Best RV Under Mattress Ventilation Products – Travel Hygienic & Mold Free

With proper RV under mattress ventilation, you can travel mold free and feel fresh while laying down throughout your expedition! – Brian (Full Timer – Ocklohama)

RV under mattress ventilation products

The ones who are interested in adventurous expeditions know how it feels to own or use a recreational vehicle. In fact, owning or staying in an RV has of late become a trend in the west, and slowly it is getting into the other parts of the world as well.

Even a small and very compact RV for 2 pax are often filled with everyday usage stuff to make traveling easier for them. Be it a small sofa set or the lay-on mattresses, to make life inside cozy and comfortable.

But in certain weather conditions, you can experience mold and mildew growth beneath the mattress. And that is why the need for RV under mattress ventilation is primarily significant!

Mold and Mildew formation on a Mattress
Mold and Mildew formation on a Mattress

Fact – Sometimes even the dehumidifier or other hacks may fail to prevent mold growth in twin RV mattresses.

Reasons for Moisture Formation & Mold Growth

Before we head to knowing some of the best RV under mattress ventilation techniques, we must know why there is mold formation or moisture content beneath the mattresses.

In general in most or every travel trailer, the mattresses lie on the floor which is of course cooler than the entire vehicle body! And in an RV for two or more, of course, when you sleep on the mattress, the warmth from the bodies heats up the mattress.

The moisture from the air and the body’s heat start condensing between the cold surface and the mattress bottom. Thus, even in a very good brand mattress or a top-notch RV, there is moisture content and mold formation beneath the mattress.

And if not checked timely and removed manually, it will start increasing day by day and with time it will damage the mattress and ultimately will affect your health.

Checking for mold and mildew formation
Checking for mold and mildew formation

This is a primary reason why RVers should buy a ventilated mattress. Because leave the comfort aside it gets this mold hassle cleared by in the very first place.

And it is not always about the mattress. Changing other mattress basics can also do the magic. In this article we have discussed some very useful RV under mattress ventilation products.

Below are some suggestions that you might love to explore before you head to buy one!

Bamboo Mattress Pad by Exceptional Sheets

Best RV under mattress ventilation products
Mattress Pad by Exceptional Sheets

The mattress pad is made from extra plush rayon and fits mattresses up to 18″ deep. It comes in variable sizes and designs with an affordable price range.

Spandex, polyester, rayon and nylon materials are meshed to make a perfect RV under mattress ventilation pad. It prevents mold and mildew formation beneath the mattress to a very large extent.

What we liked additionally was the Exceptional Sheet’s Revoloft. Revoloft is a fiberfill used in their products including this pad which gives you a goose and duck down feel. It is just awesome!

Hypervent Aire-Flow Mattress Underlay by Mattress Insider

Best RV under mattress ventilation products
Mattress Underlay by Mattress Insider

Hypervent’s Aire-Flow is a great underlay for mattresses and has proven results. It is affordable and some real-time reviews by customers suggest that they have benefited a lot after using the underlay.

Aire Flow is a made from woven polymer (industrial grade) glued to breathable fabric. It is 3/4″ thick preventing the mattress from touching the cold floor and thus balances temperature.

In spite of this if moisture reaches the mattress, Air Flow’s material helps in evaporating it. Both these features keep mattress dry and warm eliminating all mold and mildew growth.

Surprisingly Aire Flow’s was built originally to be used in water drainage! And from here you can imagine how effective it can be to stop water and moisture from getting in.

Memory Foam Mattress Topper by Linsy Living

Best RV under mattress ventilation products
Mattress Topper by Linsy

Linsy Living is a good brand and manufacturers quality products especially under the rv under mattress ventilation segment.

This mattress topper is made from eco-friendly bamboo charcoal-infused memory foam. It measures 3 inches and sleeping on it is a treat. We have this one on of our RV beds.

It has ventilation holes that effectively control humidity and moisture accumulation underneath. Moreover it’s advanced technology that ensures durability and quality.

You can get it in 4 different sizes – twin, full, queen and king. All the materials used are CertiPUR-US certified so you get somewhat assurance than the product is well suited to your body and will not cause any health hazards.

From all rv under mattress ventilation products reviewed here – we would say that this mattress topper is actually a topper! And it is undoubtedly the best to ditch mold growth.

Memory Foam Mattress Topper by Subrtex

Best RV under mattress ventilation products
Mattress Topper by Subrtex

A firm competition to Linsy’s mattress topper is Subrtex’s. The former had perforations for better ventilation but this one went one step ahead.

Subrtex has put in a gel-infused technology along with perforations for more effective rv under mattress ventilation. The gel further enhances in controlling moisture.

Moreover it comes in 6 sizes and 3 styles. More options always makes you a priority selection. It has got great reviews from buyers and an approx 4.5 rating on many mattress reviewing websites.

Subrtex has priced it very economical and competitive to Linsy. We purchased Linsy a few years back and had no clue then about this gel infused one. Although we do not regret our mattress topper but would definitely want to lay down on a gel!

Why do we need rv under mattress ventilation?

None of us like to travel in uncomfortable surroundings. Getting the desired comfort during a journey is not too much to ask for!

And beddings and mattresses are the most used products in an RV. You sit or you lay down! This is the maximum you are going to do in a moving vehicle.

But what if this attracts mold growth over time and starts making you feel uncomfortable and unhealthy at the same time?

Excessive use of these expose them to a lot of mold formation in addition to other problems, like germs and bacterial growth. With long-term usage, the area beneath the mattress retains moisture due to which mold and mildew formation happens.

RV under mattress ventilation is a hygienic alternative to all these issues. And that is why using a ventilated mattress or a topper or an underlay or a sheet becomes very significant.

Best RV under mattress ventilation products
Hygienic Mattress is a must | Image Credits@King Koil

Note – There are a variety of options for RV under mattress ventilation. We have only covered some of the best ones from every variety.

Our closing line is – If timely action is not taken for mold and mildew, then it will not only damage the mattress but will also affect the health of the travelers.

So travel safely and comfortably in a hygienic environment!