RV with Jacuzzi Tub – The Glamorous Camping Style of RVing – 6 Best Models

Realm FS 605 - Luxury RV with Jacuzzi Tub
Realm FS 605 – Luxury RV with Jacuzzi Tub

RVs can help you accumulate memories like no other. They are the best options for recreation, rejuvenation, and steaming up yourself. And a luxury Rv with Jacuzzi tub can kindle inexperienced pleasures.

Rv with Jacuzzi Tub is not Just Glamour!

Tranquility and togetherness – both can be found in this new age lifestyle meant for the nomad at heart. The RV is more than a compact house – it is a ticket to freedom. And an Rv with Jacuzzi Tub – is freedom plus ultimate comfort. Encapsulating luxury with style, many RV manufacturers evolve from building RVs as a vehicle to using them for recreation

Relaxing in a Jacuzzi tub can be a good option to avail the benefits of blood circulation, relaxation, and massage. It is never just glam!

You return a better and more alert person after a recreational trip by having a deep soaking bath while on the road! There is much scientific evidence to this – but right now we are not going to bore you with the biological aspects of having an Rv with a Jacuzzi.

So is an Rv with Jacuzzi Tub affordable?

Well, Jacuzzi itself costs a lot. And Rv does not come cheap either. Mixing two expensive elements will not give you anything cheap. For now, only Class A Rv’s (and only some of them) come with an installed Jacuzzi Tub. Other classes – B and C do not offer this luxury.

But it is easy to convert your bathtub into a Jacuzzi. Read our step-by-step guide on How to convert your RV bath into a Jacuzzi Tub here.

For now – Let’s take a look at some of the best Class A RVs with Jacuzzi bathtubs that the market has on offer right now.

Best Class A RVs with Jacuzzi Rub – In depth Reviews

1. Furrion Elysium

Furrion Elysium Rv with Jacuzzi Tub at the Top
Furrion Elysium Rv with Jacuzzi Tub at the Top

The crème d la crème of the RV industry – the $2.5million  Furrion ELYSIUM – jampacked with the best state-of-the-art luxury amenities – is indeed our first pick. The price tag ensures absolute exclusivity when it comes to owning this marvel of modern living on the road.

This massive 45 feet long RV with Jacuzzi tub has interiors to match a spy movie villain lair. But what excites us more is the bathtub’s position. It is located in the luxury lounging area at the very top of the Rv. Just imagine yourself taking a hot jacuzzi massage in the midst of the woods and the breeze.

The bath doubles up as a steam room where you can get enjoy the spa. Another exciting feature – it has smart showers all around.

Furrion Elysium - Rv with Jacuzzi Tub

Equipped with a luxury lounge, three 75’ 4K TVs, observation cameras, a touchscreen infotainment system, and a gourmet kitchen, the Elysium gives a true homage to its name.

The extra couple of million dollars is worthwhile as you lay your eyes on the rooftop helipad ready to receive a Robinson R22 helicopter on board – although many would argue that the centerpiece of the attraction is the gorgeous hot tub Jacuzzi that it houses.

Perfect for entertaining the high names in your circle – the Elysium has a built-in fridge as a perfect companion on date nights and cocktail soirees that you are bound to throw for friends, family, and admirers.

2. Foretravel Realm FS6 Luxury Villa Spa

Foretravel - Rv with Jacuzzi Tub

One of the most expensive names on the list, the FS6 gives tough competition to the Elysium when it comes to decadence. Walk-in closets with built-in shoe racks make this RV a class apart from the rest all the while the Spartan Premier K4 chassis provides the ultimate agility and ease in driving smoothly on your next road trip up the mountains.

However, the real showstopper is the high-end Jacuzzi tub meant for hot baths and massaging.

The Kohler Underscore Jacuzzi bath in the FS6 comes with endless functionalities – 6 hidden speakers for therapeutic music and waves, 122 air jets for massaging your poor soul after a tiresome day – what more could you possibly seek. Hydrotherapy and bubble baths come at a cost though since the FS6 comes priced at 48000,000 or more.

Other than the jacuzzi – the interiors never fail to draw the first attraction having walnut cabinetry. It’s gourmet kitchen, 2 bathrooms for the family and guests’ convenience, LED lighting to suit the mood on board, master bedroom, and a state-of-the-art entertainment system takes the cherry.

3. Keystone Montana 3921FB

Keystone RV with Jacuzzi Tub

The compact Keystone Montana meant for housing 4 people has a master suite with a king size bed and a walk-through access to the main bathroom. A half-bath compliments the décor just across from the main entry.

Dual sinks in the bathroom effectively make use of the space available while the deep soaking Jacuzzi tub in the RV adds the much-needed touch of glamping in this luxury RV of yours.

The reason we have included Keystone – is it is the only small model Rv with Jacuzzi Tub. Other Rvs featuring Jacuzzi Tubs are all 2 luxury bedroom full-size motor homes – averaging 10 – 12 people. So if you are looking for something for a luxury experience limited to your immediate then this is the personalized vehicle for you.

Keystone’s other amenities include, but are not limited to, a kitchen that houses a fridge with an ice maker, and a living area in the area with an HDTV set around chic & comfortable furniture with a fireplace to elevate the mood.

A perfect weekend getaway with family would include nestling up in quilts around the fireplace as you watch your favorite movie.

If you have been meaning to make a switch from your apartment to an RV with Jacuzzi tub – and travel the country all year through – The Keystone Montana is an exceptional choice.  It has a four-season living package available for your year-round benefits.

4. Forest River Sandpiper 383RBLOK

Sandpiper 383RBLOK - Rv with Jacuzzi Tub

If taking a trip across the lush plains in the monsoon or a hike up the mountains in spring with your buddies from college is what has been circling your mind – then there is no better choice than the Forest River Sandpiper RV.

The most family-friendly RV on this list – the sandpiper has the space capacity to comfortably house 10 people at a time. With 2 entry doors – one at the front and the other at the rear – to give convenience in the entry of people.

Now if we focus on it’s bath – then the most exciting feature we liked was the walk-in shower with seat. It gives you the ultimate experience, something different to Rv with Jacuzzi Tub.

The bunkhouse suite has its own bathroom, a huge bathroom with a king-size bath tub. The tub measures 35 x 24 inches – which can accommodate 2 adults and can fit in 2 kids too!

But Does it have a Jacuzzi Tub? If not, then why are we talking about it?

Well, the reason we have included Sandpiper here – is because of its layout, especially the bathing area. It has got ample space wherein you can expand the bath and install a jacuzzi tub. Even the bunkhouse’s bath tub can be installed with Jacuzzi showers. So then you have an Rv with 2 Jacuzzi Tubs! Now just imagine jacuzzing with your whole family.

Is Jauczzing even a term? If not, then we have just created it out of excitement.

Other than the baths – Rv’s kitchen and sleeping arrangements are suitable for a large party of friends or families taking a break. The kitchen comes equipped with a center island, microwave, and stainless steel appliances along with an accessory outside the kitchen for when the gang is in the mood for some camp-style cooking of hot marshmallows and steak.

As for retiring at the end of the day –  there is a bunkhouse suite with its own bathroom as well as a loft above. This gives it perfect segregation for the adults and the kids or for spreading out your girl/ boy gang out for a vacation in the RV.

Extended family trips are no issue at all as the Sandpiper comes with 4 slide-outs, a washer and a dryer, as also a powered patio awning. The extra-large and well-ventilated RV is the perfect space you have been seeking for your tribe.

5. The Futuria Motorhome

Futuria Motorhome - Rv with Jacuzzi Tub

This German make is an answer to future’s problem of housing and adequate space for all families – belonging to a myriad of income sources.

An RV custom made to the buyer’s specifications, the Futuria houses a roof with a massive deck meant for entertaining friends and families. Carved out of exotic teak wood – it does add a classy touch to your living style.

The whirlpool Jacuzzi tub is the center of attraction that comes integrated with illuminated jets and a wonderful waterfall effect. It is a perfect place to sit down, enjoy the scenery and unwind with friends and family.

The heavy-duty fencing around the upper deck and around the Jacuzzi Tub makes it a safe, secure, and comfortable inner space meant for your relaxation. The fencing folds down neatly automatically when the RV is in motion.

The Futuria is a compact statement when it comes to style and interiors. A huge bedroom with 2 beds, large windows, not to forget push carpeting – just above a lower lounge designed with elements of understated luxury. A U shaped couch to seat up to 10 people as you host friends and families will no doubt be your newest addition to the properties.

A brave and outrageous spectacle of modern architecture – The Futuria even has a garage meant for a small sports car. No wonder the RV prices at $1 million are but a reality for a select few.

6. Coachmen Spirit of America 24RBQS

Coachmen Spirit of America M-24 RBQS - Rv with Jacuzzi Tub

Ending the list is the most affordable option we have in store for you – the Coachmen Spirit of America – that costs even less for $14000 (used) if you can settle for a model from the mid-2000s which has a Jacuzzi Tub.

The Spirit of America RV is a reliable RV that gives the luxury of having a lovely bathtub in the master bedroom on one hand, and the dependability of tough fiberglass sidewalls on the other. It is a sure-shot choice for experienced campers.

With 1 slide-out, this family RV is compact in size yet sturdy and reliable. The 16’ awning can be extended manually – a hassle at first glance, but with the ease of never having to stress over a failing motor again.

The full tub can easily be converted into a jacuzzi – with selected showers and jets. And if you are lucky enough you might find one already having the jacuzzi equipment.

The central living and kitchen area houses a comfortable sofa to seat a company of up to 5 as they settle in for a good time with a cool flick playing on the DVD player and with surround sound options. Standard size fridge in the kitchen houses all necessary snacking and cooking items.

Sleeping arrangements aren’t a hassle either as the queen sized bed is more than enough space for the adults while the kids and pets can comfortably snug in on the 2 sofa cum beds the RV comes with.

Although it has all the necessary equipment – you cannot compare this with Futuria or Furrion Elysium. Those are a class apart. The only reason we have included this in the list is if you desperately want an Rv with Jacuzzi Tub but are on a tight budget, then you can make your peace with this model.

How Much Does a Furrion Elysium Cost?

Many people think that buying an RV is a great way to cut some expenses. However, this is not always true! Some luxurious RVs cost more than the average price of a home. Furrion Elysium is a baller motorhome that comes complete with a jacuzzi and a two-person helicopter for a whopping $2.5 million. Furion makes high-end appliances and audio/visual equipment for RVs, hotels, yachts, and homes.

What is the most luxurious Class A RV?

A home on the road is a dream of many travelers but is fulfilled by some. A home on the wheels provides travelers with constant access to all amenities of a normal home while maintaining the luxury quotient. Let’s find out some of the most expensive luxury motorhomes:

1. Marchi Mobile EleMMent Palazzo: Cab-forward design, integrated SmartWheel steering, carbon fiber exterior with great functionality, 60mm wall thickness, and a sky lounge this motorhome mesmerizes its occupants no matter wherever they go for $3 million.

2. Featherlite Vantare Platinum Plus: This gem on the wheel can be yours for just $2.5 million. It is pearlized Italian leather, Pommele From Africa, and Swaroski crystals, onyx are some of the most luxurious materials used to make this motorhome look what it is.

3. Prevost H3-45 VIP: This motorhome model is the tallest, roomiest, and proudest while at the same time providing more storage space. The interiors are sleek and modern with wooden floors, chairs, sofas, and a small desk for a price of $1.6 million.

What Type of RV has the most square footage?

It may be hard to get confined to a small space for hours and days while traveling. Some motorhome enthusiasts choose to travel frequently or live full-time in RV. Class A motorhomes have significant benefits for those looking for a spacious living environment. Owning these uber large class motorhomes includes a wide range of certified safety features, a professionally decorated environment, and modern residential appliances.