RV Underbed Storage Ideas – 15 Creative Storage Solutions for all Your Acess Utilities

RV Underbed Storage Ideas

What to do with space under your RV bed?

One of the most underutilized spaces is the empty room under your bed. To prevent this we have discovered real creative RV underbed storage ideas which will help you increase at least 5 luggage bag clearance.

Storage spaces in a camper are as precious as gold. A little smartness could nestle your belongings. But ever wondered what happens to under-bed areas?

The unutilized Rv underbed space becomes a room for mice, spiders, and all sorts of scrap waste and junk. It clutters the whole living area and in the long run, will deteriorate adjacent external structures too.

You might find some modern RVs utilize this space, but it will be almost vacuum under beds in pre-2015 RVs. So what to do with this space? The RV Underbed Storage Ideas provided by experts below are very useful in utilizing this space to its optimum in modern as well as old vehicles.

Does Storage Really Matter when RVing?

RVing is a great option if you are an adventurous personality seeking infinite wanderlust. But only if you are covered with all your essentials and sometimes a little more to them (nonessentials).

Traveling without your basic belongings doesn’t add up. It gives that incomplete feeling which then travels with you throughout your journey. But even a luxurious 40 feet RV doesn’t have that much space to work with.

To add to this is the fact that you need to bring in more things when you are RV-camping. Linens, fragile clothes, toys, footwear, essentials, and the list is never-ending.

Which begs the question- How to stuff everything in a small limited RV space? Storage spaces in an RV can be challenging noting that you might have to fit in essentials for at least two to three people (most of the time even more).

RV Underbed Storage Ideas

Well stuffing your materials, clothes, and articles under is not creative and it will always make you fall short of space.

Storing all your essentials and nonessential luggage in an RV is an art and in the fact, the right storage ideas can make you go gaga. Below are some RV underbed storage ideas to create a larger room to accommodate much more stuff.

We’ve got you rigged! Get along all your belonging with easy and artistic RV under bed storage ideas discussed below. 

Most Efficient Camper Under Bed Storage Ideas


The easiest way out could be compartmentalizing it. A travel trailer has built-in storage spaces underneath beds. This of course is a great area to store linens, fragile or extra clothes, and those comfy rugs. However, the travel trailer under bed storage gets overloaded fast! Compartmentalizing confides these linens and rugs in limited space and does not allow them to expand.

Light Shelves

Light shelving for RV is a very legit under RV storage idea. We recommend prefabricated wired cube mesh from alexaddict.com to maximize the under-bed RV storage. To do away with the DIY, you cab purchase prefabricated wired cubes from Amazon.com. These shelves occupy the most minimal space in comparison to the traditional drawers and cupboard compartments. They will also help you stack your essentials all in one place. 

Foldable Storage Bins

We precisely recommend foldable RV Storage bins from Walmart with small handles. It would be easy for you to move them in and out. If the bins are deep for your RV under bed storage, you’d need low-profile storage containers. Bins or storage solutions from a one-dollar store may work well for your space. They will be inexpensive, but likely not as high quality. 

Vacuum Storage Bags

Of all the mentioned RV underbed storage ideas, Vacuum Bags are the most cool one. In winters you will need extra blankets and pillows, plus a bulky thick duvet and warm clothes, which take up a lot of space. Try Vacuum Storage Bags for all these kinds of space-filling stuff.

RV Underbed Storage Ideas

Vacuum storage bags can also be handy for the extra bed sheets and even mattresses. These storage bags bring them to a fraction of their size.

You simply throw the linens into the bag, attach it to the vacuum machine, suck out the air inside and squeeze it. Next thing you know, you have more space in hand.

You can also get vacuum storage bags that come with their customized hand pump. Use them for your clothes, too! Remember, by creating more space elsewhere you create more space for your non-essential stuff too.

Shoe Storage

Forgive us for the awful pun once you see how ridiculously this piece of cloth would help you store your footwear. All you need is a commercially available cloth shoe storage rack, a pair of scissors and some Velcro, voila! it’s done. The versatile storage hack in your camper comes in handy as an under bed RV storage idea.

That’s not all, even the archival garment boxes can accommodate your footwear and those treasured pieces of yours along. 

The RV pass-through space

For the unversed, RV pass-through is the nickname of an RV basement-which is usually not more than a couple of feet high and is generally an extra storage space compartment located below the floor of the RV. 

Often most 5 wheelers and biggest RVs will have different floor levels and some manufacturers utilize the opportunity to create storage space with slim adjustments.

Cargo Sliders

AKA slide tray, if you don’t like bending over and slipping halfway into the pass-through, storage slides would be a simple RV pass-through storage organization idea. 

RV Underbed Storage Ideas

Drawer Slides

In case you are looking for space for your electricity backup or your hardware kit- Heavy Duty RV drawer sliders would foster some meaningful spaces. You may buy these cargo and drawer slides separately and have them installed, or you can build your own. If you’re handy with the tools, you may be able to come up with a design that maximizes your space and minimizes wastage. 

Storage Tubs

If you don’t like the idea of digging through the walls of your basement panels, storage tubs would be deft. Simply grab the RV storage bins and you’re sorted. 

Suspended Racks

A prefabricated form of storage idea that can preclude the DIY hassle and fabrication pressure is suspended racks from Forest River Forum- this is an excellent option for a travel trailer pass-through storage idea. 

How do you organize your RV bedroom? 

RV Underbed Storage Ideas

In this section we are not just talking about RV Underbed Storage Ideas. In fact there ideas can brighten your bedroom overall.

Start from the basics- grab some nice linens for your beds. Linens for RV beds are the most problematic because of the variable sizes.

Closet organizers– Fetch some similar size bins that would fit in your closet that would organize your accessories seamlessly.

Also, look for a handing shoe stand that could go on the inner side of the closet door, that will keep all your footwear safe.

Bin for soiled clothes– Adding accessories in the already claustrophobic camper kills the space. Be smart in selecting your bin size and shape and try to accommodate it in a dead space rather than allocating a walkway to it.

Fan– Well, the windows would keep you aerated, but for times in a year-the fans would come to the rescue. Not all RVs have ceiling fans and moreover, the cost incurred in the installation of a ceiling fan would burn a hole in your pocket. Purchasing a portable would do the needful breeze for you.

What are some storage ideas for RV closets with pictures? 

Lightweight drawers- Lightweight shelving for RV like plastic and fabric drawers offers a quick and easy way to organize clothes and other personal stuff inside a small RV closet.  

Foldable drawers- Get rid of the usual clutter and organize small whatnots with foldable drawers which could also be used as under bed storage options. You could stack clothes or any other personal item in these multisectional racks.

Stackable bins-  Simply pack stuff into these bins, zip them up, and stack ‘em in your RV closet. You won’t worry about messing up those folds even with potholes on the road. 

Rev-a-shelf- This RV pass through storage organization is simply the perfect shoe organizer option to store your collection of shoes. You could also customize it to hang your clothes.

Overhead Shelf- There’s plenty of vertical space in your RV. Even the top area of a closet can be converted into an added storage shelf to accommodate personal essentials. A retractable shelf, for instance, can offer extra legroom to hold socks, undies, ties, belts, bags, and the like. 

What can you put inside your RV’s storage? 

RV storage should be used for bigger and sharper stuff which can damage other parts of the RV if kept there. You might be carrying a ladder, some hard tools, or even an oven, barbeque grills, and stove. Things like these that are damageable to others but are less damageable to themselves should be kept in the main RV storage.

Use planks, storage bins, and boxes or sliders, they would all sort the conundrums of claustrophobic and stress-inducing space for your RV storage mains

Bottom Line

Storage can be hard to come by in the cramped world of a camper. You already have so many closets and cubbies to tuck things away in, yet to fall short of space.

Space under the bed of your RV is the most open opportunity for storage. Clothing, accessories, essentials, what not! one place fits all. There are countless ways you can customize this space.

Garment bags and boxes are the best go-to’s for making the most of the given area. And you’re creative, you can also build a system of drawers under your RV bed. This will take some handiwork, but the convenience is well worth it.

Follow our guide above where we have discussed 15 RV Underbed Storage Ideas – to keep your storage spaces clean and organized. Share with us if you come up with something unique.