RV With 2 Queen Beds – 3 Sizeable Options For Your Twin Size Families

RV with 2 Queen Beds

Why RV with 2 Queen beds is the only practical buy?

A comfortable bed and a proper sleeping area are a must when RVing. However, it gets a lot cramped when traveling with family & friends. The sleeping area gets shared.

A 2 bedroom RV or alternatively an RV with 2 queen beds becomes essential if you are on a long recreational trip or an adventurous one. Proper bedding results in proper sleep which is the only physical activity that will rejuvenate you and prepare you for the next day.

Nowadays even if you are out with your immediate, husband, wife, and two children, a 2 queen bed Rv seems a practical and a viable option.

Most modern manufacturers these days make RVs that have two, or even multiple Queen size beds. The beds are fitted in the corners and doors like in Ikea furniture. You can open and use them for resting and when done you can tuck them back up. They save a lot of space and provide bedding beneath every head at no extra cost to you.

You can look out for two-bedroom RV floor plans, but there is a high possibility you will end up with low-quality beds or smaller beds in the name of queen size ones.

RV With 2 Queen Beds – 3 Best

Below is a list we have compiled for RV with 2 Queen Beds (and alternatively for RVs with two bedrooms) – 3 Best and reviewed them. These are the best ones having a lot of happy customers and have nill to negligible consumer complaints.

Forest River Wildwood 37BHSS2Q Travel Trailer RV

T37BHSS2Q - RV with 2 Queen Beds
T37BHSS2Q – RV with 2 Master Bedrooms

Wildwood claims that Nobody packs in quality and convenience like them. We agree on both their declarations. 37BHSS2Q is a rare model which is superbly built and the trailer offers convenience like no other.

The 38′ 10″ x 96″ has two very spacious master bedrooms. They are well well built with ample living, sleeping, and storage space. The bedroom at the rear end has an attached bath and shower closure.

The mattress quality is also very fine however if you want a more sophisticated one you can always change. Check about mattresses here.

But we included Wildwood’s this model in the 3 best RV with 2 queen beds list because of its versa lounge. Along with 2 bedrooms, you can use this lounge as a bedroom for sleeping times. The sofas are enough for a single bed.

But if you want, you can put a queen bed in this space. Get a folding queen bed mattress, so that you can use this space as a lounge and fold away the bed.

The best feature is it has a stow n go storage below this lounge, where you can put all your bedroom (as well as other) accessories. All these make it a super large and a decent option for couples traveling together.

You won’t face any space issues, and you don’t have to share your bed with anyone. Each couple can get their privacy with individual beds. 

A slide-out in the living area gives you ample space to walk around with a coffee. If you want to sit outdoors, you could open up the 18” awning and sit together for long hours.

The interior includes vinyl flooring, a mattress, and speakers with blue LED lights that won’t stop you from partying hard. 

In a snap, you can clean the rooftop as its one-piece walkable rooftop. Also, it has a tough coat paint exterior that would last long in any season. A large patio door provides access to the outdoors to enjoy the fresh air and natural light. 

A refrigerator to keep your food fresh and a washer/dryer for your clothes are also included in this Wildwood travel trailer. 

Forest River Alpha Wolf 29DQ-L Travel Trailer RV

This model has all. Two queen beds, u-shaped dinette, Master suite, single slide, and whatnot in Alpha Wolf Travel Trailer RV. 

The 29DQ-L also known as Cherokee Alpha Wolf has two master bedrooms, both having queen beds. There is ample walk-around space and also accommodates a lot of storage. One of the bedrooms has an attached private bathroom.

The mattress quality is semi-luxurious. Not as fluffy as in Wildwoods but still gives you the needed comfort. If you are buying this second hand then get new pillows. It is rare to find fresh (new) models for both, the Forest River and the Wildwood.

In this trailer, you have a smartly laid very spacious living space. It already has a hide-a-bed so that does save you extra dollars for a queen bed mattress. We liked the position of the living space too, which lies in the middle between the two bedrooms.

Wildwood’s make is a bit awkward with a lot of space dedicated to the kitchen and bath.

You need not worry about all the amenities that you have in your home as nothing would be missing here.  

It is fully laminated, insulated, and fully laminated with an advanced exterior. With LED lighting on the interior and exterior, you will always be cheerful. For a safe journey, there’s a tire pressure monitoring system.

An exterior shower with hot and cold water serves its usefulness in the best way. 

You could store a lot of appliances in the kitchen area and serve fresh drinks and food to everyone. 

So now you know about 2 bedroom RV floor plans. Till now you must be sure that an RV with 2 bedrooms 2 bathrooms floor plans does exist. 

The Wolf 29 Dq-l is a good two queen-sized beds with two private bedrooms RV. It gives complete privacy wherein you can sleep peacefully with your loved ones.

Need more space? You can opt for multiple queen-sized beds. 

One such RV model is the Forest River Rockwood Roo 183 Travel Trailer. There are three 60″x 80″ queen beds, and another one you can add to the dinette. You can carry all your friends and family and still can put a bed below them. 

But our intended purpose in this article is not to give you motorhomes which are plus 3 beds. As promised we will stick to reviews for RV with 2 queen beds.

Tiffin Allegro Red 33AA Class A RV

Tiffin Motorhomes Allegro Red 33AA - RV with 2 queen beds

Tiffin Allegro is our favorite choice for Rv with 2 Queen Beds. It is compact, it is modern and its wooden furniture is wow.

However please note that unlike the Forestriver and the Wildwoods, Tiffin is a one-bedroom RV. It does not have 2 master bedrooms. And another very important distinction is that Tiffin is an RV, whereas the above two are trailers.

It has a state-of-the-art designed living area, with plush and comfortable sofas and this is where you can convert it into an Rv with 2 queen beds. Get away with the sofas and put a folding queen bed and you can easily accommodate your two along with you too.

In its original make, this Class A motorhome comes with a recliner, sofa bed, and a residential refrigerator. A booth dinette, overwhelming kitchen, a private bedroom, and a 7’ ceiling mean comfort in space-packed features. 

You can take a shower whenever you want inside a one-piece fiberglass shower. Attached with the shower, you have a skylight and LED light inside the bathroom fitted above the shower. 

The Allegro Class A motorhome is luxurious and comfortable powered by a diesel engine. An AC system, water heater, soundbar system, and ceramic tile flooring are nothing less than what you must have dreamed of.

With a bunk over a cab, 5 sleeps, and 35 ft 2 in Length, Tiffin Allegro is a perfect fit for outdoor entertainment and a great option if you are looking for an RV with 2 queen beds.

How many passengers fit in an RV?

An RV with one bedroom and smaller RVs can accommodate 4 to 5 people. Such RVs have a single queen-sized bed.

RVs that are typically sized between 20 to 30 feet can sleep around 7-8 people. These RVs have two queen-sized beds with modern amenities like a spacious kitchen and bathroom with LED lights. 

If you need more space, then need a larger RV up to 50 feet in size. These RVs are for family trips or couples with kids and could accommodate up to 12 or more people.

If you are looking for a larger size, then redirect to our article RV with King Size Beds. If an RV with 2 queen beds is enough for your family then consider these 3 options.

Note – There are many other options for RV with 2 queen beds which we are not able to cover. Some are perfect in their size, some have a great mattress, and others differ in their Class. If you need some other option or have any queries, do reach us. We will try to find an RV that will meet all your requirements.