Toy Hauler Screen Room Review

Looking to get a toy hauler screen room and wondering if it?s worth it?

If you?re looking to purchase the rear awning and screen room for your toy hauler, you?re probably wondering if it?s a good deal to get first.

In this article, I?ll share with you what to look for in getting the toy hauler screen room.


You have this huge ramp on the back of your toy hauler and you could put the ramp down, but you don?t want to let all the bugs come in.

Many dealerships show the back as a great way to hang out and enjoy where you?re parked, but is it worth the extra money to get it.


For many toy hauler owners, the screen room addition may have come with your rig.

If you?re like many you enjoy leaving the ramp open all day to let the rig air out and you can just close it up at night. That?s the beauty of the back porch area.

There are actually two different systems you can get or use: 

1. Toy Hauler Ramp Room

The ramp room is what you use when you put the ramp down, have them rest on some jacks to make it level, then you install the screen room around it.

For many, setting it up seems to be a lot of trouble to go through and a lot of toy hauler owners still have theirs in the box and have never used them before.

The ramp room becomes more of a back porch that you can use at any and all events. One time we went to a Pheonix International Raceway and several RV?ers used their ramp room as a great gathering place before the races.

You could even back up your toy hauler to the banks of a river or lake and enjoy the scenery from there.

If you?re set on getting a ramp room, then you can choose to use a company called Carefree Colorado and they will work from your specs to build the right room for your needs. The average cost is $700-1,000 for the setup.

You can also ask your dealer about any add ons for your specific toy hauler and get the pricing from them. Since Carefree is the one that makes them, your dealer will likely go through them as well.

2. Toy Hauler Screen Room

The other part that many toy hauler screen room owners do like is the actual screen room that just covers the opening when you have the ramp open and down.

This is a great way to let the toy hauler get some fresh air without inviting the bugs in.

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