RV With Fireplace – 5 Best Electric Fireplaces and 2 Best RVs with Inbuilt Fireplace

RV with Fireplace at Chugach State Park
At Chugach State Park

We enjoyed the icy weather at the Chugach State Park in Alaska and the High Sierras of California in our RV with fireplace and it was so homey!

Looking for a cozy warm space in your travel trailer while you escape from your systematic lives into new exciting and thrilling modes of existence? But what about the spine-chilling winters? Would you welcome them and enjoy the echoes in deserted camping sites or re-route! We think it ain’t that arduous with modern RV with fireplaces.

It is for real that a fireplace can be set up in a travel trailer. But not the wonted fireplace for sure. An RVer could install an electric faux fireplace. This luxe accessory often does not involve real flames and logs but serves the purpose.

Available in stationary and movable styles this electric fireplace has become an essential RV furniture. Curated with a self-trimming feature, these easy to install electric fireplaces blend superbly. They have become an attractive feature that can make an RV a true home and keep you extra toasty.

Stationary Fireplaces are good. They’re fixed into the corners of your camper interiors or even on the spare wall. But for the reasons listed below, we would recommend the movable electric fireplace for your RV.

How do RV Electric Fireplaces Work?

RV with Fireplace - Touchstone Sideline
Touchstone Sideline Fireplace

Usually, the RV fireplace heater works by sucking in cool air, passing it over the heating filament, and throwing the air out through a fan. No fuel to burn or by-products to vent out. Just plug in and you’re good to go – making it a cleaner and a greener option for your home on wheels.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the pros and cons of RV electric fireplaces before we tell you which ones are the best.


  • Cheap and safer operations when compared to propane fireplaces.
  • No chimney or fresh air vent is required.
  • No damage to the interior walls of the camper causing no harm to the lifespan of the RV.
  • Automatic shut down feature available in high-end devices.


  • Electric fireplaces in Class A and B types of RVs present a major drawback while you take part in boondocking campaigns.
  • Heat generation is lesser than propane fireplaces.

Best Electric Fireplace for a Camper

The market today is flooded by RV electric fireplaces, ranging from medium to premium quality electric heaters. But we would recommend the two evergreens with a lot of happy customers, The Greystone and the Furrion Fireplace.

Both these RV electric fireplaces are the best ones for your camper. Below we have reviewed these heaters in detail. Check them out.  

Greystone Fireplace

Greystone Fireplace for RVs
Greystone Fireplace

The versatile black hue of the Greystone electric fireplace with curved front glass goes easy with the interiors of any RV.

The adjustable thermostat on the panel in the front glass gives a range of temperatures between 65F to 95F. Auto-shutdown time of the recessed mountable RV fireplace heater ranges from 30 minutes to 9 hours.

Its safety feature automatically cuts off the power on detection of any object within 6″ of range. The LED control panel on the front provides an easy adjustment of flame brightness and temperature.


Overall dimensions: 27-15/16″ wide x 21-7/16″ tall x 9-1/16″ deep

Cutout: 26″ wide x 20-7/8″ tall x 6″ deep

Voltage: 120V AC

Amperage: 15 amps

1-Year warranty

Furrion Fireplace

The Furrion fireplace- an RV fireplace heater that brings sustainability and modern luxury thrive in synergy is the next best option. Available in 26″ to 60″ this fireplace surround is designed with LED flame technology to create a low-maintenance, beautiful ambiance from the purveyors.

It is made to withstand shocks, vibrations, and extreme temperatures and is known to create a warm and cozy environment in your camper.

It has a wireless remote control that enables adjusting the temperature, lighting, and timer options. If you’re a technology freak yet want a sustainable solution – Furrion fireplace is our recommendation for you.

The built-in safety features prevent damage to you or the camper by cutting power to the fireplace when overheated the RV slide-out is activated when an object is in its vicinity. 

Are Touchstone fireplaces good for RVs?

Touchstone fireplaces are one of the trusted sources of RV fireplace inserts and motorized TV lifts for RVs and motor homes. Designed for easy installation and use, Touchstone Electric Fireplaces are available in many widths to fit compact RV spaces. 

Are RV Fireplaces Electric or Propane? 

RV with Fireplace Propane
Propane Fireplace

RV fireplaces nowadays are majorly electric. Out of 10 fireplaces, 9 are electrical models. You will seldom find any RVer using propane fireplaces.

Actually, propane fireplaces are avoided considering the harm their gas can cause to the interiors in the motorhome. Additionally, these traditional fireplaces are a bit difficult and more manual to maintain. On the other hand, electric fireplaces now come with remotes.

What Class of RV would be the Best for a Fireplace?

Well to better answer this question, you need to determine what class of RV is best for winters. We will briefly classify all the classes and then comment on which one can best partner you in the colds.

RVs come in three classified classes based on their sizes. You have luxurious Class A, compact Class B, and well-molded Class C motorhomes.

Class A RV is for full-timers looking for luxury at the campground, the Class B is a very compact camper, tiny in size but offers all amenities. Class C RVs are the most popular in the camper world. They can accommodate more lives and are affordable.

Class C RVs are available from 21′ to 35′; making these motorhomes easier to maneuver, unlike Class A RVs. So, a Class C RV will make a perfect fit for winter getaways. And hence, they can accommodate fireplaces the best – which are a winter essential.

Two popular Class C RV with fireplace motorhomes that would carry a mid-size family are the 2020 Dynamax Corp Dx3 and the Jayco Seneca 37 M.

2020 Dynamax Corp DX3

RV with Fireplace - DX3

Voguish both inside and outside, this RVs indigenously spread floor plan has a sleeping capacity for up to six people. The diesel engine of the camper won’t have any troubles traveling long distances despite the hefty structure.

The interiors in shades of black, white, and beige give the space a unique look that is modern yet classic. The fireplace in the Corp DX3 is located in the lounge allowing driving, cooking, and relaxing all at once. This Class C RV with fireplace stands out beautifully with the back cabinetry that it sets in.

Jayco Seneca 37 M

Another Class C RV with fireplace worth going for is Seneco 37 M. The latest 2021 motorhome is perfect for those seeking a home away from home.

With a sleeping space of around 8, the 39′ long travel trailer has more than enough space. This super Class C RV features a fireplace in its lounge. The lounge accommodates a jack-knife sofa and a theater sofa.

What are the best Class A RVs with fireplaces?

Class A RVs with fireplaces are good when you want to travel potentially long. The best RV fireplaces model are Forest River Georgetown 36D7 RV, and Fleetwood Southwind 35K RV.

RV with fireplace for sale – USED

While writing this piece of article, our research team came with these four great buys for an RV with fireplace. We have linked these too for easy navigation. Check them out once.

2019 Forest River Class A RVFR3 33DS – USED 

The RVFR3 33DS under-warranty Class A RV is available for sale in Bellingham, MN. This used RV is in a showroom-like condition, which the owner wants to sell due to the demise of its spouse.

Check Price.


The BV42 has 5 slide-outs and is custom designed. It is the 2022 latest model and has covered very less miles on the road.

Check Price.


This is the same BV42 model by Bridgeview and is brand new. You get manufacturer’s warranty too. It has 5 slide-outs with a custom design. But the model is 2019 and hence it is very cheap however the upper one is the 2022 model.

Check Price.

2017 DURANGO by KZ inc. 380FLF

Durango’s 2017 used is also a good buy if you want a fully loaded RV with fireplace. It has all the essentials and is maintained in a pretty good condition. However, its price is high in comparison to the new 2019 Bridgeview BV42.

Check Price.

Remodeling RV Fireplaces

Remodelling RV with Fireplace - TV Lift
TV Lift

We bet RV owners would love to use automated lifts to hide all sorts of great stuff in the ‘home on wheels. How about fixing a TV near the fireplace?

RV fireplace TV lift cabinet is a digital device that raises your TV from a recessed location. An RV TV lift cabinet with a fireplace comes from the back of a handsome electric fireplace. 

But putting something in the vicinity of a fireplace is always a conundrum. So, whether you are putting a tv or an antique, make sure to keep a distance.

Can an electric fireplace be hardwired in an RV?

Yes, totally. In fact, we prefer the built-in style of electric RV fireplaces to be hardwired. Because it gives a better and a seamless finish.

Alternatively, you can get the simple plug-in RV fireplaces models’ too. They are also preferable because after winters you can tug them in the storage and use the same space for a plug-in air conditioner or an air purifier humidifier if required.

Whether you opt for installed  RV fireplaces or simply plug-in models, a camper fireplace can lengthen your summer well into the winter months. Fire it up and enjoy your campsite.