out Every Weekend

Black Bean - Elon Musk
Black Bean – Elon Musk Image Credits – Bean Trailers

Recreation Vehicle (RV) has proliferated for some time now. While traveling, what’s better than taking your home along with you. A lightweight RV under 3500 lbs is just the apt traveler with you while you are hitting your dream place. 

RVing is an escape from the routine hustle to explore what the world is up to! Traveling equips you with a perfect experience and some candid memories. The best part about 3500 lbs trailers is that they allow you to travel to your favorite destinations behaving like a; ‘compact yet containing everything’, companion.

RVs under 3500 lbs are manufactured by some good names and allow the avid travelers to take with them, perfect moving living quarters for accommodation. They are the easiest to park and don’t cost much to maintain.

As titled, these lightweight travelers are the best RVing options every weekend. 

RV under 3500 lbs – 10 Best Models

Below we have listed some of the best campers under 3500 lbs which are made from decent manufacturers and yet do not charge a lot. These lightweight RVs have a lot of good reviews online and you will pass by a lot of these trusted motors on the road.

Forest River Wolf Pup 16FQ

Forest River Wolf Pup 16FQ - RV Under 3500 Lbs

Equipped with everything you would ask for a perfect getaway, Wolf Pup 16FQ is one of the most fantastic lightweight travel trailers under 3500 lbs. It weighs just 3031 lbs and measures 21’5’’ in length.

A stove top, a small refrigerator, and a microwave diligently fit in its kitchen with plenty of storage for the foodstuff. It has got a full bathroom with a campground facility.

To doze off, this trailer has got a good size bed with two spacious wardrobes to take care of your clothes and other essential stuff. With all these, this fantastic trailer comes at a meager price of $29,658

Coachmen Clipper Ultra-lite 17 CFQ

Coachmen Clipper Ultra-lite 17 CFQ - RV Under 3500 Lbs

Well, I personally gained experience with this fabulous trailer and you won’t regret taking the same on a vacation. It is one of the best buys if you are looking for campers under 3500 lbs!

This masterpiece comes with a big space wherein 4 people can sleep comfortably on a queen-size bed. From leather-like finish on dinette seats to everything you need to satisfy your taste buds with sumptuous meals; this 2749 lbs trailer is just your perfect pick.

A shower in a spacious bathroom and a separate toilet allows you to cool off at all times. With a length of 21’4’’, this companion is tagged at $23375.

Vintage Cruiser 19 CSK

Vintage Cruiser 19 CSK - RV Under 3500 Lbs

As the name suggests, you will find this lightweight travel trailer under 3500 lbs, not a vintage model. On the contrary, it is a modern-style RV that does not flare anything from vintage.

The best part of this trailer traveler is the slide which opens up into the interior space that allows a more carefree movement inside.

The sofa cum bed and the two cabinets in the corner will give you a royal look and satisfaction once you are on board. The two small tables are perfect for holding your drink while moving on.

With a dry weight of 3395 lbs, this vintage cruiser is the most preferred pick in the line of used ultra light RV under 3500 lbs. The candid traveler comes at a price of $23,990.

Oliver Legacy Elite

Oliver Legacy Elite - RV under 3500 lbs

We were fortunate enough to board this masterpiece with my friend and his fiancee last year and trust us we still miss our ease of drive and the freeway travel in this lightweight travel trailer under 3500 lbs.

It is so nicely designed with the top quality fiberglass and can accommodate 4 people in a go. The dinette is easily convertible into a full-sized bed along with a top-class full-size bathroom with antique designs.

The best part of Oliver is in spite of it being a lightweight RV under 3500 lbs it is customizable. You can choose your own upholstery and floorings and you are good to go. Legacy Elite comes at a price of $57900.

Forest River R-POD RP-180

Forest River R-POD RP-180 - RV under 3500 lbs

Any list for used ultra light travelers under 3500 lbs would be cited incomplete if it fails to mention the famous Forest River R POD.

This RV gradually gained a major share in this genre and is just the perfect choice for a compact towable traveler. You ain’t be disappointed with the space it carries in the first place.

A unique bathroom with a separate space for linens and toiletries and a queen size bed in the sleeping place makes this RV a favorite companion of travelers. The dry weight is around 2950 lbs and it is available at a price of $28275 with a 20 feet long in size.

Venture Sonic Lite SL169VUD

Venture Sonic Lite SL169VUD - RV under 3500 lbs

If you are planning for a weekend or a longer vacation with family and friends, then this fantastic RV under 3500 lbs is made for you specifically.

With a capacity to accommodate 5 people at a time and weighing 3450 lbs; the double bunk installed in this trailer makes it different. Big windows along the queen-size bed and a spacious closet equip it with a home-like experience.

The cozy space in this 21 feet trailer is just the perfect feature of this tow travel trailer.

17’ Deluxe Casita Travel Trailer

17’ Deluxe Casita Travel Trailer - RV under 3500 lbs

A royal vintage affair under the category of campers under 3500 lbs is the 17 Deluxe Casita trailer. I came to know about this first-class classy companion through a friend residing in the USA who accompanied this beautiful trailer on a family trip.

He simply described this one as a Heritage model with a fantastic interior flooring and customizable layout. He just loved the swivel chairs placed inside and the four super cozy bunk beds just made the whole trip an unforgettable one.

The 17-foot Casita trailer has got a large bathroom with a shower and separate storage space. You can get it at around $26694.

Airstream Nest

Airstream Nest - RV under 3500 lbs

A fantastic design, fiberglass body, and an exquisitely planned interior make Airstream Nest one of the most pleasant takeaways when it comes to used ultra lite RV under 3500 lbs.

Just buy or hire this well-equipped trailer with you and you will love its fixed bed along with convertible dinette for your comfortable rest.

The tuft and needle adaptive mattress with great color options for the cabinet area ensures its luxurious aura. Its dry weight is around 3400 lbs and its price is tagged at $45900.

Bean Trailers

Bean Trailers - RV under 3500 lbs

It is a teeny tiny motor! Adventure Enthusiasts just love this masterpiece in the range of best lightweight travel trailers under 3500 lbs. The best part of it is that it allows outdoor cooking.

A spacious cabin and an additional headroom never bore you and you find yourself in a comfortable position even during long journeys. No need to worry about the sidewall leaks and walls, the one-piece fiberglass shell protects the outdoor and indoor areas pretty well.

The base price starts from $22990 and it comes with a Bean 2D configurator. Bean advertises Black Bean (one of their lightweight trailers) as being used by Elon Musk. Check the featured image.

Palomino Puma Ultra Lite 16 QBX

Palomino Puma Ultra Lite 16 QBX - RV under 3500 lbs

The last one of the travel trailers under 3500 lbs is the famous Palomino Puma Ultra Lite. Weighed at around 3124 lbs and available at an exclusive price of $29525, this RV’s highlight is the bathtub attached to it.

The bathroom area is just constructed in a smart way with ample counter-top space. A large stainless refrigerator and a stovetop in the kitchen area would enable you to cook your favorite cuisines while you are on the way to your favorite destination. 

FAQs on lightweight RV under 3500 lbs

  1. How do I buy an RV?

Answer. The process of buying an RV resembles that of a car. THOR provides an established network of dealers who assist you in selecting the right RV as per your requirements. The authorized dealers also provide secure financing and periodical maintenance.

  1. What is the expected gas mileage when RV is in use?

Answer. Well, this depends on a number of factors such as weight, speed, terrain, and driving style. But what’s obvious is that you will get less mileage with the use of an RV than on normal days. 

  1. How do I maintain the awning of my RV?

Answer. The modern-day RVs are made from synthetic materials like vinyl and acrylic. They provide ample protection and last for years. A canopy awning is present in RV to provide shade and shelter. Reasonable care and maintenance ensure their long life.

  1. What is the average cost of an RV under 3500 lbs?

Answer. THOR group of companies makes it possible for almost anyone to enjoy the services of a well-equipped RV. The start price of an RV begins at $12000 and increases substantially as you go on adding features as per your requirements. 

  1. How does an electrical system work in the RV?

Answer. The 12-volt automotive type system allows the user to camp without any external power supply. Together with this a 115 volt AC household type system assists in air conditioning and refrigerating.

  1. Can I finance my RV as I do with a car or house?

Answer. A big yes! The RV loans can be availed depending on the size and the credit rating you hold. The loan ranges from 10 to 15 years and the RV dealers come up with some of the best deals for financing the purchase of RV.