Small Lightweight Travel Trailer with King Bed – Live Life King Size Even When On Roads

Small lightweight travel trailer with king bed

Recreational vehicles are able to offer the best of family adventures, vacations up the mountains, road trips on impulse – and much more – owing to their dynamic make and add-on features. A small lightweight travel trailer with king bed offers multiple sleeping areas and is able to accommodate friends and family with everyone cuddling.

Multiple Class B RVs with king sized beds are known to add a convertible sofa or dinette that can couple as a sleeping area for a surprise guest or when friends are over for the night. With the best features, amenities, and sleeping areas – an RV with king bed is truly a traditional vehicle made for the future.

You can actually travel with optimum comfort and ease with your large, happy family of six, seven, or even eight people with utmost convenience – if you end up choosing the best travel trailer with king bed.

Is it even possible to fit a King Sized Bed in a Small RV?

The answer is a resounding YES.

We have gone through an extensive list of RVs and come to understand that King beds – on account of needing more space can only come equipped in larger rigs such as the Class A motorhome. Large Class C motorhomes and 5th wheel trailers also come under the list of RV with king size bed – but hardly ever in a Class B campervan.

So What is the Catch?

The manufacturers of these RVs have carefully crafted a floor plan where king-size beds become a possibility by making good use of the extra floor space created through slide-outs. This way – all RV motorhomes with slide outs are perfect to add your dream King Bed in without breaking into a sweat.

Amongst the many small lightweight travel trailer with King Bed and small RV motorhomes with King Size bed, the best of the best can be subdivided into several categories. We shall proceed to tell you more about the best of each in this article. Keep reading for a wonderful RV experience.

  1. Class A Motor Homes with King Beds
  2. Class C Motor Homes with King Beds
  3. 5th Wheels with King Beds
  4. Travel Trailers with King Beds

Let’s take a look at the best from each category. These are the best-made RV motorhomes and lightweight trailers with king sized beds. We have gone through all details and experienced them firsthand before presenting to you.

Class A Motor Homes with King Beds

Small lightweight travel trailer with king bed

The star of this fleet is undoubtedly the Newmar Dutch Star. Available in 37 foot, 40 foot, and 43 foot varieties, the Dutch Star fleet will wow you with its floor plan. There are 11 floor plans in total on offer for you to choose from.

The multiple floor plan options come equipped with a master bath, two more full baths, and a bunk bed configuration for your enjoyment. Add luxury to your lifestyle or blend in more thanks to the Dutch Star onboard amenities.

The King Sized Bed is 72” x 80” in dimensions and is the perfect sleep companion after a tiring day of driving up the mountainside. Retire comfortably to your very own abode of sleep and enjoy your favorite movie, cuddled up to your partner- as the TV and dresser are placed right across from the master bed.

Ample space to move around and be yourself makes the Dutch Star trailer with King Sized Bed a great buy.

Class C Motorhomes with King Bed

Small lightweight travel trailer with king bed

Under this category what we found to be the best is surely the Thor Magnitude Super C, the compact and smallest RV with king size bed.

Your family would love this home on wheels as the Thor Magnitude with its several floor plans lays on the table several options to choose from – that match your sensibility of lifestyle needs and aesthetics.

The RV experience comes alive in the Magnitude Super C motorhome as it roars its diesel engine into your heart. The 4-wheel drive with V8 engine lets you attach your trailer to the 10,000-pound hitch and start your adventure.

The exteriors come in 3 color options as do the interiors. The bedroom is magnificent as the 72” x 76” King Sized bed with Tilt-A-View inclining bed mechanism makes your nights serene. The bunk beds in the hallway and convert-to-closet make sure the kids are safely and securely tucked in.

This small class C RV with king size bed is indeed an absolute steal both in terms of functionality and in terms of amenities. It is a great investment for the future especially if off-road trips with the kids are something you have been looking towards.

Small Lightweight Travel Trailer with King Bed

Small lightweight travel trailer with king bed

They say the biggest firecrackers can often come in the smallest packages. The same is true for the Keystone Cougar 22MLS Travel Trailer with King Bed as it happens to be the absolute smallest travel trailer with a king bed that has graced this list – the very best saved for the last.

The king bed is able to sleep up to 4 people within its cozy, compact interiors – thus making it an ideal buy for smaller families, newly wed couples with pets, or your childhood friend gang out for a ride.

Standard features and limited amenities are not a damper in this investment as you get a two-inch rear hitch as add-on feature.

Helping you to tow another small trailer behind you – the Keystone Cougar thus doubles as a much larger spacious RV with space to add another King Bed and make room for more people.

A slide-out with theatre-style seats for movie nights, a kitchen in the back and dinette area for those lovely dinner nights, pass-through storage for trips and memories – this RV with king size bed takes care to include almost all that you need within its 26 feet long capacity.

It is indeed a beginner’s paradise if you are looking to start your life in a small lightweight travel trailer with King Bed.

5th Wheel with King Beds

Small lightweight travel trailer with king bed

Cardinal Luxury Fifth Wheels from the House of Forest River boasts of holding the Luxury Fifth Wheel of the Year claim two years in a row.

Aimed at a dynamic set of travelers and campers – whether looking for an extended stay or out on an inter-state road trip – Forest river has all that you need in-store.

The master bedroom is spacious and full of amenities. The King Sized bed with banisters above provides for a touch of home as you enjoy the entertainment system. Closets are aplenty – a much-needed feature for families and new couples.

Ample wardrobe space on all 3 surrounding sides, with a Z frame pass-thru storage, makes the bedroom your much-needed comfort zone of yours. Think of all the kid’s clothing and your jumpers and linens it can store. This makes the trailer a perfect getaway car and a home away from home in all seasons and at all times. No matter what the occasion – we can personally vouch for the Forest River Lightweight trailer with King Size bed to be a space to reclaim our souls.

It is indeed an iconic luxury affordable 5th wheels where the “Whisper Quiet” Air Conditioners whisk you away to a magical far away land of luxurious outdoor living in no time and you seldom want to come back home.

Is King Sized really Big Enough?

What is King Sized in our home is not necessarily King Sized in the RVs. Moreover, to make matters worse, the mattress size and specifications vary from one manufacturer to the other. As a rule, the mattress size in RV with King Size beds is smaller than the mattress size in residential King Sized beds.

A typical King Size Residential Mattress would be 76” x 80” whereas an RV mattress would be somewhere between 72” x75” or 72” x 80”. This is a comparison for the California Bed I slept in, sizes may vary for other types.

So how to make sure you are making the right purchase for your family? A few very helpful tips during mattress shopping can help you modify your RV king Sized Bed Space as per your requirements.

Watch Out for These Before Selecting Your King Size Bed RV

a. Measure the Base of the Bed

Small lightweight travel trailer with king bed

Small RV with king size bed manufacturers might describe the bed as king size but unless you whip out your measuring tape and see it for yourself – trust no one.

The best way is to take the pre-existing mattress off the bed and then proceed to check the exact measurements of the width and length of the base of the bed. The accuracy helps you get a mattress of your own through a wise purchase.

b. Get Mattress Online

Small lightweight travel trailer with king bed

RV size mattresses are rare to find in the usual Mom n’ Pop stores. The
RV king size bed measurement may be hard to come by. Hence it is better to shop online.

There you may find dedicated websites that deal exclusively with RV mattresses of every shape and type. Smaller RV beds within small lightweight trailer beds need specific size mattresses to squeeze through the trailer space comfortably and these can only be found online.

c. Custom Made RV

If getting a mattress for your chosen RV seems impossible – it is the desired route to strip the RV of the old bed and get your very own custom-made King Sized bed – to meet your style.

A local carpenter can easily create a supersized California Bed for taller clients. A residential King Sized mattress atop that will easily transform the space into your home with comfort knowing no end.

RV beds are not fancy furniture and are exceptionally easy to make from scratch – from the right kind of plywood. Thus, customized beds for your small motorhome trailer king-size bed will be a wise ad economically feasible idea.

In Conclusion

Before making the final selection, it is important to go through one’s core comfort and convenience once. Small trailers may not be everyone’s cup of tea. But there’s always scope to increase bedroom space by making it a travel trailer with king bed. Something that looks and feels bigger, bolder, better.

RVs are the homes of the future and the glamorous yet chic options given in this article can be a great point to start experimenting with these recreational vehicles oozing charm and modernity.

Take a pick now and start your days of adventures ahead.